Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, December 22, 2014


In writing I frequently use the term 'The Big Picture'. That term dates back to a television series of the 1950s produced by the U.S. Army that was designed to inform the American public about the events that occurred during WWII. The title, as the name implies, tries to depict the war as viewed from the flag officers' viewpoint rather than isolated events as seen from the individual foot soldier, company or division levels. My greatest frustration as a writer has been my inability to get my readers to grasp the big picture of today. Instead they tend to focus on, and be distracted, by isolated events and cannot view those events as part of a larger tapestry, all connected in one fashion or the other, whether occurring in St. Louis, Washington DC, Liverpool England, or Kabul Afghanistan.

Over two thousand years ago Aristotle spoke of Causality, i.e.: The law of cause and effect. These many centuries later so very few have yet to grasp what he explained back then, leaving most in the unenviable, and dangerous position of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

Let us do a little exercise in cause and effect. 

During the Reagan Presidency Muammar Gaddafi, petty dictator, was misbehaving. Consequently one American jet plane dropped one bomb in his front yard, providing an instant swimming pool, minus the water of course. This action was simply a warning and part of Reagan's policy of 'Peace through strength', and it worked. Not wishing to see his mansion turned into another dry pool, Gaddafi repented of his ways. He joined us in the fight against terrorism, acknowledged the fact that his nation was involved in the Lockerbie bombing, and paid restitution to the victims' families. Cause and effect at its finest. The cause, implemented by a great American leader, the effect, a blessing for all men of good will.

And now for cause and effect at its worst, i.e.: the Obama doctrine.

Hussein's now famous Cairo speech of 2009 brought the Muslim Brotherhood out of hiding and created a new evil for us to deal with. This led to the MB briefly taking control of Egypt, destabilizing that nation in the process, to our providing wealth and weaponry to Al Qaeda in their overthrow of Libya and the murder of Gaddafi. That in turn led to the murder of an American ambassador and three of his associates, and our withdrawing from Libya. 

It also led to the capture of enormous amounts of American supplied weapons which were in turn sold south to arm yet more terrorists, sold to Hamas in Gaza(paid for with money we gave to the Palestinian Authority) and sold to the Al Qaeda forces battling to overthrow the Syrian dictator.

More recently, after withdrawing our military from Iraq, ISIS came into existence. The administration was warned well in advance by our military leaders that this would occur. Obama ignored their sage advice as his agenda called for anarchy and chaos throughout the Middle East. That agenda also calls for the destruction of Israel, but not just yet.

As mentioned, many of the weapons from Libya wound up in the hands of Hamas, and with such a sudden glut of war machines they had nothing better to do than wage war on Israel. This, in turn, led the MSM of the world, the UN, the U.S., and most of the nations of Europe into condemning Israel for killing Arab children.

For the record, if a child is killed while attempting to launch a rocket, I find little reason for concern. A terrorist is still a terrorist, irregardless of age.

Now, as the pace quickens, Israel is once again feeling threatened by American weapons and financing as the so called Free Syrian Army masses on their border. The same FSA that Washington insists are 'moderate' Islamists. Rubbish! There is no such thing as a moderate Islamist; terrorists all.

The Algemeiner ... December 21, 2014
Israel Boosting Golan Heights Forces in Response to Rising ISIS Threats
A senior Israeli officer said that the army has regrouped and reinforced its forces in the Golan Heights after three divisions of insurgents operating near the Israeli and Jordanian borders in the southern Golan recently declared their loyalty to ISIS, the pan-Arab newspaper said.
Author's Note: And who might those three divisions be? None other than the 'Free Syrian Army' that we provide funds and weapons to.
Militants with the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) were among those who recently switched allegiance to ISIS, according to Israel’s Ch. 2 News.

A division, at least when I was in the military, was approximately 15,000 men, and so 45,000 of some of the most vicious people in the world are massed on Israel's border, forcing Israel to prepare for the worst. I of course could be mistaken but do not believe that Israel is the immediate target.

The mere fact that they are massing their forces and our 'moderate' allies have just sworn their allegiance to ISIS, is indicative of a plan to attack, but the most likely target would be Jordan, a weak Arab nation ruled by a king, and Kings do not fit into the concept of the Caliphate.

If Obama had a terrorist group they would look just like ISIS, and so let us address that issue...At the voting polls of America:

Even on the day of an election there are still usually about fifteen percent of our 'undecided' population who do not know who they are going to vote for as they head for the polls. Such people are scary for they are mindless, voting without knowledge and deciding whom to vote for only at the polls, as they ask others who they are voting for. Everyone wants to vote for a winner and so they let others decide for them at the last minute.

Across the world, budding terrorists are watching the vast gains of ISIS and deciding that they want to be on the winning side. This is why the ranks of ISIS are swelling. Fifty new members here, two hundred from another country, five hundred from another and forty five thousand from the group of terrorists we fund.

One of the first rules of writing is 'Stay on topic', and it would seem that I am about to change the topic. I am not, for the topic is not ISIS, it is cause and effect. The cause was Obama's Cairo speech and his agenda, and the effect is anarchy and chaos, world wide.

Now ISIS with virtually unlimited funding from our 'ally' Qatar, their glossy magazines, and a vast network on the internet are calling for terrorist acts world wide, and among those acts are killing cops. Surprise, surprise, police officers have become the latest target. One might choose to disagree with that statement and blame only Al Sharpton and his fellow race baiters. The fact of the matter is that this is an agenda that both Sharpton and ISIS share, else it would not be happening in Europe as well.

About the time that I was writing a series entitled Anarchy And Chaos, the people of New York saw fit to elect a Marxist Mayor, an appropriate backdrop for my writing...No sooner said than done.

NY Daily News ... December 20, 2014
Two NYPD cops sitting in patrol car in Brooklyn are shot by gunman in 'ambush' shooting: sources (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Breitbart ... December 20, 2014

Breitbart ... December 21, 2014

Now the story begins to emerge that the shooter was a self radicalized Muslim, answering the call of Allah, and Allah always calls for the death of infidels.

Fox 2 Now St. Louis ... December 19, 2014
Off-duty police officer shot in North St. Louis
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-An off duty St. Louis city police officer is recovering Saturday morning after being shot. He came under-fire while simply driving his personal vehicle north on 25th Street near Breman. That’s in north St. Louis.

The Blaze ... October 24, 2014
Brutal Hatchet Attack on NYC Officers Was ‘Terrorist Attack’ by Homegrown Radical, Police Confirm

And one you probably have not heard about as the officer was not killed...

The Blaze ... October 21, 2014
Ax-Wielding Man Attacks D.C. Police Officer — This Jaw-Dropping Photo Shows Just How Close of a Call It Was

And across the pond...

Daily Mail Online UK ... December 19, 2014
Battered to death for being a copper: Man, 28, arrested for murder over death of off-duty officer who was attacked while having Christmas drink with colleagues

Reuters ... December 20, 2014
French police shoot dead knife-wielding man in police station
French police on Saturday shot dead a man shouting "Allahu Akbar" ("God is the greatest") who stabbed and wounded three officers in a police station, authorities said.

And the mayor's response...

Jihad Watch ... December 21, 2014
France: Mayor of town where jihadi slashed cop says it was “isolated incident”
“The mayor, Frédéric Augis, described the attack as ‘an isolated event in a peaceful town’. ‘There are good relations here between all religious communities. This is a town of peace,’ he said.” This is always the case, is it not? They are all towns of peace. It’s a religion of peace, too. And they’re all isolated incidents. The world is overrun these days with isolated incidents. No one in Western governments or the mainstream media dares take note of the things that make them anything but isolated.

Thank you Mister Robert Spencer, for you have just proven my point! They are all just 'isolated incidents', from Lee Rigby's beheading, to our murdered police officers, to the hostage/murders in Australia.

Since the day Obama took office he has unleashed the hounds of hell on the world. Cause and effect. It all becomes so obvious if one but looks deeply. The world has long been a pressure cooker but Obama has turned the fire up in his and his puppet masters' quest for anarchy and chaos. Betraying our allies, empowering our enemies, bringing the Muslim Brotherhood out of the shadows and into the White House. Stirring racial hatred to a fever pitch and spreading terror world wide.

Look back to that Cairo speech, look back to the racial agenda he has unleashed. Look back to his political and economic agenda and if you look at enough of these points, connect the dots, apply the laws of cause and effect, you will readily discern a probable future, as one event without fail, will always lead to another.

I have long looked to these topics I ask you to examine them with me. That is why I have made so many predictions in recent years and why so many of them have already come to pass, and why others will. One of the most horrifying projections that I have made is that Obama's primary goals are the destruction of the United States economy, and the total destruction of Israel, via nuclear war.

Last year I wrote a seven part series entitled Iran, Obama and Nuclear War. In part seven I suggested that New York City, not Israel, would be the target for Iranian nuclear weapons that Obama is allowing them to produce. Such a concept was quite naturally rejected by most, however...

CBS New York ... March 26, 2014
Homeland Security To Cut NYPD Bomb Detection Funding After Obama Says NYC Nuclear Blast Bigger Concern Than Russia
The NYPD may be forced to make do as the Department of Homeland Security announces massive budget cuts to its bomb detection program.
The announcement came less than 24 hours after President Barack Obama said he’s more concerned about the prospect of a nuclear weapon exploding in New York City than Russia’s recent actions.

If you are inclined to dismiss my reasoning and Obama's statement, perhaps you may be more inclined to believe the words of the distinguished Dr. Thomas Sowell...

Rush Limbaugh ... December 10, 2014
Dr. Thomas Sowell's Greatest Fear
Dr. Sowell said to me that one of his, not his only, of course, one of his biggest fears is that the Iranians would launch a nuclear attack of some kind on the United States.
And the kicker? He is convinced that if Obama is president when it happens, that he will surrender.

Now, I wrote of a nuclear attack on NYC over a year before Dr. Sowell mentioned it, and described in detail how it could be done and the consequences of such an event on the entire world in Part Seven below. Oddly enough, that is not my greatest fear. My greatest fear is that the American people will be taken by surprise, and blindly accept Obama's martial law as a means to 'protect' us. One nuke, one city, and three hundred million people who will not think, and in their refusal to think the greatest nation that ever was will sink into a dark age. Yes Sir; that is my greatest fear.

Addendum...At the moment it is 3:30 A.M. and I was about to publish the above when an associate from Norway sent me a most frightening link published by Time a mere two hours ago. I felt that it had to be added to this effort.

Time Inc ... December 22, 2014
The First Western Journalist to Interview ISIS Is Home With a Terrifying Message
In Mosul, Todenhöfer found an “almost ecstatic enthusiasm” for the jihadist group that is unlike anything he had seen “in any other war zone,” he tells the German press. Each day, Todenhöfer says, hundreds of new recruits arrive to pledge themselves to the group’s mission, or what he calls the “largest religious cleansing strategy that has ever been planned in human history.”
Beyond the challenge of beating ISIS’s psychological pull on its followers, the U.S. and its allies will also confront the problem that the group’s some 5,000 fighters in Mosul sleep in barracks all around the Iraqi city, such that attackers “would have to reduce the whole of Mosul to ruins” to rid it of ISIS, says Todenhöfer.
He adds: “With every bomb that is dropped and hits a civilian, the number of terrorists increases.”

"Hundreds a day"; let us assume two hundred. The rate of those enlisting with ISIS is exponentially increasing but at this rate they are gaining 73,000 recruits a year, five divisions, plus other battle hardened large groups, such as the FSA mentioned above are joining en masse; 45,000 in that group alone. These are the people led by the man Obama released from Gitmo and he laughingly called them JayVees. That, by the way, is the same Obama who is dismantling our military.

Meanwhile millions of Americans in their 'fight' for liberty are looking forward to an election of 2016 that will never occur.

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  1. There is no doubt that these ISIS are psychopathic murderers, but I just saw today on our Channel 2 news show, Fact, an ingenious way to fight them off.

    I apologize that this is not translated or with English subtitles. As you may be aware that the Kurds are fending off ISIS and succeeding in some parts, not without participation of very dedicated female fighters. The female Kurdish leader describes how she and her fellow female soldiers will belt out their distinctive -- as best i can call it -- tongue wagging, high pitched yells that is commonplace during happy events such as weddings. But in this case, the ISIS fighters run for fear of being killed by a female, which if it happens they are not rewarded their promised 72 virgins!

    1. The 'tongue wagging' as you call it is a most unusual and fascinating sound. I have tried to do it and cannot. Guess they learn to do it while young. As to the Kurds and especially their female warriors I have the highest regard.
      I have heard of this fear of Muslim men concerning being killed by a woman and must question the authenticity of that belief. After the battle of Khaibar in 629 AD Mohamed had Kinana, chief of the Jewish group at that site, tortured and beheaded. Mohamed was undoubtedly devious and understood psychology quite well but I still think him none too bright. He married Kinana's wife Safiyah and told her to cook a lamb for him. She poisoned it. Mohamed did not eat enough to kill him immediately but complained for the next three years of suffering from that poisoned meat. He died in 632 AD, attributing his own death to the meat he had eaten at Khaibar. This occurrence, if the Muslim fear of death at the hands of a woman is factual, would have poor old Mo in the hereafter without his virgins.

    2. Incidentally, good to hear from you again Cylia.


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