Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


For once I am not going to write about politics, other than as a background theme. Today I shall address an issue that I am certain troubles all serious bloggers; that being, those we cannot reach.

I recall about five years ago when I first began writing on the internet, starry eyed and delusional in my belief that I could wake the American public up to the danger posed by the Manchurian candidate they had just elected. Well, at times we are all disillusioned, they about the Pied Piper, and I about them.

Oh, the frustrations of a budding writer; after all who wants to hear from the new kid on the block? New to the internet, new to Facebook, new to blogging, followed by none, and yet determined to be heard ... hopefully by all. Therein lies the baited trap, for 'All' just don't give a damn what I have to say, and those who do not are the source of my greatest frustration.

It must have been close to two months before my stats gave me the joyous news that I had just received hit number one thousand. Those were some scary days before I began to truly grasp what is taking place in the political world. Many believed that Obama was going to shut down the internet, build FEMA camps, and begin the roundup of those who worshipped him not.

At that time, Glenn Beck and Fox News was my major source for reasonably accurate news reporting. I had yet to learn about men such as Frank Gaffney, David Horowitz, and Andrew Breitbart. I also had to learn that most everything on the internet is pure junk with much of it being vicious lies, designed only to frighten and mislead the public. Perhaps the greatest thing I had to learn about was the American public, for they often choose to be misled, preferring the sensational, the irrelevant, wishful thinking, or abject ignorance, over the truth.

I had much to learn, and I learned it ... the hard way. The great thing about any learning process is that you come out the other end, better informed, and more able to deal with the circumstances about you. It has long been my self appointed goal of leading others to the realization that I have found, and one of the greatest disappointments of my life is that I have encountered so many who simply do not want to know. They, I fear, are lost.

Many bloggers would look at my stats and feel envy, and wonder why I am so concerned about those who do not read my essays when so very many do. I shall explain.

My initial website was Freedom Rings 1776 where I slowly developed a following. Today it has been read in 148 different countries, has accumulated a total, as of this moment, of 639,003 pageviews(hits). During the last thirty days it has had 155,022 hits. Such numbers would be impressive to many, but bear with me and I shall soon get to the reasons for my frustration.

Last year I had a technical problem with Freedom Rings which I was unable to resolve and so launched Fix Bayonets in late October. As with all new sites it was a slow uphill climb gaining viewers until I finally managed to repair my primary site and many readers from FR soon followed me to FB.

Four years ago I was writing, warning of a coming civil war in this nation and many felt they had good reason to doubt my projections. Then the Bundy Ranch episode occurred and I no longer seemed so much the fear monger anymore and hits on both sites took a drastic jump. Then due to a bit of constructive criticism from a long time reader who agreed with my thoughts but wanted more, both sites took another drastic jump in pageviews. She wanted me to continue providing the truth but also offer hope in spite of my warning that we have no hope of stopping the coming collapse or the growing power of Obama.

Now today, Fix Bayonets less than a year old has been visited by 67 countries, has received as of today 149,207 hits and 62,018 of them are from the last thirty days. During the last two months both sites have gone totally ballistic, and I can attribute this change to only one thing, and that is fear. Even the die hard skeptics of my projections are beginning to realize that I have been right all along and lately have been flocking to my site en masse.

Still I am frustrated. As a member of about a dozen different groups I continue to see rubbish posted and shake my head in amazement of how so many waste their time reading and reposting such nonsense when they could be learning and spreading the truth.

Recently I tried a new format; that being a daily presentation of news updates by the most reputable sites on the internet. Nation wide and world wide my hits were increasing and yet in my immediate circles I continued to watch those who chose babble over reality. That is the perspective that I find so frustrating.

After five days I could readily discern the reality that in spite of my best efforts I was not going to change their thinking, or the lack thereof, and dropped News Roundup as a daily chore. Then came the feedback. Some of my better informed readers liked News Roundup and asked me to continue, one even asked that I restart it as a separate blog.

The fact of the matter is that I am at my physical limits with two normal blog sites, doing research, writing, and maintaining Fix Bayonets Internet Library, answering comments, and posting my latest finds to my wall as well as other sites. And believe me, I research a lot more than I post. The prospects of continuing News Roundup in view of the fact that so few chose to read my efforts seemed somewhat less than appealing. 

And yet ... I knew that NR was an excellent format when I began it ... just not well received by those whom I am trying hardest to influence. Everything we do in life is a trade off of one sort or the other. As mentioned before I am already at my physical limits and if I continue NR then something must be sacrificed.

My Fix Bayonets Internet Library is one of the finest sources of knowledge on the internet, thus far utilized by a relative few. It contains such topics as 
911 Photo Essay
George Soros
Historic Documents
Hoax, Sensationalists, and Satire Sites
Immigration And Our Borders
And many many other topics. There was one known as News You May Have Missed and it was the inspiration for News Roundup, a far more elaborate and time consuming effort than its predecessor. In the effort to continue with NR the forebear must be sacrificed. All that was on News You May Have Missed is still there. Current news in NR will simply be appended to the top.

Also to save time I will no longer be posting individual news items to my wall or to the groups that I am in. I shall simply post the latest from News Roundup and depend on regular readers to dispense the info from there.

My friends, we, the American people are in great danger, and one of our greatest survival tools is knowledge. I work very hard to spread the knowledge that I have gained and still there are many that I have been unable to reach. They are largely hooked on hoax and sensational sites and depend on those wannabe bloggers, who know so little, for their daily info. Consequently we are losing the battle.

So you want to wake up America? There are few who have done the research that I have and I shall continue to put what I learn before you. Disperse that knowledge to all who will read. If you really want to wake them up, do not simply share a single link from News Roundup. Send them the whole update and tell them to look for the certain item or items you recommend. This will give them the feel for The Big Picture that they so desperately need.

Awareness of our problems cannot be gained from a single bit of news. Current events is plural. The events are many and so are the dangers. Become aware and help others to do the same.

P.S. We all have a tendency to take the reliable for granted, and I am no exception to that rule. My readers are many and for that I am thankful and hope they remain so. My greatest frustration is due to those who simply do not seem to want to know, and those who are unwilling to learn now, while they have the chance, face the greatest danger.

To that end I am adopting a theme song for both of my blog sites. It is Paul Simon's 'The Sound of Silence' that henceforth will  be posted in the upper right sidebar of both blogs. 

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  1. Danny,
    You are doing fine job, and do not think twice about the NR hits being low.
    In all honesty, I read the headlines to see if I need to head toward the bunker ;)
    and if I had more time (and need) I would read some.
    Quick scanning was good enough for me.
    it would be my humble opinion that people like "digest-ready" information..
    For informed you made great points, offering new perspective, different angle, shocking view...
    Intermediate could follow links, take suggested reading, research some subjects on their own.
    You probably scared some beginners out of their wits, sparked interest in others, and I am sure you mentored some into history digging in places other than TV remote.
    With Your Military Service, history knowledge, superb understanding of politics and its propulsion, one would be hard pressed to find a better place for accurate, brutally honest, broad spectrum of information.
    Most other places are propaganda mills, agenda spearheaded, misleading where truth is like a bad divorce no one wants to talk about or assume blame.

    Thank you Danny for being our lighthouse to direct and prepare our actions and security of our families away from stormy times.


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