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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Nearly five years ago when the battle cry was 'Vote em Out' I was warning of civil war and the utter futility of believing that our elected officials would support the American public. Since then we have had the election of 2010, regarded by many at that time to be a victory. Also, at that time, I was writing that it was a victory in name only as the RINOs of the GOP were giving false hope to America. An (R) by a politician's name is very deceptive, as that (R) misleads the gullible. False hope, by the way, leads only to despair and anguish, but Americans, being what they are were immediately looking forward to 2012 when we would really 'Vote em Out'. Yes sir, we were going to show Obama the door, marked EXIT.

Again I warned of disaster as I watched the primaries
and how easily Mitt Romney dispatched his conservative competition in the primaries. My efforts angered some people when I wrote the essay: Mitt Romney ... Progressive Shill. In it I warned America that Romney, self described Progressive, and the ultimate god-father of ObamaCare, who told us that Obama is a nice guy, had no purpose other than to make certain that the 'Nice Guy' did not have to deal with a conservative opponent.

Perhaps akin to pouring salt in an open wound, after the election when we found out for certain that the voting machines were rigged to favor Obama, I wrote the following: Where Is Mitt Romney?. In light of the fact that the 2012 election was proven to be rigged, Romney did nothing except go on vacation and then visit the nice guy in the White House.

Being very liberal with salting the open wound I wrote another essay proving my position: The Proof About Our Latest Sham Election. Should you not choose to read the whole essay, you may wish to follow at least one link that I posted in it...

The Blaze ... December 23, 2012
Tagg Romney: My Father ‘Had No Desire’ to Be President

Now we have left the 2014 election behind, another that I predicted would be a disaster. I foretold a Republican victory and added that Obama really didn't care who won. The agenda was in play and could not be stopped and, confident that those elitists/puppets from the GOP would do no more than spew more conservative rhetoric while voting the progressive scenario, I wrote Golfing Across The Rubicon. In it I stated that Obama has only been playing softball with the American dream and now it was about to become a pedal to the metal race to destroy America.

The following day Rush Limbaugh stated much the same telling Americans that right after the New Year Obama would begin to overwhelm us with Executive Orders. Meanwhile, I had warned that the EOs would begin immediately following the election. I was correct!

Now those EOs are coming at us at warp speed and gullible Americans are doing what they do best. They are looking forward to the next election, and I have written frequently of my belief that there will be no 2016 election. More salt:

World Net Daily ... September 29, 2014
Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen

All that talk about the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton’s innuendos, Rand Paul’s ideas, Chris Christie’s suggestions – may be all for naught.
There may not even be a 2016 president election, according to one man who is a likely contender.

All of my regular readers are well aware that I have long predicted the collapse/anarchy and chaos for late 2015 to early 2016, and there is a valid reason for my believing in this time frame. Progressivism is rampant in all western nations and the plan of the transnational progressives is for all western nations to fall victim to anarchy and chaos at the same time. The plan: Destroy the leader first, and since WWII the U.S. has been the unquestioned leader of the free world. She must be toppled and the rest will follow like dominoes.

But what about all of the political agenda about Hillary or Elizabeth Warren running for President? Two things: Smoke screen and Plan B. The administration fully expects the more courageous conservatives among us to finally rebel against the Obama regime and as they shove more EOs in our face the more the seeds of rebellion grow. Naturally they would rather that we simply roll over and accept the new Marxist utopia and should this happen any talking head will serve the purpose, and Hillary or Warren can fill the agenda.

But they do not expect everyone to simply cower in the shadows and so anarchy and chaos will ensue. The seeds for that are being sown right now. Anyone with half a brain can see the danger of amnesty we face from the millions of illegals already residing in our nation. Add the fact that Obama is preparing for another thirty four million to cross our southern border in the near future.

NEWSMAX ... October 20, 2014
US Ordering 34 Million Green Cards for Illegal Plan
With some lawmakers predicting a sweeping executive order on immigration from President Barack Obama after the Nov. 4 elections, one federal agency is already making plans to hire a vendor to crank out up to 34 million  blank green cards to accommodate an expected surge in immigrants in 2016.

Now let us factor in thirty five terrorist training camps scattered at strategic locations across the U.S..

Allen West Republic ... February 21, 2014
Allen West “Indeed, there are Islamic terrorist training camps in America”

Then stir in the racial animosity being fomented by Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and the NAACP as they try to turn Martin Luther King's dream into a nightmare.

Now the plot thickens and Americans are becoming nervous over the illegal immigrants, Ferguson, and then a grand jury in NYC has really added fuel to the fire as they fail to indict a police officer where all evidence points to the fact that he was indeed liable for a man's death via excessive force. The grand jury stated that the officer did not use an illegal choke hold. I beg to differ...

The following link from a Google Search 'police officer chokes man to death' well illustrates what happened to a man who was indeed guilty of selling a few loose cigarettes and most certainly not resisting arrest. Needless to say Al Sharpton was front and center in the aftermath.

Naturally Louis Farrakhan is making evermore money in calling for anarchy and chaos...

The Daily Caller ... November 29, 2014
Farrakhan On Ferguson: ‘We’ll Tear This G**damn Country Up!’ [VIDEO]

My friends, it matter not how you slice it, the powers that be are preparing for civil war and so very many of our people, during their sojourn in Fantasy Land, figure that they will simply wait out the problems until the next election when we will really show em. So many simply cannot grasp the true danger we face. Should there be a next election the results are already determined, but I fear that the anarchy and chaos I anticipate will give our progressive government an excuse to delay the election indefinitely.

It has been a long and determined process to grind America down. Progressives, communists, militant black racists, illegal Latino's, PC and Sharia have all done their damage. Let us not forget the damage done by well meaning conservatives...Recall the adage that all that is required for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. And today far too many good men are doing nothing.

I must ask what has Israel got to do with it? I shall also answer that...We have a serious problem when the support of terrorists is welcomed in any American community.

I cannot help but see serious problems for this nation as the darkness of progressivism closes about us. Long ago I warned that Obama would be his most dangerous in the final two years of his administration. Most of what I wrote above is about the history that led us to where we are today. In future installments of Fantasy Land I shall demonstrate that what we have today is what I foretold years ago.

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