Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Liberals...Many debate with them, trying to awaken them to the reality and the dangers that lie before us. I never bother, feeling the effort to be a total waste of my time. I have long since written them off as casualties in a mindless world of their own making. Their ultimate fate is a matter of extreme indifference to me. I publish on two separate websites; 'Freedom Rings 1776', began while I was still optimistic about this nation's future, and 'Fix Bayonets' that began after concluding that any hope we have will begin after the inevitable crash that our enemies have planned for America. If you are reading this on 'Fix Bayonets' look to the top of the page. There you will find my statement of purpose for this site. It reads...

'Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.'

You may feel lost, confused, frightened, even terrified of current events and our near future. Allow me to assure you of one thing. You have 'the courage required to restore our birthright.'; else you would not be here, for I am well known for posing frightening scenarios, always validated by indisputable facts, and a cause and effect explanation of what led to my predictions. In the event you are new to this site, I do have a long history of projecting future events and an equally long history of being correct.

In November of 2013 I wrote a seven part series entitled 'Iran, Obama, And Nuclear War'. Links to all seven essays can be found here, and below in Suggested Reading, but for the moment I would especially like to relate what I wrote in Part Five, and that was Iran triggering a nuclear detonation in New York Harbor. That prediction, in turn, developed its own history.

A few months later in March of 2014 one of my regular readers, and a very well informed American, sent me the following link telling us that Obama was far more concerned about a nuclear explosion in Manhattan than a confrontation with Russia.(Allow me to refer to this lady as Reader A, as I shall soon call upon her support again).

Daily News ... March 26, 2014
Obama says he's more worried about the possibility of ‘nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan’ than Russian threat

Continuing the history of that prediction:

The Rush Limbaugh Show ... December 10, 2014
Dr. Thomas Sowell's Greatest Fear
I said, "What's your biggest fear?"
Are you ready for this?
He said his biggest fear: The Iranians get nuclear weapons and attack not Israel, but the United States.

Think of me however you will, be it a fear monger, a conspiracy theorist, or simply a far out nut job. The fact remains that Doctor Thomas Sowell is regarded as one of our greatest thinkers and thirteen months after my prediction he was warning of the same danger.

The 911 attack took us totally by surprise as we are used to thinking in terms of war as being on the battlefield. That was a weakness of ours that Osama bin Laden managed to successfully exploit, and we haven't learned a thing yet. They do not fight on our terms, and we cannot effectively anticipate theirs.

Today it is apparent to all but the mindless liberals that Obama is intentionally allowing the ruling class of Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Eliminating those liberals from the equation, our conservatives, our political leaders, and even our military are fixated on the concept that Iran wants to nuke Israel. We are still stuck in old-think, unable to envision the true agenda.

Briefly, a summary of what I wrote in Part Five mentioned above: I warned that Iran would not use their one and only nuke on Israel as the Israeli Defense Forces are always expecting an attack and are prepared to deal with it. We are not. The USA is an exceptionally soft target, and that is what Islam prefers to attack, with the highest death toll possible. Israel is but a focal point for Islamic hatred, but the USA is regarded as the Big Satan.

I suggested that Iran would not even try to nuke Israel but would instead rely on a cargo vessel, cruising unnoticed into New York Harbor where they would detonate the bomb.

Today many are well aware of the fact that Iran is working on an ICBM and that implies an ability to strike London, Paris, or New York City. Actually, I am not overly concerned about an ICBM as many have to be built and launched to verify reliability before being used as an implement of war, and I do not believe that Iran has such patience. They want to kill Americans and they want to kill them soon.

Muslims do not think as we do. We try to minimize collateral damage and civilian deaths. They choose to maximize those casualties. We have a preconceived notion of hows wars should be fought. Those preconceptions are a handicap as the Jihadists know what to expect from us and they choose to employ a different tactic.

We grow concerned over the possibility that Iran will soon have both the bomb and ICBMs and it is to that end that the Pentagon plans our defense. Consider this: What if Iran chooses to mislead us, to give this nation a false sense of security born of believing we are safe until they succeed in developing an ICBM? We will no more be expecting a cargo ship exploding in New York Harbor than were we expecting two of our own aircraft slamming into two magnificent towers.

Reader A, mentioned before, has yet again contributed to my efforts as this morning she sent me the link to this photo...

Bibi and I differ on the role of ICBMs in Iran's future but are solidly in agreement that Iran is planning to target America. Photo's have a way of disappearing from essays in a process known as 'link rot'. Should someone be reading this a year from now and the image is missing, what is on it is quite important. It is a photo of Netanyahu inscribed with a quote that reads...
Iran isn't building ICBMs for Israel. They have missiles that can hit us. They are building ICBMs to hit America.

Always the skeptic, I followed that quote and indeed Bibi did not say that, but believes it, as his spokesman was permitted to deliver the message on CNN. This is a link to the source and the exact quote...

The Jewish Press ... November 20, 2013
Israel Warns US: Iran Building ICBMs for YOU, Not for Us

I mean, the Iranians are building intercontinental ballistic missiles. They’re not building them for us, they’ve already got missiles that can reach Israel. They’re building them for you! For targets in North America and Western Europe. It’s crucial that we don’t allow them to get nuclear weapons.

I pride myself in the claim that my readers are some of the nation's best informed citizens. You know as well as I that Obama is intent on allowing Iran to obtain nuclear capability. Therefore it stands to reason that whether by ICBM or cargo vessel, he is planning to allow a nuclear 911 and I am convinced that the attack will occur prior to the 2016 election allowing him to cancel/delay the election. New York is the most likely target due to the horrendous death toll and the fact that it is the economic center of America.

Doubts? Why did they attack the World Trade Center? The high death toll and the economic impact! Osama bin Laden did not have access to a nuclear weapon and used our own technology to attack us, quite successfully I might add. Obama is now allowing Iran time to perfect their weapons, and the money with which to do it. Now picture NYC being obliterated. We can see it coming. We know that Obama is complicit, and none can stop him. Americans are still posting 'Impeach Obama' on the internet, they cry out for sane policies, and spend many sleepless night due to the insanities they behold, and yet none can stop him. Our military could but they have not. Our Senators and Congressmen could go on TV and tell you the same thing I am telling you here. They will not. 

This inaction on the part of so many leads me to believe that Obama and those who pull his strings are indeed unstoppable. This is why I write with such a sense of desperation. It is all coming down and there is nothing that any of us can do to stop it. We have but one option, survive and fight on.

911 Act Two will be coupled with the activation of all of the Jihadist sleeper cells in this nation. Our infrastructure will be targeted, our reservoirs poisoned or destroyed, and our people will become the target of an astronomical number of snipers. Fortunately, most of the deaths will occur in our inner cities, home of the liberals.

This will be the point at which conservative Americans must engage, or forever disavow their liberties. They must have food and water aplenty, along with medical supplies, arms and ammunition, and a plan of either fighting in place or withdrawing and forming militias.

We lack leaders: Let that not concern you at the moment. There is a law of nature that out of chaos comes order. Post 911 Part Two is most assuredly going to be a time of chaos and from that chaos leaders will emerge. You will have a mission before you...Protect the young, stay alive, survive to fight another day, and never forget what America was nor the kind of people who built it. They built it, and it will be up to us to rebuild.

I trust that you are up to the task, after all, you are reading Fix Bayonets, and I write only for you. Yes, I fully expect you to become one of those leaders that I speak of as you have quite an advantage. You are forewarned, you are informed, and you will not be taken by surprise when this occurs.

Reader A, that I wrote of, describes herself as having ice in her veins. That is a survivor's and a leader's attitude. Prepare!

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  1. Good one Danny! We are a country that has dumbed down her entire education system and replaced it with socialist/progressive propaganda which in turn is reflected in the media ... a country that has lost its roots and bearings and is therefore blind, dumb and naked. We are left with no ability to decipher because we don't know our history and no one listens to your voice or that of many others because frankly they are apathetic and desensitized. Besides, it takes time away from their busy day and they much prefer to live in denial and frankly, I doubt that most can even understand what you are saying. All you really need for a picture of reality is to see those clips from "Water's World." ____ Netanyahu was right. Iran's missiles are pointed toward America first.

    1. No, it is not correct. Those who study and keep their faith and learn the truth are the keepers of the truth and can share it with those that listen. Danny is correct, as Jesus told the young man "let the dead bury their dead". The Avatar of the Hebrew People revealed to us that there are those who are spiritually dead and deserve no effort to salvation. This is not by our hand but by theirs and their choice not ours. Nevertheless we are not to project negative thoughts toward them because we have more important things to do, prepare and teach those who will listen and keep the moral law, those who are strong...

      Prepare yourselves, the Marxists will do anything to complete their agenda as all the Communists and tyrants in history. They would destroy the world if they cannot have it their way.

  2. Danny, I have been reading you articles for over 2 years. Thank-you so much for the heads-up. By paying attention I see more things that look out of place. Take any train at least 3 to 5 hours out of a major metropolitan area, pay attention, they are not hiding what they are doing, people just don't have a clue, and they will look american, but they are not. Watch out for wolves in sheeps clothing.

  3. Danny your info is very wise, I've got my eyes open and am making my preparation s for survival. However limited by money, because of your warnings, I have a better chance, and I thank you for that. If a bomb were sent to load angles, how far would the fallout around it be? I wait for your blog everyday, your voice keeps me sane. Please keep writting , you are a voice in the wilderence, trying to reach us,and I thank you.

  4. Danny your info is very wise, I've got my eyes open and am making my preparation s for survival. However limited by money, because of your warnings, I have a better chance, and I thank you for that. If a bomb were sent to load angles, how far would the fallout around it be? I wait for your blog everyday, your voice keeps me sane. Please keep writting , you are a voice in the wilderence, trying to reach us,and I thank you.

    1. Delores my friend, I am not keeping you sane. Your own strength of character is doing that. I am but providing a few facts and associating the danger connected to those facts.
      As for the spread of fallout, that is an almost unpredictable factor to gauge with any accuracy as there are so many unknowns. Size of the bomb/blast...Wind direction and velocity...Whether or not said bomb was designed to have a maximum blast or 'dirty' effect.
      While L.A. would be a valuable target for terrorists I put it far down the list from NY as a likely one. Anarchy and Chaos is the most likely danger there due to the millions of illegals and Somali immigrants in the area. A good thought on storing food and water: Tell few! When the crash occurs and there is nothing in our stores, people will take from others what they need to survive. The LA riots were but a small token of what awaits SoCal.
      As for prepping and monetary limitations you have quite an advantage over many others thanks to one food chain in your area...Superior Grocers. I, quite literally, have a ton of food stored, and without their Wednesday and Thursday specials I could not have done it. Typically you may see on those two days Tomatoes, 6 or 8 pounds for a dollar. Onions, cantaloupe, apples and such, the same,
      When I began to realize the danger I purchased a food dehydrator from Wal Mart...About $60.00 and a pressure canner for about the same. I think that I need to write an essay about prepping, and I no longer buy bottled water. I process my own and it is much purer than what can be purchased.


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