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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


In recent writings and comments to associates I have been taking up the topic of 'experts' as they speak of specifics while failing to address an overview of the big picture. Surely you have heard the tale of the blind men and the elephant. If not, this is a link to the parable, and this is an excerpt from it: 'the parable implies that one's subjective experience can be true, but that such experience is inherently limited by its failure to account for other truths or a totality of truth. At various times the parable has provided insight into the relativism, opaqueness or inexpressible nature of truth, the behavior of experts in fields where there is a deficit or inaccessibility of information, the need for communication, and respect for different perspectives.'

The author of that article was far more kind than I. He allowed experts the luxury of an escape hatch in the form of 'a deficit or inaccessibility of information', while I cry "Rubbish!" Those experts have access to the same information that I do, and they have either chosen not to access it, or choose not to reveal what they know to be true in their comments and publications.

Thomas Jefferson, one of our greatest statesmen, perhaps wrote his autobiography in one sentence, as that one sentence revealed all that mattered about his perspective on everything. "There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world." Words to live by, and I do.

In my most recent essay As The U.S. Capitulates Terrorism Spreads I took on the common belief that Obama is a closet Muslim, a view held by the majority of conservative Americans and many of the experts. I challenged that opinion on the grounds that in my research I dig deeper than most. In my analysis, I rely on those facts uncovered and my own logic. Those facts and that logic tell me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Obama is a racist and a hard core communist, using Islam in the pursuit of the ruin of America.

In December of 2013 I wrote an essay entitled American Gulag-Part One. It was inspired by the photo to left. I am uncertain who did the photo shop work but just love the pure unfettered logic applied in the statement. 'Make up your mind. He can't be all four.' I like to believe that I presented a convincing case for his being a communist in that essay. Any connections to the other possibilities are but smoke and mirrors utilized to camouflage the real agenda. But briefly review some of Obama's greatest efforts and ask yourself, does this action benefit Islam or the communist plan to collapse America?

Obamacare...Socialized medicine, not Islamized medicine. Obama's long term affiliations with all unions, especially SEIU. His membership in the New Party. Twenty years of attending black liberation theology teachings in a church, not a mosque.

Our open borders are allowing millions of illegals trained to be communists in the Catholic schools of Latin America free access to our nation.

By now most are familiar with communists Cloward and Piven and are well aware of the Obama administration's efforts to follow their agenda. We also are well informed as to his close ties to George Soros and the backgrounds of the highest ranking people he has had serving in his cabinet. Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Rahm Emanuel, Denis McDonough, Samantha Power, John Kerry, and the list goes on. And what of that list and Obama supposedly being a Muslim?

This is a link from the White House with a current list of all of Obama's cabinet. Not one Arabic name on the list. But, you must be protesting, we are being told that the MB are infiltrating our government. Yes indeed they are, but primarily in their defined roles as infiltrators. They are influencing our FBI, CIA, NASA, our military and such, and stealing data as they see fit.

Recently you may have seen the following hoax that is currently making the rounds. It is pure nonsense.

Valerie Jarrett is a very dangerous woman but she is not a Muslin, and she is very well educated. Look at the sentence structure and ask yourself if anyone at Stanford University would be writing on the third or fourth grade level we see above? If you really want the truth about this woman go here. She is a dedicated communist and Obama's most trusted adviser. 

Well this essay is supposed to be about the spread of terrorism and thus far the topic has hardly been mentioned. Just setting the stage. One more little side jaunt and we shall be there.

The experts that I have mentioned are becoming a major liability for the American people. After six plus years in office they still speak of Hussein as if he were a real President instead of the perfect Manchurian candidate. Doing their proper bit for Fox News they will enter into great intellectual discourses about his lack of foreign policy experience, his inconsistent comments on economic recovery, his unrealistic views about the dangers of the Islamists, and his gullible nature when dealing with members of the Muslim Brotherhood. And I just love it when they talk about his last two years and the effort that he is spending on crafting his 'Legacy'.

My God! Get down off of your intellectual high horse and tell the American people the truth...Or perhaps you, the experts, do not have the same dedication to the truth that Thomas Jefferson had and I continue to have.

Several years ago I wrote an essay comparing the hopes of George Soros and his Globalist allies to that of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolph Hitler, noting that they had vast armies while the Soros had none, noting also that he had a better chance of accomplishing what Napoleon and Hitler could not.

True, to conquer or destroy the world one must have an army, and that is where Islam comes in. They are to be the cannon fodder. Also, the very nature of war had to be redefined, and the people of the west had to be cultivated to reject the concept of total war.

There was a time when, if we were at war, we could readily identify the enemy. We could name the country we were at war with and draw a line around its borders on a map. Today such clarity is gone; gone not with the wind, but with a state of denial and our having been indoctrinated in Orwellian principles.

History is full of defining moments. One such event was 911 as it put us on a collision course with our own frailties. The attack on our twin towers was most assuredly an act of war and yet we could not point to one specific nation and say that they attacked us. Most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia but that fact only created a new quandary for America, as SA is regarded to be an ally and is a major provider of oil for the west.

So we declared war, not on a nation but a concept ... terrorism, and as it turned out, a mirage. All western nations flatly refused to identify Islam as being responsible in any way for the many thousands of terrorists killing others in the name of Islam. Had we fought WWII under such terms we would definitely have lost that war. If we had limited our targets to Nazis instead of attacking the German people who supported and supplied them, Hitler would have been unstoppable.

But the Nazi/Islamofacist comparison is only part of the story. At least our leaders during WWII identified and attacked Nazis. Our current leaders are actually supporting our enemies and so many Americans are not even aware of that reality. Well the Egyptian are fully aware of it and are undaunted by the terms of western political correctness.

Note that the protest banner is not written in Arabic but English. Those people are addressing us, the American public, and their message is going largely unheeded.

Another of those defining moments of history took place in Egypt when Obama mounted the podium delivering his now infamous Cairo speech in 2009. That speech gave legal standing to the Muslim Brotherhood and unleashed their particular brand of terrorism upon the world, followed shortly by the Arab Spring, the murder of Qaddafi, and the fall of Libya into the hands of Al Qaeda.

Another defining moment was the fall of our consulate in Libya and the death of our Ambassador and his associates. Years later the whole truth of that incident is yet to be revealed, and it never will be as this nation will collapse before that truth is ever told.

As defining moments go there are none that can compare with our recent humiliating retreat from our embassy in Yemen for that shows us the way to the future. The attack on the Twin Towers was shocking as we witnessed the death of thousands, some choosing to jump and be broken on the concrete and glass below rather than burn to death, victims beyond any hope for rescue. But the sheer horrors of 911 pale in comparison to the quiet surrender of our embassy in Yemen for that, the greatest of all humiliations, indicates that we no longer oppose evil, and that our leaders are indeed complicit in the march of terrorism. Most of our people are probably not even aware that this world shaking event took place, and many of those who are aware of the surrender believe it to be a good thing.

We are being attacked on all fronts as terrorism takes a variety of forms, one of which is stealth Jihad. Its proponents dress in western attire, speak of a peaceful Islam, while unwilling to condemn their more violent allies. One such group of these stealth engineers convinced the Pope and his bishops that harmony would be the result of interfaith dialogues. Well, the times, they are a'changin'.

Breitbart ... February 15, 2015

That bit of dialogue from ISIS should be enough to mess up the Pope's whole day. Then we have this...

Fox News ... February 18, 2015
ISIS militants reportedly burn to death 45 people in western Iraqi town

I mentioned above that terrorism takes on a variety of forms. By now we are largely aware of the old tactics, suicide bombs, car bombs, usually killing either Shiite Muslims, or Suni Muslims. Tactics are changing as ISIS becomes the most bloodthirsty force on Earth, not at all shy about showing off their latest collection of severed heads or announcing their future plans.

It is said that nothing breeds success like success. The wisdom of that old adage is being proven daily. The march of terrorism quickens as thousands of 'moderate' Muslims view those videos and are coming from all over the world to join ISIS. Our surrendering unconditionally in Yemen only fuels the recruiting drive as  those bloodthirsty moderates dance with glee over the Big Satan's defeat at the hands of a small band of Allah's own.

Yes, terrorism spreads faster with each passing day. ISIS is on a killing spree, videotaping their exploits for the world to view. Our State Department is in the process of destroying the world's mightiest fighting force and financing the spread of terror. The mindless jihadists rush joyfully to their own death and the many mindless Americans are largely unaware of what is transpiring.

Other, not so mindless, Americans are well aware of the fact that we are being led into harm's way by our elected elite but are not yet capable of accepting the entire agenda. This is not at all surprising as that agenda is very complex, flexible, and convoluted with each facet folding back onto itself, camouflaging and bolstering adjoining elements of the plan. Example...

Look at the recent insanity of Ferguson. There we witnessed  a well coordinated multi-pronged attack, involving the elements of racism, looting and rioting, an attack on our legal system from street level thugs to the White House and the Department of Justice. Our progressive media joined in the circus on the side of the anti-American crowd and even ISIS managed to show their presence.

Anarchists had a field day as did the anti Second Amendment crowd, and within a few days the protests had spread nation wide. Our police officers became the targets of those with their own axe to grind in their pursuit of fifteen minutes of fame.

Yes, terrorism is alive and well and not restricted to only the jihadists of Islam, for terrorism is not an entity unto itself, but merely a tool of the ruthless in their quest for power. It is imperative that all who seek to survive in the world that lies before us come to terms with this fact, living each day with that knowledge, and preparing themselves for what is to come.

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