Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


In recent essays I have tried to show that the truth is often elusive, that obvious answers are obviously wrong, that connecting the dots between two events is not enough, for those two events are but two parts of a very deceptive maze, meant to be difficult to grasp and nearly incomprehensible to most. Were that not so, all of America would be awake by now instead of retreating ever further into a world of escapism and denial. Lost and bewildered in the maze has become a way of life for a people once free; a people who had long assumed that we had reached the pinnacle in man's pursuit of liberty and that everything would go on forever, unchallenged, unthreatened, and unchanging. So much for illusion, and wishful thinking, for today the maze is closing around us, and wishful thinking has become a baited trap for the unwary.

Americans, as well as the other people of the western nations, are working at a terrible disadvantage; they expect things to make sense, and they quite simply do not. Depending on your age, think back to the days of the Cold War. We lived in fear of the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons while they in turn lived in fear of ours. This nuclear standoff resulted in a policy known as MAD; mutually assured destruction. While this may well be considered a form of madness it worked, as neither we nor the Russians wanted to nuked in the middle of the night.

Fearful though those days were, they were infinitely better than what we deal with today in the madness we know as Islam, at least the Shiites, actually want a nuclear holocaust enacted to resurrect a long dead warlord of theirs. Both the Shiites and the Sunni are quite willing to die in a nuclear blast if it results in the destruction of Israel and the death of millions of Jews. Well that is their viewpoint, what of ours?

In my last essay I had no kind words for our Progressive leaders, nor will you find any kind words here about them for they pose a great, and intentional, danger to all of us. Iran, in pursuit of nuclear weapons, is a Sword of Damocles that hangs above all of our heads, and anyone not dedicated to the ruin of the west is well aware of this fact. Why then do our Progressive elected officials insist on giving Iran the time they need to enact their plans?

Arutz Sheva ... January 16, 2015
Obama Reiterates: I Will Veto New Sanctions on Iran
At Friday’s press conference, Prime Minister Cameron also warned Congress against new sanctions and said he would personally call lawmakers to express the UK view.

Years ago George W. Bush stood in the rubble of 911 and uttered the words, "We shall never forget." Those nearly forgotten words have now faded into history as has his war on terror.

Fox News ... January 14, 2015
GOP Senator: 'Americans Being Kept in the Dark About Freed Gitmo Detainees'

Today under the dictates of Hussein Obama and his masters we have now joined the terrorists, leaving much of America reeling in disbelief. That war on terror has long since ended and we aid the terrorists in their religious war against us. This is cultural suicide, and with Americans unwilling to do what our forefathers did we can only await the end.

Fox News ... January 17, 2015
Former CIA Officer: Admin's Release of Gitmo Prisoners Is 'Insane'
"How the United States is able to keep track of this when they don’t know where these people are is a mystery to me," Berntsen said. "There’s absolutely no way it’s 6-percent ... I tell you the numbers have got to be at least 50-percent."
Berntsen added that releasing these men is actually inspiring a growth in jihadism.

Obama's move is not insane. It is just part of the Big Picture. Understand the agenda and everything else falls into place, and Obama, at least for the moment, does want to inspire the growth of jihadism.

Arutz Sheva ... January 14, 2015
Netanyahu: 'Hypocritical' War on Terror Will Fail

Netanyahu is quite correct. The 'war' is hypocritical and exists only in our memories while the true war is being directed against us and our liberty. During the cold war we became accustomed to the thought that nuclear war was not winnable and none would dare trigger such an event. Being creatures of habit, and those habits extend to our thought processes, we still cannot cope with the reality that some actually seek such a nuclear holocaust. The simple fact of the matter is that many pursue a nuclear outcome for various reasons. That is why I write today.

Let us now backtrack a few years and I shall try to explain the Big Picture that I speak of. In my early days of researching the policies of this administration I began to realize that so much of the Obama agenda was wrapped up in his hatred of Israel. What I was learning at the time led me to write
'Obama Is Selling Out Israel ... Soon'.

My research continued leading to still other essays on the topic...
The Coming Assault On Israel
During this period I was doing a vast amount of research on the Soros agenda and began to understand Obama's actions in the Middle East, from empowering the MB in Egypt, to overthrowing Qaddafi in Libya, to betraying Israel's plans for survival. Everything that I learned pointed in one simple direction: Soros, and his lackey, Hussein Obama, were leading the world to nuclear war.

Obama ... Forcing A Nuclear War
Opening paragraph:
Today's headlines makes it impossible to believe that Obama is not actively engaged in planning Israel's destruction. His speech of May 19, 2011 calls for Israel to withdraw to 1967 borders to which Netanyahu replied that those borders are indefensible. Newt Gengrich made the comment that it was the "most dangerous speech given by an American President in terms of Israel's survival."

The Countdown To War Continues
The Coming Assault On Israel ... Part Two
While researching and writing the two above links the Middle East was edging ever closer to war and I was learning still more about Israel's nuclear capabilities. Putting myself in Netanyahu's shoes I reasoned, and wrote, that were Israel about to be overrun I would launch each and all of those nuclear warheads toward the nations that were about to destroy Israel and the traitorous leaders of the west who had set the stage

Then I discovered that Israel did indeed have such a plan in action. It was called The Samson Option.

The Sampson Option ... Israel's Hole Card
As for that arsenal, we are uncertain as to exactly how many bombs and warheads Israel possesses. The best estimates are between 75 and 400 thermonuclear weapons. Add to that chemical, biological, tactical nuclear weapons as well as neutron bombs and suitcase nukes. Israel has been criticized world wide for so many non-existent atrocities: Genocide, war crimes, apartheid, and were any of it true they have the military might to impose their will had they chosen to do so. They have not. The Jews have long been the victims of history and ask no more than to be allowed to live in peace. The awesome weaponry they possess has but one purpose, self defense.

After writing the above, Der Spiegel of Germany also learned of the plan and published their findings leading me to write the following:
Israel's Doomsday Scheme

Fortunately the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and so Obama and Soros' plan did not quite materialize. Much of the weapons we provided to Libya were now finding their way into Gaza creating a weapons glut for Hamas. Terrorists, when facing such a problem, naturally go to war. That was not a well planned assault as Hamas assumed that Morsi of Egypt would join in the attack. They assumed wrongly as Egypt under the MB was in total disarray.

And so once again Israel managed to dodge the bullet. So too did the rest of the world, as soon the Egyptian people would rise up against the Muslim brotherhood, leading the military to support the people and arrest Morsi.

Have you ever noticed how many protest banners in foreign nations are written in English? The American people are so apathetic that they will not rise as did the Egyptians, but foreign people are still trying to awaken Americans to their plight and our coming demise; to no avail.

Israel's most recent engagement with Hamas that occurred earlier this year is an indication of things to come.

The Times Of Israel ... August 13, 2014
UK to halt some arms sales to Israel if fighting resumes
Move seen as compromise after fierce battle among UK politicians over whether to nix export licenses immediately

Front Page Mag ... October 22, 2014
Revealed: U.S. Cut Off Arms Supply to Israel During Gaza War
The order to stop the processing of all Israeli requests came from a senior echelon—probably the White House, among other reasons, because Israel had ignored the initiatives of Secretary of State John Kerry and preferred to end the operation through a direct channel with the Egyptians.
Breaking news...

The Jerusalem Post ... December 17, 2015
EU court says Hamas should be removed from terror blacklist
According to the “technical issue” argument, Hamas was removed from the list because the evidence used to place the organization on the list did not meet European standards.

The Times Of Israel ... January 18, 2015
Hezbollah commander killed, raising fears of retaliatory strike
The strike raised fears that a larger conflagration could be in the offing, with both Israel and Hezbollah bracing for possible continued fighting amid an increase in tensions.

The Daily Caller ... January 19, 2015
Israeli Helicopter Kills Iranian General With Lebanese Fighters In Syrian Territory

Hezbollah has some of the finest light infantry in the world and they do not operate under restrictive rules of engagement as do Israel and the United States militaries.

Hamas, with no rules of engagement at all, are well equipped with instruments of terror, but not nearly so well trained and disciplined as Hezbollah.

ISIS, currently under attack from some of the nations that are trying to 'contain' them, grows richer by the day and their ranks of terrorists grow proportionally.

Jordan is a relatively soft target but due to some fine tactical work they were able to stop ISIS's assault on their border, but there is no way to stop the influx of terror cells as they arrive along with many thousands of refugees from Iraq.

Currently ISIS seems more inclined to target oil rich Saudi Arabia...

Breitbart ... January 19, 2015
Islamic State ‘Caliph’ Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has frequently called for attacks inside Saudi territory, with hopes of the eventual capture of Mecca and Medina. “It is likely [Baghdadi] realizes that no one can claim to be the Islamic State without controlling the holy sites in and around Mecca and Medina and the wealth that comes with them,” writes Newsweek’s William Young.

The point that I am trying to make from the above links is that Israel is virtually surrounded by enemies and the noose is tightening. The recent engagement with Hamas began to show the strain on the IDF as they began running short on munitions. Picture an assault from Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, and Iran all at the same time. Israel cannot hope to survive such an onslaught that would inevitably lead to the fall of Israel and the launch of their nuclear weaponry, especially when western nations refuse to resupply Israel's diminishing weaponry.

Why, I must ask, do leaders of the west continue to promote an anti-Semitism and anti-Israel agenda in the face of such danger? Surely they have access to the same information that I do, and more, and they persist on a course that will undoubtedly lead to nuclear war. This leads me to one inescapable conclusion. They want a nuclear holocaust; and that in turn leads me to ask Why?

I must also ask why, in the face of increasing terrorist attacks, do the leaders of Europe insist on continuing the influx of Muslim who will not assimilate and bring only death and destruction with them?

The answer to both of the above questions is the quest for power. Not simply the wealth and power that comes with elected office. They seek pure, unrestrained, unlimited power, such as was enjoyed by the kings of the last Dark Age. To achieve this goal they must bring their own people to the edge of oblivion, and it is there that those people will surrender the last of their rights to remain alive a while longer. It is there that the role of Muslim immigrants come into play.

They, in their own quest for power have become the unthinking pawns of the Globalists. Dangle the prospects of a new caliphate before the followers of Allah and they will do what they are programmed to do; Kill. Europe's population is aging and war is the game for the young. Europe's population has long been disarmed by their Progressive leaders. Now picture these young terrorists armed with swords, machetes, AK47s, and RPGs enjoying their long time aspirations of killing unarmed kuffars. I will guarantee you that such a situation, created for a purpose, will lead to oppressive laws against which no free man can stand.

This will be the time scheduled for the destruction of Israel and the hell on Earth that begins when she launches her nukes. Gone are the cities of Allah. Gone are a half billion Muslims in one day. Gone are Mecca and Medina, turned to molten glass by a force far greater than the prophet that these fanatics have long worshiped. Gone too is the psyche of the people of the desert. Broken in spirit they will be decimated by the militaries of Europe and driven back to their radioactive sands. The Globalists who brought Islam among their own people have no intentions of living under the dictates of any Islamic Caliphate, and so they will finally reverse Islamic immigration, and get on with the next age of darkness.

And this makes three...
In the last three years I have been making multiple predictions, none of which are something to look forward to. Many have already proven to be correct while others lie in the near future:

One was that there would be no election in 2016. Recently Ben Carson voiced concern about exactly that.

World Net Daily ... September 29, 2014
Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen

I warned that Iran could detonate a nuclear bomb in New York Harbor. Thomas Sowell recently declared that event to be his greatest fear.

Rush Limbaugh ... December 10, 2014
Dr. Thomas Sowell's Greatest Fear

And I have long told America that we need not be concerned about civil war in our streets, gun grabs, martial law and such until 2015. Now Trevor Louden is predicting the same time frame for massive civil strife.

Trevor Louden's New Zeal Blog ... January 17, 2015
Intifada USA? American Radicals Build Ties to “Palestinian” Revolutionaries

2015 could be the worst year for civil unrest in the United States, since the Vietnam War era. Communists and their Islamic allies are looking to build on 2014’s Ferguson riots, to create major havoc in America this year.

All three men are well known by nearly everyone and it might be wise to heed their thoughts. The simple fact is that they are now coming to the same conclusions that I did long ago. As far as the internet goes I am a nobody, with barely two and a half million pageviews between my two primary sites. The fact remains that I see the future far better than do most and much sooner than all. I attribute this talent to my knowledge of history, human nature, and an understanding of the laws of cause and effect.

It might be wise to seriously consider the projections that I have written about above.

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  1. The difference between the nations that have had nuclear weapons and Iran is that they did not use them because they knew that they would be bombed in retaliation. Even Pakistan did not intend to use its nuclear weapons other than as a deterent. In other words they were not suicidal. What we face now is a new situation, an Iran and Muslim world that practices suicide bombing, and honours the bombers as heroes and martyrs, go straight to heaven and be richly rewarded. Allowed to aquire the weapon they are willing to use it, long to use it. While allowing Muslims into free democratic countries is cultural suicide, allowing Iran to get the bomb is actual suicide. There are millions of Muslims that rejoice at the prospect of their own death, as Mohammed clearly stated, those that die whilst killing the enemies of Islam will be given a special place in Paradise. If any of us survive Danny we will get to see if indeed a newworldorder rises out of the ashes. See you on the other side maybe.

    1. To the shield wall, Sir!
      I plan to be on the other side, surrounded by a great many of Allah's fallen followers.


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