Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Many look at today's headlines, the economic situation, our domestic agenda and foreign affairs, and wonder how in the world we ever got into such an incomprehensible quagmire of despair, fear, and hopelessness. The answer is really quite simple ... Philosophy. Throughout history great nations have risen and fallen due to the philosophy they embrace or abandon. While the masses generally feel that the topic of philosophy is beyond their understanding, whether they know it or not, everyone, whether for good or bad, lives by a philosophy, most of which are destructive.

If writing a book I could go into that rise and fall of great empires throughout history and the effect that philosophy had on their demise. This is but an essay and not a book, and so I shall begin in the fateful year of 1776 when a group of both learned and moral men rejected the divine right of kings and launched a fledgling nation onto a path that would for the first time in our long history recognize liberty as the highest ideal.

For the first time a new concept was brought into existence; the concept that a man was an entity, complete unto himself, and not the property of royalty or a church. That concept, a totally new form of governance, allowed a man to succeed or fail according to his own ability and determination. Consequently the Founders managed to create the wealthiest outpost for liberty, and the greatest degree of self determination the world has ever known.

Gone were the days when a citizen was expected to humble himself and bow before one regarded to be his superior. Royalty was banished and every man could be elevated to any position he would aspire to. This new concept was regarded as an experiment. Today it is beginning to appear that the experiment has failed. Perhaps the Founders made a mistake believing the human race worthy of liberty as this generation has thrown it away and will not know what they have discarded until it is too late.

In younger days it would never have occurred to me to write a series of essays entitled 'Americans Want Communism' but those younger days are gone and I behold an ugly truth. Americans do indeed want communism and you will find the topic explored below in Suggested Reading. True, not all of us seek the people's state of America, and most who do not live a life of quiet desperation, hiding behind self disillusionment and false hope. It is to this end that I write today.

The title of this essay 'You Can't Fix Stupid' is directed at the multitude of communist wannabes, and the image 'Stupid Is Forever' is a warning of a dark age that will most certainly befall the world should the progressives win. Sadly most who stand before the assault live, as said above, 'a life of quiet desperation, hiding behind self disillusionment and false hope.'

Let us explore the recent past...

2010: So very many believed that America was waking up and that all we had to do to reign in Obama's destructive ways was to win the House as it is there that the purse strings are controlled. We won the House and Nothing changed except we found that John Boehner and Obama became even closer friends.

2012: That election came and went with all of America knowing that voter fraud had taken place and yet it went unchallenged. I have long stated that we have reached the point where elections are no more than a carrot dangled before the hopeful, and irregardless of the election's outcome nothing is going to change.

Some years ago Trevor Louden coined the phrase 'Shadow Government'. Since then Glenn Beck has built many of his daily programs around the concept and I have used the phrase in much of my writing. Odd, how occasionally, even a liberal rag such as the Boston Globe will reveal a truth about the progressive agenda; such as:

Boston Globe ... October 19, 2014
Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.
Though it’s a bedrock American principle that citizens can steer their own government by electing new officials, Glennon suggests that in practice, much of our government no longer works that way.

Don't want to accept a liberal assessment? How about Ted Cruz?

Breitbart ... February 13, 2014
“Make no mistake about it,” Cruz said. “This was their desired outcome. An awful lot of Republicans wanted exactly what Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid wanted, which is to raise the debt ceiling. But, they wanted to be able to tell what they view as their foolish gullible constituents that they didn’t do it, and they’re mad because by my refusing to consent to [a bare-majority vote] they had to come out in the open and admit to that.”

Cruz's move to force the 60-vote procedural tally forced a dramatic, hour-long vote in which McConnell and GOP Whip John Cornyn scrambled to find enough Republicans to join Democrats and invoke cloture. During the vote, the clerk abstained from a decades-long practice of announcing each vote into a microphone as it was cast, preventing the public from knowing who had already voted and thus, who was switching their votes. McConnell and Cornyn ultimately joined in voting for cloture, after which six of their GOP colleagues switched to join them, providing additional political cover.

Note the yellow highlight above. 'An awful lot'. Ted Cruz did not tell us that eight Republican Senators pursue the same agenda as Obama, that an awful lot do, but that only eight were required to change their vote to accommodate the progressive agenda of both parties.

We are now but a few short days from the 2014 election and I will make a guarantee that, after one fashion or the other, we are going to lose. Bear with me as I explain.

McClatchy DC ... October 24, 2014
GOP Senate would mean more clashes with Obama, little progress
Even if a bill objectionable to most Democrats made it through Congress, Obama holds a veto pen that might get an extensive workout through 2016. It takes 67 votes in the Senate and about 290 in the House of Representatives to override a veto, an all-but-insurmountable hurdle.

Recall Obama's comment about having a pen and a phone. It has long been stated that the pen is mightier than a sword, and a phone most definitely is in the hands of a communist infiltrator who can count on the Democratic party as well as an awful lot of progressive Republicans.

Are we going to win the Senate, and if so how many seats? I would not hazard a guess. The Dems are telling us that they will retain the Senate while the GOP claims victory in advance. That is political hogwash as evidenced by the following:

International Business Times ... October 23, 2014
2014 Midterm Elections: Polls In Key Senate Races Too Close To Call

But for the sake of argument let us assume that the GOP comes out the victor, what will that mean? As I have shown above, there are at least eight, and Ted Cruz tells us that there is an awful lot of GOP Senators who pay absolutely no attention to the electorate. Such numbers do not bode well for America's future and now, let us take it one step further, to what I call the bottom line.

Again referring to IGT's headline that key Senate races are too close to call. We must now face an ugly truth about why you can't fix stupid. Somewhere in the range of forty-nine to fifty-one percent of our people have forsaken the American dream and embraced Marx's communist utopia. And, as Lincoln said, "A house divided cannot stand."

Lincoln was speaking of slavery, telling us that the Union could not be half slave and half free. I am telling you that today we cannot be half for liberty and half for big government. It must be one or the other. The two sides simply cannot co-exist.

Which side is winning? Let us put it this way: We all know what RINOs mean. Republicans In Name Only. We know that at least eight progressives have infiltrated the GOP and Ted Cruz tells us that there is an awful lot. How many DINOs are there? (Democrats In Name Only). Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada!

So get out and vote. Support the person you feel will truly represent your interests, and pray if you must, but please listen to me now. Throughout Obama's reign you have seen him delaying certain parts of his agenda until after the next election. My friends, this is the last election he is concerned with, and now begins the final push to transform America.

Each of us has at least a basic understanding of why Hussein was put into power. He now has two years remaining in which to enact the greatest deception in the history of mankind, and he shall face little opposition. We hoped to stop him in 2010 and failed. We hoped again in 2012 and again failed. Now we stand on the precipice of 2014 hoping, wishing, and praying and many of our numbers have already given up and sank into apathy.

The optimistic are hoping for at least a fifty one percent majority in the Senate. Ted Cruz laid waste to that hope. Nothing less than a two-thirds majority in both the Senate and the House has any hope at all of preserving liberty. This will not happen, and even if it did that would be worthless unless we are ready to take the gloves off, forget protocol and the niceties, and get down in the ditches and fight dirty.

I have but one word of advice to all who will heed my warning...Prepare!

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  1. Obama knows well the fine art of keeping his “enemies closer” and the citizenry in the dark.

  2. I keep hearing a lot about this communist utopia. And I always find myself asking, 'Utopia for whom?' Certainly not the enslaved.'s definition of Utopia: A place in which human society, natural conditions, etc. are ideally perfect that there is complete contentment.

    I take this to mean a society fee of hatred, crime, disease and so on....
    Everyone coexists in perfect harmony. There is only one such place I know of and it is not on planet earth.

    So, this means that all Americans who want this Marxist utopia are being deceived and very happy in their wilful ignorance.

    Fitting title, Danny. You can't fix stupid. All we can do is wait for Jesus to come and eliminate it.


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