Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


If you read my last essay, You Can't Fix Stupid, you know, unless you are living in a world of total disillusionment, that no matter what the outcome of the 2014 elections, nothing is going to be altered. A few names, a few faces, and a little rhetoric, will perhaps change, but the choreography and the play will continue unabated. The die is cast and the downward spiral of civilization cannot be altered by you, me, or the best intentioned politician. In short, the transformation, not only for the United States but of all of western nations is proceeding on schedule. The one difference that will soon be apparent is the pace is about to quicken.

It was in 49 BC that Julius Caesar led his legions across
the Rubicon violating a long held law of Rome and facing the death penalty in the process. While it troubled me somewhat to equate this act to current events as Obama and Caesar have so little in common, Caesar was a man among men while Obama is no more than a sock puppet, I felt it necessary as the ultimate outcome will be the same.

Anyone who has ever studied Caesar's tactics at the battle of Alesia must come away with a certain admiration for the man. However, anyone who is honest and moral, that has ever studied Obama's background must feel only contempt. This disparity between the two men aside, the ultimate outcome of their actions will be the same; the end of a great republic and the beginning of a civil war that will spell the end of another civilization. In time, the fall of Rome led to a thousand years of darkness. In far less time the fall of western civilization will undoubtedly do the same.

All that is moral; all that is just; all that aspire to the better angels of mankind, are being subjected to an unrelenting attack by the forces of evil that assail not only the people of today but our very future as well.

The year 1776 marked a turning point for the human race as a small group of men launched us on a voyage of discovery, in the effort to find out if the common man is capable of governing himself. For over two hundred years it looked as though their premise was valid. Now that lofty concept is in danger of being proven a fallacy.

In the nearly six years that Obama has occupied the Oval Office my opinion of many of our conservative pundits has crashed on the harsh rocks of reality. So many still view, and promote those views, that Obama is simply incompetent. They are either quite foolish or simply unwilling to tell America the truth; the truth being that Obama is performing his assigned job remarkably well. That job was to promote anarchy and chaos not only among our people but to all who have long trusted in the integrity of Americans. That integrity must now be questioned as they have elected a traitor not once but twice. 

It is not Obama, but the lack of character among our people, that has brought us to this point. If the Americans of today had the courage of our ancestors this sock puppet would still be pushing his agenda in the back alleys of Chicago. Reverend Billy Graham was recently quoted as saying that the American people are just as bad as those of Sodom and Gomorrah. Respectful hat tip to Reverend Graham.

The old expression 'pedal to the metal' is about to become the prime directive of the Obama administration. Throughout his reign we have known what Obama was planning to do to us...after the next election. I have seen so many essays and news clips stating in one form or the other 'Obama treats the American people as if they are stupid'. Well, I am here to tell you that a great many are.

Recall Hussein telling the Russians that he would have more flexibility after the election? His concessions to Russia before the election would have put him in a bad light. However, after being reelected he could give them the whole store and be unconcerned. If accepting that does not reflect the stupidity of the American people, nothing will.

Today much is being delayed until after the 2014 election and then all hell is going to break loose. The best known on that list is the immigration policy. The House, the Senate, and the White House are hell bent on legalizing a full scale invasion of the U.S. by the people south of our southern border, and nothing will be done until after the November election. Then it will be alright with all of the Democratic officials, most of the GOP, and the bulk of stupid Americans. Like my last essay indicated, "You can't fix stupid."

The more intelligent among us have long been aware that something is dreadfully wrong with the agenda being promoted by this regime. Surprise! For the last six years the progressives, with Hussein Obama as their figurehead, have only been playing softball with America. Now the game is going into the final inning and the tone is about to change drastically.

The Democratic Party had long awaited their coming messiah and found him in Obama. The liberal press had long attacked conservative leaders and the values of the right. They were all to happy to greet the new Pied Piper and grovel before him, deluding an entire nation in the process. Far left NGOs had been established to prepare the way for the anointed one, and traitors such as John McCain and Russ Feingold enacted election 'reform' laws that empowered these NGOs and put George Soros into the driver's seat.

It has been a slow, meticulous, assault on all that we hold dear and in January of 2009 that assault intensified. Since then our economy has been pushed to the breaking point. Our military has been largely dismantled, our allies shunned and betrayed, while this administration has empowered our enemies. The Arab Spring, godson of the progressive movement, has set the entire Middle East ablaze, and once again Russia is on the rise. Our judicial system is a disgrace and unelected officials of the EPA, the DHS, and the IRS have their hands about the throats of our people.

Folks, you ain't seen nuthin yet! With no more elections to be concerned about the final push is about to be enacted...with a vengeance. Sensible Americans have been terrified at the massive power grabs that have taken place in the last six years, but those power grabs have only been setting the stage. The coming two years is when you will see the plan truly shaping up as America is finally brought to her knees, and that power over our people becomes absolute.

A year or so back I saw a photo of Obama and Netanyahu and there was a photoshopped balloon above Netanyahu's head. Some vulgarity was employed but Bibi was basically asking himself how such a jerk ever got elected. I have no doubt that millions of people have asked the same question. The fact of the matter is that Obama was the magic man. He had it all. He had all of the qualities that the transnational progressives sought in their Manchurian candidate.

Being a mulatto, Obama could promise to heal the age old rift of racism. This would appeal not only to the black community but also to the liberals who found fault with our history. His Muslim background was the key to unlocking the pent up fury of a people who felt they should rule the world, and thus the Arab Spring was born. He was indoctrinated from birth in the ways of Marxism and a hatred for all that is American. He was a narcissist easily swayed by compliments and adoration, and also a gifted orator with an ability to deceive the masses, and totally devoid of even a trace of morality. What more could the progressive movement ask for? Thus the Pied Piper was born and America began to die.

In a few short days Americans will once again go to the polls in the feeble effort to Vote em Out. That is not going to happen. As pointed out in my last essay, nothing will change unless conservatives win a two thirds majority in both the Senate and the House. Failing that Obama will be able to continue the planned fall of America with the aid of his Democratic and RINO allies.

Once again the vote will fail us as we already see a repeat of the voter fraud of 2012. The progressives expect to lose a few seats and they don't mind as that will give our people a little more hope to hang on for another two years. During that two years the trap will spring shut and the darkness begins, and it could have all been avoided.

You know, I often turn to the pages of history to find the courage to face the future. One such page contains one of Sir Winston Churchill's finest speech and it closes with this thought:
Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, This was their finest hour.

Duty! Our forefathers lived up to theirs and delivered, unblemished, the torch of freedom to us. Now that torch flickers low and as darkness descends across the land I cannot help but look forward a thousand years and wonder what men will say about our people as they sit waiting, cowering in fear, unwilling to do more than cast a vote in a rigged election, as they await what is to be their final hour.

If there is indeed a God, may he have mercy on our people, for they know not what they have done.

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  1. The large scale migration of poor uneducated people to rich well educated societies is enough in itself to bring down any nation.Especially when they are ethnically completely incompatible.

    1. Philip, you may find this to be interesting...

  2. "The Arab Spring, godson of the progressive movement, has set the entire Middle East ablaze, and once again Russia is on the rise."
    And you can add to the list of geo-political failures, that the "China Sea" has been given to China, all of it, right upto within a few miles of all the other nations coasts.

    1. Alan, Rush Limbaugh thinks along the same lines that I do, although I dare say, not so eloquently...

  3. Rush may believe it, but he fails to serve the people who have listened to him for over 25 years and made him into the rich man he is today. His has the top radio platform and fails to speak the truth, afraid to do so. It is a shame, he could have enlightened so many by saying out loud what he knows to be true. Ego has won him over as well. In my opinion if he would have done so the 2008 election outcome would have been quite different.

  4. Anonymous I disagree with you. Rush has been speaking the truth about Obama for the last 6 years. He fears deeply for this country and the people who listen to him. With that said he is not the type of person to use his program to spew negative insults at O every day. He is reporting facts and tries to educate his audience just as Beck, Mark Levin, and Danny Jeffries do on a daily basis. It is up to their respective audiences to listen and figure out what they believe and do their own RESEARCH. He can't help if his audience was/is slow on the uptake of the truth he was telling. It is the same as Danny has been saying "there is no fixing stupid'. Some people take way too long to get it. I vetted this man and everyone of his peeps in 2008, just as Beck told me to do. I applied due diligence. I didn't rely on everyone else to tell me what to think and do. I figured it out on my own.

    And you know what? Somedays like today I wish I knew nothing, was stupid like more than half the population, walking through a fog of being concerned with what is happening on HGTV or feeling like I care about the Kardashians.

    But alas my cross to bear is knowledge, preparedness, and survival. Heed the warnings, things are happening faster and faster everyday.

  5. Rush simply reads off the Drudge report or Daily Mail on line, which I can do both of by myself and certainly before he comes on air @ noon. Levin does not name names, but will rip into the 'what' constitutes news to other radio hosts, such as reading off Drudge, talking football, etc. I will not argue here, it is way too late for all of us, the Dems have successfully dumbed down Americans and imported the rest of them and we true Americans have failed our fore fathers.

  6. A nurse who has the potential to be carrying ebola is sticking two fingers up to America, with the blessing of its President.
    If you so much as use those same two fingers to make a finger gun you'll probably end up face down with a real gun in the back of your head.
    Not a single republican supporter would be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights the way this 'Nurse' has.
    With a President that has the worst approval rating on record, with a country tearing itself apart, and with the worst of Obama care yet to come, and with amnesty due after the elections, the dems will only lose by a small margin.
    How bad does it have to get, before anyone cares. Obviously a lot worse.

    I feel like I'm sat in a theatre, the cast are taking a bow and the audience is just sitting there. There's the sound of a bit of shuffling, and the odd cough. But everyone's just sitting there, blank faced, waiting for the lights to go out and curtain to come down.

    Its far to late too ask if there's a Doctor in the house. There hasn't been a pulse for years.

    1. Love your closing line. With that I had thought of it.
      In spite of the nurse and immigrants from Africa getting a free pass, our government is going to protect us from our soldiers returning from Ebola country...
      Hagel orders quarantine for troops returning from West Africa


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