Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


There have been those who have at times regarded me as being arrogant, irreverent, intransigent, and obstinate, and I must confess; Guilty as charged to all of the above, but history has provided my role models and none of them stood as reeds, bending to accommodate each passing wind. All that stand erect eventually fall, even the mighty oak, but it falls not with a whine and a whimper, but with a thunderous crash that reverberates far and wide. So too shall it be it for those of unbending principles, for unlike the reed, they stand strong before a battering storm, held erect by their beliefs, their ideals, their courage, and their strengths. This world has been built by the men of the mind, those with purpose, and those with vision. Sadly it is being brought down by their counterparts, the weak, the spineless, the craven, and those who are devoid of any semblance of morality.

Perhaps Shakespeare said it best in Hamlet as Pelonius spoke...
This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Pelonius could have gone on to speak of the danger of those who are false to their fellow man. Had he done so then surely today we would herald him as a great prognosticator, for without fail he would have been speaking about the majority of today's Americans. Our culture is collapsing and with each passing day the pace quickens. Gather around, take a seat, and behold the spectacle as the greatest of all oaks crashes into the swamp, the slimy breeding grounds of socialism.

Of being false to your fellow man; nothing could equal the following statement from the editor of the City University of New York:
It doesn’t matter if Brown robbed a convenience store, or even if he assaulted Wilson. What matters is that the case highlights the depths to which the capitalist state and its police forces will protect their own and attempt to stifle any sort of dissent…

That morally degenerate comment was excerpted from the following link:

Breitbart ... December 24, 2014

Initially the Ferguson narrative told us that a police officer shot an unarmed man with his hands raised in surrender. Had that narrative been true then surely the officer should not have been vindicated and protests should have been expected. That narrative, however, has been proven false as numerous forensics experts have shown irrefutable evidence that this 'gentle giant' was not so gentle but indeed attacking an officer of the law, and a video tape proved that he was guilty of strong arm robbery a matter of minutes before.

Now let us examine that statement from the CUNY editor. 'It doesn’t matter if Brown robbed a convenience store, or even if he assaulted Wilson.'
Well it would appear that the young progressive editor is at least conceding that said 'gentle giant' was not so gentle after all, and also conceding that he had just robbed a store. Then from the keyboard of a moral relativist we learn that such criminal behavior is irrelevant. The only issue that matters is attacking the capitalist state, which then leads us to an old but growing agenda.

In March of 2014 I wrote a series of essays entitled 'Americans Want Communism'. In Part Four I discussed the book housed in the Library of Congress entitled 'The Naked Communist'. That book describes a forty five part plan of taking control of this nation and destroying it. Two of those parts that are pertinent to this essay are as follows:

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teacher's associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

There are many thousands of attacks on our liberty and each of those attacks advance the goals of The Naked Communist, but for the purpose of this essay this one is quite enough. My whole intent is to demonstrate why the progressives are winning and I can show you the reason in but one picture, already posted above but now let us study it in detail...

Look at those faces. They are young, they are progressives or communists depending on the depths of their delusions, they are dangerous, and they have a fire in their souls that conservative lack. In short, they are the movers and the shakers of today, devoid of morality and principles, but unlike their conservatives counterparts they are in the streets, being seen, raising hell, and promoting the communist agenda. They are tearing America down while its 'patriots' cower in fear and denial before the onslaught of barbarism and darkness.

Where are the vast crowds of conservatives who support law and order, who tell us that they are fighting for liberty when they go to the polls every two years to vote? A facet of their 'fight' is being on hold for two hours to leave a message on a machine in the office of a RINO that listens not to messages. Why are they not in the streets fighting for the freedoms they know that they are losing? Why do they sit in their recliners watching sitcoms and mindless reality shows, or at their keyboards bemoaning their coming fate, unwilling to act, and too frightened to stand before the storm? And from those recliners and keyboards they question why is America declining and why they are losing their freedom? The answer to that woeful question is quite obvious. They deserve not freedom, and history has long demonstrated that those who will not fight for their own freedom and that of their offspring will soon lose it.

Several years ago the internet was ablaze with patriots calling for others to wake up and fight oppression. Many were the images they posted but none was more suited to the point that I am trying to make than...

Oh yes, many posted that message in one format or the other and then retreated into a place of safety, waiting for someone else to pay the ultimate price that must be paid for liberty to exist. Our so called patriots simply do not protest, and please do not bring up the Tea Party rallies of the past. Those were not protests. They were social gatherings where people came together basically to make speeches about the good ole days when things were different, and hoping that someone somewhere had to courage and the power to restore those good ole days.

If you have not yet figured it out allow me to be the first to announce. Those good ole days are gone and they ain't a comin' back. This nation is on the verge of a revolution from the left, directed by those in our nation's capitol who have slowly but effectively infiltrated our leadership positions and taken control. Now, all that remains is the violent phase, one designed to allow those leaders to implement laws to curtail that violence and strip each and all of what they once regarded as their rights.

As the sign above tells us, freedom is not free. It never was. Our forefathers of past generations knew this and they stepped forward unto the carnage of battle and it was there that many died, but through their sacrifice they secured and protected our freedom. We, the apathetic, the craven, and those living in denial, are throwing it away. As we do so those heroes of the past must be rolling over in their graves, hiding their faces in shame at what those living in the land of the free and the home of the brave have become; anything but free and brave.

A friend of mine in Norway made a comment today that I must share. His brilliant observation read, "Hoping somehow to survive is the mentality of slaves." His comment troubled me greatly as hoping somehow to survive is what I behold around me.

Since the day that Ronald Reagan left office, this nation has abandoned his shining city on the hill and embarked on a downward spiral toward its ultimate destruction. Progressivism is rampant and our people will not engage the enemy. One by one they gather behind the treasonous in Washington DC, hoping that they will save us. John McCain had his turn, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and the list goes on.

Look at what happens to the real patriots. Try Sarah Palin. She and her family were viciously attacked for her efforts. Try Allen West, gerrymandered out of existence by Mitt Romney's campaign manager, who chose to have a Democrat in Florida rather than a man dedicated to our liberties. Today it is Ted Cruz's turn on the chop block as our 'patriots' leave the fight to him. Surely he will save us from our own apathy. Don't count on it. He has, for the sake of the weak, gone into harm's way and you can rest assured that he will be harmed on our behalf.

Then there is a long list of names, I do not know them all, that were the candidates from the Tea Party movement in the 2014 elections. They had hopes of restoring America. What happened to them in the primaries? They were crushed by the progressive elites of the GOP. Recently Ted Cruz exposed those progressives in a vote he forced, showing America once and for all that we have been betrayed. Now the frightened gather behind this bold Senator waiting for him to walk on water and smite the wicked. Tall order for one man!

There is NO political solution. Voting accomplishes nothing as we should have learned in the last four elections, but so many are now looking forward to the next. Dream on as our streets are set ablaze and become killing fields. Our military has been emasculated by the Obama administration and now the attack is being directed toward our first line of defense, the law enforcement officers of America.

They are under attack by the forces of evil. Recall, if you will Van Jones plan for revolution, Top down - bottom up. The administration and its minions are providing the top down assault and the bottom up is coming from our streets and universities. Who will be the next group to be assaulted after the police are brought down? I shall leave that question for you to answer.

In closing I would like to repeat two lines from above, and one from my last essay: First, that there is NO political solution. Our political leaders of both parties are promoting the left wing agenda that is now leading to violence in our streets. If we are not prepared to meet violence with violence then we are most certainly lost. The second thought is from my friend in Norway: "Hoping somehow to survive is the mentality of slaves." That is where so many stand today, hoping to survive and unwilling to do anything to guarantee that survival. And from my last essay: "What of the children...What of the children?"

With that thought I shall close this essay.

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