Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


The recent debacle in Yemen was far too well enacted to be anything short of a well planned and choreographed submission of the U.S. military before the forces of Islam. The bloodletting and the disgrace of Benghazi taught the Obama regime a lesson they are unwilling to repeat, and yet the narrative must continue; America must bow as the black flag of terrorism is raised above our territory. The surrender of our embassy in Yemen was designed to be a deliberate capitulation to terrorism, and the long term effects of that capitulation are equally well planned, and few understand the true ramifications of some of our finest warriors retreating in disgrace.

Yes, I said disgrace, and that term is in no way meant to belittle those fine Marines. Marines are famous for obeying orders without question. Given the order, they would gladly have fought to the last man and the last bullet in defense of our embassy. They were not given that order. Instead they were instructed to retreat to a civilian airport for evacuation, destroying their personal weapons in the process. I cannot help but wonder how many of these gallant defenders of America were wiping away tears of anger as they obeyed those politically inspired orders handed down from a traitorous State Department.

I lack the time to watch TV but do view video clips from Fox and am well aware that our State Department and the Pentagon knew well in advance what what coming. Many were their options and all options that would have brought honor to America were rejected. Rest assured that our 'defeat' was planned well in advance with the complicity of the leaders of Al Qaeda.

First and foremost our elite leaders did not want a repeat of Benghazi; bad image; bad press; too many loose ends, and so it was decided to have one of the finest fighting forces in the world retreat in shame, disarming in the process. Such an abject surrender on the part of our Marines is a double edged sword. It does horrendous damage to our morale while bolstering that of the enemy.

This is why the ISIS recruitment plan is going so well. Everyone wants to be on the winning side and Obama is giving them the whole farm.

Six months into his first term, Obama empowered the MB in Egypt. A short time later, ignoring the Joint Chiefs of Staff's recommendations, he followed the advice of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power, and deposed Qaddafi, thus handing Libya over to Al Qaeda. The weapons we had given to Al Qaeda then began being delivered to Gaza, Al Qaeda in Syria, and Boko Haram to the south. We then abandoned Iraq, leaving it to a corrupt regime, and then Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban to once again gain power.

Now Yemen has fallen, Saudi Arabia grows nervous of their new neighbors and ISIS is setting the stage for an assault on Jordan. If successful, Israel will be totally surrounded.

All of the above leads most to the obvious conclusion that Obama is a Muslim supporter. I never yield to the obvious as I know that smoke and mirrors are a favorite tactic of the Globalists.

Had ISIS taken Yemen instead of the Arabian peninsula wing of Al Qaeda the story would have turned out far differently. However, it was not ISIS, and Obama's State Department is on good terms with Al Qaeda. We surrendered, they were the victors, and we were 'allowed' to safely evacuated our men. Obama can claim bragging rights and assert that he knows how to deal with Al Qaeda...Which means that we are going to give them a whole helluva lot more foreign aid and weapons.

Rest assured that under the terms our men left Yemen Obama will find an excuse to help to stabilize the government of this group of 'moderates'. Moderates! I truly begin to resent that word, for it implies that we have allied our nation with the forces of terrorism. That word also well indicates that those in our country who believe the releases of the State Department are nothing more than blithering idiots, and there are far too many of them.

But, what of the long term effects of our withdrawal from the power we once held in the Middle East? Dictators or Islam; the Muslim mentality can function under no other form of government.

This was Iranian life style under the Shah of Iran...

Egypt under Mubarak was a reliable ally of the west. With the advent of Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt changed drastically, elected a  president from the ranks of the MB and within a year the Egyptians were rejecting Islam and chose to elect a secular President.

Qaddafi of Libya, after an encounter with Ronald Reagan, decided that he would rather switch than fight and joined us in the war against Al Qaeda. Eventually that decision cost him his life as Obama and his female advisers chose to throw Qaddafi to the wolves thus turning that nation into a breeding ground for terrorists.

Not all dictators are benevolent, as well demonstrated by Saddam Hussein. He was removed from power and Iraq put on a course, designed to improve the lives of its people and bring a greater semblance of peace to the Middle East. Obama seeks not peace but anarchy and chaos, and that is exactly what we are getting.

Syria, while always being contentious of the west provided a more or less peaceful environment for a variety of ethnic groups. That once peaceful environment has been destroyed by external forces thus creating the now infamous ISIS. Anarchy and chaos at its finest, and their power grows exponentially as we show weakness to the world.

The Qur'an calls upon its followers to forever wage Jihad in the name of Allah and the movement gains followers with each passing day. Even Muslims who were once inclined to live a more or less peaceful life are becoming militant as the forces of Islam grow in power and the leaders of the west bow to the Islamic agenda.

Two things about our people truly trouble me. One is that the masses are split into two groups, one that swallows the Progressive agenda hook, line, and sinker, while the rest cower in fear with each new terrorist attack on the west. The second issue: The 'experts' who continue to tell us that Obama is either totally incompetent or a closet Muslim. Both are sadly mistaken.

Both the 'experts' and I have access to the same data. My claiming them to be wrong while I am correct would seem to indicate that I am either an arrogant fool or that I have examined all of the data while they have but scratched the surface, falling for the obvious, and unable to grasp the most diabolical agenda in the history of the human race. Shall we go there?

Think back to the sixties and the term 'Population Explosion'. This danger was very real then and is even more so now. Responsible citizens of the western nations addressed the problem and voluntarily began a reduction of their own burgeoning populations. Not so for the Islamic, African, Chinese, and South American people. Their social, cultural, and religious beliefs demanded that they continue to multiply, unconcerned with the dangers.

Today China has finally come to terms with the problem and have implemented a policy of one child per family. Their methods, while effective, are quite barbaric and frowned upon by our people. The other groups mentioned have done nothing to alleviate the problem and thus the unchecked growth of their populations are becoming a grave danger to the entire human race.

Enter the transnational progressives with their solution. That solution is so bizarre that most cannot even comprehend the fact that any would choose it, for that solution is nuclear holocaust. Think back to the cold war and MAD; mutually assured destruction. The mere fact that all believed that nuclear war would exterminate the entire human race is what prevented that war from ever occurring.

When we dropped the two nuclear weapons on Japan our experts believed that those cities, due to residual radiation, would be uninhabitable for ten thousand years. Once again the experts were mistaken. The image below is an aerial view of Hiroshima after dark today.

The Progressive elites never miss a trick. In their own minds the are convinced that they and they alone are mentally qualified to direct the course of human history. They are absolutely convinced that the human race will indeed survive the holocaust that they have planned, and have no intention of ever dropping a nuclear bomb themselves.

Four years ago while researching the dangers that face Israel I concluded that were I in Netanyahu's shoes, if attacked, I would continue with the use of conventional weapons. However, were it to become obvious that Israel was indeed doomed I would in the last few hours launch my hundreds of nuclear weapons, destroying all of the cities of Islam and the capitols of western nations that had betrayed me. Think about it. Would Israel, about to be overran, allow those weapons to fall into the hands of those who were attacking them or would they in one massive launch send a billion people to hell?

Shortly after writing that essay I learned that Israel did indeed have such a plan in place and it is called The Samson Option.) See below in Suggested Reading). Der Spiegel of Germany also learned of the plan and published their reveal with the image to the left appearing on their cover.

As indicated above, I have little if any faith in the 'experts', and this is part of the reason. They can find everything that I have found and yet they exclude what does not fit neatly into their own little agendas. But, there is a great difference between the experts and the Progressive overlords who are directing our futures. The experts choose not to consider the danger while the Progressives plan to exploit it.

Look about you. Ask yourself what ethnic group/culture is the greatest danger to a stable world. If you answered Islam then we are in agreement, if not you are reading the wrong essay. Now look at Israel and consider the pressure put on that tiny nation by the bulk of the world's political leaders. They are applying non-stop political pressure to force Israel into compliance with their agenda, which will result in the destruction of Israel, and the undeniable launch of Israeli nukes.

Does Obama know about the Samson Option? Of course he does, as does David Cameron, Angela Merkel, and all of the others. Why then do they persist in an agenda that will lead to the destruction of the tiny state of Israel, knowing that if that nation falls, they will give us a nuclear holocaust as a farewell gesture?

My answer to the above is: The transnational globalists who direct the affairs of state of western nations want to eradicate Islam. The destruction of Israel and a few dozen western capitols are a price they are willing to pay for the vast reduction in the planet's population. They want Israel to fall, taking Islam down with it.

Meanwhile, the Catch 22, of the whole thing is that the Muslim horde is being used to infiltrate all of the nations of the west, which will result in widespread civil wars, further reducing the population and thus leading to increased powers for the Progressive governments.

Many are they who remain convinced that Obama is a closet Muslim and they cite his aid to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and the fact that he is virtually guaranteeing that Iran will soon become a nuclear power. Once again, calling upon the 'experts'...Most are convinced that Iran intends to use the first nuclear weapon on Israel. I am not convinced, nor are the leaders of Israel, as they warn of the U.S. being the primary target for Iran. So have I in the essay 911 Act Two.

Many are they who find fault with my conclusions and that is fine with me. Anyone, whether they choose to think or not, has the right to an opinion, but allow me to put forth a few closing thoughts...

MAD worked during the cold war as neither the Russians nor Americans wanted to die the victims of a nuclear blast. Now the equation has changed. To quote Osama bin Laden...'We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two.'

We as a liberty loving people have trouble dealing with such a mindset. Millions of Muslims would gladly give their lives in the effort to destroy Israel, and if the destruction of Israel results in the deaths of a billion Muslims, the loyal followers of Allah, placing no value on life, will regard that as a price worth paying.

But what of the Progressive elite that I warn of? Why are they willing to see many of the great cities of the west turned into radioactive rubble? First off, they plan to survive. Fallout shelters dug deep and well stocked will support them until the fallout has settled. Then and only then will they emerge into a world of misery willing to accept their divine leadership under any terms.

My views are controversial, in no way compatible with those of the experts, and yet I present to you far more factual evidence than do those same experts. Where else have you encountered the Samson Option. Where else have you seen such a collection of facts, and a viable presentation of likely events should we continue on the same course.

Our leaders largely stand united against Israel, admitting no fault with Islam at large. True, they will acknowledge the danger of terrorism but choose not to reveal the Islamic connection. The unchanging target of scorn continues to be Israel. The unchanging goal is the destruction of Israel. The consequences: Nuclear holocaust!

I pose a challenge to any and all who disagree with my findings. Do your own research. Then show me another explanation of why the west seeks to enable Islam and see Israel defeated, knowing that in defeat, Israel will have the last laugh. That laugh will be one tinged with irony and it will echo across the pages of history as once again the world settles into an age of darkness and despair.

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  1. I think your timescales for China's one child policy are a bit out. It was actually implemented strongly several decades ago, although senior officials were able to get around it. China has now relaxed the policy. I think the new rule is that if both your parents only had 1 child (i.e. followed the rules) then you are able to have 2 children. In other words, the new rules stabilise the population at the current level.

    1. Population stability is highly desirable and even with two offspring the population will slowly decline as some will not live to adulthood and reproduce. One of the problems that I have heard about is a surplus of male children as male offspring are preferred.


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