Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Choosing the title for this essay proved to be a bit of a challenge, as I also considered 'To Reach The Unreachable', reflecting my love of the song 'The Impossible Dream' and my years of effort to reach those who choose not to know. I could be callous like so many and shrug off my failure with the stock phrase of 'Well, that is their loss.' I am not callous and must regard my failing to reach them as my failure in the grand scheme of things, as reaching the frightened and confused was my whole intent when I began blogging on the internet.

Now some fifteen thousand internet hours of research and writing, two blog sites, assembling an internet library, a collection of reliable news sources, that I utiize every day, and a daily news publication later I am well aware of my failings as the frightened, the confused and those living in a state of abject denial grow more numerous by the day.

I think back fondly to the days when our patriots boldly posted images of the American flag, of eagles, of Lady Liberty, of jet fighters and bombers and of our noble warriors in uniform. They proudly displayed quotes of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, Patrick Henry, and Nathan Hale that others had found. Oh, proud and bold were those patriots as they shared their views about 'Votem Out!'. Now I must ask, where have they gone? Have they become the sunshine patriots they warned others about? Their rallying cry of 'fight for America' became no more than posting internet comments and voting every two years only to realize that their vote meant nothing to the elite.

Those internet groups of bygone days were exciting as people joined the fight for liberty. Those groups swelled in numbers, some reaching many thousands as each wanted his or her views heard as they professed their loyalty to the end. What has happened to those groups? Where have the bold gone? What of the fight for liberty? What of America? What of the children? And what of their future? We had our turn. What of the children? Many of our people have moved to fantasy land. The children in the world we leave them will perhaps have one potato to eat all day, if that much. Serfs were notorious malnourished, and if we continue to do nothing, as we have been doing, ask yourself, 'What of the children?'

True...I irritated some in earlier days as the truth, my knowledge of history, and my views that often did not coincide with their dreams and illusions. I recall becoming the target of scorn as dear friends grew angry learning that I had elected not to vote for John McCain on moral grounds. Others, or perhaps the same, again felt wrath as I wrote against the basic evil premise of unfettered democracy. So too did the Founders, but most today are unaware of the Founders' concerns, as modern day Americans have been slowly indoctrinated by our evolving republic; perhaps I should refer to it as our Late Republic for it sadly has descended into a democracy, hell bent on its own destruction.

In younger days I read much of the work of Shakespeare, and one of my favorite plays was the Bard's 'Julius Caesar'. One of my favorite lines from that play was Caesar stating "I am as constant as the northern star". In those younger days I never thought that one day I could claim the same, but it is true. I began writing with the hope of 'waking people up'. Reality, in time, taught me that many chose not be awakened. Well, I could adjust to that without abandoning my principles and goals, which was to educate and solidify those who at least thought they were awake.

Unfortunately, in the effort, I did manage to alienate some. When I warned that the hoped for, and thus accomplished, GOP winning of the House in 2010 would accomplish nothing as the GOP had been thoroughly infiltrated, many continued with their faith in the Republican Party. Again in 2012 I warned that Mitt Romney was a shill. True, no conservative really wanted him but at least he hid behind the Republican banner and so they got in line behind him. Mitt Romney, Judas goat, led them to the slaughter and abandoned them to their fate; a fate meted out by Romney's friend Hussein 'Nice Guy' Obama.

Again, in 2014, I warned that not even if the GOP captured the Senate and increased their numbers in the House, would anything change, as the GOP and the Democratic Party take the same marching orders from the same elite group of transnational progressives. Well now they control the Senate, and the House, and still they follow Obama in lock step, with the exception of twenty two Senators and a mere handful of Congressmen.

Now so many, although they will never admit that I was correct, are beginning to realize that this nation is led by traitors, and that they have been betrayed by the bulk of the Republican Party in whom they mistakenly put their trust. Well, they would not listen to me, but they are listening to Ted Cruz as he not only tells them that they have been betrayed, he is in a position to prove it, and prove it he has done.

Few in number are those in our nation's capitol that I truly admire. Of those few, Senator Cruz certainly tops the list. He is bold, daring, honest, and one of the few up there whom I would refer to as honorable. Unfortunately those millions who had faith in the GOP have found themselves cast adrift and are clutching at straws to survive...Ted Cruz; and that leads us to the premise of being as constant as the northern star.

Years ago our patriots rallied and cried foul due to the fact that Obama's father was born in Kenya and Obama may well have been born there himself. Those patriots posted so many articles about the Natural Born Citizen(NBC) concept. They posted that a non-citizen father was Constitutional grounds to disallow Hussein running for President as would his not being born in America if we could prove the fact. I believed that then and I believe it today. I also believe that it applies equally well to Ted Cruz.

In my opinion Ted Cruz is one hard core, dyed in the wool, American patriot, and he has placed himself in harm's way in the defense of liberty. I find no fault with that man and deeply regret the fact that he does not meet the NBC concept as laid out by the Founders. Now I challenge any and all who posted that Obama was not a NBC, and our uncertainty as to his place of birth, to show how Ted Cruz, whom we know was born in Canada to an alien father, is qualified.

John Adams wrote of a nation of laws, not of men. This is where my fellow patriots are coming up short. They wanted the laws enforced against Hussein Obama, but overlooked for Ted Cruz. Most inconstant I must say. Most inconstant! You claim the moral high ground. Live up to the standards applied there, or get down and grovel in the mud with the Democrats.

Since Senator Cruz proved, beyond the proverbial shadow of a doubt, that the bulk of the Republican elites follow the progressive agenda there has been a tidal wave of support for Ted Cruz, up to and including a massive number of new internet groups being based on the hopes of Ted Cruz for President in 2016. My friends, that is not going to happen. There will be no 2016 election. Expect the collapse before then.

I have a long history of making predictions that people ignore, and when these predictions come to pass, they simply start looking forward to the next election, as they are now. Three years ago when everyone was in a panic about gun grabs, martial law, and shutting down the internet I told them not to worry. Everything had to be in place for this to happen and wrote that they had nothing to fear until late 2015 or early 2016. Nothing has changed my mind in that projection.

Right now we know that ISIS has a group across our southern border in Juarez. Fort Bliss on this side of the border in near El Paso remains on alert due to this fact.

Judicial Watch ... September 4, 2014
Military Experts: With ISIS in El Paso, Ft. Bliss in Danger of Terrorist Attack

Washington Free Beacon ... September 10, 2014
U.S. Confirms ISIL Planning Infiltration of U.S. Southern Border
Francis Taylor, under secretary for intelligence and analysis at DHS, told senators during a hearing that ISIL supporters are known to be plotting ways to infiltrate the United States through the border.

How many of those infiltrators will be carrying suitcase nukes, implements of biological warfare, or other WMDs? One way or the other we are going to be subjected to another 911 attack and it will probably occur when Obama and family are safely out of the country.

Our streets have become as killing fields with race baiters leading the charge. Riots are beginning and another thirty four million aliens from south of our border are due within two years and those who really do not want to know are enjoying their stay in fantasy land as they await 2016 and when we will once again Votem Out.

I am but a blogger, exceptional only in my unyielding search for the truth, and my ability to predict coming events. I am still trying to get the attention of those who might be saved by knowledge. To that end allow me to present two very well known men who later followed in two of my predictions. 

Iran, Obama, And Nuclear War-Part Five

In the above I suggested that the U.S. and not Israel would be the target of Iran's nuclear weapons that Obama is allowing. I suggested that the weapon would be delivered on a cargo vessel and detonated in New York Harbor. That scared a few but most managed to write it off as a conspiracy theory...After all, I am just a blogger.

The same idea, thirteen months later from a brilliant man:

Rush Limbaugh ... December 10, 2014
Dr. Thomas Sowell's Greatest Fear
Dr. Sowell said to me that one of his, not his only, of course, one of his biggest fears is that the Iranians would launch a nuclear attack of some kind on the United States.
And the kicker? He is convinced that if Obama is president when it happens, that he will surrender.

Another of my 'conspiracy theories' was that there would be no 2016 election. That prediction dates back several years, now to be echoed by Ben Carson:

World Net Daily ... September 29, 2014
Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen

All that talk about the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton’s innuendos, Rand Paul’s ideas, Chris Christie’s suggestions – may be all for naught.
There may not even be a 2016 president election, according to one man who is a likely contender.

I have failed many who now live only for 2016 but if my efforts save but a few it will have all been worthwhile. For my efforts I have no regrets. As to my failing to awaken more, that is my cross to bear.

Suggested Reading...

I warn above that the coming year brings anarchy and chaos to our nation. Instead of my usual directing you to related essays of the past I shall close with a few current headlines. My friends, the left wing revolution I have long predicted is beginning...
Note to an old friend: Shelley you asked me four years ago if I really believed we were headed for civil war. I answered "Yes".

Fox News ... December 24, 2014
St. Louis County police officer kills man who pulled gun, authorities say

Breitbart ... December 23, 2014

Breitbart ... December 23, 2014
NYC Protesters Recite Chant from Cop Killer Joanne Chesimard aka Assata Shakur

Fox News ... December 23, 2014
Anti-Gun PSA: Kids Should Steal Parents' Guns and Bring Them to School

Fox News ... December 23, 2014
AP Media Poll: 'Police Killings of Blacks' Voted Top Story of 2014

Washington Times ... December 26, 2014
Protesters heckle NYPD cops paying respects at slain officers’ memorial

By the way...It is now Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas.

Addendum:England usually has more extensive news reporting on American events faster than we do. I can only attribute that to our news sources have to deal with a federal clearing house before they publish. At any rate the first news report above has been far better covered by the Brits.

Daily Mail UK ... December 24, 2014
'Armed' black teenager shot dead by police close to scene where Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson sparking violent clashes



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    1. Right you are but had I referred to that beautiful song by its real title, few would have recognized it.


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