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Friday, September 26, 2014


I was recently reading an essay by one of our great patriots, Andrew C. McCarthy, and encountered a term he used that I had never seen before: Transnational Progressives. I knew immediately what he was referring to as I had often written about the topic under a different title ... The New World Order. Henceforth I shall refrain from referencing the NWO as mention of this movement gives the leftists an attack tool of conspiracy theory. Mister McCarthy's chosen phrase is far more defensible and accurate. Researching transnational progressivism led me to Wikipedia(disappointing results) and to other sources that eventually took me to Amazon and the book 'Sovereignty Or Submission' by John Fonte. The subtitle is very revealing of the book's contents ... 'Will Americans Rule Themselves Or Be Ruled By Others?'

All of my long term readers are well aware of my view that Islam is a great danger to all the nations of the west, but as dangers, go I put them a rung below the transnational progressives, as it is they who are calling the shots and using the Islamic fanatics to further the goals of progressivism.

There are many fine publications today fighting for our liberties and trying to educate those who are not in total denial about the dangers we face. One such publication is The National Review. My search for information on the transnational progressives led me to an article in their archives...

National Review Online ... November 10, 2011
Brave New Transnational Progressive World 

I truly hope that you read the above link. It is a brief introduction to John Fonte's book by the Clifford D. May. Both he and Fonte think along the same lines that I do about the strange alliance of Islam and the globalists.

Fonte makes clear how this ideology, which is widely embraced in Europe and, increasingly, among elites in the U.S. as well, is stealthily undermining liberal democracy, self-government, constitutionalism, individual freedom, and even traditional internationalism — the relations among sovereign nation-states. To put it bluntly, while the jihadists call for “Death to the West!” the transnational progressives are quietly promoting civilizational suicide.
Curiously and ominously, transnationals have been working hand in glove with Islamists to achieve such goals as a global prohibition of “Islamophobia” — which would represent a historic abridgement of free speech.

I have long stated that Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, and the European Union do not seek to live under the Caliphate; that they are, for the moment, empowering. Islam is but an expendable means to an end for these transnational progressives.

The following two long paragraphs are the promo for Mr. Fonte's book from Amazon. Read carefully as there is much to understand here:

The International Criminal Court claims authority over Americans for actions that the United States does not define as “crimes.” In short, the Twenty-First Century is witnessing an epic struggle between the forces of global governance and American constitutional democracy. Transnational progressives and transnational pragmatists in the UN, EU, post-modern states of Europe, NGOs, corporations, prominent foundations, and most importantly, in America’s leading elites, seek to establish “global governance.” Further, they understand that in order to achieve global governance, American sovereignty must be subordinated to the “global rule of law.” The U.S. Constitution must incorporate “evolving norms of international law.” Sovereignty or Submission examines this process with crystalline clarity and alerts the American public to the danger ahead.

Global governance seeks legitimacy not in democracy, but in a partisan interpretation of human rights. It would shift power from democracies (U.S., Israel, India) to post-democratic authorities, such as the judges of the International Criminal Court. Global governance is a new political form (a rival to liberal democracy), that is already a significant actor on the world stage. America faces serious challenges from radical Islam and a rising China. Simultaneously, it faces a third challenge (global governance) that is internal to the democratic world; is non-violent; but nonetheless threatens constitutional self-government. Although it seems unlikely that the utopian goals of the globalists could be fully achieved, if they continue to obtain a wide spread influence over mainstream elite opinion, they could disable and disarm democratic self-government at home and abroad. The result would be the slow suicide of American liberal democracy. Whichever side prevails, the existential conflict?global governance versus American sovereignty (and democratic self-government in general) will be at the heart of world politics as far as the eye can see.

My first highlight above is self explanatory. As to the second I shall delve deeper.

The Amazon appraisal of the book assumes that the global governance movement is endemic to western culture and describes it as 'non-violent', but this is where Islam will serve its purpose before being eradicated. History tells us that anytime power is seized, at one point or the other, violence by necessity, enters the picture. Today we see Obama's popularity falling and Americans, even many liberals, are hoping for a change in leadership, thus they look forward to 2016.

America cannot survive another two plus years of Obama and the globalists know this. I have warned my readers to anticipate the fall of this nation between late 2015 and early 2016. That is not to say that we will not be subjected to terrorist attacks before then as we, in all likelihood, will be attacked by Islam in the very near future by lone wolf Islamists and a variety of terrorist cells.

The actual 'Fall' will be the collapse of our monetary system when our citizens living off the dole will riot as their EBT cards become worthless and after the looting there will be no food and water. At that time the major Islamic assault will attack our power grid, reservoirs will be destroyed or poisoned, freeways, tunnels and bridges will be bombed and snipers will roam our inner cities and highways. This will be happening not just here but across Europe, the UK, Canada, and Scandinavia as well.

To control such a situation harsh laws and a dictatorial regime will come into existence. Islam and raging Latinos will be brought under control, but those laws and that dictatorship will never be withdrawn.

This link, Sovereignty Or Submission, will take you to Amazon and if you click the image of the book you will be presented with much of its contents in a PDF format. The first chapter deals with the Durbin Conference, a gathering of NGOs. Most Americans are unaware of the significance of Durbin but that is not the case with Israelis. They recognize that event as a turning point for their tiny nation.

The NGO declaration at the Durban conference, written in highly politicized language, reflected a concerted effort to undermine Israel. Article 164 states targeted victims of Israel's brand of apartheid and ethnic cleansing methods have been in particular children, women and refugees. Article 425 announces a policy of complete and total isolation of Israel as an apartheid state...the imposition of mandatory and comprehensive sanctions and embargoes, the full cessation of all links (diplomatic, economic, social, aid, military cooperation and training) between all states and Israel. Furthermore, Article 426 talks of condemnation of those states who are supporting, aiding and abetting the Israeli apartheid state and its perpetration of racist crimes against humanity including ethnic cleansing, acts of genocide.

Anyone who supports liberty should know at least the basics about what transpired at Durbin for it was the lynchpin on the future. Incidentally the Durbin Conference took place in September 2001...So did 911. The U.S. is the primary target, but for the moment Israel is taking the brunt of abuse from both Islam and the transnational progressives.

A major conflict lies in our not to distant future. Some of us are prepared but most choose to disregard the reality we try to spell out for them. It is they, the liberals who put Obama into office who will suffer the greatest casualties. If this nation is ever to recover, that burden lies with us, so learn all you can while you can, and trust in yourself, and the Constitution.

Addendum: I wrote the above last night and delayed publishing it until today. Quote from above: That is not to say that we will not be subjected to terrorist attacks before then as we, in all likelihood, will be attacked by Islam in the very near future by lone wolf Islamists and a variety of terrorist cells.

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  1. I don't see this train slowing down, and if one follows the events of just this year, he will clearly grasp the reality that this train is gaining speed. Had not heard the term "Transnational Progressives" and you are correct . . . those who tout a theory regarding the NWO are most definitely labeled as conspiracy nut cases. But being labeled is part of the established propaganda ploy and guess what . . . it works! It is time, not for just America, but the world to wake up.
    I read your essay again dated a year ago, "IF THIS DOESN'T ROCK AMERICA, NOTHING WILL" and it is time for readers to refresh themselves . . . timely. (I posted this comment on both blogs ...perhaps not necessary.)


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