Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I think back over the years to Lee Greenwood's song 'God Bless The U.S.A.' and think of Ronald Reagan. While he was in office there was indeed a shining city on the hill and we could sing 'I'm proud to be an American' and mean it. Today that pride is tarnished by the shame brought to our great nation by Hussein Obama and the poor excuse for Americans who put him into the Oval Office, not once but twice. Obama is no more than a slick talking orator put into mainstream America by the powers that be, with the soul purpose of bringing ruin to this nation, but he is no more than a symptom of a society gone bad. Had not so many millions of the mindless and immoral voted for him he would by now have been long forgotten and relegated to the back alleys of Chicago, where he belongs.

Sadly, he is not forgotten, as the evil he perpetrates echoes across the pages of history and the face of this planet. It could be argued from a philosophical viewpoint that Americans are getting just what they deserve from the destruction that he is imposing on our country, but I can think of no viewpoint to justify his treatment of our long standing ally, Israel.

Israel...A small strip of land about the size of New Jersey, occupied by a people who have been subjected to constant persecution across the thousands of years and the myriad religions and nations of civilized man. 

After the last World War the Jews settled in their historical homeland and made a desert bloom, and have been under attack ever since.

I believe that Netanyahu said it best when standing before the UN, asking the members of that corrupt organization, "Have you no shame?" Today that question could be asked of America, not all Americans to be sure, but all who voted for our current oligarch, all who continue to support him and his agenda of anarchy and chaos, and all who defend the actions of Islam while criticizing the people of a tiny peace loving nation.

But that question need not be asked for I shall answer it now ... No, they have no shame; but I do. I am totally ashamed of many of my fellow Americans. They have brought shame upon the greatest nation ever conceived by the minds of men, and for this I disown them, I disavow them, and resent them for the very space that they occupy, for they lack morality, humility, and shame. They deserve none of the blessings of liberty for they have brought evil among us and they have empowered it.

Justice and irony share a common trait, for both always show up after the fact, and are seldom welcomed by all. So too will it be here, for a day of reckoning approaches. Our liberal left, from our education system, to our labor unions, to our self indulgent politicians, to our left wing churches, support those who will bring ruin to the United States.

As our language evolves 'dialogue' has come to mean compromising our values, 'compassion' has come to mean the surrender of our safety, and 'sharing' has come to mean self immolation. And 'Open borders' has come to mean national suicide.

I shudder in horror as I watch what is taking place and realize that so very few can even comprehend the enormity of events that are leading to our fall. So many still cling blindly to the old ways that are now departed. Fearing a world that will upset their routine they still hope, in vain, that voting for a 'conservative' to fight their battle for them will make everything alright. Sadly, they do not understand that much of our 'conservative' movement has been infiltrated by progressives. Everyone knows the term RINO but few realize just how far advanced is that dread disease.

Allow me to state for the record...Obama cannot be stopped. Now, allow me to demonstrate the fact that resistance is futile, and the only hope we have is that when the collapse is triggered, Americans will come to their senses, and do what must be done to restore the liberty granted to us by our forefathers. If we do not then liberty was wasted on us, and we deserve the transformation that is turning this nation into a totalitarian state.

In my last essay Beginning Of The End Part Three I used the following quote: The Texas general in charge confirmed his troops cannot physically detain or send any of the thousands of surging immigrants, many of them mothers and children, back across the border.

I hope that my friends in Texas do not feel that I am picking on their governor, for as politicians go he is one of the finest...but a politician nonetheless, and right now he has chosen to occupy the front and center position in the 'fight' with Obama.

If you have not yet read Part Three, you should as it points out the utter futility of calling up the National Guard without allowing them the powers to stop illegal aliens. Now factor in the latest reveal:

Breitbart ... July 23, 2014

Why the delay? If there was a major earthquake, a tornado, or a flood, the National Guard is prepared to move at a moment's notice. How many more illegal aliens will arrive unobstructed in the next 30-45 days? I pointed out in Beginning Of The End Part Three that Perry's action is only giving Americans a sense of false hope while buying more time for the Obama Soros agenda to become more firmly established.

David Dewhurst, Lieutenant Governor of Texas delivers the following bad news:

Breitbart ... July 21, 2014

And Jeff Sessions tells us:

Accuracy In Media ... July 17, 2014
Evidence Mounts of a Manufactured Border Crisis
“But [Republican Senator Jeff] Sessions [R-AL] said the advertisement showed that the administration knew the surge would happen.” And in reality, the 60,000 children represent only about 20 percent of the total illegal immigrants who have come into this country since April.

In regards to those 60,000 'children':

Breitbart ... July 22, 2014

Teenagers ... That implies that they have spent some years in school ... Central American Catholic schools, where they have been taught the fine points of communism. We have long had a steady supply of Hispanic communists infiltrating our nation. Now under the liberal banner of saving the 'Children' that infiltration has been put into warp drive.

Right now many are foolishly hoping for a landslide victory in November, believing that such an event will turn the tide. I did mention that they are foolish. The fact of the matter is that the progressives not only expect to lose seats ... They want to.

With the Bundy Ranch escapade and now the border crisis, many Americans are mad as hell, and Obama is not yet ready for revolution. A win in November will appease the conservatives and buy yet more time for the agenda to take place, but it will be a hollow win. Look at the RINOs already in place. The GOP has declared war on the Tea Party and conservatives in general.

Voting for the lesser of two evils will keep those RINOs in power and add new ones, but they are RINOs nonetheless. The Republican Party has largely sold us out and you know it. Putting a progressive into office simply because he has an 'R' beside his name means nothing if he votes progressive. That is simply dangling another carrot before the gullible. Personally, I do not like carrots; perhaps that is why I am immune to their rhetoric.

The coming midterm election is no more than a brief distraction on the way to the slaughter house following the Judas Goat. Those who realize this have a far better chance of surviving the living hell that lies before us. The others, I have already written off as victims of their own ignorance.

I am not suggesting that you not vote. Please do. Vote to your heart's content, and vote for whomever you believe the better candidate. What I am saying is that when the votes are all counted and we have added more traitors to the Congress, you really should consider preparing for a war that is certain to engulf this nation before the 2016 election.

In my writings I broach very serious topics. What I wrote above is one such example, and so I should like to end this essay on a lighter tone, humorous in fact, yet still closely related to the political side shows now taking place. The following is a song and dance routine from 'The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas':
'Little Sidestep'.

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  1. I could not agree more. I sit and watch my co-workers on a daily basis going about there lives as if nothing in the world is going on, call it ignorance or stupidity same difference. They are just self-absorbed a**es who have no clue what is coming their way. If you try to talk about what is happening they think you are just insane. So to keep the peace I have learned to keep my mouth tightly shut and watch. They are precisely the reason this country is in the shape we are in. No good will come from any of this.

  2. I am sorry Danny, I must disagree with you on Israel.
    Being raised not far away I visited Auschwitz few times. It was actually not that long ago when I was prompted to do some serious research not only at but also official site of the museum, all only collaborating with stories and sentiments I remember being expressed by many people.
    I also want to say that Jews never made it polish list of favorite people (as in the rest of Europe for that matter), but in the last few years I observe stunning right out hatered. Suddens me to no end that Americans (in both cases I am talking about governments, political and financial entities, not regular, average citizens) made the hate list as well.
    Before I left Poland (33 years ago) America was adored and held dear; now it is considered as a yard bully and people are sick of it!

    That being said there is no way!! I would agree with killings of civilians, bombing residential areas, I don't care what is the reason. All we hear is Hamas using children as shields; fine I am not going to dispute it, because I don't know, but disregard the children, civilians, are IDF so incompetent they can not figure out a way to pick up fight with men??!!!
    As of this morning (10 hours ago) there were over 1100 Palestinian civilians killed, how many casualties Israel suffered?
    57(53 soldiers and 4 civilians)
    All started with 3 missing and killed teenagers.
    Tragic without a doubt...
    ...who and how many should be killed in Chcago, NY,LA after each weekend? many houses should be leveled?...

    Access to information via electronic divices, capability to share it with literally thousands within minutes took the propaganda machine out of business dumbing people down via paper boy delivered garbage.
    I came across a YT video showing people in Berlin (Germany) protesting, demonstrating against....American Federal Reserve mafia...can you imagine that?...
    and I will bid my farm that 50% of Americans don't even know that we have it, what it does, and how is rubbing them blind.

    Another link I want to share with you, that I received earlier today from my Ukrainian friend.
    It makes me sick that American power hungry government is directly responsible for it (with our tax money nonetheless - 5 billion and counting)

    1. Joanna, you fell for a really vicious lying hoax site sponsored by Iran. Even Godlike Productions describes it as 'The most sophisticated shill site'.

      Anyone that is interviewed by Press TV(Iran) is promoting an anti-American agenda and much of their crap is Press TV interviews. One such:
      tells us that ISIS is working for Israel and the US. Can you, in your wildest dreams believe that those Islamic fanatics take orders from Tel Aviv?
      This is why I tell people to read more than the headlines, to dig, and do the necessary research before spreading propaganda.

    2. Another such entry tells us that Hamas is not using those tunnels to infiltrate Israel, NATO is. Our enemies love to use a patriotic label to trick those who do not do the research that I do. Veterans Today sounds so noble but it reeks of pure unadulterated EVIL.


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