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Monday, July 21, 2014


Bret Stephens

The following is an essay that I wrote in Freedom Rings 1776 shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing. I repost it here as its message is more pertinent today than ever. As you read it you will encounter a very profound thought:
"We like the idea that we would rather be righteous defenseless victims than potentially morally compromised victors."
PLEASE ponder the ramifications of that statement and see if you would defend such a stand. If so read no farther. Advocating our survival is the message delivered below. If being a victim is your choice waste no time reading my thoughts nor the thoughts of a brilliant young man.

I recently had the good fortune to watch a speech by Bret Stephens on video that he made at the David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend November 15th - 18th 2012. Simply being invited to speak at such an affair says much about this man's credentials, but to hear such profundity and wisdom from one of his apparent youth is nothing short of astounding. The video link is in Suggested Reading at the end of this essay and I sincerely hope that you take the time to watch it. For the sake of those who do not, I write this essay, for he put forth three concepts that we must understand if we hope to survive.

Initially I wrote down this young man's thoughts simply for the purpose of recalling them for my own use. I concluded that was not enough. All who seek understanding should hear or read his words, and so I put them before you.

We have all heard the now infamous words of Osama bin Laden about the people of the west loving life while the people of Islam love death. I have never had a problem with that concept, feeling that perhaps our military should endeavor as much as possible to grant Islamic terrorists their wishes.

Mister Stephens has presented a different aspect on the words of bin Laden that we have never considered. 
His view:
"If we really loved life we would work harder to defend against those who wish us dead."
If that concept does not make you sit up and take notice then you are reading the wrong essay, as you and I are on far different pages.

Think about what this young philosopher has said as he is one hundred percent correct. If Americans really loved life as much as Osama bin Laden believed then we would all be more engaged in opposing the evil that Islam has brought to our shores. Instead our people did as Bush suggested and went shopping, leaving all of the concerns for our safety to the government. That is somewhat akin to leaving the fox to watch the hen house, for those who lead have an agenda that is truly frightening, and if you do indeed love life you had best learn what that agenda is.

It has been many years but I recall 911 vividly. I turned on the TV just a few minutes after the first plane crashed into one of those towers and everyone was in shock. Nonie Darwish has since stated that she knew that it was a terrorist attack immediately, as she grew up in the world of Islam and understood the true meaning of terrorism, and the depths to which they would stoop. The rest of us still managed to briefly hide in blissful ignorance, hoping that the flaming wreckage we were witnessing was a tragic accident. Then came crash number two, and we suddenly knew that America had been attacked.

That second crash ushered in an age of denial, an acceptance of a subservience to a growing government, and passive tolerance of the growing infiltration of America by those who would do us harm. When Obama took office I still had a high regard for George W. Bush, as I had yet much to learn. Learning that lesson well I no longer hold him in such high esteem, as he is but another in a long line of Progressive players, all intentionally leading the people of this nation to destruction.

Once again, Mister Stephens' thought "If we really loved life we would work harder to defend against those who wish us death." I happen to agree wholeheartedly with his premise. We must work harder or we will not survive the onslaught that is to come.

His second viewpoint will require a brief explanation. 

Mister Stephens is Jewish and is married to a German woman, whose father as a young child survived the Allied firebombing of Hamburg. The firebombing of a city, like Hamburg or Dresden, or the dropping of a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima or Nagasaki is all out war. The logic behind all out war is that you cannot defeat a military unless you attack the civilian population that is keeping the military supplied.

Such a tactic is not nearly as noble as killing a man who is trying to kill you from the other side of a battlefield. All out war entails the killing of men, women, children, the aged, the crippled, and yes ... the unborn. The event, although often necessary to win a war, is naturally repugnant to anyone with a conscience. Conscience! What a word. What a concept. What a handicap to have when dealing with an enemy who has none, as he was taught since the day he was born that he must hate and kill any and all who do not follow his beliefs.

We are a moral people and bear the burden of guilt about what we had to do during the Second World War. That guilt has led us to a suicidal concept of trying to win the hearts and minds of fanatical murderers. That same concept has led to the death of many of our warriors, forced to carry unloaded weapons and not allowed to fire unless fired upon. Madness! Sheer Madness!

Young Bret Stephens puts is so well: "We like the idea that we would rather be righteous defenseless victims than potentially morally compromised victors.

Ponder the words and wisdom of this young man."we would rather be righteous defenseless victims". Righteous defenseless victims maintain the moral high ground, right up until they die on that ground and are buried beneath it, and to our politically correct thinking, such an outcome is far better than surviving as victors with moral failings.

A few years ago I watched a video of an Israeli spokeswoman apologizing profusely for the death of Arab children. Such things do happen in war, especially when Hamas install their rocket launchers under schools and lock the children inside the building. Under such circumstances what do you do? Allow fanatics to keep killing your people or destroy the launch site and deal with the moral repercussions later? War, quite simply is hell, and he who tries to sanitize war or deny its realities is doomed to suffer defeat.

Moral high ground on the home front: WWII when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor the military and law enforcement forced the people of Japanese descent living among us into internment camps to prevent their possibly committing sabotage. Was this right? There is no easy moral answer to that, but at the time it was felt necessary for our survival. Later came the burden of guilt for many, if not most, of those interned were loyal American citizens, and we vowed never to do commit such an atrocity ever again. 

A passing thought: during the war there were no acts of sabotage committed by those incarcerated, and I cannot help but wonder is this is due to the fact that they were held under lock and key? One fact is for certain: Admiral Yamamoto had been receiving daily dispatches from Hawaii on the deployment of our naval vessels. These dispatches ended when internment began.

Then came 911 and true to our moral quagmire we did not repeat those internment camp policies with our Arab immigrants. In fact, we continue with an open door agenda of bringing still more Muslims to our shores. Considering how many have died in the USA at the hands of Muslims since, how much money has been sent from here to the terrorists in the Middle East, and how many terrorist attacks have been prevented, I look back and am inclined to agree that FDR was right in isolating possible threats in time of war.

No, we as a repentant people do not want to ever again be "morally compromised victors" and if we persist in such political behavior, victory will be forever illusive, and in time we shall, without a doubt, be defeated.

From CBS Boston...
7 Caught trespassing at Quabbin Reservoir; Patrols Stepped Up Across State
Shortly after midnight Tuesday, seven people were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir.
State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and "cited their education and career interests" for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates.

The article goes on to reveal that these people not only came from three different countries, they also reside in five different cities: Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland, North Hampton, and New York City. It does not ask the question of why these people came together after midnight to do a bit of sight seeing at one of our most important source of drinking water. It does not mention that these people were Muslims, nor does CBS provide their names. We are given the assurance that the FBI ran a background check and released them.

That reservoir provides water to the people of Boston. The same Boston where two bombs recently killed and maimed American citizens. The primary perpetrator of that attack was also investigated by the same FBI prior to that event. We have reached the point that our moral imperative now demands that we risk the lives of millions of our people to assure that immigrants from terrorist nations enjoy their "rights" to do a midnight surveillance on our water supply. America will not wake up until we suffer another 911 or worse, and perhaps not then.

In the beginning of this essay I mentioned that Mister Stephens had forwarded three concepts. I have discussed two of them. The other, being highly controversial I saved until last as he speaks of what is called "The Totalitarian Temptation". 

Do you recall when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russian people suddenly found themselves having far more freedom than they had ever dreamed possible? Most of us would think this to be a good thing but a large percentage of the population were displeased and longed for the good old days when Big Brother thought for them, thus relieving them of the responsibility of self determination. 

There is an inherent weakness built into the human race and many do not
want freedom, and its associated responsibilities. The image to the right well indicates that mindset among the people of Islam. Oddly, that photo was taken in England and the more conservative citizens of that nation use this Freedom Go To hell concept to show the danger of Sharia. 

The odd part of the issue is that the people of England have long accepted the premise of socialism, another form of government intervention in their everyday lives and a loss of freedom. Margaret Thatcher saw socialism as England's ruin and set about to curtail and reverse the evil. She met massive opposition and to this day many still hate a great woman

We also see that same growing government control here in the land of the free. Now the question remains: Is the government seizing control or are the people intentionally ceding their rights for the stability promised by leaders who grow more totalitarian with each passing day. 

Artwork: Shepard Fairey
Obama's favorite
Communist artist
An avatar in a book Bret Stephens quotes tells us "It is a cruel misunderstanding of you to imagine that the heart of man's desire is to be free. The heart of man's desire is to obey." And that is "The Totalitarian Temptation". Many among us would willingly abdicate their freedoms if in doing so they are absolved of their responsibilities. Cowardice, sloth, greed, and amoral behavior are traits found among those who willingly embrace a totalitarian existence, and those traits lead inevitably to ruin.

Survival is a matter of arithmetic. Society can function when such people are in the minority. One, two, or three percent of the population can exhibit such dangerous behavior and a culture will survive. This culture has utterly failed. Corruption begets corruption, and it has reached the point that the masses of those seeking to obey are overwhelming the rights of us who choose to think for ourselves and live as a free people in a free nation.

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  1. You are so on point to talk about the views of Mr. Bret Stephens, whom I have great respect for. When he did his temporary stint as editor of the Jerusalem Post, during the second intifada and away from the comforts of WSJ, he never flinched once in his editorials as to saying rubbish on what other Israeli newpapers were spewing out, such as moral equivalency and appeasement. He gave voice to the brilliant Caroline Glick and published Op-eds of the likes of Dore Gold and others. Sad to say that after he left, JP was not the same. I cancelled my subscription a while ago.

    It's ironic that here in Israel many have woken up. The majority of people here who cherish what they have are begging our leaders to stay the course in finishing off Hamas. I can only hope that those leaders will shake off their stupor of addiction to power and stay the course.

    God bless and thanks for your support.

    1. Cylia, knowing your admiration for Mr. Stephens, I thought you might enjoy this. It is an article from Israel Hayom, and so you may have read it before me; if not...enjoy.


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