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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Being an old school patriot I flatly refuse to refer to Hussein Obama as either President or Commander in Chief. He holds the office of President but leads not in the ways of America. He has the position of Commander in Chief and is in the process of destroying the greatest military the world has ever known. Lately there has been a great deal of discussion about his so called Latte Salute. So what! I would naturally expect a real Commander in Chief to learn military protocol which requires one to empty his right hand before rendering a military salute. I do not expect this from Hussein as I do not regard him fit to lead our nation's warriors. What more can you expect from a Marxist oriented community organizer. Alinsky would be proud while I feel only contempt.

In much younger days I proudly wore the uniform of the U.S. Army and have nothing but the highest regard for our fighting men and women in uniform today. That high regard does not necessarily extend to the Pentagon and our Flag Officers as somewhere between the lowest of enlisted men and the highest of officers something is lost when patriotism morphs into political correctness, and personal ambition supersedes loyalty to our nation.

Mail Online (UK) September 25, 2014
Pentagon say it's too soon to say they're 'winning' against Islamic State and that the war with ISIS will likely last for years

Our involvement in World War II lasted for years; four to be exact, as we fought mighty enemies across two great oceans and prevailed. There are many differences between our tactics then as compared to now. Those differences are many but the greatest difference was that we were not funding the Nazis and the Japanese Empire. We most certainly are financing the terrorism we supposedly oppose today.

I recently read a brilliant comment about our Middle East involvement that bears repeating...'If you are not confused, you are not paying attention.' I am paying attention, and admittedly am confused, which is why I take nothing at face value but dig for the truth behind today's headlines and speeches. They are nothing more than subterfuge, lies, smoke and mirrors, and politically motivated doctrine designed to bring this nation to a state of defeat, while assuring the masses that everything is under control.

One thing is for certain: Things are under control, and that control is being exerted by those who would choose to enslave us. Come with me and take a guided tour of the road to hell...Compliments of Hussein Obama and the transnational progressives.

Prior to the last election, Obama was patting himself on the back for destroying Al Qaeda's capacity to spread terror. Later as ISIL became a topic of conversation he assured us that they are only a JayVee group. Breaking news! Even his liberal media is telling us that AQ is alive and well and ISIL is not just a bunch of amateurs as they are kicking ass in Syria and Iraq, while severing American, British, and French heads as they go.

This has led even the most timid of politicians and voters to demand Obama do something about the situation, and so he has. The administration, with full cooperation from the Pentagon and our Intel Groups has created a strawman to attack...The Khorasan Group(KG). There is no KG. Undoubtedly our aircraft killed some Islamists on their sorties but the KG in and of itself is a mere fabrication used as an excuse not to wholeheartedly attack ISIL. How do I know this to be a fact?

McClatchey DC ... September 26, 2014
Europeans say U.S. never briefed them on plot by al Qaida group
European counterterrorism specialists say their American counterparts never mentioned an imminent plot by al Qaida operatives in Syria to attack Western targets and didn’t brief them on the group that’s supposedly behind the plan, a previously unknown terrorist unit that American officials have dubbed the Khorasan group.

National Review ... September 27, 2014
The Khorasan Group Does Not Exist
You haven’t heard of the Khorasan Group because there isn’t one. It is a name the administration came up with, calculating that Khorasan — the –Iranian–​Afghan border region — had sufficient connection to jihadist lore that no one would call the president on it.

This is not the first time that this administration has created groups to make their Middle East agenda more palatable to the gullible American public. The Free Syrian Army(FSA) does not exist either but we have been funding and arming them for years.

Front Page Mag ... December 17, 2013
The End of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Syrian Scam
The Free Syrian Army never existed. What did exist was neither free, nor Syrian, nor an army. The FSA was sold as an army of Syrian soldiers who had banded together under defecting officers to fight against the Assad government. The real FSA mostly consisted of Islamic brigades, indistinguishable for the most part from the other Salafist brigades in the war.  Some of these brigades were affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood whose local allies, Turkey and Qatar, were the war’s biggest backers.
The FSA’s real purpose was to fool America by propping up a fake military for the real governments that were assembled by the Muslim Brotherhood’s activists in places like Doha and Istanbul.

Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Mag wrote the above article but overestimated the American public's will to learn and underestimated the spin doctors. The FSA which still does not exist is alive and well.

But wait! We have all seen pictures of John McCain with members of the FSA...Let's go there:

Pictured right of McCain is General Salim Idres, defector from the Syrian Army and the lynchpin in the narrative that the FSA consisted of other Syrian defectors. Not true! So let us see what is. Left of McCain is a truly interesting fellow. He was the Islamic State spokesman Abu Mosa, killed by Syrian forces in August, 2014. In a Vice video he told us that the flag of Allah would be raised in the White House. Poor fellow! He won't be around to see it.

Mail Online UK ... August 21, 2014
Dozens of Islamic State fighters killed by Syrian soldiers during heavy clashes following offensive on air base in north of the country

While speaking of interesting people, the bearded
gentleman to the right of General Idres is Mouaz Moustafa. He is the executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, funded by the State Department. Formerly he served as a former field organizer for the U.S. Democratic National Committee, and previously served as executive-director of the Libyan Council of North America. The following link is to Wikipedia and its info on SETF is a prime example of the convoluted political system we live under. It is brief but very revealing. Please follow this link.

And if you think that is interesting, the Daily Star...Lebanon, identified one of the men in the background as the photographer and spokesman for a group of Islamist kidnappers and smugglers known as Northern Storm.

The Daily Star ... May 30, 2013
McCain crosses paths with rebel kidnapper
According to families of the remaining captives and one of the released men, Anwar Ibrahim, one of the men standing alongside McCain in a photograph released by the senator’s office, is Mohammad Nour, the chief spokesman and photographer for the Northern Storm kidnappers.

During that period General Idres stated what he hoped to get from the U.S.:

The Independent UK ... May 27, 2013
US Senator John McCain crosses into Syria for talks with rebel leader
“What we want from the US government is to take the decision to support the Syrian revolution with weapons and ammunition, anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft weapons,” General Idris said. “Of course we want a no-fly zone and we ask for strategic strikes against Hezbollah both inside Lebanon and inside Syria.”

Well McCain pushed for the no-fly zone and failed to get it enacted but was able to provide weapons which promptly fell into the hands of al Nusra. Since then General Idris has been replaced as the hardened Islamists would not follow his lead and John McCain is now courting a new and improved (But still non-existent) FSA.

The Hill ... July 2, 2014
McCain meets Syrian rebels, presses for military aid to fight ISIS

But nothing ever seems to turn out the way it is presented to America. Now we blow up a few non functioning oil wells and trucks and our 'moderate' Islamists friends cry 'Foul'.

PJ Media ... September 24, 2014
U.S.-Backed Syrian Group Harakat al-Hazm Condemns U.S. Strikes on ISIS as ‘Attack on the Revolution’
Just days after Congress approved $500 million in support for “vetted moderate” Syrian rebels, one of those same “vetted moderate” rebel groups currently receiving heavy weaponry from the U.S. has condemned the U.S. for airstrikes on ISIS in Syria earlier this week.

Even Obama's allies at NBC realize that something is just not right.

Breitbart ... September 22, 2014
Engel said, "The problem is, this has all been projected. The U.S. said it was coming. The U.S. announced that it was building a coalition. The administration said which countries would be participating and it gave ISIS considerable amount of time to move its assets, move its key personnel into towns, into villages, out of Raqqa, which is the home base of all of this."

And now for the curve ball: The administration wants Assad of Syria deposed and has long supported these so called moderates in that effort. Now, ostensibly, we are expecting them to fight ISIL, as they criticize our doing so. Now add this to the mix. Hezbollah is supporting Assad and...

Arutz Sheva ... September 22, 2014
US Reportedly Providing Indirect Military Aid to Hezbollah
It is worth noting by contrast to the blasé indirect provision of intelligence and weapons to a terror group in Lebanon, during Operation Protective Edge US President Barack Obama blocked a routine Hellfire missile shipment to Israel and ordered strict supervision on future transfers.

Our attacks on ISIL while creating a lot of news is having very little effect on their goals.

Fox News ... September 23, 2014
ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Base, Parades Captured Soldiers Through Fallujah
The soldiers’ calls to commanders for help reportedly did not arrive. Soldiers later got word that a rescue mission was underway, but the Iraqi tanks and trucks let into the base were driven by suicide bombers.

I cannot help but believe that Jihad Watch said it best...

Jihad Watch ... September 24, 2014
Islamic State jihadis advance in Syria despite US strikes
The airstrikes are meant to save Obama’s poll ratings, and the Democrats’ prospects in November. They are not meant to do any serious damage to the Islamic State, and they are not doing any.

ISIL does not care if we kill a few dozen of their foot soldiers. Their ranking officers have already been moved to safety among civilians and you know how that story went in Israel. But our actions has given them a new battle cry...

Jihad Watch ... September 22, 2014
Islamic State spokesman: “Rely upon Allah, and kill” American, European, Australian, and Canadian non-Muslims

It seems that an American fanatic relied upon Allah. He beheaded one woman in Oklahoma and was stabbing another when he was shot.

Meanwhile, many miles from Syria...

Jihad Watch ... September 27, 2014
Al-Qaeda fires rocket on U.S. embassy in Yemen, two injured
AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula), which formed an alliance with ISIS less than one month ago, fired a rocket at the guard post protecting the U.S. embassy in Sana’a, injuring two officers. The attack was carried out after the evacuation order issued by the U.S. State Deparment for all Americans in Yemen. The rocket was fired from a car, 200 metres from the fortified U.S. embassy, with a U.S.-made anti-tank M72 light rocket launcher.

We, under the leadership of Hussein Obama, have become a rogue nation, providing weapons to all. Our forefathers died on many distant battlefields in the pursuit of peace but this generation has learned nothing from their sacrifices, and are consequently throwing it all away.

could describe this generation with many descriptive words; apathetic, disinterested, amoral, self indulgent, and the list goes on, but perhaps the most revealing term would be 'Stupid' as the actions of their chosen leader is going to result in the deaths of countless millions as he spreads terror throughout the world, in a war we do not want to win.

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    1. Glenda, you have no idea how glad I am to be back. Going to Washington state was undoubtedly the most horrid experience of my life, but I must add that it was also a learning experience as I have now shifted a great many who regard themselves as conservatives into my list of liberals. You were part of a conversation that I had with one such person. She reads my essays at least on a periodic basis and observed that those who comment on my efforts post intelligent remarks while many who post on Fox News do not fall into the intelligent category. You were one of the people who came to mind in my response.

  2. I would really like to hear of this experience you had and share with you my incredible week with a group of women,
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