Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I find it very difficult to believe that so very many people still manage to deny the reality of what is taking place in the upper echelons of all western governments. They manage to use a flimsy excuse for Obama's behavior toward the Middle East crisis believing him to be a closet Muslim. Such an excuse is lacking on the part of other western leaders, the EU and the UN. Obama, and the other leaders of the west have long been accused of being incompetent, but Obama is the only one that people have chosen to believe is a Muslim. Call them Muslim, call them incompetent, call them what you will, but do allow this: They are consistent. Each and all are following the same agenda, which is anti-Israel, pro-Islam, and all are leading their respective nations to their ruin. All are allowing their nations to be overrun by massive immigration.

The nations of Europe and Scandinavia are relying solely on Islam to destroy what their ancestors built. We have a second option, and that is to open the flood gates to the Hispanic hordes. The results will be the same; anarchy and chaos, accented with nuclear explosions, accompanied by martial law, and the death of so many millions that WWII will look like a mere skirmish.

I am well aware that the above sounds awfully much like a case of runaway extremism on my part, but I have not reached these conclusions in one vast quantum leap. No leap involved, only an unrelenting search for the truth in a world apparently gone mad. But, the world has not gone mad as mostly people carry on as usual, knowing little, and caring about still less; forever believing the rhetoric of those who lead them. The problem lies with those leaders and what they have come to believe and my efforts to understand their agenda has spanned years.

Now I do understand them and sadly have realized that most simply do not want to know, leaving their future concerns in the hands of those leaders, and should those leaders indeed make a mess of things many believe that God will step in and make things right again for them. My personal thoughts on that view is that God was strangely absent during World War II when sixty million people died, and I am inclined to believe that he is going to sit out the next war as well, leaving us to clean up our own mess, which is as it should be. Many are the wise sayings passed down to us from our forebears and I am inclined to believe that one of the best is 'God helps those who help themselves.'

Below in Suggested Reading are links to a seven part series I wrote about Obama, Iran, and Nuclear War, being convinced that the Globalists are in truth planning nuclear war as part of their agenda. That thought is inconceivable to many but I wrote those essays two years ago and today the evidence is far more pervasive than when I first began to understand what is taking place among those who direct the course of humanity.

Today as most Americans go blithely along their way awaiting breaking news about the Kardashian clan, the Arab nation states have become aware that the United States is no longer the peace keeping force the world once knew. The fact of the matter is that we have changed sides under the tutelage of Hussein Obama and have become a threat to the world at large. And so the Arab states are planning to protect their own interests in the face of the new dangers we foster.

Washington Times ... March 29, 2015
Arab League to forge NATO-like military alliance of Sunni powers
Seeking to combat threats from Iran and the Shiite rebels it is supporting in the Middle East, Arab leaders meeting in the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, agreed in principle Sunday to forge a NATO-like alliance of Sunni powers to engage in regional military action with or without leadership from the U.S.

With warnings from Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and every western statesman that has not already sold out to the Globalists, it is impossible to deny the fact that the Obama regime is aiding Iran in its pursuit of nuclear weaponry.

To what end? There is no peaceful way to use a nuclear bomb other than as a deterrent against others that also possess them. Iran fears no form of deterrence as they seek the return of their long dead Mullah and believe that a nuclear holocaust is the only way to resurrect him. Lies are far more common than the truth in the Middle East and yet the only lie that Iran seems to tell is about their not seeking nuclear bombs. They still chant 'Death to Israel' and 'Death to America', never veiling their hatred for our people and their plans for our future.

Breitbart ... March 31, 2015
Mohammad Reza Naqdi, head of the Basij militia unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, has surfaced to reassure the world that death for Israel is still very much on the table on the eve of the P+5 nuclear talks, and will never be negotiated away as part of any nuclear deal with President Obama.

The Obama regime loves to telegraph our plans and limit our options, as in announcing how long he is willing to engage in negotiations, and how long he is willing to confront enemy forces.

Washington Free Beacon ... March 30, 2015
Iran Wants More Nuke Concessions as Talks Hit Critical Stage
Iran is pushing for major relief from economic sanctions and the ability to continue sensitive research and development on the nuclear and weapons fronts, according to sources quoted in the Iranian state-controlled press on Sunday.

And so today the future was sealed; signed in the blood of innocent Americans, totally unaware that their lives have been traded away by the elite Masters of the Universe that direct the affairs of men.

Breitbart ... March 31, 2015

Others who are more intelligent and better informed than those who will one day be sacrificed in a nuclear blast, are well aware of what that Iran deal means to them.

The Clarion Project ... March 31, 2015
Top Ranking Iranian Generals Threaten Saudi Arabia & USA

Meanwhile on a non-nuclear front the Iran financed Houthi militants continue their terrorism is Yemen.

Reuters ... March 30, 2015
Air strike kills at least 40 at Yemen camp for displaced


Reuters ... March 31, 2015
Heavy clashes on Saudi-Yemeni border; Hadi government pleads for troops

Back before the gullible fell for Obama's hope and change rhetoric, there had been a long standing tradition of not negotiating with terrorists. Obama assured his followers that all Presidents before him had been wrong and that he, in negotiating with Islam, would bring peace to the Middle East. He lied and his negotiations now endanger the entire world.

When the Iranian people were rising against their Mullahs and many said that the U.S. should support them, Obama told us that he did not want to 'meddle' in the affairs of Iran. He has meddled everywhere else and each of those places are the worst for his efforts, while Iran, the biggest supporter of terrorism grows stronger by the day. This is not the incompetence that so many rant about. This is part of the overall agenda to implement anarchy and chaos across the Middle East and lead us into nuclear war.

I consistently predict incoming crisis situations and this essay will be no exception. You know, I know, Israel, and Saudi Arabia knows that what has just happened in Switzerland guarantees that Iran will soon possess a nuclear bomb. Many were hoping that George W. Bush would order an aerial attack on Iran's nuclear facilities just before leaving office. He did not. He allowed the danger to grow. Now it has grown to massive proportions and both Israel and the U.S. stand in harm's way.

I ask you this: Will Israel continue to simply sit waiting, or will they soon launch their own attack? Then I ask you this: What will the U.S.'s and the EU's reaction be to that attack? They have guaranteed us peace in our time by allowing Iran to go nuclear. What will they do when Israel, in a move for self defense, launches an air strike on Iran's nuclear facilities?

Recently Fox News released the following:

Fox News ... March 1, 2015
Report: Obama Threatened To Shoot Down Israeli Planes

Obama naturally denied it but Saudi Arabia has now offered to allow Israel the use of their airspace for the attack should Israel choose to do so.

You Tube ... March 18, 2015

Reports Saudi Arabia to allow Israel use its airspace for Iran strike

Each passing day brings us one day closer to the greatest horror this world has ever known, and so few are even remotely aware of what transpires. They live either in a state of ignorance, denial, or apathy; none of which are conducive to surviving the 21st. century holocaust.

What is coming will be no less than the fabled Götterdämmerung, the Twilight of the Gods. So very many have sold out to the Progressive plan of the Globalists, and so few understand its long range consequences. Reagan once warned of a "Thousand years of darkness", and Reagan knew full well that if America falls, the west falls, and we embark on yet another Dark Age. This one will begin with a layer of radioactive ash spread across the planet.

George Soros will be a happy man!

Hope! The human race needs hope to continue and the best hope that I can give in regards to what is coming is to prepare yourself and your family for coming events. Plan to survive the initial onslaught and rebuild in the face of a man made hell on Earth. All is never lost until we give up, and surrender is quite simply not in my nature.

I would like to close this essay with a final link and image from Breitbart.

Breitbart ... March 31, 2015
These men — President Obama and Mr. Kerry — are so many fathoms out of their depth that the best they can do for civilization is to toss control of the entire Middle East into the hands of the Iranians. That really and truly is their strategy.

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  1. The elitist globalist agenda includes the elimination of freedom of choice for the individual, and the sovereignty of all nation states. To do so, they need horrific chaos so that they can pose as "rescuers" who can bring order via a one world government with guarantees of peace everlasting.
    They have many political tools in their box to accomplish their goal, Islamism, Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, etc. The common denominator is the encouragement of Collective Thought, or one can call it the "Hive Mind"-----the Collective I.Q. is extraordinarily easy to manage..
    This dynamic of destruction is being fueled by the little recognized weakening of the major social institutions---the economic, family, educational, military, and political structures. Once the tenets and mores of a culture have been so weakened as to be suffering from internal rot, the "rescuers" step in and totalitarianism is birthed.
    Let us take a hard look at just how far down the road we are on this global Highway To Hell with the complicity of the "authorities".

    1. Dee, you are one of the few who truly 'Get It'.

    2. Using all of the above as the opening to my next essay. It will be followed by that hard look at just how far we are down the road.

    3. I forgot to add religion to the list of institutions that are being destroyed. The war against Christianity has been going on for decades and is now blatantly obvious. Antisemitism is back to an all time high, and that seems to always have been a harbinger of very bad things to come. Yes indeed, the Gates Of hell are looming larger and larger.

  2. Danny, as you know I’ve been critical at times of your bleak outlook for America, but know in my heart you are right. Much to my chagrin, I think the next election (if it happens) won’t change a thing, and I know you’ve been saying that for some time.

    I’ve followed Walid Shoebat (ex- Muslim terrorist and now Christian) for some time. I purchased his book “God’s War on Terror”, hardcover & Kindle and found it very enlightening. Even though the book was written in 2008, it is very prescient to what is going on today. I am now much more at peace with America’s future, however rocky it may become.

    From what he prognosticates, I am no longer going to worry unduly about the elections. There is a greater power in charge. However, like you I will make ready for what is coming.

    I have a business to run so don’t have time to do the in-depth research that you do. If you have time, watch Kingdom of the Antichrist by Walid Shoebat on YouTube.

    Thanks for all you do. Take care and onward and upward.


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