Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Friday, February 27, 2015


I have never liked politics, most politicians, what goes on in the political arena, and especially dislike what goes on behind closed doors. And yet oddly enough, at the age of seventy, politics has become the very focal point of my life. I could say that this change is due to fear, but quite honestly at my age there is very little that can inspire fear in me. No, the simple fact of the matter is that I have long been a student of history and know far more than most of man's inhumanity to man. I have spent countless hours trying to understand the evil within some who crave unlimited powers, and the craven apathetic nature of the masses who allow this to happen. In younger days this study was an academic pursuit. Today it is a reality that haunts my every moment.

Another field that has never appealed to me at all is sports, and yet the fire, the excitement, and the sheer joy of one team defeating another spill over into the reporting on political events as well, with one major difference. When a sports announcer tells you that one team has bashed another, you know what he means. Again, if one team slams or blasts another you have no trouble figuring out who won the game. That rule, however, does not apply to politics. Our conservative leaders continue making demands, slamming, blasting, and bashing the Obama administration while Obama in turn, continues slamming, blasting, and bashing the American people.

I am not being critical of our conservative leaders as they are all that stand between us and an absolute dictatorship. What I am saying is that mere words cannot stop the Globalist plan to destroy America. The best that they can hope for is to delay the ultimate confrontation, as did the men of the Alamo. Buying time is the only tangible result of their finest efforts.

Below I have assembled a small group of these demands and bashes to stress my point, but have no trouble at all envisioning Obama being informed of these demands. I see him as smiling broadly, leaning back, propping his feet upon the Presidential desk, and telling his advisers to tell his opponents where they can stick their demands.

Newsmax ... April 16, 2013
Sessions Demands More Time on Immigration Bill

Breitbart ... January 9, 2014

Breitbart ... May 6, 2014

You Tube ... May 14, 2014
Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi

Fox News ... November 6, 2014 (Video)
Sen. Mike Lee blasts the president's amnesty agenda

While all of the above and those that follow were undoubtedly great speeches, carefully delivered, and quite factual, the simple fact of the matter is that the only effect they have is to make conservative Americans feel good at the moment, but ultimately accomplish nothing. 

Wisconsin State Journal ... January 22, 2015
Scott Walker slams Obama, Hillary Clinton in post-State of the Union comments

International Business Times February 18, 2015
Ted Cruz Blasts Obama's Immigration Executive Order, Accuses President Of 'Counterfeiting Immigration Documents'

Newsmax ... February 18, 2015
Issa Blasts Obama's 'Imperial Presidency'
His party divided, Rep. Darrell Issa, the chief Republican attack dog, is calling on the GOP to abandon government-backed solutions and instead unite against President Barack Obama's "imperial presidency."

The Right Scoop ... February 25, 2015
Trey Gowdy gave a great opening speech today blasting Obama’s illegal amnesty, explaining why it’s wrong and what it can lead to. He also explains to illegals that while they may like what Obama’s abuse of power is doing for them now, they won’t like the kind of abuse this leads to and that one day they will cry out for the rule of law.

Breitbart ... February 26, 2015
“Give our vets the same freedoms they gave us,” she declared. “And instead of illegal aliens cutting in line and being rewarded with a handout of U.S. benefits, we demand that the vets are first in line.”

More slamming, more blasting, and more demands ... Look at the article immediately above. Words uttered by a true patriot, concerning the welfare of other patriots, and furthermore she is one hundred percent correct. The weakness of her argument lies not in the facts presented, nor in her presentation of those facts. The weakness is that the alphabet media refuses to rebroadcast her speech and consequently most Americans never hear what she had to say.

Who did hear it? People like you and me, conservative bloggers and websites, people who will repost her words for other conservatives to read, yet we are all doing no more than singing to the choir. Most of our citizens are not even aware that she made a speech, and the bulk of that group could actually care less.

The following excerpt is from Wikipedia:
"Give me liberty, or give me death!" is a quotation attributed to Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Virginia Convention in 1775, at St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia, he is credited with having swung the balance in convincing the convention to pass a resolution delivering Virginian troops for the Revolutionary War. Among the delegates to the convention were future U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

What if those stirring words had been uttered in front of only a half dozen people and had not been repeated to a population ready to fight for freedom. Those words would have been long forgotten by now and the Revolution may never have been fought. Words can stir passion in those of of conscience and boldness, but words unheard are no more than dust in the wind.

Five years of writing have taught me that hard lesson. Our liberals do not want to know, and most of our aging conservatives are too fearful to do anything more than vote in a rigged election every two years; always betrayed, and always waiting for the next election. They are forever hopeful in the face of reality as our nation teeters on the abyss.

Newsmax ... February 18, 2015
Issa Blasts Obama's 'Imperial Presidency'
His party divided, Rep. Darrell Issa, the chief Republican attack dog, is calling on the GOP to abandon government-backed solutions and instead unite against President Barack Obama's "imperial presidency."

The Hill ... February 26, 2015
Palin blasts Obama on terror threats

USA Today ... February 26, 2015
Ted Cruz slams Obama, Clinton in fiery CPAC speech
Invoking Ronald Reagan and his ability to build coalitions across ideological lines, Cruz also exhorted the CPAC attendees to “paint in bold colors” and avoid candidates who only talk but don’t back up their words with actions.

And there we face a problem. Cruz's thoughts when applied to the 2014 election "avoid candidates who only talk but don’t back up their words with actions.", simply do not address the true situation. The candidates put before us were not the people's choices. They were the handpicked members of the GOP's elite junior corps. Able to speak well and make great promises while planning to enact none. The midterm election of 2014 gave the public a choice of voting for a Democrat or a RINO who would in turn vote with the Democrats. Not much of a choice now was it? And that leads us into the next conservative speech.

USA Today ... February 26, 2015
Jindal blasts Washington pols (including Republicans)

And above, more brave words, more indisputable facts, another rallying cry heard by so few. Mister Jindal acknowledges that even his Republican associates have switched sides. Out numbered, outgunned, and surrounded, those loyal speakers are but feeble voices crying out in the wilderness, heard by far too few, criticized by far too many, and unknown by most who vote.

USA Today ... February 26, 2015
Scott Walker bashes Washington to win over CPAC crowd
NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Scott Walker blasted President Obama’s leadership and vowed to restore America’s standing around the globe, couching himself as a standard-bearer for conservatives eager to retake the White House.

And that headline sums up what I am saying about our singing to the choir. Scott Walker did not have to win over the CPAC crowd. They were already loyal else they would not have been present. To actually 'win over' the opposition requires far more than great speeches by our dwindling number of conservative leaders. It requires a massive effort by millions of conservative voters and I have learned from experience that such an effort is asking far too much from those who still want freedom, without the risks inherent in the pursuit of liberty.

About a year ago I wrote an essay suggesting that patriots devote about two hours a week and gather across this nation at government centers or news outlets to protest in unison and demand the truth from both our media and elected leaders. One bold patriot in Texas did just that hoping to inspire others. He was bashed. None who witnessed his valiant effort showed any interest at all. Those who lack such interest lead us to announcements such as the following:

The Blaze ... December 2, 2014
Judge Napolitano: America Is Becoming ‘Dangerously Close to a Police State’
“When … the bureaucracy remains the same no matter who the president is, no matter who the governor is, no matter who the mayor is, and when the attitude on the part of those unseen people in the government is, ‘Our job is to keep ourselves in power,’ then we have lost control,” Napolitano remarked.
Hat Tip to Linda Borst.

We can all see that this nation is indeed becoming a police state and the chosen remedy is to wait for yet another election or post on the internet. Both efforts have been non-productive thus far. The simple fact is that, at the rate we are progressing, we are indeed going to become a police state and we are all going to lose all of our freedoms. The only hope that America has is the next time someone quotes Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty of give me death!", millions of American must stand tall and say "Me too!"



  1. I'm a little confused here. Help me out. (You are allowed to laugh at me).
    Why is Holder still opening his mouth?

    1. No reason to laugh Elaine. Holder will be around for a long time to come. His complicity in the ruin of our nation just got to be too much of a hot potato and he has officially stepped aside, and he may well become the next member of the Supreme Court. He is in the INNER circle of the elite.


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