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Saturday, March 7, 2015


If you have read Part Two of this series you are aware of the fact that many of the weapons intended to be used in the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in Libya were diverted by Qatar and used to kill Americans in Afghanistan. They say that war has a thousand faces, most of them tragic. To die in any war is a tragedy. To die accidentally, the victim of 'friendly fire' still more tragic. But, I can think of no greater tragedy than to die at the hand of our enemies, using our own weapons against us; weapons that were provided to them by a nation that is recognized as one of our allies. Many of our people are aware of the fact that something is terribly twisted and evil in the political arena and yet are helpless to do anything about it. Consequently they are dropping out, intentionally choosing not to know, hoping that it will all just go away.

If indeed war does have a thousand faces then I must submit the following thought: Political leaders must surely have ten thousand, most of which are unrecognizable by those who empowered them, for those leaders in one fashion or the other are leading this nation to its doom.

As mentioned in Part One, 2011 was the turning point for the Globalist agenda of bringing anarchy and chaos to the Middle East. By 2012 the pace had quickened considerably. On June 6, 2012 the following was breaking news:

CNN ... June 6, 2012
U.S. helicopter believed shot down in Afghanistan; 2 killed
"It is likely that the helo today was brought down due to enemy small arms and RPG fire," the U.S. military official said. The chopper was a U.S. Army OH-58 Kiowa Warrior reconnaissance helicopter. It went down over Ghazni province.

There you have it. Journalism at its finest ... Cold, dispassionate, and factual. But, not so fast! The report was not factual. That chopper and the two people aboard were not brought down by small arms fires and RPGs. It was destroyed by weapons our enemies were not supposed to possess, provided to them by our supposed ally Qatar.

Let us dispel with the dispassionate side of the report and put a face on this news item.

I would like to acquaint you with Chief Warrant Office Thalia S. Ramirez, 28, of San Antonio. She was both the first black female combat pilot, and the first American pilot to be shot down by a shoulder fired MANPAD provided by our State Department. And as the plot thickens: While she was being shot down, a cargo ship full of American weaponry, including missiles, was being unloaded in Turkey, another of our allies. Many of those weapons are now in the hands of ISIS.

Two great Presidents warned us far in advance of the dangers we faced as a nation. Lincoln told us that the United States would live forever or die by suicide. Eisenhower on leaving office saw fit to warn of the growing military-industrial complex that was becoming so politically powerful. Today, this nation that has fought to restore peace, has now become the biggest exporter of military hardware in the world; a world where peace has become a thing of the past.

Fox News ... December 6, 2012
Arms shipments traveled from Libya to anti-Assad fighters, sources say
As a New York Times report ties Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to arms shipments into Libya during the civil war to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi, two separate British sources who have been on the ground for the last four years in Benghazi told Fox News the movement into Syria was very similar to the movement of weapons into Libya. "Weapons and fighters were absolutely going to Syria, and the U.S. absolutely knew all about it -- though most shipments have stopped since the attack on the American Consulate," one said.

Yes they did stop, as those weapons were being rerouted to Gaza to aid in the Hamas attacks on Israel. (See Part One of this series).

That article from Fox News was quite revealing and also verifies my information that U.S. used drones and watched the buildup of the weapons around the Ambassador's consulate before the attack began.

Meanwhile, Fox News has also learned that the United States had multiple intelligence agents in the area for months and unarmed drones flew nightly over Benghazi nearly every night last summer, while also monitoring other Libyan port cities like Darnah. These same sources say the U.S. has had a lot of "logistics guys" in the area to help survey the movement of arms.

Operation Zero Footprint ... The very name of the Obama orchestrated war on Libya indicates the unwillingness of a national leader to stand accountable for his actions. I will guarantee one fact of war. When a leader is not willing to lead, men will die, unnecessarily so. Zero Footprint ... Actually such a concept is not possible. When all of the nations of NATO are involved, when a nation is toppled, and its leader murdered, when the State Department and the CIA launch into such an adventure and the Department of Defense is excluded then a Zero Footprint is out of the question. Zero Footprint was designed to always have someone below Obama to blame when things go wrong. Who then did know?

Let us first view the flip-side of that question and see who was excluded, for that is a crucial part of Zero Footprint. Any military engagement in the Middle East should have fallen under the purview of Gen. Carter F. Ham. It did not, but was entrusted to NATO to provide the Obama administration with plausible deniability.

New York Times ... March 30, 2011
C.I.A. Agents in Libya Aid Airstrikes and Meet Rebels
WASHINGTON — The Central Intelligence Agency has inserted clandestine operatives into Libya to gather intelligence for military airstrikes and to contact and vet the beleaguered rebels battling Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s forces, according to American officials.
While President Obama has insisted that no American military ground troops participate in the Libyan campaign, small groups of C.I.A. operatives have been working in Libya for several weeks as part of a shadow force of Westerners that the Obama administration hopes can help bleed Colonel Qaddafi’s military, the officials said.
“We didn’t have great data,” Gen. Carter F. Ham, who handed over control of the Libya mission to NATO on Wednesday, said in an e-mail last week. “Libya hasn’t been a country we focused on a lot over past few years.”

We did not need to focus on Libya as Gaddafi had given up on his nuclear aspirations and joined us in the fight against Al Qaeda ... almost an ally, and a good reason to destroy him via Operation Zero Footprint.

One must admire the talent possessed by the NYT and their ability to slant the news. For instance:

Once the weapons program was eliminated, a former American official said, intelligence agencies shifted their focus away from Libya. But as Colonel Qaddafi began his recent crackdown on the rebel groups, the American spy agencies have worked to rekindle ties to Libyan informants and to learn more about the country’s military leaders.

Gaddafi did not begin a crackdown on rebel groups. They were not rebels. He directed his military to defend against Al Qaeda invaders. The NYT also tells us...

Because the publicly stated goal of the Libyan campaign is not explicitly to overthrow Colonel Qaddafi’s government, the clandestine war now going on is significantly different from the Afghan campaign to drive the Taliban from power in 2001.

Again, pure propaganda. Once the might of American aircraft and our intelligence gathering abilities were directed against Qaddafi, he was a doomed man.

Now, who did know about Zero Footprint before the Benghazi attack. While this list is certainly not all inclusive as intel has a way of spreading in spite of being classified, the following were undoubtedly in the loop:

President Obama
Vice President Biden
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
CIA Director Leon Panetta (March 2011 – June 2011)
CIA Director General David Petraeus (?) (Sept 2011 – Nov 2012)
NATO Commander, James G Stavridis
White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon
White House National Security Spokesman Tommy Vietor
White House National Security Advisor John Brennan
Speaker of the House John Boehner
Minority Leader – Nancy Pelosi
House Permanent Select Committee on Intel Chairman – Mike Rogers
Minority House Intel Committee – Charles Ruppersberger
Senate Minority Leader – Mitch McConnell
Senate Majority Leader – Harry Reid
Senate Intel Chair – Diane Feinstein
Minority Senate Intel Committee – Saxby Chambliss
U.S. Libyan Ambassador – Chris Stevens
U.S. Asst Secretary of State – Andrew Shapiro
Senior Head of U.S. Weapons Office – Mark Adams

The above list only applies to the United States. Other NATO nations also had their own select people in the know as did the elite members of Al Qaeda.

Think back to the indignation of the American people when our Ambassador was murdered. They demanded to know the truth, and that truth can never be allowed to surface. To that end, everyone on the list above, with the exception of the deceased Ambassador, have been active participants in opposing a true fact finding mission about Benghazi.

The following is an excerpt from my essay Benghazi Reveal Part Two from March of 2014.

From Accuracy in Media...
Adm. James Lyon (Ret.) on Growing Benghazi Scandal
ADMIRAL LYONS: Not in the least: You’re still getting the smokescreen. I must say that, quote, “Independent” Accountability Review Board, from my perspective, was like having the Mafia investigate a crime scene.
ARONOFF: Okay. Explain why. That was the one headed by Pickering, Thomas Pickering—
ADMIRAL LYONS: Pickering and—[Admiral Mike] Mullen. Pickering, he’s the chairman of the International Crisis Group—which is a Soros-funded group. Plus, with his long career in the State Department, I wouldn’t consider that to be foremost in getting an independent review. What really needs to happen here—and you could see it yesterday in the testimony of Secretary Clinton—you’re never going to get the true story until you appoint a Special Prosecutor, pull in, put the people under oath to find out what actually went on.

Needless to say that is never going to happen and so we have the next Benghazi review taking place under the tutelage of Trey Gowdy. Rest assured that it too is simply another smoke screen. Every member of that board knows what I have revealed about Benghazi and yet all are sworn to secrecy under the guise of national security. Thus Zero Footprint and our political leaders continue to protect the administration.

Now we come to who knew about “Operation Zero Footprint” after the 9/11/12 attack:

CIA Director General David Petraeus
Adjunct, and Interim, CIA Director – Mike Morrel
U.S. Attorney General – Eric Holder
Presidential Adviser and current Chief of Staff – Denis McDonough
Presidential Adviser and current Treasury Sec – Jack Lew
Presidential Adviser and current National Security Adviser – Tony Blinkin
Former UN Ambassador and current Senior National Security Adviser – Susan Rice
Chief White House Communications Director – Ben Rhodes

While doing much of my original research on Benghazi my main concern was the arms and ammunition being routed to Gaza. Since then the situation in Afghanistan has gone from bad to much worse. Obama's Zero Footprint has set the Middle East on fire.

The Atlantic ... September 21, 2012
The U.S. Suffered Its Worst Airpower Loss Since Vietnam Last Week and No One Really Noticed
Gresham explains the devastating damage done to VMA-211, the name of the Marine Corps attack squadron that was most affected last week, noting that it is "arguably the worst day in [U.S. Marine Corps] aviation history since the Tet Offensive of 1968."

And from the Department of Defense...

U.S. Department of Defense ... June 4, 2012
Combined Force Detains Several Insurgents

'Combined Force Detains Several Insurgents'. Sounds like a walk in the park for our fighting men, and it looks like the NYT reporters are writing for the DOD. Beneath that ho hum opening is a long list of engagements, of weapons discovered and destroyed, but the very best is at the very end of the report...

A combined patrol discovered a weapons cache containing three shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles, three anti-tank mines, 423 RPGs, 118,600 7.62 mm rounds, 30 rifles and other ordnance in the Tarin Kot district of Uruzgan province. The cache’s contents were destroyed.

Afghanistan is now famous for those green on blue attacks. Our men teach them how to use our weapons and they turn around and kill Americans.

Such occurrences are the direct offspring of Zero Footprint and none in our nation's capitol dare tell you this. In the name of national security all protect Obama, and that security he enjoys comes with a price tag ... American lives.

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