Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Have you ever seen the movie 'Machete'? No? Well you didn't miss much; except for an education in today's political events. By the way, I haven't seen that piece of racial hatred either, but I do know how to research any topic, so make yourself comfortable while I reveal yet more of the plan for the coming Obama and Soros sponsored Anarchy and Chaos.

One would think that after engineering the illegal immigrant crisis on our southern border that Obama would at least stop in, do his Presidential thing of doing a photo-op hugging a few of the illegals who are infiltrating our nation. On second thought, scrub the idea of the hugs. Obama surely would not want to catch any disease they have brought up from the Northern Triangle.

At any rate, Obama is visiting Texas but avoiding any contact with the 'children' that are entering our nation illegally. The fact of the matter is that he has other plans.

Breitbart ... July 3, 2014
WH: Obama won't visit border while attending three Tx fundraisers next week

The Daily Caller ... July 4, 2014
Obama plans to ignore illegal immigrant children in detention facilities on Texas trip
In an appearance on Fox News, Texas Gov. Rick Perry extended an invitation, of sorts, to Obama to see the border crisis and the unaccompanied minors trapped in detention centers for himself.
"If he doesn't come to the border, I think it's a real reflection of his lack of concern of what is really going on there." Perry said, according to the Mail.
His first Democratic fundraiser in Texas will occur in Dallas.
Then, it's off to the luxurious Austin home of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez - director of "Machete"...

Breitbart ... September 4, 2010
'Machete' review: Dull, convoluted, racist and Anti-American
"Machete" isn't about a political call for the powerless to fight THE corrupt MAN, it's a call for revolution; Mexicans against Americans - and in the words of the character meant to be our evolving conscience, Jessica Alba's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Sartana, it's about how those who believe in only LEGAL immigration "deserve to be cut down."

Much can be learned about a man by noting those with whom he chooses to associate. Look to Obama. In the memoirs of his youth he admitted seeking out radicals and Marxists. Later in the New Party he chose the company of communists. He has had a special kinship with the likes of Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, George Soros, corrupt labor union leaders, Valerie Jarrett, Cass Sunstein, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and terrorists that have been invited to the White House. Now we find him chumming up with a Hispanic film maker who advocates a new Mexican-American war; this one we are supposed to lose.

I must ask how much evidence must I produce before people begin to believe that my projections are realistic and that Obama plans to destroy this nation using power grabs, economic sabotage, illegal immigration, Islamic terrorists and radical Latinos? Answering my own question: No amount of evidence will convince most of our people. They choose to live in a state of denial, keep their heads firmly planted in the sand, or inserted in another darkened cavity.

I do not believe that this latest assault from young illegal immigrants will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and triggers revolution, but it will certainly go far in weakening the resources, the defenses, and the resolve of our people. We are under assault and Obama plans to have it his way, and his way is what I refer to as Anarchy and Chaos.

Recent events have shown that Americans want the Executive Branch to obey our laws and end the dictatorial tactics, but the tactics go on. Our laws are unenforced and our borders open, and while our people protest they are ignored. The Tactics Go On...unchecked; chastised yes...but unchecked.

Many refer to Obama as a dictator. I do not. Were he a full fledged dictator the First Amendment would have already been overturned and what I am writing here would get me shot. No, he is not yet a dictator but every day he grows ever closer to that status.

National Review Online ... June 26, 2014
Supreme Court rules unanimously against Obama for 12th and 13th time since 2012

To those rulings I ask "So What?" Who is going to stop him? The court makes its ruling, the Congress signs letters, the citizenry have protests, and the progressive machine just keeps on rolling, and Obama says "So sue me!"

Despite the mounting opposition the unrelenting wave of illegals continue to cross the border, adding even more financial hardships to a bankrupt economy, but that is all part of the Anarchy and Chaos agenda. The following links all relate to areas that we are turning into refugee camps for this flood of illegals crossing our southern border, against the wishes of Americans.

Channel 3 News San Luis Obispo ... June 12, 2014
Naval Base Ventura County housing immigrant children

AZ Central 12 News ... June 19, 2014
First peek: Immigrant children flood detention center

The Oklahoman ... June 20, 2014
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin says young illegal immigrants at Fort Sill are in good shape

What about Americans? Are they in good shape or are they getting mad as hell and being ignored as their rights are stripped away?

Excerpt from above link:
Up to 1,400 young people are expected to be housed there eventually, said U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, who also was on the tour...

KOAT 7 ABC ... July 1, 2014
Undocumented immigrant concerns fielded at Artesia town hall meeting

Breitbart ... May 19, 2014
U.S. air base provides comfort and benefits for 1,000 illegal immigrants in Texas

The Courier of Montgomery County ... June 20, 2014
Wave of illegal immigrants may affect Conroe shelter for children

Time to break out the tissues. It's crying time per the liberal rag, the LA Times.

LA Times ... June 18, 2014
Overcrowded, unsanitary conditions seen at immigrant detention centers
Immigrant youths covered the dirty concrete floors of the Border Patrol holding cells here, sprawled shoulder to shoulder and draped in grubby Red Cross blankets, enveloped in a haze of sweat and body odor. Groups of girls and boys stared out of the windows of their cells, some of the girls holding babies of their own, as agent watched from a central monitoring station.

OK, throw that stupid tissue away and let us face some reality. First off, none of our people went to Mexico and abducted those poor 'children'. They came here in violation of our federal laws, ergo they have committed a criminal act. What kind of comforts do we offer our own people who are taken into custody?

The truck you see above is a 26 foot U-haul truck. The specs on the cargo bay are:
Length 22'4" on floor. the other 4' extends over the cab
Width     7'7"
Height    8'5"

That allows for app. 180 square feet of floor space. Now note the following news item.

Fox News ... April 23, 2010
67 illegal immigrants found crammed in U-Haul truck
Do the math, that is less than three square feet per illegal immigrant. Standing room only you might say.

Go right ahead and call me heartless, but with each passing day I feel less and less concern about the plight of these Latinos, and evermore concern about the plight of my fellow Americans. These illegals are all willing to go through a brief period of extreme discomfort, confident that when that period ends they will be well on the way to a life of benefits in America. My concern, and I feel that it is rightly placed, is for our citizens who are being taxed and regulated into oblivion to pay for the benefits we provide foreign invaders once they reach our land.

If you have been staying abreast of breaking news on the topic you should have a fair idea of the severity of so very many people invading our nation all at once. If you have been reading my previous essays, you should have an idea of the purpose of that invasion. These people have no role other than to add to the ruin of a country that is trying to provide for them.

Look at the above photo. It makes me think of the Titanic, about to sail. So many people, sailing into the unknown, off to find America; dreaming of the good life while having little if any idea of what lies before them. These people are nothing more than pawns in the progressive plan to sink a once great nation and after they have served their purpose...Well, so much for dreams.

America, Obama and his ilk have carefully planned the demise of our nation, our freedoms, and our future. The locations that I have linked above are but a few of the points at which we will care for the invaders. There are more in operation and still more planned, and there are no plans to stop the onslaught. Thirty two Republican Congressmen have signed a letter of protest, and you know just how much good that will do.

The dangers we face worldwide are far too numerous to count and those dangers have been largely, and intentionally, put into place by this administration. Most if not all who read my efforts are well aware of the threat that Obama poses, and yet many keep hoping that some miracle will occur to prevent the future I project.

The courts can't stop him. Congress can't stop him. Protesting citizens can't stop him, and every day we see his actions bringing us ever closer to the projections that I have been putting before you. Four years ago I began writing of a coming civil war and few believed me. Today few dispute the possibility/probability of that event, but so many do not even want to think about it. They, through their own fear and willful blindness, have placed themselves on the Endangered Citizens list. 

Perhaps one day I shall feel a great burden of pain for not having reached them, but I am only one man. I am doing my very best, and they have the gift of free will, and the right to regard me a fool.

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  1. :)
    what am I about to say would make you think I have lost my mind or my tin foil hat is too small...
    ...and you might be right...what is going on in my mind with ALL the news I don't even trust a bathroom mirror anymore...
    ..ok, here it goes:
    wouldn't be possible for obama being so digusted with the 'powers' that put him into the WH that he is playing it for everything he can get?...thus his golf rounds, vacations, omiting almost all meetings ...basically saying: you want to rule?!! screw you!!!
    (please forgive me vulgar language)
    ...there is SOOOO much about him that does not make sense... I am almost willing to believe he will make a last moment address to the Nation before leaving his office in January in 2017 saying what Kennedy was saying 7 days before he was murdered...(if he survives that long)
    so he is enjoying all the perks, "performing" his "official" duties while removing himself from the "game"?...
    his mention of 1967 Israel borders, promoting ME...(as much as it hurts to say it, none of the ME countries posed any thread to us since 1945 and beyond)...
    like I said: it is not about wrong or right, but simple facts:
    none other country since 1945 was/is involved in so many international, military confrontations of any type as USA...
    our "freedom and democracy" spreading in decades not produced anything but death, misery, suffering, and total chaos ...being Korea, Vietnam, Iran,Yugoslavia, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Lybia, Egypt, Tunisia, Kenya, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan (that we were kicked out), Bolivia, Venezuela, ....having military bases all over the World (134 at the last count)...and at present bunch of countries clinging to China/Russia dismissing American petrodollar dealings, including Australia, NZ, Argentina, Brazil, SA, India...
    what is our manufacturing base?
    there is nothing produced in United States anymore, being underware or cars!
    ...some are laughing at Russia and China exposing their economical mess...
    that very well might be, I am not smart enough to state my opinion, but my guts are telling me one thing:
    China is holding our bonds, buying gold like there is no tomorrow for years, same with Russia...
    with our zero interest going on for 4 or 5 years...
    any stupid will know that is not going to hold....
    EU business crowd are pixxed and WILL do business with Russia....
    as billions of euro are at play...
    I would not mention the total militarization of our "serve and protect"
    police system... question on this "INDEPENDANCE" 4th July weekend is this:
    what any of us can do against drones?...heavy-duty humvees...hollow point ammo?.... more thing that bothers me as well:
    would be possible to employ a thought that all the illegal "children" will be used as a
    "moderate" forces against any civilian uprising?....
    ...I mean there are dozen of thousands well tatooed "children" to cost a havoc in any city....

  2. Joanna . . . things are going as planned because everything Obama does has a purpose. His vacationing, playing golf and fraternizing with his basketball cronies serves two purposes . . . (1) The less he governs the more he allows chaos to have its foothold and thus create the crisis that he longs to see envelop this country, (besides he’s having fun). (2) It whets his narcissistic ego to see himself in so-o-o-o much control and POWER. He can hardly contain himself watching the destruction of “Colonialism” and the fall of Capitalism. Wow . . . are you kidding. He is riding high because he is “…fundamentally transforming America” just like he told us he was going to do. What puts the icing on the cake is the reality that Congress is in stalemate and unable to function. (His smile gets bigger . . . more POWER.)

    Did you watch the interview on the Kelly Files with Bill Ayres? What was interesting was that we were given a mirrored glimpse of the same arrogance that Obama exudes. Ayres makes no apology and states emphatically that he “didn’t do enough.” The bombings “didn’t go far enough” and sometimes it takes death for people to be able to see the realities of their own greed and corruption, (my paraphrase). Sounds a lot like Adolph. (Ayres and Obama are his offspring.) It’s all for the “greater good.”

    Ayres went on to say that we should be honoring soldiers like Bergdahl . . . for coming to his senses and refusing to support America and their genocidal wars, (American Indians, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, Arabs and the slavery of blacks). HEY WHAT DO YOU KNOW! This is exactly what Obama did . . . he gave honor and homage to a TRAITOR AND DESERTOR! Ayres wasn’t the best friend of Obama . . . he was his MENTOR and both are following right along with the Soros playbook and agenda. BTY that part about the illegal children . . . train them young. Danny was right when he put that excerpt in,"Machete" isn't about a political call for the powerless to fight THE corrupt MAN, it's a call for REVOLUTION; Mexicans against Americans.”

    This is the beginning of chaos. We are in debt up to our eyeballs with China and Russia holding the cards, we have deserted Israel, we refuse to protect our own borders, and the Left is playing the race and class warfare card at every turn and all the while the rest of the world is up in flames.

    “FOUR” Obama scores a hole in one.

    1. Janette, my dear friend, you have arrived. You grasp the Big Picture. Hurts like hell, does it not?

    2. Janette,
      agree with you on everything what is going on...
      but obama has nothing to do with it...
      ...he actually reminds me of my step Grandson...
      Josh was hardly 4 when my Daughter married much older man with a sole custody of an almost 4 year old...
      This little boy was tossed around like a ping-pong ball between his father, mother and two sets of grandparents...nobody really wanted him and he was well aware of it!!!
      when my Daughter married it was decided Josh is going to be her stepson living full time in a new household, I was the end of September...(I lived hardly 20 minutes away)
      soon we started to prepare for halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...with corn-mazes, country trips, pumpkin carving, apple picking, renaissance festival, cookie baking, decorating....
      this child was in heaven enjoying family life he never knew...
      we took him from schrinks visits and meds after couple of months...
      he was one happy baby!!! :)
      ...he visited me in Poland twice, always calls me "Babcia" (Grandma) is finishing University of Michigan next year (have a little side business restoring motorcycles), and I couldn't be more delighted, proud and happy for him.
      ok...after the long, personal story I want to say:
      obama was such a child...started with lousy mother and father that tossed a child aside in favor of higher education...this kid was shuffled like a jocker in a deck of cards...
      he was groomed and now he is the FACE of America...
      doing EXACTLY what he is told to do...
      any EO, any policies, anything what he does or says is his idea!!!
      I am certain!!!!
      remember the picture from situation room at Benghazi night?...way back in a corner like a passer-by?..
      many said it was photoshopped and he was not there...
      yes!!! I agree he was not there because he was not to make any decisions, or had any clue what was/is going on!!!
      I was always wondering why he made so few press conferences...
      ..there is nothing he is able to say, allowed to say, is aware of to comment...
      many times when he states he learned about something from a newspaper I am close to believe him!!!
      I am not defending him, and disliked him from the very first time I saw his face as presidential candidate...there was so much "phony" about him it blasted my bs sensor before I ever learned his name.
      Janette, we are in a big doo-doo, and obama, as a front man is blamed, but trust me...
      the plan is in works for a long time and obama is the latest marionette well paid to occupy our attention.
      I did a loads of research in archival data...
      ...if we lucky enough, and survive our history will be re-written...
      ..there is a loads of information...and loads of propaganda to feed the common populace...
      our society is so dumbed down it can not understand MSM dataprinted plainly and see that numbers do not make sense...
      as an example:
      how many hundreds of stores are closing ?...
      real estate businesses are downgrading...
      ...but our economy is reviving!!!!
      our price index is not taking food and gasoline prices into their calculations?
      2 huge expenses in everyone's budget...
      but China produced Iphones and tablets are cheaper!!!...
      also plasma TV's and video games!!!...

    3. ..."any EO, any policies, anything what he does or says is his idea!!!"
      it should read:
      was/is NOT his idea!!!!

  3. Or, is that "Fore" ? Shows you what I know about golf!


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