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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Editor's Note...I have changed the format of this topic. Instead of doing a daily news blog I have developed a non stop news roundup. To see it click this link. News Roundup.

Algemeiner ... July 17, 2014
OPERATION ‘PROTECTIVE EDGE’ DAY 10: Gaza Ground Invasion Has Begun Amid Major Air Force Bombardment (LIVE UPDATES)

Algemeiner ... July 17, 2014
Israel Under Fire: Gaza Rockets Target Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sirens Heard Across the Country

Global Post ... July 15, 2014
These West Bank residents got bombed. They're very happy about it

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014

Fox News ... July 17, 2014
Israel launches large-scale ground operation in Gaza Strip

Fox News ... July 17, 2014
Malaysia Airlines passenger jet shot down over Ukraine, 295 dead
The flight manifest reportedly included the names of 23 Americans, though State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said at a briefing Thursday, "we don't have any additional details at this point on American citizens" aboard the plane.

Editor's note: The following item is not Earth shaking but should please many Americans:
Fox News ... July 17, 2014
Florida city bans sagging pants on city-owned property
OCALA, Fla. –  It's now illegal to wear low pants that expose underwear or bare buttocks in parts of Ocala.
The sagging pants ordinance is enforceable on city-owned or leased property, including sidewalks, streets, parks, sports, recreation and public transportation facilities and parking lots. It is punishable by jail time and a $500 fine.

The Clarion Project ... July 17, 2014
Returning Jihadis Creating Security Nightmare in UK

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014
Cruz: Border Bill Must Address Obama's Executive Amnesty Threat

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014

Breitbart July 17, 2014

Center For Security Policy ... July 16, 2014
Frank Gaffney
Finish off Hamas

Center For Security Policy ... July 17, 2014
Frank Gaffney
Ignoring China’s True Character

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014

National Review Online ... July 16, 2014
GOP conservatives stand firm on the border crisis

Fox Business ... July 17, 2014
Microsoft to eliminate up to 18K jobs over next year

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014

The Washington Times ... July 17, 2014
Hagel quietly notifies Congress of transfer of 6 Gitmo detainees

The Washington Times ... July 16. 2014
FBI: Chinese hacker accessed gold mine of data on F-22, F-35 and 32 U.S. military projects

Israel Defense Forces ... July 17, 2014
Up to date report on Operation Protective Edge

Israel Defense Forces ... July 17, 2014
Hamas’ Use of Human Shields is a War Crime

Israel Today ... July 17. 2014
VIDEO: Gaza Terrorists Killed Trying to Infiltrate Israel

Fox News ... July 17, 2017
Hamas breaks cease-fire, launches mortars during humanitarian window

Arutz Sheva ... July 17, 2014
Egyptian Official: Hamas to Blame for Gaza Destruction

Center For Security Policy(Caroline Glick) ... July 17, 2014
The Popular Palestinians

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014
Noting the deaths a day earlier of four boys who were killed on a Gaza beach by an Israeli strike, the State Department said the high civilian death toll in Gaza has been "heartbreaking." Three more children were killed in Gaza on Thursday.

Editor's note: Hussein Obama failed to mention that those four youths were playing beside a rocket that was about to be launched at Israel.

Arutz Sheva ... July 17, 2014
Bennett: Hamas Committing 'Self-Genocide'
“Hamas is conducting massive self-genocide, taking women and children and placing them next to missile launchers,” said Bennett.

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014

Jihad Watch ... July 17, 2014
Why comparing Israeli and “Palestinian” death totals is misleading

Breitbart ... July 17, 2014
Editor's note: Look at the terrorist above. He appears to be about the same age as some of the 'children' who are illegally crossing our southern border.

The Clarion Project ... July 16, 2014
Hamas Releases Video Glorifying Attack on Israeli School Bus

The Clarion Project ... July 16, 2014
Arab World Holds Hamas Responsible in Latest Conflict

Arutz Sheva ... July 17, 2014
Protesters Continue Demanding Power Cutoff to Gaza
“We cannot tolerate a situation where we continue to supply Gaza with electricity while they fire rockets at us,” say organizers of the protests. “It is immoral, unjust, and illogical for Israeli citizens to be paying for the electricity being used to develop and fire rockets on innocent citizens. 

And for my closing thoughts: This is some truly convoluted logic from a liberal who admits what Hamas is doing but argues that Israel does not have to fight back.

VOX ... July 17, 2014
Yes, Gaza militants hide rockets in schools, but Israel doesn't have to bomb them

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  1. Danny,

    Thanks for all your work, Breitbart posted 2 days ago U.S. Qatar sign 11 Billion Arms deal.
    in contrast only 3.7 billion to handle Border Crisis.

  2. I am surprised (and pleased) that you included the Ocala Fl story link "Florida city bans sagging pants on city-owned property". This is where I live and we have had much debate over this...AFTER they made this decision all on their own because they are not interested in anyone's opinion but their own. The saggy pants issue was not the only thing they did, they have also banned smoking on our (open air, outdoor) down town square. No, I can't stand the saggy pants either, but they are regulating and legislating their likes and dislikes, forcing THEIR preferences on others. They claimed the smoking ban was for health (which is always the claim) but I say that is a total crock because if you are down town, you are surrounded by car exaust (sp?) every single inch of that down town square. And as much as I hate those stupid saggy pants, I don't think its ok to make something illegal just because some city council jerks don't like it. This is nothing more than some libtard snobs forcing everyone else to give them the world as they want it to be, because they seem to think they have the right to not be offended, the right to not see things they personally dont like. These city council jerks will never get my vote in the future.

  3. Cylia from IsraelJuly 20, 2014 at 12:18 PM

    I've been reading your blog since discovering it right after the Benghazi attack. You were one of the first, if not the first that gave the correct analysis on it. So I thank you for your keen insight and perspective into the way our world is now falling into, as you aptly put it, anarchy and chaos. I have been trying in vain to catch up with your prolific writing, but with events taking place here minute by minute, I get more behind.
    Our tiny part of the world is trying desperately to keep those forces at bay. It gets increasingly difficult, especially with the rich, affluent, connected liberal traitors that endanger the survival of our people. And in that vein, I wish for Shimon Peres (some will say the father of Israel's nuclear program, but only at the behest of David Ben Gurion) to be buried with his Nobel Prize.
    We suffered heavy losses (13 boys in an APC shot with RPG's at close range) today, and 5 more since the start of ground offensive that were laid to rest. But it did not deter our boys in taking over a stronghold of the terrorists. No doubt the media there are showing Aza in massive billows of black smoke, lots of casualties for the cameras, and the calls of disproportionate force and heavy collateral damage.
    No one talks about the collateral damage we suffer: a mother who is a nurse having to work in the very same hospital while the doctors try to save the life of her son seriously WIA, or a father of three sons, two have already been WIA and the third still in the field, all the children that had their summer vacation stolen from them in affected areas who are afraid of going outside and stay in their saferoom all day and night (even my daughter stays in her room, the saferoom much of the time and we've had relative quiet)
    I feel a bit sorry for my family back in the U.S.A. they have to face the questions that Israel's spokespeople appearing in interviews are routinely asked in accusing tones, as if Israel is the perpetrator. But like I told them, those terrorists (and it isn't Hamas really anymore - they are being taken over by ISIS) are dragging you into this, regardless of whether you’re interested or not, by projecting all those scenes of casualties to make you feel sorry for them, and make you think that Israel is the evil party in all of this. And by the way, who is reveling in the ratings surge? Al Jazeera - the Qatar - Hamas connection is well-connected, both are cashing in.
    Israel gave Gazans more than a week to clear out of the area closest to the Israel/Gaza border, so tunnels that lead into Israel can be destroyed (one was discovered to emerge into a kindergarten on a kibbutz). It has been proven time and again the terrorists care nothing of their own family let alone their own people by using them as shields to protect their tunnels and weapons stored in there.
    I can go on and on how Israel, as no other country in the world or maybe in the history of mankind, will go to great lengths to prevent civilian loss of life, even on the enemy’s side, and even letting the enemy to live another day on God's green earth to kill again just because there happened to be civilians nearby. Just one example: 20 tons of medical supplies were trucked over this morning to Gaza.
    Thank you again for getting out the truth.

    1. Cylia, I thank you for your comment and your kind words about my efforts, but as for getting the truth out I cannot help but feel that I am an abject failure. I try, but the fact remains that few really want to know the truth. I write of a dire future for the human race based on my knowledge of history, human nature, and current events. In writing of that future I am always hoping to be wrong.

      I have a way of attracting intelligent people; please include yourself on that list. One of them recently commented in a group that "Danny is sometimes scary" but encouraged other members to have hope, and then gave them his grounds for hope. Those grounds included a long collections of 'IFs'. If Americans wake up..., If we can vote out the progressives..., If we join together in peace... And the list went on.

      I must agree with one part of his statement: Danny is indeed sometimes scary. As for the 'IFs': No more than wishful thinking! Americans live in dread fear of the truth and so many the hoax and sensationalist sites on the internet have more readers, and believers, in one day than I get in six months.

      At any rate, the 'Scary' comment led me to try something different and so was born the concept of News Roundup. Instead of outlining a bleak future I decided to assemble today's news that people would not look for on their own; anything to wean them away from the hoax sites they follow. Bad mistake on my part. Within five days my readership, on daily essays, was down to thirty five a day, convincing me, once and for all, that people really do not want to know.

      That was disappointing as I have spent a lifetime in the pursuit of knowledge in a world where most shun it.

      Even though I decided not to put another issue of News Roundup before an apathetic public I still stay up to date on events in Israel for my own self satisfaction. and was saddened to read of the losses suffered in Gaza by the IDF. Such men are my kindred and I mourn their passing, so far from the field of battle where they fell.

      I have been reading for the last month that ISIS is gaining strength in Gaza and they have already announced that they plan to attack the U.S., and with their vast funding I have no doubt that they will. For all intents and purposes we have no southern border and I am totally confident that they have already begun their infiltration, all part of the Anarchy and Chaos agenda.

      Soon Americans will be granted their next 911 wake up call and there is an excellent chance that it will come in the form of a nuclear blast. Sadly such an event will not wake them up either, as they will only see the tip of the iceberg; a million dead, a cloud of radiation, and an administration investigating the Tea Party as the perpetrators. Most lack the profundity to look past an event to the cause and this fact causes me to be so appreciative of the few who can understand what is taking place behind the wizard's curtain.

      Tonight, good men lie in silence, fallen in service to a small but great nation; I have continued my research, while you and your daughter may have sought refuge in your safe room, and I have little doubt that most of my fellow Americans spent the evening either being entertained by the TV or posting nonsense on the internet.

      More and more I have come to understand what Paul Simon felt as he wrote 'The Sound of Silence'.

      Many would think it silly but I know that you will understand the following:

      In much younger days, choosing to serve with the best, I became a paratrooper with the 101st. Airborne. Today, were I once again that young, I would not consider joining our military and serving Obama. I would immigrate to Israel, climb Masada, and swear "Never again!"

  4. That song was prophetic. I thank you for your service to the country I still call home. God bless you and all who believe in doing good for their fellow man.


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