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Saturday, December 20, 2014


I have long expressed my doubts about there even being a Presidential election in 2016. Now I am certain of it. Whether the topic is warfare or politics it is always a good idea to allow your enemy to feel comfortable in his delusions and wishful thinking. The agenda that has been directing the course of this nation is very adept in this field of misdirection. I have long written that the progressive movement would never again allow a man such as Reagan to assume office and upset their plans. Senator Ted Cruz, one such political leader, has now become the conservative American firebrand, and the last great hope for a nation in shambles.

Breitbart ... December 19, 2014

President Cruz, the White House feeling fear, and overturning Executive Amnesty ... All great news for long despairing Americans. Great news or a political tease? I, skeptic, understand the progressive agenda as well as the desperation of my fellow Americans must look past the headline to the truth. And so let us address the truth as I perceive it.

At the moment there is a tsunami of Cruz loyalists, totally confident that their support will carry him on to victory in 2016. The sad fact of the matter is that they were also convinced that if we could win back the House in 2010 we could curtail the ambitions of Obama and his puppet masters. I predicted otherwise. We won the House and gained nothing. Strike one. We accomplished nothing!

In 2012 the conservative movement was convinced that enough people had finally awakened and that they would vote Obama out of the Oval Office. However Progressive Mitt Romney, managed to decimate the ranks of conservative contenders. He was not the choice of the people, but he was the only man the GOP would allow in the running and he spent much of his time telling us what a nice guy Hussein Obama is. He naturally lost, as I predicted, and he remained silent in the face of overwhelming evidence that the voting machines were rigged and that the dead of our cemeteries voted Democrat. That was strike two. Again, nothing was accomplished, and there was not one single protest by the citizens anywhere in this country.

Our most recent election...2014. Now conservatives knew that they would finally take their country back. Yes, we finally took the Senate away from Harry Reid, and have more seats in the House than Republicans have had since the time of Herbert Hoover. There was no stopping us now. The electorate had spoken. The problem is, as I predicted, the people bet on a dying horse. They had rallied their Tea Party candidates, only to have them crushed by the GOP, and the elitists of the Republican Party sallied forth to do battle on the side of the progressive overlords. If my count is correct, that is strike three.

Ted Cruz, in a valiant effort, took the floor on America's behalf, knowing that he could not win the vote, he still managed to show us that both the Democrats and the Republicans had betrayed the people of America. Twenty two senators stood by the Constitution and the rest, of both parties, voted against America and for the the coming fall.

But wait! The headline tells us that they are shaking in their boots in the White House...
Breitbart ... December 19, 2014

Convinced that most of my readers are some of the best informed people in this nation I shall not even bother posting links to the thirty four million more Latinos expected to arrive here by 2016. But while well informed, many do not see the big picture. That is why I am here.

The White House speaks of 'President Cruz'. Do not touch that thought for it is a baited hook. They speak of President Cruz to give you, the patriot, another two years of false hope. During that two years, the trap springs, the anarchy and chaos begins, riots ensue, another 911 takes place, the economy collapses, martial law is declared, and the 2016 election is postponed. If you perhaps feel that projection is over the top, let us then look at the best case scenario...

The Washington Times ... November 9, 2016
Cruz Wins By A Landslide-Americans Dancing In The Streets Happy Days Are Here Again!!!

Now, that is the good news you hope to hear instead of all of the dangers I have been warning about. The sad fact of the matter is that most of us cannot see the forest for the trees. Step back, take off the blinders of wishful thinking and study that forest with me. What you see there may one day save your life.

Obama and his handlers know exactly what they are doing. They have attacked liberty not just on one front. They have targeted the Constitution, both political parties, the courts, the military, our economy, foreign policy, immigration, our educational facilities, and the list goes on and on. He has even unleashed the ancient evil of Islam and gave NASA the task of making Muslims feel good about themselves. The administration is quite confident that they can crash this nation within the next two years, but again, I promised you the best case. Let us now go there...

The recent vote on Obama's Executive Amnesty revealed that only twenty two percent of our Senate stood against this EA. But sticking to my promise of best case: Let us now assume that all one hundred members of the 2016 Senate are ready to back the new President Cruz and put an end to this Executive Amnesty. Just try it!!!

About a year ago the best guess on the number of illegal aliens in this country was somewhere between eleven and thirteen million. Now, in the effort to not alarm the public the latest EA data tells us that only five million are involved. 

You have read the headlines. The nation is now preparing for another thirty four million immigrants from south of the border by 2016. So, whether the current figure is five or eleven million, add that figure to the coming thirty four and Houston...We have a problem.

How do you think that President Cruz can tell forty million plus immigrants that we have changed Presidents and policies and now they have to go back home? Instant anarchy and chaos such as I have long predicted. Allow me to add another harsh reality: These immigrants are going to largely be young, trained to be socialists in the Catholic Church, many were gang bangers and criminals in their home countries, used to taking what they wanted and often killing in the process. Our young, trained in our progressive schools lack the intelligence to realize the danger before them, but we the aging conservatives do. Yes I did say aging, and did I mention that the Hispanics invading our nation are young? I am seventy, how old are you? How will we fare in a state of anarchy and chaos against these young Hispanics, militant blacks, Islamic terrorists, young progressives and communists?

This does not sound encouraging, so let us look at another, slightly less than best scenario...We allow them to stay here, with most collecting government benefits. Even those citizens with very limited imagination realize that we cannot care for forty million people without finally crashing the economy.

Another scenario...Somehow or the other Big Brother invents a giant ever providing cornucopia that provides wealth and social justice for all. Add that forty million or so socialists that don't even speak our language and you won't need to concern yourselves about them voting Democrat...It will be Communist.

The White House's reference to President Cruz has but one purpose and one only; that being to further your false hopes on what cannot be, but your false hopes buys the Progressives more time to solidify their choke hold on your liberty. They are not overly fearful of Ted Cruz. They are quite confident that the Democrats and turn coat Republicans will keep him in check. The only thing they really fear is that most of our people will begin to see what I have known for years. Jefferson warned that the tree of liberty had to be fed periodically on the blood of patriots. This, and only this, an uprising of our people, is the only thing the progressives fear.

Many of my associates in the southern states will cringe as I praise General William Tecumseh Sherman, as he laid waste to the south as did none other during the Civil War. For that effort he is hailed as the father of modern warfare. That effort, however, interests me not at all at the moment. I am more inclined to take an interest in his predictions and his 'big picture'.

Any willing to face some semblance of reality whether in the north or south knew without a doubt that civil war loomed. They were quite correct, but none saw the big picture as did Sherman. One of the great flaws of the human mind is its predilection for wishful thinking. Some few manage to avoid such fantasy and face reality. One such man was General Sherman.

Most, whether in the north or the south, envisioned one great battle and the war would be over. Those of the north were certain of victory; the south would be forced to concede, and rejoin the Union under the Union's terms. The typical southerner believed that one battle would be won by the south, the Yankees would turn tail and run, and the Confederacy would became a new nation.

Sherman disagreed and was actually declared to be quite insane for believing as he did. He predicted that the war would last for years with a staggering death toll, that initially the Confederate states would win one battle after another but that in time they would lose the war due to attrition and their inability to produce the machines of war they needed. Yes, ole Sherman was crazy as they come, right up until he was proven right and the Union couldn't get by without him. Love him, hate him, admire him or not; the simple fact of the matter is that he was the one man who was right, when all else about him were mistaken

Another such man was Sir Winston Churchill. Oh he was a
fear monger, telling a public still weary from WWI that another war was awaiting them. Well, the English people wanted none of that nonsense and so embarked on a voyage of self disillusionment. Happy were they when Neville Chamberlain promised them peace in their time and he even provided a document, signed by Adolph Hitler, proving this to be true. Well, the rest is all history, and we know how one who could perceive the big picture while others clung to their own delusions, was proven right, and saved Great Britain. Needless to say, as soon as the war ended they voted him out of office and went back to their socialist pursuits.

The sad part, with both General Sherman and Sir Winston Churchill, is that if people had listened, so very many lives could have been saved. To quote another great man from history, Thomas A. Edison, and I must concur with his thoughts: “Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.”

Now I am fully aware that most who read this will not heed my thoughts but I warn you now...When the White House speak of fearing President Cruz, they are setting you up. They are propping up your hopes, while assuring you that you have nothing to fear. Their goal is the ultimate ruin of America and it is scheduled to occur before the 2016 election. If, in the unlikely event that something causes their plan to be delayed, the collapse must and will occur shortly thereafter. What we have is totally unsustainable.

You, as a responsible American, have the responsibility to survive the coming collapse. It is up to you to provide for yourself, your children, and grandchildren. The roof is without a doubt going to fall about us, wishful thinking or not. It is up to us to rebuild, and to pass on our love of American to coming generations.

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