Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Daily I watch videos and read articles from the MSM as they omit the realities that do not fit into their progressive anti-Israel agenda. My head shakes in disgust as I watch them slant the truth, alter the truth, and totally disregard the truth in their blatant anti-Semitism.

Allow me to tell you something about myself. I will never ever play the victim. If I am in a situation where someone is shooting at me and a child, I will do my best to keep that child out of the line of fire and shoot back. Should my wannabe assailant put ten of his young relatives in front of him I will continue to protect me and mine. I would do my level best not to harm an innocent child, but it will be a cold day in hell when I die because I am stupid enough to hold my fire while being fired upon. 

Winston Churchill once commented that "Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." i.e.: missed. That is why in such an engagement I would have the upper hand. I don't miss.

The following is a quote from an essay that I wrote entitled 'If You Hope To Survive, First You Must Understand': "We like the idea that we would rather be righteous defenseless victims than potentially morally compromised victors."

Along the way I have also made the observation that The Golden Rule is perhaps the most civilizing concept ever created by the mind of man, but that rule does not belong in war. He who is foolish enough to insist on holding the moral high ground when someone is trying to kill him is going to be buried beneath that ground and replaced by someone evil. In time of war embrace the thought of 'Do unto others before they do unto you, then head for the sound of the guns, and do unto even more of them.'

Americans are a kind hearted people and we have long sent our young into battle defending the oppressed. We have fed the hungry, treated the ill, and welcomed the worthy. Now we send our young into battle with suicidal 'rules of engagement', and we are expected to feed and nurse the entire world while welcoming terrorists and invaders to our shores.

I shall get back to Israel in a moment but first must make a point. As stated; Americans are a kind hearted people and our enemies have turned that into a vicious weapon to be used against a moral people. They are turning our own morality against us. You see, they have NO Golden Rule, and lying is second nature to those who want to destroy those who do.

That is why we are hearing so very much about the 'atrocities' that Israel is being accused of. We see photos of children who were killed in Syria and most people who view these young victims assume that the story line that goes with them are factual.

The Algemeiner ... July 30, 2014
Italian Journalist Defies Hamas: ‘Out of Gaza Far From Hamas Retaliation: Misfired Rocket Killed Children in Shati’
Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati said he was able to speak freely about witnessing a Hamas misfire that killed nine children at the Shati camp, confirming the Israel Defense Forces version of events, but only after leaving Gaza, “far from Hamas retaliation.”

Now the following piece of slime is supposed to be protecting Human Rights, but he sides with terrorists who launch rockets as Israeli schools.

Washington Free Beacon ... July 30, 2014
Head of Human Rights Watch Endorses Terror Attacks on Israel

Without a doubt some children have indeed died as the IDF tries to protect their nation against those who have declared, for all the world to hear, that they plan to wipe Israel (And that includes Israeli children) off of the map. However, Israel, more than any nation in the history of mankind, is trying to minimize collateral damage and the deaths of innocents.

They drop leaflets and telephone thousands of people in Gaza warning them to vacate an area they are about to attack. Hamas tries to keep the civilians in place, so that they are killed, giving Islam another weapon of propaganda. Another such weapon is video editing. Note the image. Surely looks like some poor innocent children are about to be massacred by those bloodthirsty Jews does it not?

You are about to see a video that indicates the humanity of those so called 'bloodthirsty Jews'. Have you ever heard of 'Roof Knocking'? In the effort to prevent massive casualties Israel drops their leaflets, makes thousand of calls warning the people to vacate, and for the sake of those who have not yet done so, they drop a very loud but essentially harmless 'bomb' on the roof of the target to be. This is the last warning. A few minutes or perhaps hours later they drop the real thing.

Before watching the video ask yourself why this camera is aimed at that building. The camcorder does not move at all and so it is sitting on a stable tripod. Hamas knows that building is coming down. Israel has sent notice well in advance that they are going to destroy the structure, allowing Hamas to turn this into a propaganda weapon. Watania is the official Gaza news outlet and many of their staged and doctored videos have gained them the title of Pallywood.

You need but watch the first twenty five seconds to get the idea, unless of course you choose to watch the dust settle. The Video.

(Assuming you watched it) Well that hardly seems humane as no one would have had the time to vacate in the seventeen seconds between the roof knocking and the actual blast. But wait! There is more.

Only Hamas has the original video but some alert person was able to show that some of the actual time between the roof knock and blast has been deleted to put Israel in a poor light. Now watch this video.

As they say, the devil is in the details.

Twenty five hundred years ago Aeschylus observed that truth was the first casualty of war; a wise man to be certain. Today with the bulk of the western nations wanting to dismantle Israel, Hamas can tell all of the lies it wants and the MSM will cover for them. Israel lacks that luxury. One lie revealed on their part and it would be all over. And so, Israel must at all times be above board on all of their undertakings.

Obama pays lip service to our conservative base while agreeing that Israel has the right to defend themselves and then demanding they do nothing. Lip service is just another form of truth being a casualty of war. Obama and associates intend to see Israel destroyed by any means possible.

Again, another video, this one with sixty seconds between the knock and the blast. Note again the camera is tripod mounted, indicating once again that they had been warned well in advance. The Video.

You might like to take the time to read some of the hateful comments beneath these videos. There is a lot of evil in the world and a great deal of it has joined an alliance against the truth and Israel.

During WWII we dropped 3.4 Million tons of bombs on the Axis forces, with a staggering amount of them weighing 500 pounds each. Israel could do the same but if they had they would have destroyed all surrounding buildings, the camcorder, the tripod, and all of those chatting calmly in the background. Instead the people of Israel, only wanting to live in peace, use precision bombs of various sizes to minimize the chance of killing the innocent.

These precision bombs that Israel drops are designed to take out a specific target without major collateral damage. Yet the ranting anti-semites of the world find no fault with Hamas when they launch rockets indiscriminately into Israel whose occupants, in the south, have only fifteen seconds to seek shelter. I will be seventy years old in less than two months. Were I in Israel I would quite likely become a victim of the religion of peace.

When JFK was in office and the Cuban Crisis began I enlisted, became a paratrooper, and served with the 101st Airborne. A few days ago I told a friend and reader in Israel that were I once again that age I would not join our military and serve under Obama. What I would do is move to Israel, join their military, climb Masada and swear 'Never Again', and I am not a Jew. I simply have a strong moral code, and am well informed as to what is taking place in the world.

Let the others ignore reality and tell all of the lies they so choose. I seek the truth and the company of people of integrity. 

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  1. Danny,
    every conflict, every war has ugly face on both sides of its story,
    holding a view, an opinion is a right of every person, facts are not.
    Recently articles published here about humanity ask very good questions.
    ...I have hard time to see murders being commited being in Ukraine/Russia, Israel/Gaza, Uganda, Serbia, Kosovo, Syria and dozen other places as the only option.
    for you to state ( as an American) readiness to wear another country uniform
    and fight for them without being mercenary....
    ...well, I am sorry to hear that.
    As a native polish (American citizen) it would never occure to me fight polish battles,
    because my allegiance is to the United States of America.

    1. Your allegiance, I would like to hope, is to the values that the U.S.A. stand for, and that is exactly what Mr. Jeffrey, I believe, means when he says he would be willing to fight for Israel, because those are the same values here in Israel: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to defend oneself...
      The only problem with that is that Israel is in desperate need of a constitution.

    2. @Cylia
      my allegiance is to the United States of America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ..right you are..
      Israel does not belong into my or any AMERICAN CITIZEN OATH...
      Israel does not belong into any of American business..freedom of speech, religion...
      have to to do with Israel???
      are you dual citizen with Israeli allegiance?
      I suggest you read real history and hit hard!!!
      ..wouldn't hurt to catch up on some inhumane statesments voiced by Israel's governmental persons....or you would rather see Palestinian childrens guts as a garland for your Hanukkah celebration...
      I am well aware of Jewish holidays , traditions and customs..
      I do not make friends I am selective who I am associating with, but 3 of my very good friends are Jewish...
      some time ago when I asked why they do not move to Israel for their golden years, they told me:
      "because it is not our land to be"...explaining that because they failed God, they will be wandering among foreign lands without their own until God will come back and lead them if they will be worthy...

      I read something very similar from a Jewish Rabbi recently and it makes me wonder:
      ...Palestine was awarded to Jews for money/political reasons... killing hundreds of thousands Indigenous peoples since 1947....
      if you can live with these facts ...
      than I pitty you...
      if for nothing else than historical ignorance!

  2. Your comment, "We like the idea that we would rather be righteous defenseless victims than potentially morally compromised victors" is TRUE. There is no way to paint this picture any differently. This portrayal of “righteousness” that some mistakenly think they exude is a total misunderstanding of what it actually means. And you are right, what man has classed as the Golden Rule is perhaps our most civilizing concept. It was created by a Holy God but He didn’t think it belonged in war either. No, the Golden Rule does not belong in war.

    What I have found is that many Jews and Christians like to present themselves as staunch on principles but they NEVER want to discuss what Jesus did when he marched into the Temple and turned over the money tables, then ran the corrupt money changers out with a whip. It is called STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT or as scripture states, showing one’s “RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION” ___ JESUS WAS NO WIMP and he knew when to Stand. There was no Golden Rule applied when He entered to perform this task; there was only a contempt for the corruption the people had brought on the House of God.

    Regarding Israel, Hamas and the Propaganda War: Hamas has perfected the Propaganda War and in an article this week, Washington’s Gary Bauer asked the question, “Where is Hamas?” He stated that we never see Hamas, that all we see are the slain bodies of the mistreated Palestinians … that we never see the thousands of rockets fired upon the Israelis. Your short videos and the evident editing by Hamas demonstrate this perfectly.

    Yes it is sad what is happening and it is having the effect that Hamas has planned. They don’t care how many bodies they pile up as long as they promote their cause . . . complete annihilation of every Jew on planet earth … then America.

  3. PS I would not want to fight under this present military and their rules of engagement. It is suicide. We send our troops into dangerous zones without bullets and we don't allow our border patrol to have bullets. How much sense is that. It is sheer stupidity or sheer evil contrivance period. I too would prefer to fight with Israel. I will gladly fight for my country but not under this administration. Better off with the underground.

  4. PS I too stand with Israel. It is my personal belief that whenever anyone displays a hatred for Israel, that he/she is only displaying their ignorance regarding history, the Jews and God.

  5. I was reading "Obama Built That, Part One" and noticed you had displeased many with this current essay. That intrigued so much I had to read this essay about Israel to see what the furor was about. Man, I whole heartedly concur with this essay. If this caused any readers to leave you are better off without them. I particularly like what you wrote here: "During WWII we dropped 3.4 Million tons of bombs on the Axis forces, with a staggering amount of them weighing 500 pounds each. Israel could do the same but if they had they would have destroyed all surrounding buildings, the camcorder, the tripod, and all of those chatting calmly in the background. Instead the people of Israel, only wanting to live in peace, use precision bombs of various sizes to minimize the chance of killing the innocent." Israel needs to proceed with a win in mind at any cost as the Allies pursued victory in WWII:

    1. Win at any cost...Agreed.

      I will always support the Constitution and oppose the powers that be who have usurped it. Morality must supersede a loyalty to any government that supports terrorism. Israel is the one nation that dares confront the evil that is Islam. Those who turn their backs on Israel are also turning their backs on what is moral. I march to a different drumbeat...Always have and always will.

    2. "I will always support the Constitution and oppose the powers that be who have usurped it."

      ...and what powers that would be Danny?
      You pride yourself on research,TRUTH, FACTS and history...
      ..your essays and stands are not supported by FACTS, TRUTH and history.
      We don't need to go any further than 100 years to revisit Lenin...Stalin...Trotsky...Yagoda...Kaganovich..or would you rather set up with Ehrenberg or Beria?...

      no, I am not anti-semitic, I am facts and truth oriented, as much for Jews as I am for Poles...there are parts of polish history events that make me ashemed (and no, it does not include alcoholic Poles in the same pool as Irish lads).
      There is one thing to repeat propaganda and whole another to face the reality, however ugly turns out to be.
      To make it more personal, my late Father never could face the fact that his daughter (my younger sister) has been an alcoholic of the worst kind...she would go from neighbor to neighbor begging for a slice of bread, but the first thing she gets 2 PLN (66 cents) she would buy ...a beer!!!!...and steal slices of bread from my breadbox....
      My Father was too ashemed to seek help for her...and died in delusion of hope everything will turn all-right...
      well it did not! a way I blame him, because if he took a stern stand 30 years ago we would not have the problem 10-folded today...
      same with Israel (Zionists)
      my, your, everyones tax dollar goes to support Israel (3 BILLION a year) ...
      while our Veterans are left in the cold...
      not long ago polish newscast reported a story about Palestinian husband surviving Israelis bombardment to find his pregnant wife, and his 2 children killed...
      do you think he could be a next martyr??
      I hope so, because I would hurt my family and you as good as dead!!!

      Like I said before, every situation has two-faced story to tell,
      and regardless
      bombarding, baiting Palestinians children just to shot them is barbaric... is ironic handed by those who claim the fame and billions of dollars as holocoust ...survivors.....

  6. Ditto Mr Houk! I whole heartly agree. It occurs to me that Israel needs another Moshe Dayan.

  7. Elohim will deal swiftly with those who go against His people Israel.....nuf sed


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