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Sunday, November 23, 2014


In May of 2011 I wrote an essay predicting a very grim future for America, and for that matter, the entire world. In that essay I predicted that there would be many millions of Latinos streaming across our southern border, seeking a free lifestyle at the expense of our people. Their role in the destruction of our nation is essential, but there is more to the narrative than readily meets the eye, for they also rush to their own doom. They, the gullible invasion force, face the same dangers as we the gullible voters. The U.S. Census Bureau tells us that our present population is 317 million people. Obama seems intent on importing another 34 million young immigrants from the south. This will result in anarchy and chaos and a collapse of our entire system. I now ask you a question...How can a collapsed nation feed, clothe, and shelter 350 million people involved in all out civil war? I answered that question nearly four years ago in the essay I have now chosen to repost...The New Road To A New Holocaust.

Obama has just announced his amnesty and millions of Latinos head north from their nations ruined by terrorism and communism; and what do they want from us?

Before our recent election I predicted a shallow victory for the conservatives as in a last ditch effort they once again placed their hopes in the elitists of the Republican party. None wanted to hear such dire warning but my views now stand vindicated by the words of Michelle Bachmann.

Breitbart ... November 22, 2014
“They acted as though the amnesty issue wasn’t even an issue. They said that the President is going to do what he’s going to do, and we are not going to get down in the mud with him. We are not going to engage, and what we are going to do is to talk about our positive solutions on jobs, the economy, education, and manufacturing,” Bachmann said. 

Without further ado I give you my predictions of years ago, reminding all that the laws of causality are unyielding. Like links in a chain events of the present lead to the inevitable events of the future.....


There is an elite club consisting only of billionaires, enjoying the power that such wealth brings. They have collectively become proponents of a form of Malthusian-ism that, in their minds, is going to drastically reduce the population of the Earth. Many are the arguments that the world is overpopulated. Considering the hunger and genocide that is taking place, I would be the last to disagree. What I do disagree with are the methods that will be employed, and the right by which by these members of of the Elite take on such a God-like role in the name of "Helping" mankind.

Easter Island or Rapa Nui as the inhabitants call it, may seem a strange place to begin a treatise about the dangers of such a self appointed group and their plans to decide mankind's future. Quite the contrary! It is the perfect place, as the fate of its one time inhabitants is what these elite Globalists of today threaten us with unless we allow them to convert the world into something closer to their liking than what we have today.

Exact archaeological dates of the island are sketchy at best, but what we are certain of is that once Rapa Nui was forested. With forests comes wood, fruits and vegetables, seed, and wildlife for food, and a forest is also a source of medicines. All things considered, at one time the inhabitants had a fairly good life. They were expert sailors and so, surrounded by water they had an ocean from which to catch food, land on which to farm, and a forest that provided the other necessities of their primitive life style. A stone age culture could ask for no more ... except huge stone heads, Moai in their language, and those huge pieces of carved stone would prove to be their downfall. Theories of exactly how the giant figures were transported from the quarry to the edge of the island vary, but one thing is certain. It required wood. Over the centuries, with the Moai growing ever larger, and more difficult to move, the forest dwindled and then vanished.

Gone was the wood for building structures and farm implements. Gone was the ability to move their sacred Moai. Gone was the food and medicines provided by a tropical forest and gone was the ability to build boats. With the end of the forest they could no longer fish the bountiful waters that surrounded them, nor could they ever hope to escape their own man made hell. By the time they finally destroyed the last of the forest, their population had grown to a considerable number and now they faced starvation. Stranded there on a barren island, devoid of food, they split into separate tribes and each tribe made war on the other for the only food source left: Each other!

The Globalists, or New World Order (NWO), hold the fate of Easter Island aloft as a microcosm of the world, using the argument that all species multiply until they outstrip their food source. Their argument is not without merit. Indeed it is factual. After World War ll it became obvious that we were on the verge of a population explosion. Armed with this knowledge and newly found methods of birth control, the Western Nations birth rates fell. Had Asia and the Third World Nations done the same we would not be facing today's problems, but due to cultural and religious beliefs their population continued to grow. Their ability to feed them did not, and so the nations south of the USA are spilling across our borders in ever increasing numbers. Europe and the UK face the same problem from the Islamic nations, consequently the world's population is still increasing. Food shortages have already begun, and will grow far worse. A famine lasting two years, hitting the food producing nations would lead to world wide starvation. 

Enter the Globalists and their solution...Population control, or more accurately put, population reduction, and from there, the cleverly concealed deceptions spring. To understand why they are deceiving millions of people and getting away with it we must look back to the beginnings of the One World Government concept. Many are involved in the OWG, but near the top is a group of billionaires dedicated to the concept of a drastic reduction of the Earth's population: Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey...There are others but the most notorious and outspoken is without a doubt, George Soros.

The subject that I am writing about is a serious political danger we face, and I began with a concise history of Easter Island. It may seem as though I am going to digress again, but I am not, for this danger has a diverse history that goes back at least 125 years. Bear with me while I show an oddity that few understand. It is called The Georgia Guidestones. They are thought by many to be a modern day Stonehenge. This is a link to what is known about the stones.

Reading the article in the link leads us to believe that Ted Turner, one of the Lesser gods, had this site constructed. I would like to mention but a few of the details about it. A time capsule that the engraving mention, has not yet been put into place. All time capsules are for future generations, and I do not believe that it is meant to be installed until the New World Order is a reality. The information included, will in all likelihood be their history of the wars they promoted, the sterilization vaccines, used and the elimination of "Undesirables." A loose definition of that word would be any person possessing genes that the gods don't want passed on, and all people who lack the ability to produce more than they consume. 

There are ten commandments. I find three of them to be quite significant.
#1 "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." The current estimate for the world's population today is 6,915,128,000 leaving a surplus of 6,415,128,000 that must be "Reduced," to meet the goals of these Lesser gods.
#2 "Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity." Eugenics has been tried before by another with a "god" complex. Adolph Hitler.
#3 "Unite humanity with a living new language." Now there is a new thought...Or is it?

In 1887 the first book was published in a constructed language known as Esperanto. It was a whole new language devised by a gentleman known as L.L. Zamenhof. It was his hope that this language would spread throughout the world and aid in all mankind coming together under a common bond and become in essence a "New World Order." If by now you are thinking that I am placing to much significance on the Guidestone's commandment to create a new language, and the fact that Esperanto, now spoken by millions and has even used by the US Army, again bear with me. Those twisted threads lead still farther into the "Big Picture" that is a threat to all mankind.

In a dreary Russian POW camp during World War One an atheist Jew named Tivadar Schwartz found what was to become his closest approach to a religion. It was the language Esperanto which had reached a cult status with followers. They believed that the constructed language was more than a mere artificial language. It was to be the key to "internationalism, anti-sectarianism and cosmopolitanism." That description was provided by none other than Schwartz György, son of Tivadar Schwartz, later to become quite famous.

Tivadar Schwartz was a totally amoral man, who after joining the cult following of Esperanto went on to side with the Nazis as a Jew hating money manipulating Jew who raised his son Schwartz György by the same standards that he practiced. One more thing: Esperanto means "Hope," the same bill of goods that Obama foisted onto the American public. In Esperanto, Soros, means "To Soar." While still a teenager, Schwartz György changed his name to George Soros, with the intent of soaring above mankind. Members of this cult choose to think of themselves as a "godlike" class just the way that Soros has. You need not read the whole article but the first four paragraphs of this link will be enlightening.  

Esperanto is more widely available than I had suspected. If you would like to see the real thing click this link. It will lead to the Internet Wikipedia ... Topic George Soros. Look into the left sidebar and you will find a list of available languages for Wikipedia. Esperanto is not there as that is the language on the page you are reading. In the left side bar click English, now you will be able to see the Esperanto link. I have just experimented a bit with Wikipedia and the option for Esperanto seems to cover all entries. For instance, International Space Station in Esperanto is Internacia Kosmostacio.

Again I must change direction, as the threads of this story are both camouflaged and twisted, but I promise that they will all join later, and you will be able to make sense of the many varying backgrounds that lead to a frightening future.

There is so much hype, disinformation, and smoke and mirrors on the internet that I approach everything with a healthy skepticism. What I had learned about the new passport questionnaire took me to the stage of a super skepticism. When I learned of the latest proposal to make it virtually impossible for Americans to get a passport. I approached the issue as one that I could debunk in a matter of minutes. I cannot do that, for it is true. The instructions assure us that the application can be filled out in forty five minutes. The fact of the matter is that it cannot be filled out at all. This is what our country has come to under the current administration. They would never consider saying that it is no longer allowed for us to get a passport. the answer is to make it impossible to do so.

Page one is nothing so unusual, but when get to page two the rules change. If you were not born in a hospital or your birth was not recorded within a year with a government office you are expected to know your mother's address and employer one year prior to your birth, the name of her doctor, his address and the dates of all appointments with him. Then, one year later while you were crawling around in diapers, you are required to give the name and address of the person your mother worked for as well of the dates of her employment.

The next three pages are residences, employers, and schools. With the exception of two consecutive years, my family moved every year, and I went to another school. As for the employment, I began work when I was sixteen, joined the Army when I was eighteen. Soon after being discharged I moved to Connecticut where I had multiple employers over a seven year period. The next seven years were in Florida, also with multiple employers. Since then I have lived in California where I have also had employment with numerous employers.

Now the government, should I wish to get a pass port, expects me to provide the name of every place that I ever lived, and the dates that I lived there, every school I ever attended, and those dates as well, every job I ever had, the dates, the addresses, my supervisors and their telephone numbers. I cannot answer these questions, nor do I know of anyone who can. Such unanswerable questions lead me to but one conclusion. Future travel From this nation will be strictly curtailed. That in turn leads me to ask Why?

This is the proposed new Passport Application Form. The following images are taken from Google Docs. Image controls are in the right sidebar after the link is clicked. 

Very few Americans could hope to answer these questions; ergo the Obama regime does not want the questions answered. The answers are irrelevant, and so we must ask why they are being asked to do this in the first place. The only possible explanation is that. like the Soviet Union and China, our overlords want to stop Americans from leaving. Our inability to fill in the blanks to these absurd queries gives grounds to deny us passports. That brings us to the next mystery ... What do they hope to by gain from forcing Americans to remain in the new Marxist Paradise? All things considered, there is only one possible answer, but let us ask a few more questions first.

At the moment, most conservatives are concerned about the massive influx of illegal voters and pre-programmed polling machines that will keep Obama in office for a second term. It would then seem reasonable to assume that the first to leave the USA would be the disenchanted who would vote against Obama. Why not let them leave, and take their votes with them? Why, if they want to stop us from leaving, do they have an open fence which allows our southern neighbors to illegally enter the nation unopposed? Until I saw these proposed passports I was of the mind that the open border policy was in place to import more illegal votes and keep Obama in the White House, but these new passport applications are the missing link.

Now I am certain that Obama is convinced that nothing can dislodge him from power. These policies are in place for a far more sinister purpose, and that is to simplify a massive problem in logistics. That problem is how to get as many people into one place, at one time, as is possible. Everyone wants to come to America. The best way to get them here is to leave the fence open, and promise them free medical insurance, welfare and food stamps. thus encouraging their illegal entry at their expense. That leaves only the biggest question of all ... For what purpose? Why do our leaders want to get so many people into America when there is not enough jobs for those who are here already?

That purpose is Genocide, and it will be conducted on a never before seen scale. It will later spread world wide, but first it must be enacted here, for when America falls, the world falls, and the globalists win. From that point onward, none can resist. That is their hidden goal.

In the beginning of the "Final Solution" the unsuspecting Jews of Europe had no idea of the death camps, and most foolishly believed that they were merely being relocated for their own safety. The illusion was so perfect that, in the beginning, the wealthier Jews actually paid for first class accommodations on the trains while the poorer ones were transported in box cars. Naturally part of the illusion was to allow them to bring along a few suitcases of their most prized possessions. and the illusion continued right up until they walked willingly and nude to the "Showers." After the war the Nazis even credited the Woodrow Wilson regime and the likes of the great English playwright George Bernard Shaw for the success of their deceptions. This brief video of him gives an excellent explanation of the left's true purposes.

I shall continue my efforts in the direction of gathering Americans to support a worthwhile opponent for Obama in the 2012 elections if indeed one does occur, but at the same time I feel compelled to consider the possibility that 2012 is but a carrot dangled before a hopeful electorate, while the laws of servitude and the walls of death camps are built. Some of the senior politicians we re-elected in 2010 are already showing their true colors and spending more time across the isle than supporting the Constitution and Tea Party principles. For all intents and purposes, George Soros owns the Democratic Party and is in the process of buying the Republican elite as well.

The Western cultures face so many problems today, quite literally being assaulted from all directions. All share an economic uncertainty with the absolute certainty of inflation. There is socialism, progressivism, communism, ever more violent unions. We face growing debt, loss of jobs for millions, ineffective or outright betrayal by our political leaders, and an unchecked influx of illegal aliens. As if that is not enough it gets truly ugly with terrorism, the threat of Islam, both externally and from within our various governments, untold damage from the multiculturalism experiment gone wrong, and an energy shortage that sets us up as prey to the terrorist states. Topping off the list and influencing everything below, is the UN and the Globalists with their power grabbing tactics. The hierarchy of the globalists are all are billionaires and they even include the likes of the Oprah Winfrey.

This group of billionaires, call them what you may, The Bilderbergers, The Tri-Lateral Commission, are intent on creating a One World Government and destroying what mankind has developed over a five thousand year period, and so I simply refer to them as lesser gods. Their vast wealth has bought them power, and with that power they have elevated themselves above humanity. Their favorite weapon is the ignorance and gullibility of most people, and their favorite tactic is Disinformation. The one major thing they lack: All of that power they  have purchased has not brought them wisdom. 

The term "Population Explosion" appeared in the 1960s and many grew concerned, for good reason. Fortunately with the advent of birth control the Western nations began a population decline. Not so for the so called Third World Nations. The human kindness and medical advances of the West drastically lowered the infant mortality and increased the life span of those living in these backward nations, and so the overall population of the world continued to increase. Over population is a genuine danger to the world and its occupants, but due to church doctrine and cultural beliefs there were no voluntary solutions, and so these Lesser gods took it upon themselves to correct the problem with a method to their liking. Today the population explosion is about to end in a very horrifying way.

Genocide is already occurring in such places as Darfur and the Ivory Coast, and the Christians living in Muslim nations. It could be stopped, but there is no move to end the killing, as it is but a small link in the overall plan. The beginnings of World War lll are underway in the Middle East. The master plan seems to be for the Islamic rebellions to gain control of the Arab states and then the next target will be Israel, and that little nation will not go to defeat without launching all of their nuclear missiles, killing many millions more.

UN projection of Earth's population by the year 2050. The danger of over population is real. The danger from the New World Order advocates is every bit as real and far more imminent. Note Bill Gates obsession with "Reproductive Health" and his flat denial of the fact that our medical aid to poor nations has resulted in them living longer lives and producing more offspring that survive to adulthood.

These One World leaders all state that the world's population must be reduced, but they always say it must be done through "Voluntary" means. Voluntarism has failed thus far and it will continue to fail, and the billionaire's club knows this and so they resort to subterfuge. At the moment the Middle East is in revolt, all organized by George Soros and implemented by the Muslim Brotherhood. The plan is that once the Arab nations are in the hands of the Brotherhood, the destruction of Israel is to be the next goal. With the fall of Israel the following target is the soft underbelly of Europe, already infiltrated by Islamic devotees.

David Rockefeller speaks of population control...What David wants to change, changes. Listen to his concerns about reduced infant mortality and people living longer. In his mind less babies dying and people living longer are creating problems for the Earth. This is a direct contradiction to what Bill Gates says in the above video.

Al Gore after making multi millions of dollars from this Global Warming hoax was challenged by evidence to the contrary and he answered that computer models now show that the world has to get colder before it gets warmer. The following link is scary in that it indicates what the world looked like in the winter of 2010-2011

And most people are not even aware that this Extreme world wide weather even occurred. While it would seem that Global Warming or an Ice Age is far removed from genocide, it is not. The climate issues are but a trigger to what is coming next.

The US government has used food as a weapon in order to force poorer nations to forcefully sterilize many of their citizens. That was ineffective, and was about the time the the globalists decided to take matters into their own hands. Ted Turner on population reduction and global warming while he threatens a future of cannibalism. He, a father of five, seeks "Voluntary" one child per family. Most conservatives have learned by now that the left consistently says exactly the opposite of what they mean. None too fond of Christians, Turner did make one honest remark when he said that Christianity is for losers.

Bill Gates, while more politically correct than Ted Turner, has the same goal in mind. He cannot conceal his obsession with "Reproductive Health". Considering his goal of reducing global population, he would not be interested in improving the reproductive abilities of the population, therefore I regard this as double talk for reproductive control or disabling the ability to reproduce at all. His flat denial of the fact that our medical aid to poor nations has resulted in them living longer lives and producing more offspring that survive to adulthood is obviously somewhat short of the truth. 

Bill Gates has come up with a most interesting and extremely simple formula. You don't even need to know algebra to grasp the concept: CO2= P x S x E x C. His thoughts are that we must bring the world's CO2 increase to the level of past years. He states that his goal can be achieved by bringing one of the four other factors of the formula to a zero value.

P = people or population. If that factor is reduced to zero he will be pleased with the ensuing Carbon Dioxide level.
S = Services would include such things as automobiles, refrigerators, the machinery that separates oxygen from the air to keep sick people alive. Reduce those services/technology and we reduce CO2.
E = Energy is naturally what powers the things in our lives that separates us from the cave man of old. Deprive mankind of that energy, our technology becomes worthless and Mister Gates will be a happy man.
C = CO2 produced per unit of energy produced ... A relative figure for the sake of comparison.

A thought for any Bill Gates loyalists: Out of his love for the world he is willing to eliminate mankind, or take away all of our inventions, or take away the energy that powers our inventions. Unless I am sadly mistaken he earned his great wealth from the computer industry which has now become one of the biggest users of energy in the world. He has the opinion that the world would be a better place if his CO2 formula reached zero. I believe the world would be a safer place if his bank account did.

The Gates Foundation is promoting the image of improving health among the people of the world while actively pursuing a plan of forced population reduction. Warren Buffet came under attack by share holders when they learned of his involvement in donating their money to population control but he plans the ultimate win, by giving his personal fortune to the Gates Foundation so that they might further Bill Gates interest in Reproductive Health.

Americans seem to love conspiracy theories, and one of them was the Fema Camps. The theory was that the government is developing these camps for the same purposes the Nazis developed their concentration camps. Glenn Beck decided to debunk Fema Camps, and then admitted that the Fema camps cannot be debunked.

Any skeptic worth his salt is going to ask, who will carry out such orders here in the United States. Members of the US military surely are not going to be part of rounding up their own relatives and caging them behind barbed wire while they await execution. Those who wear the uniform of America already know that something is just not right about the Obama regime. The vast majority of them are serving our flag, our nation, and our Constitution, but in their own minds, they are not serving Obama ... As this short video would indicate:

The next question is, who then would carry out such orders? For the answer we need look no farther than our nearest Islamic training camp. In total we know of thirty five within the United States. They operate openly, training terrorists to attack us when the order is given, and they do so with the sanction and protection of the Federal Government. This was another of those items I could not believe when I first heard of them. I believe it now, and this is not a new item from the Obama regime. Without obstruction they have been with us since the days of George W. Bush, and we are told that these terrorist trainees are protected by their constitutional rights. I have no idea how many thousands of terrorists they have graduated and sent into stealth mode to await the call to Jihad, but they train and then they wait. They will wait patiently until the day they will be unleashed upon the sitcom watching American public and soon they will have reinforcements.

That we face a climate crisis is quite likely, but it is definitely not Al Gore's Global Warming, concocted as a means of striking fear into the people of the world. An Ice Age is far more likely and just as deadly. That we face a population explosion is undeniable. We were forewarned and the nations of the civilized world responded accordingly by reducing family size. Third World nations were also warned but failed to respond at all and now the Lesser gods have a mass extermination planned for us all. That something must be done about the population is undeniable, but a Third World War and a 21st. Century Holocaust is not the answer, and that appears to be what tomorrow will bring, unless we find a way to stop these people immediately.

No group, whether operating for good or evil can long exist without a leader. The leader of this billionaires group, in their assault on mankind, is none other than George Soros; Republic Enemy Number One. Soros describes the time he spent confiscating the property of his fellow Jews as they were being sent to the death camps as "The happiest time of my life." Some would regard him as insane but he is not. He is simply a sociopath without any trace of a conscience, and he has stated that he wants to be the "Conscience of the world." While enacting that role, he has concluded that the world needs to rid itself of billions of people. As you watch this very brief video think of those who serve him: The Clintons, John McCain, Barrack Obama, and the vast majority of the Democratic Party, as well as most of the leaders of England and Europe. Now as a result of all of his money, power, and followers he is able to relive the happiest time of his life, except this time the dead will number in the billions instead of mere millions."   

Ask yourself what kind of man could look forward to such carnage. Then eliminate the word "Man" because that is not the way he thinks of himself. Throughout this essay I have used the term "Lesser Gods" for those who walk meekly in the shadow of George Soros while he thinks of himself as the Uber God.

As false gods always have done, this one too will die. He is growing old and knows that his days are numbered, and his planned final revenge is to hopefully walk among the corpses of his victims before he too faces oblivion.

I have long been in the habit of making predictions and current events continue to prove those long range predictions to be quite accurate. Being a skeptic myself and unconcerned about any who may challenge my views, some of my favorite readers are also skeptics. For that group who may question that the above is indeed nearing four years old this is the original link to my first website:

Note if you will the date of /2011/05/. During that period some of the original links have suffered 'link rot' and are no longer available.

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