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Thursday, December 11, 2014


When I begin a series of essays I generally have an overall view where each segment will lead. This one is an exception to that rule as it is the result of numerous comments made by a group of fellow patriots firmly adhering to the concept of Ted Cruz being elected in 2016 and questioning various positions that I put forth in my last installment of Conservatives In Fantasy Land.

For the record, I regard Senator Cruz to be one of our greatest patriots, and also, for the record, allow me to state that he is a brilliant man. I am quite amazed at how he can leave the podium and casually walk around stage delivering a dynamic speech without ever referring to notes. As a dedicated, principled leader I would put him into the Reagan category, but...I do not believe that he will ever be elected President, and for that matter, I do not believe that were he alive today, that Reagan would either. The forces of evil are quite simply overwhelming and have the ability to eliminate rivals, after one style or the other. To that end I submit what happened to Allen West. He was gerrymandered out of office by the progressive advisers to Mitt Romney.

My most recent essay Thirty Pieces Of Silver went into great detail concerning my beliefs that Senator Cruz will never be elected President. Links, facts, undeniable evidence and logic was the basis of that effort, and no doubt it will be largely disregarded. Why? The answer to that lies in the definitions of liberals and conservatives and the policies of both. Today, many mistakenly apply the term 'Liberal' to progressives. The fact of the matter is that liberals are intent upon change. The progressives are intent upon total ruthless domination.

In 1776 our Founders were regarded as being liberal, and they most certainly implemented change; change that spread across the world and influenced all of mankind. The conservatives, of 1776 remained loyal to the throne, while today's conservatives cling to the fifties and early sixties. They are intent upon maintaining the status quo that was, disallowing change, and clinging to the ways of old.

Therein lies the greatest weakness of today's conservatives, for the status quo they hope to maintain is already gone. The new status quo has now been reset by the progressives, and their agenda is leading to the demise of all who cling to the old ways. One of the old ways most conservatives cannot leave behind is the belief that we will manage to tolerate the latest changes, still go on in spite of everything, and get it right in the next election.

That concept is purely a feel-good state of denial. As evidence I present the last four elections. We have been ignored after all four by the elitists of the GOP and things have grown even worse after each of our trips to the polling booths. Now as things grow ever worse so too does our state of denial and once again, just weeks after our latest betrayal the hopeful have already conceded that 2014 was a disaster and are now looking forward, through rose colored glasses I might add, to 2016.

The oft touted definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well after four cycles of voting for the GOP and being kicked in the teeth by the GOP, perhaps the lesson is sinking in ... but just a little. Now the new plan is to ignore the GOP and elect Ted Cruz; patriot true. But that vision is a baited trap, as the Senator cannot be elected unless he plays ball with the GOP, and here is the view from the GOP.

Breitbart ... December 2, 2014

I now see people on Face Book in such a state of panic, denial, and hopeful optimism, that they have virtually quit thinking. Today's recent betrayals and current events are so overwhelming they have already written off the hazards of the next two years and turned it into a vacuum. Like a child waiting for Christmas, everything between now and then is rendered irrelevant. The dangers we face can never happen, as they are already choosing Ted Cruz's running mate, establishing his policies, and planning the primaries as well as the general election. All that is real is being ignored; discarded in favor of a dream of dancing sugar plum fairies.

I care not for sugar plums, preferring instead to partake of the unsweetened truth and so it is there I shall go.

The following collection of links is indicative of what the last election brought and now the progressive agenda is being put into overdrive.

Troops fear CIA torture report will spark attacks
Revelations of harsh interrogation techniques used by the CIA fuels growing concern among troops and their families that they will be targeted by terrorists.
Already, U.S. troops in Europe have been told not to wear their uniforms off base. Separately, the FBI has warned troops to delete any information connecting them to the military from their social media accounts to avoid being targeted by the Islamic State.

Breitbart ... December 10, 2014
While the bill is being advertised as adhering to the budget cap of $1.013.6 trillion, it actually authorizes billions more in spending. Managers of the bill employed a special budget gimmick, which allows Congress to shift around payments on programs outside of the annual budget bill and gives them cover to increase spending in this budget bill by $19 billion.

Media Research Center ... December 10, 2014
Brian Williams to Former CIA Director Hayden: 'How Are We Better Than Our Enemies?'
After he was quizzed by Williams what his response would be if members of his family were subjected to harsh interrogation methods (like waterboarding, for example), Hayden slammed him and his question: 
I can, Brian, and clearly, look, Brian, we're people who like you and all your viewers, we have a soul and a conscience, too. We knew as bad as these people were, we were doing this to fellow human beings. So don't ever forget that. Now, you asked me about my family members. I actually think, Brian, that my concern or my outrage, if that were ever done to any of my family members, would be somewhat muted if my family members had just killed 3,000 of my citizens.

Breitbart ... December 10, 2014
"Limited options?" "Limited abilities?" We have an unbridled madman in the White House right now taking a machete to the U.S. Constitution and the leader of the opposition party that was just thrust to power in a historic rejection of the president and his cleptocratic policies is now talking about "limited" options and abilities?

So many are so confused about how Obama has managed to do what he has done. After all he was a nobody, a two bit, back alley community organizer from Chicago, but he had all of the necessary qualifications to continue with the progressive agenda of enacting the ultimate ruin of America. Start with the fact that at least 51% of the American people are leaning left. That is why he got elected. Why he was chosen to run in the first place is a whole different story.

As one reader pointed out as an explanation of why Obama has not already been impeached: He is black...Well at least half, and he hates most whites and conservatives as much as he hates America, but that is not the only reason he has not been impeached. Had Hillary been elected she would not have been impeached either as she would have been the first woman President. The powers that be knew exactly what they were doing when they chose Hussein over Hillary for high office. He was the golden boy, the answer to every wannabe dictator's prayers. He could both mislead the gullible, and gather the forces of evil under the common umbrella of anarchy and chaos.

Most seek the easy answer and so it is natural for them to assume that Hussein is a Muslim. Not so! He is an atheist and a communist. Most who read my work are familiar with Obama's communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, communist, his terrorist friend Bill Ayres, the fact that he himself wrote of seeking out Marxist professors, and the fact that he attended a Marxist church in Chicago, not a mosque. However, he spent a few brief years in Indonesia where he learned the ways of Islam...and how to manipulate them. More on that later.

So here was the young man who had everything that the progressive puppet masters sought in a smooth talking puppet. First and foremost he is a narcissist, therefore easy to sway with adoration, compliments, and luxury. Secondly he was a Marxist by training, a half black by birth, giving him influence with militant blacks, and a near Muslim by association, able to understand and influence the militant Muslims of the world, and he hated Western culture. In short here was the man who had it all and so ... exit Hillary 2008.

I frequently use the term 'Anarchy and Chaos', as instilling this state of affairs world wide was the mission given to Obama before the progressives decided to turn him into our last President, and he wasted no time. On entering the Oval Office he began dismantling our long time mutual trust with our allies, degrading America's dignity, empowering the Muslim Brotherhood, and fomenting discord throughout the Middle East. Racial unrest, long simmering on the back burner was brought to the forefront and set ablaze. Our economy was rapidly turned into a shambles, the EPA granted absurd powers, and the UN became the hallowed ground to which all Americans are expected to bow, and our military and judicial system are being dismantled.

As for our economy, I bring you the latest...

Euro News ... December 9, 2014
The American Century comes to an end as China becomes the world’s largest economy
China is now worth some 14.4 trillion euros a year, while the USA is worth a little over 14. It’s not much of a difference, but the trend is pointing clearly at a widening gap in coming years.

Now the latest developments are the results of Obama and his fellow race baiters fueling the fires of race wars...

David Horowitz Freedom Center ... December 10, 2014
David Horowitz: The Left’s War Against Justice and Peace
When rioters and “protesters” defend criminals and attack the police it is not a protest. It is an attack. When radicals and rioters defend the guilty and attempt to prosecute the innocent, it is not a protest. It is an attack. When they make race an issue when it is clearly not an issue, it is an attack. When whites are regarded as guilty before the fact and blacks guiltless even after the facts show they are guilty, it is not a protest; it is an attack. It is a calculated attack and the target is America, is us.

And an election that many conservatives thought they had won, only to find out that they had been betrayed.

Breitbart ... December 10, 2013

I have one major concern about my fellow conservatives, relating to why I refer to so many as living in Fantasy Land. The items that I see them post, are often so absurd and are accepted as the unblemished truth. So many are taken in by wannabe bloggers or sites financed by the left using the term 'Tea Party', 'Patriot', 'Liberty', or 'Conservative' in the site's name and everything they write is taken at face value, but not by me.

I seek the truth and endeavor to spread it while there is yet time. The essays that I write express my own opinions and predictions, but come with links to totally reliable sources that have led to those opinions. I encourage all to do their own research. To that end I have developed several links that the truly curious may find useful. One is a collection of the sources I check daily...

News Sources

And a news compilation I try to update daily...

News Roundup 2014 soon to be 2015

My friends, we are in serious trouble and many are hiding from the truth, living in denial, and being misled by lies or half truths are part of the danger we face. Unlike many who write on the internet I am not looking for followers. I seek leaders and none who live in a state of denial or are misinformed are qualified to lead. Are you?

In the first paragraph I mentioned that this essay was the result of various comments from fellow patriots. One of those comments was somewhat profound as a gentleman stated that many were writing of a dark future and none has yet suggested a solution. My answer was that there is no solution; at least no political solution.

Later in this effort I wrote of the status quo. To that end I shall make another prediction. The near future, less than two years, will find a new status quo in America. Our people will either surrender all of their rights and become the absolute property of the state or they will meet that state, in a state of civil war.

In a later paragraph I wrote of leaders with the courage to face the truth. Whatever comes, there must be leaders. They must not only be bold, they must also be strong, and well informed. We all have a future. Find yours.

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