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Monday, January 12, 2015


Wasn't it great to see Chancellor Angela Merkel getting a little comforting hug from Obama's number one ally, the ever popular socialist leader of France, President Hollande. Maybe he'd seen the naked photo of the good chancellor on the internet and he fancied his chances.

So after the Hebdo killings, which were carried out by
criminals, (unless your trying to push through new powers to spy on the public, then they were terrorists), the France public got out the hash tags, and declared they were Charlie, without any of the offending pictures that got the Charlie Hebdo staff killed that is. So they are really not like Charlie at all. But at least they were on the street showing their disgust at the shooting of satirical cartoonist's, people armed with nothing more than a sharp pen and wit.

The governments from all over Europe were out in force declaring Islam innocent, and others were drawing our attention to Timothy McViegh as evidence that anyone can be terrorist. Luckily for Hollande, the criminal terrorists attacked a Jewish market, and so anti-Semitism was eventually found to be the cause.

The people around the world weren't so convinced and everywhere people were waving the Offensive Motoons in the air and demanding that every paper republish them. This was not a good sign. So, quick as a flash, Hollande, seeing that people were already rallying on the streets, told everyone to ... well, 'Rally on the streets.'  

So the French leader told his countrymen to come out Sunday and support a Unity rally. He told them to leave politics at home and get out to show the world they could not be divided. Meanwhile Hollande was getting members of the wrongly titled 'free world' (minus Obama) along with a few dictators and tyrants together to turn the march into a political event. One where the narrative could not be allowed to blame anything on Islam.

Most people questioned on the 'Unity' march had their own idea of why they were there. To show they weren't afraid, to show they can't be divided, to show their support for free speech. 

Well, most were frightened, they said so, they were divided, most gave conflicting reasons for being there, and they certainly were not expressing freedom of speech. The people were out in support of Islam's right to not be blamed for anything. But only Islam benefited from the actions of people they claim do not represent them, and who were described as merely criminals. Why weren't Muslims demanding that even though they were offended that every paper had the right to show Motoons and not expect to be murdered?

Where were the thousands of Muslims, (remember France has at least 6 million), demanding free speech and deploring the acts of murder by people who will, no matter how many non Muslims or Jews they kill, still be considered Muslim?

We heard from a few Muslims about how innocent people should not be killed, but we all know only Muslims can be innocent. We hear the silver tongued Imams pour out the tried and tested verse about how if you kill one person its as if you killed all of mankind. Again, we all know if you read the full text, they are referring to Muslims. Non Muslims are not considered to be part of mankind.

It is going to be hard for any anti Islam group to come together in France. They will be smeared harder and nastier after the mass 'Unity' march at the weekend. The Unity march brought a few million out onto the streets, and though they don't realize it, that march will be used to support the continued Islamization of France, and Europe.

I can't believe Mahmoud Abbas was allowed to march in Paris. A man who is no friend of the Israelis. The family of the Jews killed at the market must have felt sick. What and who was Abbas there to show unity with?

People have moaned about Obama not being there, I think he made the judgement that it would have been more damaging at home to be seen marching with people who openly hate America, call it the Great Satan, and have no idea about the meaning of freedom of anything, when it comes to the people they rule. Anyway ... Obama doesn't do Unity.

Islam is claiming to be the victim in all of this. In response the French Government has placed 5000 extra troops and Police around Jewish schools. I presume this is to stop the hordes of mad Jewish suicide bombers from getting out and attacking the poor shell shocked Islamic community, who's only crime is to want death for those that insult their Prophet, oh, and death for Apostates of course, and gays, and raped women, and people who won't convert to Islam. Who could deny them these few simple requests.

Islam is the only beneficiary of last weeks attacks, and of this weeks marches. What is left of Charlie Hebdo has promised to release an issue this week.  The police have asked (in the name of free speech) that they do not release anything that could be considered 'inflammatory', as if having most of your staff killed isn't just a bit inflammatory in itself.

Europe is on its last breath as a free continent. The march at the weekend was about letting the public let off steam and for the government to demonstrate that it wasn't against Islam.

With police and armed forces being cut because of austerity, and with the ever increasing threat from people who just happen to be Muslim, I have to wonder what will happen once groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda realize Europe is unable to defend itself within its own boarders.

Look what a hand full of 'Criminals' can do. What would happen if this force was 10 times bigger, or a hundred times bigger. Look how quickly a relatively small force (ISIS) brought chaos to the middle east, and how quickly they gathered supporters.

Europe's Muslim population is growing, and with every terror attack they say has nothing to do with them, they gain more special treatment. The Shari'a is being implemented one little piece at a time.

Not once over the past week did any of the big media publications show that they were Charlie. None in the UK dared show the Motoons. Never before in the history of man, did so many do so little, against so few.

The Jihadis have brought the war to Europe, and we have shown we are not prepared and so we will have to either let the bastards that brought us to this point strip away our freedoms to protect us, or fight. Fighting has been ruled out. Who would do the fighting? The few children the west have are no match for the millions of young Muslim men who would willingly die, and so our way of life must end. We just need to wait for the plug to be pulled.



  1. Danny and Paul, Yes, it is the Muslims that gained the most from this atrocity,and those like us that can see the true face of Islam that lost. Merkel and co. are to blame, they know how to manipulate the masses. It is only by continuing to keep our heads clear that we will win in the end. Defeat is not an option. Philip.
    I am Pegida.

  2. With the exception of some sort of phenomenal awakening, Europe is lost and America is shortly behind her. All America needs is to add many more no-go zones which are already underway. (Ask Michigan) And we've already got that political correctness thing down pat with elements of Shiria law already in place.

  3. Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam tells Muslims who don't like Western freedom to pack your bags and f__off on live TV.

  4. THE USA --- Destruction From Inside --- Newest Muslim Nation In The Making: LISTEN As Eric Holder Defends Islam

  5. Yes and this is the best! What a bunch of frauds these world leaders are. A photo is so deceiving. Everyone in the world thought they were marching WITH the sheeple.

  6. First rate propaganda. Catch my next essay, later today. Hollande did not want Netanyahu present, Netanyahu insisted as he wanted to address the Jews of Paris and personally invite them to move to Israel. Hollande's reprisal was to invites Abbas to attend as well.

  7. Well here we are just a couple of weeks later, and its as if it never happened. The European Union managed to scrap through another Islamic mutilation of western values and blame it on everything except koranic inspired Jihad by pious Muslims.

    If Muslims were so peaceful they'd make sure the terrorists could not force their values (shari'a) on the rest of us through force. If the Terrorists were really bringing Islam into such disrepute there'd be millions of Muslims out on the streets burning ISIS flags.

    Until we are allowed an honest debate on Islam in print and on the main TV outlets the so called moderate Muslims get a free pass. There's one koran there's one Islam and there's One Goal. Modern progressives are using this single minded dumbness to destroy the old world and bring in the New.

    All the useful idiots will feel the wrath of the Muslim hoards the same as all Islams enemies down through the ages. Islam cannot live with any other way of living. Everything has to adjust to Islam. There has never been another way.

    Islam is a weapon, a sword, a destroyer. Nothing good will come of it.


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