Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The term 'Thirty pieces of silver' always invokes the image of betrayal, and so you probably know where this essay is leading. 

I have long written of my belief that there is NO political solution to the problems we face today. This one essay, Tahrir Square U.S.A., dates back to February of 2014. Allow me to offer an excerpt: 'I make no secret of the fact that I have absolutely no belief that there is a political solution to today's problems. No election is going to alter the course of this nation. If that course is to be altered it will be done only with an uprising of our people as we witnessed occurring in Tahrir Square in Egypt. Anything less and we are simply delaying until tomorrow what should have been done years ago.'

Another excerpt from the same essay: 'In a recent essay Of Moral Leaders And Sleeper Cells In The GOP I put forth the idea that the 2014 election that so many look forward to will change nothing. Even if we hold the House and gain the Senate the GOP is so heavily infiltrated by Progressives we are still on the road to ruin. The numbers that really matter are not Republicans vs Democrats, it is Progressives vs Patriots. That is where we come up short.'

Sadly most Americans have not yet come to the same realization that I did years ago. They, still following in the same beaten paths that their parents trod, grumble in near silence and await the next election when we hope we will get it right. My friends there will be no next election. Before November of 2016 we will see widespread anarchy and chaos, a financial collapse, and martial law. It is beginning right now. If in the unlikely event an election does come about it will simply be a well choreographed sham to appease those who still have not been able to comprehend what has already taken place.

One after another conservative 'heroes' have stepped forth uttering the right words and American conservatives have swooned over their new found messiah. Then one after another those messiahs have proven to have feet of clay as one after another they sold us out.

The one exception to that thus far, and I do believe him to be a man of true integrity, is Ted Cruz. Today, the frightened, the weary, and the desperate turn to Senator Cruz as our last and only hope. I hope that you choose to read past the bad news as that is where you will discover the truth. 

The Bad News: Ted Cruz will never be President unless the American military stages a coup d'état and puts him into the Oval Office.

The Truth:
We hope to rid this nation of its emperor. Short of assuming the temporary powers of an emperor Ted Cruz could not possibly govern. 

Here is why: 
I am not telling you anything new in writing that the Democratic leadership sold us out long ago and have now become the next best thing to communists. Nor am I telling you anything new in writing that the GOP is in hot pursuit, following their Democratic allies to the far left, leaving us high and dry, leaderless and unrepresented in the process.

Years ago I wrote that there would never be another like Reagan. I grow more certain of that fact with each passing day, even though Cruz seems to have the same vision that Reagan once had. However, in this day and age Senator Cruz is the odd man out. The problem is that prior to Reagan the Progressives had been slowly changing our laws, taking over a little at a time then Reagan rocked the boat, and put America back on course. Years ago I wrote that the Progressives would never allow this to happen again. Today I am more convinced than then that I was correct.

Ronald Reagan was a man with a dream and he largely fulfilled that dream to the benefit of the American public, but he did not get into office without help from the leaders of the Republican Party. He did not choose George H.W. Bush as his running mate. The powers that be did, knowing that Bush would in all likelihood become the next President. He did indeed and shortly announced the coming of the New World Order(Video). 

The NWO which I now refer to as Transnational
Progressives will never again allow one such as Ronald Reagan or Ted Cruz to influence the direction of world events. Nor will they ever allow another such as Margaret Thatcher in England. Today we have the likes of David Cameron telling his people they should be more like the Muslims and a member of the royal family leading the way. This is not just happening in the U.S., this progressive movement is gaining control of all of the nations of the west, and this is the group to which our elected officials are selling out. You have all heard of George Soros; he is but the front man, liking the lime light.

But out of desperation, hundreds of pro-Ted Cruz groups are forming, and many thousands of frightened followers believe him to be our last hope. Let us be realistic. I stated above that short of being emperor, Cruz could not govern. I shall now explain why.

So many have posted the rallying cry of 'Impeach Obama'. That will never happen as none in the Democratic Party and few in the GOP would vote for such a thing. Today ... Here and now ... Put Ted Cruz into the oval office and ALL Democrats and Most Republicans would vote for impeachment. Senator Cruz is one brave man and he has often revealed the intent of the Republican elite to you, making him none too popular with the puppet masters of the GOP and their puppet masters in the worldwide progressive movement. So many from his own party would love to have Cruz's head on a platter.

Obama has enemies to be certain, but not nearly as many as Ted Cruz. Hussein, knowing the ways of communism, has much in common with Joseph Stalin, including the practice of 'Keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer.' Those who have opposed Obama have been bought off one at a time and brought into the fold; thirty pieces of silver, or perhaps thirty million. The exact terms of their capitulation matters not, but they each had their price.

Ted Cruz buys none. As a man of honor he appeals to the sense of honor he expects of his fellow Republicans, not yet understanding that they have none. The following two paragraphs are excerpted from my last essay Conservatives In Fantasy Land Part Two, to illustrate my point:

Breitbart ... December 3, 2014
Cruz rallied the crowd saying, “This is a choice between truth and mendacity,” pointing out that many Republicans campaigned during the midterm elections on stopping executive amnesty.
“What I’m here urging my fellow Republicans to do is very, very simple. Do what you said you’d do"

Reread Ted Cruz's last sentence in the above excerpt. Why would he sound as though he is almost begging his fellow Republicans to honor their promise to the American people. Why should such a man have to beg? Should we not, in all fairness, expect them to honor their words?

But ... are they doing what they said that they would do?

I have used the following before to warn you of the traitors in the GOP. I use it here to illustrate why the same GOP will never allow Cruz to be elected, and I shall probably use it again when the situation demands for it is a powerful statement of fact.

Breitbart ... February 13, 2014
“Make no mistake about it,” Cruz said. “This was their desired outcome. An awful lot of Republicans wanted exactly what Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid wanted, which is to raise the debt ceiling. But, they wanted to be able to tell what they view as their foolish gullible constituents that they didn’t do it, and they’re mad because by my refusing to consent to [a bare-majority vote] they had to come out in the open and admit to that.”

As for anyone ice skating in hell, it is simply not going to happen, primarily because the GOP does not give a damn what you and I want and they seek Cruz's head on a chop block for revealing that fact.

From just a few days ago...

Breitbart ... December 7, 2014

In a lengthy interview on Friday afternoon, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) exposed how House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise strengthened President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty with procedural trickery former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber would envy—and they did it all in the name of pushing a bill that they told Republicans would block Obama’s executive amnesty. 

First off, I find it impossible to believe that 216 House Republicans were tricked, nor that they needed to be. The House leaders agreed to be the bad guys to provide cover for the progressive sleeper cells in the Party.

Now to the next event. (From Today) And this pretty much says it all...

Breitbart ... December 9, 2014
There are 435 members of the House, and to pass this bill, Boehner and his allies—including Louisiana’s Republican Whip Steve Scalise and California’s Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy—need to get 218 votes. There are 234 Republicans in the House as the 113th Congress finishes its final days of the lame duck post-election session, meaning Boehner could theoretically pass a bill that all Republicans agree with.
But according to Arizona Republican Rep. Matt Salmon, a conservative, there are at least 50 Republicans—probably more—who won’t vote for this bill. If even 18 Republicans vote against the bill, that means Boehner needs Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenant Steny Hoyer to get to 218.

Now look at the numbers above. 234 Republicans in the House. Fifty of them may choose to oppose Obama's treason. That is less than one in four Republicans, and counting the whole House, less than one in eight.

This is why I am telling you that Ted Cruz cannot get elected nor govern. Traitors far outnumber our patriots. The traitors could block his every move and pass anything they so choose, and when he vetoed their treachery, they would simply override the veto. This has always been the American way, and now it is being turned into a weapon against us.

I feel that Ted Cruz has the makings of a Reagan, a Lincoln, or a Jefferson, but he never will do so because he is in the wrong country. That comment has nothing to do with the debate about being born in Canada and his eligibility to run. It is my reflections on a statement made by John Adams so many years ago.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Ted Cruz is a man who believes in and would govern by the Constitution, but our people, due to their failing morality, parted company with the Constitution long ago. I cannot help but feel that so many our of citizens are undeserving of a man such as Senator Cruz.

Take a hop with me across the pond to the Netherlands where another great patriot is being hounded by the progressive overlords. Geert Wilders had the courage to warn his people of the Islamic danger, but such warnings are not politically correct. In fact a man can go to jail for speaking out against Islam.

Geert Wilders, in many ways reminds me of our own Senator Cruz. Both are men of conviction, men of integrity, and men of courage, and both are standing against an overwhelming tide of evil. I cannot help but believe that Ted Cruz would echo the words of Martin Luther King as quoted by Geert Wilders.

The Gatestone Institute ... December 9, 2014
Statement of Geert Wilders during His Interrogation by the State Police
To speak with the words of Martin Luther King: "I close by saying there is nothing greater in all the world than freedom. It's worth going to jail for. It's worth losing a job for. It's worth dying for."

Just above I mentioned that some of our people are undeserving of a man such as Senator Ted Cruz. With such people in mind I shall close this essay with a final thought, also from John Adams.

"Posterity! you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it."

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  1. This breaks my heart. I reallly believed we had a shot at Taking Back Our Country when all of the new Republicans were voted in.

    1. Elaine, my heart was broken four elections ago when I saw Obama elected and the GOP falling into lock step behind him. I learned much from Glenn Beck and so very much more on my own. Since then the heart has healed, and I must add...hardened, as I have come to understand the progressive agenda to the point that I have been accurately predicting events in recent years; always hoping to wrong, and always proving to be right.

    2. My latest effort...Just published.

  2. Danny I sense that your outlook on America's elections and America's ruling elite among both the Dems and the GOP is very prescient. In my case I am probably one of those hard cases that desires to retain faith in the Constitutional process that America still enjoys. However, the scenario you have developed is extremely plausible. And that plausibility is very said for me.

    A coup d’état by American Generals is also plausible. After all history shows us that when the Roman Republic's governing situation became too corrupt with deceit, bribes and manipulating the favor of Roman citizens eventually led to the Roman factions vying for popular Generals. Julius Caesar won. Then Octavius Caesar managed a coalition of winning Roman Generals that defeated die-hard Republic supporters (the supporters who were still faction oriented subject to bribes and corruption).

    If the Constitutional process fails as you predict, then the American Republic will probably evolve to some kind of one-man rule able to maintain some kind coalition of Generals.

    1. John, my friend, I cannot help but believe that the Constitutional process has already failed, with the long term results of the failure yet to occur. Part of that process calls for us to elect our representatives and they in turn represent us. They have been elected but are now representing not us, but a small coalition of billionaires and progressive advocates with the goal of micromanaging the human race.

      Liberty and being micromanaged are not synonymous. I submit Sir, that the Constitution is already past tense, being quoted and called upon only as a means of influencing the populace as yet another bit of oppression is put forth.

      As to my being prescient, so too were many of the Founders. They understood the nature of the human race, and in writing the Constitution tried to safeguard against the ills of our species. Their safeguards worked reasonably well for over two centuries. They warned against democracy and a two party system. Their warnings went unheeded and we are about to pay the penalty for the transgression.

      Franklin said "A Republic...If you can keep it." That was an artfully crafted prediction unto itself, for we have not kept it. Over time we have dissected the carefully woven fabric of the Founders dream and thrown their dream to the four winds. As so very many know not, the winds also care not, and the time has come for both the knowing and the unknowing to inherit the whirlwind, as once again darkness and ignorance settles across planet Earth

  3. Hi Danny,

    I can only agree with you on most things. The problem as always is convincing others who spend their days agreeing but not believing.
    What do I mean by that, well, day after day I look on twitter, I read essays by some of the most intelligent thoughtful people in source's ranging from David Horowitz and his various outlets, Thomas Sowell, the people of PJTv, like Bill Whittle, the daily mail, the guardian, WaPo, huffpo, comments from articles written ect ect,, I'm sure everyone gets the picture and does the same.
    The thing I like to do more than anything is observe what is happening around me and in the world as a whole, (something you obviously do), because that shows us, if we care to believe, what is really happening.
    If a politician announces on TV that the world is at peace, and we are all better of today than we were yesterday, I for one don't just say, 'that's great', I look around and see if what they say is true.

    If bombs are going of around the world, if people are starving to death, if every city has a riotous rabble, and if these cities are crumbling into the ground, do I believe the Politician?. If my wages are the same this year as they were last year but I have twice as much going out, do I believe I'm better off.

    A lot of people write about the coming end of everything they hold dear, and yet they will do nothing. So do they really believe that things are getting worse, or are they just writing about a fictional post apocalyptic world.

    If People truly believed that within a few years the government would hold the power of life and death over them, wouldn't you expect them to take some action?

    Well it seems not. People seem ready to throw themselves under the bus, and as if often said, they won't know what hit them!

    You say that the course our world is taking cannot be changed. I believe you are absolutely correct. The proof is in the world around us. A world that is either at war with itself, its neighbours its people, or space aliens.
    The Middle east is falling apart, China is being pushed by a rebel Islamic group, so is Thailand, from Turkey to Malaysia the Islamic world is creeping slowly towards a 'radical' version of sharia, and in almost every country Islamic immigration has brought civil unease, and in most places forced social changes and violence.

    Leaders such as David Cameron have come out in a full frontal assault against their own people, speaking out in favour of a false narrative dictated by a violent ideology. With the birth rate of the English, Scots and Welsh in free fall due to progressive policies of the past 50 years, the UK, along with Continental Europe has been Islamizing itself, ready for a demographic shift over the next couple of decades.

    Islam's people accept brutal government rule far easier than the western freedom loving peoples of Europe and America.

    Europe and America are in decline, the populations have been taught nothing that leads it to a better future, because we have no understanding of the past. We are told a culture that beheads people for insulting its religion, is equal to ours, and yet we would not be allowed to behead people for the same reasoning. How is that equality?

    We allow people from other cultures to get the impression that they are in fact, superior to us. We are taken to court, imprisoned, lose jobs, and turned into social out casts just for criticizing the practise of FGM, or for pointing out that the Islamic prophet Muhammad married a 6 year old girl and had sex with her at nine. Something that is written in their own holy writings.

    We are a subdued, dying people. It has come to the point where our elected leaders are open hostile to us, shut us up with extreme force, while leaving the true aggressors to become more emboldened with every passing Ramadan.

  4. Seconded part of reply.......

    The American people are getting a good taste of what is to come. The Republicans were voted in after they said they would stop amnesty. Now they have openly gone back on that promise. Along with every other promise they made.

    The down ward spiral of American life will continue. Britain back in the eighties under Margret Thatcher went through the same process of social destruction. The language was changed, even though people kept saying it wasn't, people were demonised for flying the Union Jack, or the St George, even though this was denied, more power went to Europe, even though we were told it could never happen.

    Everyone knows to be fearful of the Government if your views don't match theirs. But no one can really believe that to be true, or they'd do something about it. Wouldn't they.

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