Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The following was not meant to be a blog. It was a comment directed at me, but the message rings loud and clearly, and should be read by all.

Danny, I can only agree with you on most things. The problem as always is convincing others who spend their days agreeing but not believing. What do I mean by that? Well, day after day I look on twitter, I read essays by some of the most intelligent thoughtful people in sources ranging from David Horowitz and his various outlets, Thomas Sowell, the people of PJTV, like Bill Whittle, the Daily Mail (UK), The Guardian, WaPo, Huffpo, comments from articles written ect, ect. I'm sure everyone gets the picture and does the same.

The thing I like to do more than anything is observe what is happening around me and in the world as a whole, (something you obviously do), because that shows us, if we dare to believe, what is really happening.

If a politician announces on TV that the world is at peace, and we are all better off today than we were yesterday, I for one don't just say, 'That's great.', I look around and see if what they say is true. 

If bombs are going off around the world, if people are starving to death, if every city has a riotous rabble, and if these cities are crumbling into the ground, do I believe the politician?. If my wages are the same this year as they were last year but I have twice as much going out, do I believe I'm better off?

A lot of people write about the coming end of everything they hold dear, and yet they will do nothing. So do they really believe that things are getting worse, or are they just writing about a fictional post apocalyptic world?

If people truly believed that within a few years the government would hold the power of life and death over them, wouldn't you expect them to take some action?

Well it seems not. People seem quite ready to throw themselves under the bus, and as it often said, 'They won't know what hit them!'

Danny, you say that the course our world is taking cannot be changed. I believe you are absolutely correct. The proof is in the world around us. A world that is either at war with itself, its neighbors, its people, or space aliens.

The Middle East is falling apart, China is being pushed by a rebel Islamic group, so is Thailand, from Turkey to Malaysia the Islamic world is creeping slowly towards a 'radical' version of sharia, and in almost every country Islamic immigration has brought civil unease, and in most places forced social changes and violence. 

Leaders such as David Cameron have come out in a full frontal assault against their own people, speaking out in favour of a false narrative dictated by a violent ideology. With the birth rate of the English, Scots and Welsh in free fall due to progressive policies of the past 50 years, the UK, along with Continental Europe has been Islamizing itself, ready for a demographic shift over the next couple of decades. 

Islam's people accept brutal government rule far easier than do the western freedom loving peoples of Europe and America. 

Europe and America are in decline, the populations have been taught nothing that leads it to a better future, because we have no understanding of the past. We are told a culture that beheads people for insulting its religion, is equal to ours, and yet we would not be allowed to behead people for the same reason. How is that equality? 

We allow people from other cultures to get the impression that they are in fact, superior to us. We are taken to court, imprisoned, lose jobs, and turned into social outcasts just for criticizing the practice of FGM, or for pointing out that the Islamic prophet Muhammad married a 6 year old girl and had sex with her at nine. Something that is written in their own holy writings.

We are a subdued, dying people! It has come to the point where our elected leaders are openly hostile toward us, shutting us up with extreme force, while leaving the true aggressors to become more emboldened with every passing Ramadan.

The American people are getting a good taste of what is to come. The Republicans were voted in after they said they would stop amnesty. Now they have openly gone back on that promise. Along with every other promise they made. 

The downward spiral of American life will continue. Britain back in the eighties under Margret Thatcher went through the same process of social destruction. The language was changed, even though people kept saying it wasn't. People were demonized for flying the Union Jack, or the St George, even though this was denied. More power went to Europe, even though we were told it could never happen. 

Everyone knows to be fearful of the government if your views don't match theirs. But no one can really believe that to be true, or they'd do something about it. Wouldn't they?

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  1. If there was such a thing as a neutral and objective individual, that was capable of sorting fact from fiction, and lies and wishful thinking. If there was such a person that applied reason and logic to his thinking, and tried to reach conclusions that bore a semblance to truth, that individual would agree with Paul Collings. At least half of humanity has enough intellect to understand the difference between right and wrong. To take Britain as an example and the wrong being done to true Britons, the majority feel and know that they have been wronged. But have been rendered powerless.

  2. Danny if only you'd seen how much of that reply I had to delete to get it to post.

    Soothsayer, I would say more than half of humanity has the intelligence to sort out right from wrong. I believe it is the first thing a parent teaches their children.
    The trouble comes when someone's right, is someone else's wrong. I believe the majority know the west is now being governed by an ideology that is wrong. People are demonstrating all over Europe against the decisions made by their elected officials.
    Germany, France and England. Just to name a few. In countries where austerity is biting hard there has been many demos. In amongst the arguments it is mentioned that despite the hardships of ordinary citizens money is still found to treat immigrants to benefits and housing. Where ever Islamic immigration happens the locals feel the effects. And the effects are negative.
    Sweden and France are feeling the effects of Islam but Britain could well have been the worst effected with the Grooming Gangs. Thousands could have been raped, and still it does not get discussed honestly. And the immigrants are still pouring in.
    No one wants to support anyone who stands up against Islam, not anywhere. Geert Wilders, demonised, Tommy Robinson demonised, Congressman Ltcol Alan west, targeted and demonised. Their message cannot be allowed to be heard.
    People all over the western world are being targeted and demonised and locked up for disagreeing with the government view. When it happens in China or Russia we are supposed to care, when it happens in the west we are supposed to remain silent. That doesn't mean that people do. It just means more laws have to be made to silence them. Soon laws to silence us won't be enough. Laws will have to be made to silence us before we knew we were making a noise.
    If talk like that reminds you of early 20th century Russia, or pre war Germany or 1970's Argentina. It should.
    People know right from wrong. Its just they choose easiest every time.
    In Britain we allowed thousands of our children to be raped, and thousands of girls to suffer FGM. We've allowed whole areas to be religiously cleared, and Jews and Gays to be targeted.
    People say we're at war with Islam....What war? Its a walk over for the progressives who have enabled this to happen. With the aide of the Media, all the evil learned throughout history is being used to create what they believe will be utopia. Which is surly just atheist heaven. All they need to do is find their God. But this means they become the creator. Kill God to become God.


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