Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Friday, February 20, 2015


The bulk of this essay is going to be about terrorism and how our Progressive leaders, across all of the western nations, helped to set the stage for the emergence of those terrorists and continue to aid them as their horrifying powers grow. Before going there, however, I would like to use one bit of news, seemingly unrelated, but actually quite relative, for it reveals the duplicity of those we once trusted with our highest aspirations. Allow me to present none other than Marco Rubio, and man once hailed by the conservative right and considered as a possible candidate for President. Today Americans, not nearly as concerned about terrorism as they should be, regard illegal immigration, ObamaCare, and the economy, to be our greatest concerns. Well, here is an 'Up Yours' salute from a man once trusted, and he is but one more indicator of the treason that has taken root in our nation's capitol.

Breitbart ... February 18, 2015

And while on the topic of illegal immigration let us hear from America's favorite Marxist mayor...

Breitbart ... February 18, 2015
“New York City will continue to prepare for implementation of the President’s executive action, and encourage immigrant communities to step forward and sign up when programs go live—these programs are lawful and secure,” he said in a statement, adding “and we have your back.”

So many are so confused about how this nation has been brought to its current levels. After all, they have done what they thought best to support the American dream. Realizing that this nation had made a grave error in electing Obama they took to Facebook and posted military images supporting the military. They posted flag and eagle pictures supporting patriotism, and great quotes from the Founders, in support of the Constitution. But by far their greatest effort was in the cause to Vote em Out and so they voted for each and all with an 'R' by their names. Now that 'R' has come to largely symbolize RINO.

Many even went so far as to attend Tea Party rallies and made certain that the grounds on which these rallies took place were cleaner than they were before the rallies began. They certainly did not want the liberal media to say that conservatives were anything less than perfect ladies and gentlemen...and most assuredly nothing to fear.

While so many are confused about the state of America, I am not. As they were posting platitudes and patriotic images, I was doing serious research, doing my best to leave no stone unturned. A short time after Hussein assumed the throne I had far more questions than answers. Due to extensive research that soon began to change and I was revealing the answers that I had found.

Those answers, needless to say, were none too popular with much of the Facebook crowd, and in time they evolved into predictions; still less popular. If nothing else, I am persistent and feel quite fortunate in having a group of regular readers who follow my views and hopefully are preparing as I suggest. My thoughts today will address the issue of the terrorism and the infiltration that endangers the entire world; an issue endorsed by those we have put into positions of power.

Those views will further identify a group that is even more dangerous that the terrorist we have come to fear. That group being none other than our elected and appointed leaders of the nations of the west. Any fool who would choose to spend eight hours reviewing today's news would come away with the conclusion that terrorism is the offspring of Islam, that Islam, under the best of conditions, is dangerous, and that western nations should immediately suspend Islamic immigration, and begin deporting Muslims, with the most dangerous ones being deported first.

As stated, this would be the conclusions of most any fool you could find. And yet, our highly educated leaders reject all of the above. Their rejection of indisputable facts and impeccable logic unavoidably leads me to believe that they are loyal to an agenda other than serving the nations that they were elected to protect. Were this the case in only one nation then I could confidently predict the ultimate ruin of that one nation.

Unfortunately it is not one nation but the entire western culture. That is truly frightening as it implies a conspiracy of all of these leaders to harm the people they were elected to serve. It also leads to people like myself being regarded as conspiracy theorists and relegated to the fringe elements as politically incorrect outcasts, and yet I persist, knowing that there are others out there with the intelligence to grasp the danger, and the courage to face it.

For years I have warned that Europe and the U.S. are going to be subjected to constant civil wars. Europe mostly due to the Islamic infiltration, and the U.S. partly due to Islam, militant left wing blacks, and a horde of illegal aliens from south of our border. All of these issues are easily forecast and yet our leaders continue with their daily dose of politics as usual, denying the danger that grows ever worse with each passing day.

As members of the human race we are all subject to err and that is a fact that could be written in stone. Such errors may be the result of misinformation, misplaced confidence in a fellow human, or pursuing a poorly based ideology, or all of the above. Notwithstanding that tendency to err, we all are equipped with a safeguard mechanism; that being the ability to view a plan gone awry and readjust accordingly.

With this in mind we should be able to look at the Global Warming scenario, compare it to record breaking cold weather and discard the GW nonsense, but we continue onward. Refusing to acknowledge the reality of the carbon cycle, Al Gore and the Obama administration are spending our wealth preparing for rising oceans in the knowledge that we should be preparing for another Little Ice Age.

The Guardian ... February 20, 2015
A partially frozen American Falls in sub-freezing temperatures is seen from Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Tuesday, when temperatures dropped to 6F (-14C)

Breitbart ... February 18, 2015

So much for moronic leaders and their efforts to outsmart Mother Nature; let us go to where they are at their manipulation.

George Bush began the trend toward manipulating our thoughts of Islam with his famed statement that Islam is a religion of peace. Oh, how many millions of our people swallowed that lie? How many billions were duped when Hussein Obama gave his Cairo speech, freeing the Muslim Brotherhood from their rightful position as criminal terrorists and loosing them upon an unsuspecting world? Thus began the Arab Spring and the Fall of western civilization.

John McCain, traitor extraordinaire, rallied the forces of Al Qaeda in Libya referring to them as 'heroes' and those heroes marched into history as they turned Libya into a terrorist stronghold. That event was hailed by western leaders as a step forward in democracy.

The Washington Post ... September 15, 2011
Sarkozy, Cameron vow to support Libya, help find Gaddafi
TRIPOLI, Libya — French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron were given a heroes’ welcome Thursday as they visited Libya to celebrate the fall of Moammar Gaddafi and pledge continued support for the nation as it rebuilds after four decades of autocratic rule. They also vowed to help the victorious rebels in their hunt for Libya’s fugitive former leader.
(Hat tip to Phillip Smeeton)

Today the outcome looks a little less appealing than a budding democracy...

The Telegraph UK ... February 17, 2015
Islamic State 'planning to use Libya as gateway to Europe'

The Telegraph UK ... February 16, 2015
How Isil spread to Libya - and now has Europe in its sights
Isil's execution of 21 Egyptian Christians on Libya's Mediterranean shore is intended as a clear message to Europe: the group is expanding its geographical spread, and it has the West in its sights.

Breitbart ... February 15, 2015

Today, as terrorism spreads world wide we hear the cries of anti-Semitism from the leaders of Europe and an unthinking public heeds those warnings as they boycott Israel and condone terrorist attacks on the Jews of European nations. Unseeing, unthinking, and unknowing they turn their back on a great danger and rally against the most peaceful nation in the Middle East.

The following essay is chock full of wisdom but my favorite thought is the closing line...

Gatestone Institute ... February 19, 2015
The Real Threat to Europe
That closing line:
Today's apologists for terrorist organizations are tomorrow's victims.

I speak harshly of our corrupt and treasonous leaders. Those opinions also encompass the leaders of Islamic terrorists. We all recall the non-stop condemnation heaped upon the nation of Israel the last time they were attacked by Fatah and Hamas. Israel has largely recovered from their attacks. The same cannot be said about the people of Gaza and yet they once again prepare for war.

Arutz Sheva ... February 20, 2015
White House 'Concerned' That PA May Disappear Soon
Psaki says without foreign funds to prop it up, PA may disband in weeks and cause a 'dire situation,' noting that Congress won't help.
In January, Israel suspended $127 million in tax revenues as a response to the PA joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) to sue Israel for "war crimes," in a unilateral move breaching the Oslo Accords which formed the PA.

Gatestone Institute ... February 18, 2015
Hamas's New Army of Children
For the past several months, Hamas leaders have been complaining that they do not have enough money to rebuild the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of the last war with Israel. However, it appears that Hamas does have enough funds to train, arm and indoctrinate thousands of young Palestinian men and boys.

The poor Palestinians. Too poverty stricken to afford to rebuilt their war torn neighborhoods, yet possessing sufficient funds to prepare for the next war.

America, long the leader of the free world in the fight for justice now feels more comfortable with a policy of non-involvement in the fight against evil:

Breitbart ... February 19, 2015
“We aren’t taking a position here in the Pentagon on these recent strikes by Egypt…we weren’t notified ahead of time. We didn’t participate or support them in any way, and we’re not taking a position on it,” said the press secretary in responding.

Islam and the Qur'an that spawned it are a showcase for duality and that duality implies contradictions, which do not exist. The Qur'an speaks against Muslims killing Muslims and yet since the death of Mohamed, Islam to one degree or another, have been waging civil war, forever killing each other on the grounds that the other is a bad Muslim.

When Obama opened the Pandora's box we refer to as the Arab Spring, he and those who pull his strings, knew exactly what they were doing. The spread of Anarchy and Chaos(A&C) across the world was the goal and to implement that goal they had to bring the Muslim Brotherhood out of the shadows and alienate our allies. The Obama administration set out to reshape the Middle East into their vision of A&C.

Mubarak of Egypt had to go, temporarily being replaced by the MB. Qaddafi was deposed and murdered turning Libya into another breeding grounds for terrorism. Although thus far unsuccessful, Syria was targeted by Obama's allies in Al Qaeda, and out of that civil war was born ISIS. The administration turned on Israel and is none too pleased with Egypt's recent attack on the forces of Isis in Libya.

There is an old military tactic known as divide and conquer and had the U.S. allied itself with one facet or the other of Islam, both would have been weakened from our efforts. Obama has chosen to implement the tactics of A&C and has us supporting both sides.

Unless Israel soon attacks Iran they will have nuclear weapons and Obama is to be thanked for that effort. He has also enlisted the aid of Iran in the struggle with ISIS in Iraq and that effort is not going at all well.

Foreign Policy Mag ... February 19, 2015
Iran’s Shiite Militias Are Running Amok in Iraq
And the White House is still pretending it hasn’t unleashed demons on the country it once could have saved.
But this desperate, ill-conceived effort will inevitably fail because the administration is employing the chainsaws of Iraq’s Iranian-backed Shiite militias rather than the scalpels of American special operations forces in its ground war against IS.

On the other side of the coin is the fact that we trained and armed the so called Free Syrian Army, who then joined forces with ISIS and so we are now funding a new FSA.

Moving further south, Qatar one of our 'Allies' is also funding ISIS as well as many other terrorist groups. Anarchy and Chaos brought to you by none other than the Obama administration, who are supported by the Democrats that liberals have put into office and most of the Republicans that we have.

Front Page Mag ... February 20, 2015
Aiding Islamic Terrorists Is Our Foreign Policy
It’s not a conflict between the proverbial moderate Muslim and the raging fanatic. That was an outdated Bush era notion. Instead Obama has brought us into a fight between Muslim governments and Muslim terrorists, not on the side of the governments we were allied with, but on the side of the terrorists.

It is all going to come crashing down, I anticipate the event for later this year or early next, and when it does you will know who brought Anarchy and Chaos to the shores of America and Europe. When that collapse occurs look not to Washington for your salvation. Look to your community, local law enforcement, friends, and most of all yourself. It is coming without a doubt. Learn what you need to know now while you still can and prepare to rebuild after the dust settles.

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  1. Western Civilization is the product of the Judeo-Christian ethic...mainly Christianity. The Satanic spirit that desires to destroy Western Civilization actually is at war with Christ and His followers. We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against spiritual evil which drives the godless to do Satan's bidding. Satan is all about control(slavery), robbing, and killing which is also the agenda of his puppets, the terrorists. Since we are fundamentally engaged in a spiritual war, we must first turn to Christ who is the only power that can defeat Satan and THEN go after Satan's minions. If we attempt to defeat the powers of evil without Christ and only with bombs and bullets, we will fail. In that circumstance, when we wipe out one bunch of Satan's puppets, he will just raise up another bunch of puppets and the horror show goes on...much like Jason in the movie 'Halloween'. Going to war against evil without Christ is like trying to put out a raging forest fire with your hands.

  2. I would like to forward to those in need of info about NWO & muslims but that Good Sense is corrupted by mixing in the delusion that there is no man-made global warming & superstitious religious nonsense in the attached comment; almost as ridiculous as their counterparts, the muslim fanatics.

    If there were three sites, one for the really important threat of the NWO & muslims, one for climate, one for religious nonsense, then you would not be ignored by a large % of those reading your information on the real, immediate problem.

    1. I am really confused by your comment. Can you explain further.

      "If there were three sites, one for the really important threat of the NWO & muslims, one for climate, one for religious nonsense, then you would not be ignored by a large % of those reading your information on the real, immediate problem."

  3. You are absolutely right Danny. Our greatest enemies are our own leaders. Though they do not deserve the title "leaders". If they were leaders in the real sense of the word they would be be effectively taking action to protect and defend our lives, property and freedom. Apart from crime and indiscriminate immigration policies, the greatest threat to our well-being is Islam -Muslim immigration and the tolerance of Muslim communities that both produce terrorists and support terrorism. As with any other form of crime, especially organized crime, there is only one way to beat it and that is through zero-tolerance. Our leaders are attempting to carry out the impossible task of tolerating Islam at the same time as they are combating it. They have to have the courage to see that Islam is organized crime, in every sense of the word, crime including crimes against humanity. There is a long list of ordinary crimes that Muslims feel entitled to commit because they reject our values and legal system. For them only Sharia Law can apply. So rape, murder, purgery, embezzlement, tax-avoidance, smuggling, theft and discrimination are all crimes that can be committed with impunity against non-Muslims. Islam is a vast terrorist and criminal organization that defines certain crimes to be virtues. There should, by real leaders, be zero-tolerance for Islam. It should be forbidden in free countries and relations with Muslim countries should be minimal. If we are to survive there should be no Muslim immigration and the Muslims already here should be encouraged to move to Muslim countries (if they cannot renounce Islam and begin to treat us as equals).

    1. Thank you Soothsayer. You live in a land where Islam is the most 'in your face danger', while across this vast nation our people see a variety of threats. Many feel that illegal immigrants are their greatest problem, others living in our cities view militant blacks as theirs, and some in a few select cities would side with your thoughts that Islam is the number one threat. People owning businesses fear the IRS and the EPA, and the farmers that feed us fear government intervention in general.

      Whatever the problem, when we trace the cause and effect, without fail it traces back to our governments, both in your nation and mine. It is there that I look at a commonality in regard to shared agendas, and fear the Globalists and the hidden and seemingly infinite powers they wield. You, our associates, and I, have frequently discussed the topic of the 'greatest danger', some feeling that Islam is a greater threat than my perception that the Globalists are simply using Islam to promote their agenda.

      Whatever the truth of the matter we have many dark days ahead. Whether national leaders feel that they are using Islam and when the need arises they can control/eliminate them, or whether their actions are based on a current fear of Islam, is a seemingly moot point, as we the people, are going to become the victims of both of these sources of evil and so few are prepared to join you and me on the shield wall.


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