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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Before beginning the actual essay I would like to first extend my undying gratitude to the true freedom fighters of America. That list does not include the sensationalists, the satirists that manage to make their efforts look like real news, the hoax generators that keep gullible Americans in a state of confusion, or those who simply want to 'Spice it up a little, to pique the readers interest'. True journalism has no room for spice. One either presents the truth ... or something less.

Surely somewhere near the top of that list of freedom fighters we will find Frank Gaffney and his associates at the Center For Security Policy as I have depended on them so very often as a source for factual data. Today is no exception. In Suggested Reading below you will find a link to a video entitled 'Rosemary Jenks: Southern Border Crisis: National Security Implications'. It is a presentation she gave at a SCP luncheon. I truly hope that you take the time to watch it (26min. 55 sec.) Time well spent I assure you.

For those who lack the time, I have watched that video and found that Ms. Jenks provided the perfect followup information for my last essay Anarchy And Chaos Part Five, subtitled 'Paydirt'. Come with me, if you will, to 'Paydirt 2.0'.

Early in her speech Ms. Jenks defines UAC as 'Unaccompanied Alien Children'. Note the use of the word 'children'. 'Minors' just won't tug at the heartstrings of those bleeding heart liberals, and will not make a conservative feel guilt. 'Children' is a carefully chosen word/weapon to wield against any and all who oppose the Obama/Soros Agenda(OSA.) If you think that you are unfairly being referred to as a racist wait until you are accused of child abuse. Incidentally, 'Children' by the administration's definition, is anyone under the age of eighteen. 

She tells us "The idea that they are unaccompanied is a complete falsehood, because they are indeed accompanied by cartel smugglers until they get to the U.S. border. And then they are all of a sudden set free from the smugglers and then they become unaccompanied children with all kinds of extra rights once they hit the United States soil."

This is further validation of my opinion, stated in earlier essays, that the federal government is funding the transportation of many of these illegal minors as coyotes do not work without pay, and they are well paid. Children in Honduras do not have that kind of money, but American taxpayers can once again be tapped for the funds. Funds that are used to pay Hispanic criminals to transport illegal minors to our homeland. Each of those minors cost us $250.00 a day to support, and they will become our next generation of gang bangers, and recruits in the Anarchy and Chaos agenda.

She further informs us that there is a second group that is not being covered as much as the UAC. Members of that group are known as a 'family unit' and consist of a single adult with a group of children who have been told to say that this adult is their parent. Surprise - Surprise -These 'parents' seem to mysteriously disappear at the reception center.

There is NO verification of anyone's identity, age, or nationality unless they are carrying documentation which few do, and so they are admitted to the U.S. with their only means of identity being what they tell our Border Patrol(BP) agents.

Let us jump back a few years as the stage for today's invasion was being set.

Fox News, August 23, 2012
Immigration agents file suit against Napolitano over 'amnesty' program
Ten federal immigration agents have filed suit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claiming recent directives are forcing them to break the law and ignore their duties when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants.
The suit, obtained by Fox News, says the agents are being forced to "violate federal law." It says the new directive "unconstitutionally usurps and encroaches upon the legislative powers of Congress." ICE Director John Morton is also named as a defendant.

Note the date of that article from Fox; August 2012. We were worried then about Obama's power grabs but this was prior to the 2012 election, which he won. Now it is pedal to the metal as Soros directs him to fully implement Anarchy and Chaos, and that is what we now see taking place.

Back to Ms. Jenks' excellent presentation:

We learn that under US law our agents are
prohibited from fingerprinting anyone under the age of fourteen. Consequently many who look young and have been here before and arrested, lie about their age and the BP agents are not allowed to question that. Even gang members proudly wearing tattoos that link them to MS-13 are admitted to our borders with no investigation.

By now most well informed citizens are well aware of the fact that these illegal minors are arriving here with a host of medical conditions. Add this tidbit: They are not being medically screened or vaccinated before being shipped off to the town or city of their choosing ... At your expense I might add.

Among those known medical conditions are swine flu, lice, scabies, drug resistant tuberculosis, staph infections, cholera, chicken pox and ... One Verified case of Leprosy. You really do need to watch that video!

These people are well organized; not the illegal minors, but the cartels that call the shots at the borders, and our political leaders who call theirs in DC.

Ms. Jenks describes how groups of one hundred to three hundred illegals gather at the Mexican side of the border and all cross at one time as per the instructions of the cartel member. One or two BP agents will see this horde approaching them and naturally radio for reinforcements. This has the effect of other members of the BP having to abandon their posts for miles around, thus leaving the flanks wide open for other cartel members to move their drugs or terrorist personnel across unmanned terrain. She calls it 'organized, orchestrated, and tactical'.

Terrorism is never far from the minds of those who seriously study the danger of our convoluted immigration policies. Somalis have been caught at the border trying to separate from the large crossing groups. That fact naturally leads to the question; how many are not caught?

The cartels are coaching the illegals on what to say to the BP. They are told to say that they left Central America to escape the violence there. If you have not yet read Part Five of this series you need to. Most of the violence that exists there today is due to Obama's policies to restrain those governments and aid the drug dealers.

She further adds that this is not a humanitarian crisis, nor is it a refugee crisis. This is an invasion, and the only way to stop it is to deport massive numbers of illegal aliens, and she warns that this is not going to happen. So we should expect the problem to grow ever worse in the future, and we should expect an epidemic to strike America.

Ponder that proposition for the moment. Our federal government is knowingly sending disease carrying people throughout our homeland. If we did that to an enemy nation it would be called biological warfare, but Jeb Bush, possible contender for a Presidential nomination, refers to the effort as an "act of love'. The hell you say! This is treason and terrorism directed at the American public and there is no other way to describe it.

I have long been warning of anarchy and chaos and I chose those words well. When first sounding the warning many accused me of doom and gloom and yet in spite of the bad news I deliver, my readers increase exponentially as what I write makes sense, and much of what I have projected has already come to pass.

Rosemary Jenks repeats what I have written in previous essays. Mexico is totally intolerant of illegal aliens entering their nation and guard their southern border with a license to kill. Now an army of youthful illegals travel freely, unrestricted by Mexican authorities and I have suggested in the past that this is due to our having bribed the right officials in high places. 

She points out that the coyotes are still having to bribe the lower rung of law enforcement to continue northward but the tops of many trains are also adorned with these minors and the government of Mexico is doing nothing to prevent it leaving no doubt that Mexico is complicit in this US invasion, which means that a lot of American dollars have financed that complicity.

During the Q & A part of the presentation the topic of churches was raised, and the answers were not encouraging. Our speaker tells us that there are churches in Central America encouraging the resident to head north. Their counterparts in the US lobby for federal funds from the Refugee Resettlement Program, and help to provide a home and food for the illegals for an eight month period; then abandon them, putting the financial burden on the county as they welcome the next batch of arrivals that help to generate enormous profits for their tax exempt organizations.

The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom and we, the last holdouts to support the Constitution, are badly outnumbered. But...

Near the end of the Q & A session Ms. Jenks is rather critical of Rick Perry of Texas and Jan Brewer of Arizona for not calling up the National Guard to defend their borders, and then she adds that ranchers and militias are now gathering, ready to make a run for the border to do their part.

Americans, at least many of us, are beginning to realize that there is no political answer to the crimes that this administration are committing. Congress is a joke, the MSM are a collection of traitors, most of our voters hover in that nether world somewhere between brainwashed and brain dead, and many of our corporate leaders have turned to the other side, embracing crony capitalism to increase their profits and gain special privileges.

This state of affairs is leaving the patriotic Americans to fend for themselves, and so once again we hear of militias, and if they do indeed follow through on their plan this could make the Bundy Ranch episode look like a very small rehearsal. But any way you slice it, the day draws ever closer when we shall hear the second shot heard round the world. 

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