Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


"Forgive them, for they know not what they do." Famous words dating back two thousand years, that could be well applied to so many today who regard themselves to be patriots.

My last essay Come Hell Or High Water, I Support Israel, stirred up much rancor on both sides of the Atlantic, undoubtedly costing me a few friends, and led to my choosing to leave a Facebook group. That was a good essay and I meant every word of it, and as such would write it again; caring less about who would be offended. One of my websites gets over 6000 hits a day and the newer one nearly 3000; I doubt that I shall even notice if I am boycotted by a few who hate Jews.

The entire Middle East is ablaze with many thousands becoming homeless, being tortured, and dying gruesome deaths at the hands of those who are members of the 'Religion of Peace'. George W. Bush set the stage for today's Anarchy and Chaos by coining that phrase, and Obama has advanced that deception to its ultimate irony.

I recently published the following in News Roundup:
The Algemeiner ... August 1, 2014
WSJ Republishes Op-Ed From 1968: ‘The Jews Are a Peculiar People: Things Permitted to Other Nations Are Forbidden to the Jews’

I find the closing thought to be most interesting because it so closely matches my views on the possible destruction of Israel. The author was not a Jew and those many years ago he left us with this closing line to his article:
"I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish the holocaust will be upon us."

I must agree! And my views are based purely on facts and logic, i.e.: causality; having nothing to do with religion or prophecy.

In some of my early writings as I began to grasp the danger that Israel faces, I put myself into the shoes of PM Netanyahu and concluded that were the defeat of Israel imminent I would launch each and every nuclear weapon at my disposal, targeting all who had led to the demise of a small but great nation. That epiphany led to my predicting that if Israel is going to fall he would do just that. Strange how so many of my predictions come to pass...

Later I was to find that such plans had already been incorporated into Israel's defense posture and referred to as the Samson Option. Such an appropriate name, as in the Bible Samson managed to slay his enemies as he died by destroying their temple and having it crush both he and them. I found the validation for my prediction and wrote of it in the essay Israel's Doomsday Scheme; enlightening reading for those with the courage to go there.

I am not alone in this knowledge as it was published by Der Spiegel, Germany's leading publication. That means that this knowledge has been spread far and wide; known by many and heeded by few.

At the time that I wrote the above essay, our intel's best guess was that Israel possessed between 85 and 200 nuclear weapons. Today that score has been upgraded on the high end to 400. Meanwhile her critics persist in their propaganda claims that Israel is an aggressor nation with aims of conquest and those who "know not what they do." foolishly believe this; condemning Israel far and wide.

Ask yourself one thing: We know that Iran is working on a nuclear weapon and plans to use it on completion. If Israel is truly an aggressive nation, do you not believe she would have already imposed her power over the Middle East?

This anti-Israel agenda has long been in the works and recently put into high gear by Obama's famous Cairo speech of 2009 that empowered the Muslim Brotherhood and emboldened Islam in general. Since then absolute Anarchy and Chaos(A&C) has gripped the Middle East and much of our western nations.

Many mistakenly believe that Obama's goal is to give rise to a new Caliphate; as said, they are mistaken. Islam is but another tool in the Obama Soros Agenda, as is his support of communism, and the invasion taking place on our southern border, the attack on our economy and health care, the dismantling of our military, as well as the alienation of our long standing allies.

Washington Times ... July 31, 2014
Libya Islamic militias declare control of Benghazi

Washington Times ... August 1, 2014
Obama military downsizing leaves U.S. too weak to counter global threats, panel finds

Fox News ... August 1, 2014
Army to force out 550 majors; some to get news while in Afghanistan

National Review ... July 31, 2014
Legitimizing Hamas’s War Criminality 

Breitbart ... July 31, 2014

Even The Washington Post, long a supporter of progressive policies finds fault with this administration:

The Algemeiner ... July 31, 2014
The Washington Post Takes on Barack Obama Over Gaza War

The Washington Times ... July 31, 2014
Watchdog: U.S. may be funding Afghan terrorists through dubious business ties

PJ Media ... July 29, 2014
Obama’s New Russia Sanctions Again Bypass Arms Giant with Pentagon Contracts
Editor's Note: Obama is talking tough to impress the gullible while still supporting his communist allies with a billion dollar no bid contract.

In regard to the claim that Israel is ruthless:

The Algemeiner ... July 31, 2014
Col. Richard Kemp: Israeli Pilot Aborted Gaza Strike 17 Times to Protect Civilians; Jewish People Should be Proud of the State of Israel (INTERVIEW)

I could go on and on with such evidence but there is no need. Simply visit News Roundup 2014 for far more.

Let there be no doubt ... Obama plans to bring this nation to its knees and reduce Israel to an ash heap.

But let us revisit the topic of Israel's nuclear stockpile:

Nations and their anti-Semite people can see no farther than their cherished dreams of no more Jews on planet Earth. Turn the page and envision planet Earth enveloped in the radioactive residue to 200 to 400 nuclear weapons. The 'twelvers' of Shiite Islam look forward to the prospect as they believe that Armageddon will resurrect their long dead warlord. China and Russia are rapidly building bomb shelters for their people, while Obama has built one under the White House for him and family.

But what of us? What of those who do not seek the destruction of Israel, and those who, due to their racist hatred and lack the intelligence, fail to realize that event would lead not only to no more Jews on planet Earth, but no more people on planet Earth?

Enough of future speculations. Let us now back up to some present day facts:

The United States, the European Union, individual nations of Europe, multiple nations of Islam, Islamic NGOs, and progressive NGOs have long supported the Palestinians, Gaza, Fatah, and Hamas, providing them with weapons, funds, and building material with which to build their intricate tunnel network. It is only with the IDF's assault on Gaza that we have learned the real plan.

Three Israeli teenager were recently murdered and many of the good people of this world mourned their passing, but it can be rightly said that their deaths were not totally in vain. In fact it might be said that their deaths saved the tiny nation of Israel. The vicious murder of these three young people led to the IDF attacking Hamas and consequently discovering a most vile battle plan.

Washington Times ... July 30, 2014
Israel says Hamas trained operative for paraglider attack on civilians
On Wednesday, Hamas petitioned Lebanese-based terror group Hezbollah to join its fight against Israel.
“The Lebanese front will open and together we will fight against this formation,” Moussa Abu Marzouk, a Cairo-based deputy head of the political bureau for Hamas, said to Russian-run RIA Novosti, the Times of Israel reported.

Israel Hayom ... August 1, 2014
Newsletter Friday August 1, 2014
Editor's note: Hamas had planned a Major assault on Israel and it almost came about.

The above link is rather long and details the plan for a major assault on Israel via the tunnel network paid for by Hamas supporters. For those who do not choose to read the whole thing, it describes a plan which was to take place this summer and would have cost the lives of thousands of Israeli men, women, and children. The only thing that prevented it was a few bloodthirsty Islamic militants that just couldn't wait to spill Jewish blood. They murdered three teenagers, the IDF moved south, and the plan was foiled.

Some of the critics of my last essay pointed out the unfairness of so many dead Palestinians while thus far Israel's casualties have been rather light. We also killed more Germans and Japanese in WWII than they killed of us. That is the way that wars are won. Keeping the body count equal is a pleasant past time for those mindless arm chair liberals and anti-Semites, but totally unacceptable for anyone who has ever served in the military.

As for the 'Poor Palestinians' I think back to George W. Bush looking forward to the spread of democracy in the Middle East as the Palestinians went to the polls ... and Elected Hamas as their leaders. Hamas promised to destroy Israel, telling the Palestinians just what they wanted to hear.

The Washington Post ... January 27, 2006
Hamas Sweeps Palestinian Elections, Complicating Peace Efforts in Mideast

Funny how people, so full of hatred, often elect leaders who promise to transform their nation and then things go bad. Surely such a thing could not happen here.

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  1. I often wonder if anti-semitism is something evil and ancient forever enmeshed in our DNA. I just never understand the hatred, the vitriol that people have for Israel. I have no other way to explain it

  2. PRAY to GOD!!! The evil that has been unleashed on the world cannot be stopped, PRAY to GOD!!.
    The Catholic Church is in turmoil, the Middle East in turmoil, the United States in turmoil, The European Nations in turmoil. During the Cuban Missle Crisis, Desert Storm and after 9/11 people prayed, Today people can't see the danger we are in, and I would rather be right with GOD. I pray for COURAGE. I stand with Israel and agree with Danny, thanks Danny for writing these essays.

    1. You need not thank me as what I do, I do for a very selfish reason. I am trying to present indisputable facts before the people of America. It is my hope to enlighten all who will listen, and to save as many lives as possible. You can help if you so choose. Visit News Roundup every day and pass it on to others.

  3. Danny again Israel needs a WWII mentality to win at all costs. Even without the support of Soros-Marxist Obama. Good Read again!

  4. You mentioned the 1968 WSJ Op-Ed: "I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish the holocaust will be upon us." That ending statement by Hoffer in this article really gives pause to ponder, and to those who know history . . . they know this statement to be true. I used to think that mankind had come a long way since WWII and in reading that 1968 Op-Ed I am convinced that we have come a long way . . . it is just in the wrong direction and I am ever so disappointed with those once again want to blame the Jew.

    Yes, it is sad that Hamas is using their own people as human shields and even sadder that Israel is left with no recourse, but what is even sadder is that many know this to be true, yet they stand with EVIL because they think they are somehow showing sympathy toward humanity. In reality they are actually strengthening EVIL.

    Side note: There is a long history of Israel living peacefully with her neighbors up until radical Islam entered the picture. (Arafat was Egyptian by birth.)

    PERSONALLLY, I STAND WITH ISRAEL and it is my belief that whenever anyone displays a hatred for Israel, that he/she is only displaying their ignorance regarding history, the Jews and God.

    I run the risk of offending here but personally I am within my 1st Amendment rights to state my views and let the chips fall where they may: I believe in a God of Quantum Physics and He had some very specific things to say regarding Israel. Here are just a few of them:

    “For thus said the LORD of hosts, after his glory sent me to the nations who plundered you (Israel), for he who touches you touches the apple of his eye: Behold, I will shake my hand over them, and they shall become plunder for those who served them.” (Zechariah 2: 8 & 9)

    “I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you. The whole land of Canaan, where you are now an alien, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God." (Genesis 17:7)

    “’The days are coming,’ declares the Lord. ‘When I will bring my people Israel and Judah back from captivity and restore them to the land I gave their forefathers to possess,’ says the Lord.” (Jeremiah 30:3)

    “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you. May peace be within your walls, And prosperity within your palaces. For the sake of my brothers and my friends, I will now say, ‘May peace be within you.’ For the sake of the house of the Lord our God I will seek your good.” (Psalm 122: 6 – 8)

    “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.” (Isaiah 62:1 NIV)

    “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, (Isaiah 62:6 NIV)

    Hm-m-m-m … Jerusalem … the center of God’s eye …the pupil …the place of His heart, and an altar commissioned by Him … where He ordained a chosen people to execute His plan for mankind … His truth … His hope. His Word is brimming with prophecy regarding Jerusalem and the temple. I don’t know exactly what will unfold but I do believe that Jerusalem plays a grand role in the scheme of things and I hold His word to be true. The signs are all around us pointing toward the prophecies written within His word and we would do well to foster a healthy reverence toward Jerusalem, the Jewish people, God’s prophecy and His desire for all to come to know Him. We must choose where we’re going to stand, both as a people and as a nation.


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