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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


So very many Americans exist in a perpetual state of shock, confusion, denial, and disbelief, and that state of mind can be traced back to one word ... 'Transformation'. On October 30, 2008, Hussein Obama stood before the world and stated: We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

To his multitude of starry eyed, mindless followers this transformation could only be a good thing, but the key word there is 'mindless', for like the entranced rats following the Pied Piper, they could not grasp the reality that they were being led to their doom; perhaps an ironic form of justice for they who choose not to think. What's important is, who is controlling the media, who gives the approved narrative, who is playing the pipers flute. In regard to those who still listen, quite honestly I no longer care. I have already written them off as casualties in the coming conflict.

Now, these many years later that transformation, while as of yet is unfinished, is well underway and it threatens not only the United States but also the entire fabric of the world's advanced civilizations. When that transformation process reaches a certain tipping point, those nations will collapse into anarchy and chaos, spreading civil war, death, and destruction worldwide. And so goes the unbridled pursuit of absolute power and it consequences. 

Listed below in Suggested Reading are links to an eight part series that I wrote entitled Anarchy and Chaos. In it I postulate my firm belief that the progressive agenda which Obama promotes is designed to bring western civilization to its knees, totally unconcerned about the many millions that must die for this to come about.

Many, through lack of understanding, still cling to the belief that Obama is incompetent. He, by the way, loves this ignorance on the part of the American public. It is far better from the progressive viewpoint for them to think him incompetent than to realize that he is quite competent and everything is proceeding according to plan.

The plan that he follows calls for the total collapse of all of our western nations and absolute anarchy and chaos must be implemented for the agenda to come to fruition, and that leads to another mistake from the masses. So many still believe that Obama is a Muslim. He is not. He is a hard core communist atheist, but in the quest for anarchy and chaos, there is nowhere better to turn than to Islam. So he leads the bloodthirsty followers of Allah to their death, in order to implement the goals of George Soros and friends.

The mere fact that over a billion people follow this religion of death is just frosting on the cake, and the fact that Obama was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia was much of the reason he was chosen to lead America to her ruin. He was trained in the ways of Islam before being trained as a Marxist. Even Pravda told us of Obama's communist affiliations:

Pravda ... November 19, 2012
Obama's Soviet Mistake
He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so. How shrewd he is in America. His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia.  Obama's fools and Stalin's fools share the same drink of illusion.

History shows us that any who wish to install a totalitarian state must first identify or create an enemy. With both the French and Russian revolutions it was royalty and the wealthy. In South Africa, Rhodesia, Venezuela, and Cuba, it was the wealthy capitalists. With Hitler and Islam it was the Jews.

The Clarion Project ... August 3, 2014
Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood Head: Erase All Jews
Excerpt: Al-Suwaidan mockingly compared Israeli desire for life with Hamas' love for death. He said "We are not afraid of Martyrdom. Not long ago, you cried out loud: 'Death for Allah is our most exalted wish!' (Muslim Brotherhood slogan) You received the death you wanted. We have no problem with death. We are not like the children of Israel: 'And you will surely find them the most greedy of people for life.' (Quran) Whereas we yearn for death and Martyrdom.

Europe and Scandinavia are in the process of a slow but certain suicide as they follow the agenda of the EU as they demand open borders, and are causing a mass exodus of Jews as they welcome evermore Muslims into their midst.

There is a basic theme with many variations, but essentially the message is that the world is splitting into two separate camps. The variations are defined by whomever is making the statement. Conservative see two camps of conservatives and progressives. Muslims define those two camps as being Muslims and non-Muslims. The liberals see themselves as one camp and those who do not agree with them as the enemy. Anti-Semitics see a world that consists of people who wants to destroy all Jews, and those who support their continued existence; the latter group being badly outnumbered.

Personally I could never limit myself to view but two camps, for I see many. In my little corner of the world there are the conservatives and the Israelis. We stand backed into a corner by the liberals, the progressives, communists, collectivists, Islamists, and in the near future there is going to be hell to pay.

Throughout the Middle East, Christians are either fleeing or dying. Since Obama took office Egypt has had two presidents, one a member of a group of terrorists, and one a military leader chosen to replace him. Libya is now a state of total chaos, and Syria is involved in a civil war without end. Iraq is on the verge of being overran by ISIL, and Afghanistan will soon be once again in the clutches of the Taliban.

Soviet Communism, once thought a thing of the past is once again on the move. They and China are both rapidly enlarging their armed forces as Obama decimates ours. Meanwhile Obama is alienating our long time allies as demonstrated by his and John Kerry placing impossible demands on Israel, complaining of their harming civilians in a group of people that are trying to kill all Jews.

Miami Herald ... August 4, 2014
France: Israel rights don't justify 'carnage'

Author's note: And how do children become casualties when Israel claims to try to avoid such collateral damage? Perhaps because they are intentionally placed in the line of fire. 

Right now there is a great deal of concern about the Ebola virus being introduced into America. I cannot help but believe that this is simply another tactic for the MSM to use as a distraction from the border crisis. A far greater danger than Ebola is a willful blindness on the part of so many. In their hatred of Jews they are by default supporting terrorism and I cannot help but wonder what comes next if Islam does indeed wipe every Jew from the face of the Earth as their Qur'an demands. 

Oh yes, right after they chant "Death to Israel", they chant "Death to America"; but then along with willful blindness we also have those who are willful deaf. 

Today, civilization is on the verge of civil war, world war, and total collapse, and it all began with Hussein Obama being elected to lead America. That one election, better than anything, indicates that our people have turned their backs on morality. The election was followed shortly by his Apology Tour and his now famous Cairo speech that brought the Muslim Brotherhood out of the shadows. Since then everything has been downhill and there is no turning back the clock.

One of my regular readers has commented several times that Americans will not wake up until the streets are flowing with blood. I am inclined to agree with her.

They, the would be rulers of a fallen world, are winning and the only hope we have will come after the collapse, when hopefully, the courageous will arm themselves and do what should have been done years ago. Failing that brave last stand we are looking at another dark age for mankind. Please, stand for morality and liberty, when the time comes.

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