Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, March 16, 2015


When I realize that I have made a mistake I am the first to admit it, preferring that you hear it from me than someone else. I have long been baffled, confused, and rather resentful of the fact that so many live in such an advanced state of denial in light of the grave dangers we face. Admittedly this is indeed the case for many as they are aware that something is dreadfully wrong with this nation and they turn away, simply not wanting to know more. My error comes from assuming that the bulk of our uninformed people fall into this group. That is not necessarily so and there is a great difference between living in denial and living in ignorance. One is the result of an unwillingness to face reality and the other is not knowing what reality truly is. Both are equally dangerous but one is somewhat more easy to forgive than the other.

I scour the internet incessantly for breaking news and yet it is often my readers leaving a comment that provides the greatest insights as to what is actually taking place in America. One such happening:

In the comments section of my recent essay A People Unwilling, a reader set me off on a new line of thought with his telling of a recent dinner engagement with younger friends. He related how at that dinner with two couples, both in their late forties, the topic of conversation was their mutual children, their schools, what they were studying, their boyfriends, future plans, and so forth. My readers stressed the fact that these were not 'dumb uneducated people', and then came the clincher: I quote "But what struck me is they were looking into the future for their kids and not once did what is happening in our country come into the discussion."

This is a gentleman who should be writing a blog for he knows how to drive home a point. He is also an honest man adding that at their age he did not pay much attention to world events either.

This man, Stan is his name, also knew how to grab my attention as he admitted that he would quit reading my essays for weeks at a time due to the negativism, and yet always return knowing that the premises I promote are valid. He further added that he passed along my essays to those whom he respected, implying that he made no effort regarding those whom he felt would not be able to grasp their impact.

His words have been weighing on me and the wisdom of those words came to fruition in a check out line today at the local market. Glancing at the wide variety of scandal sheets, celebrity, entertainment, gossip, and fashion magazines, those words came back to me, and a new understanding was born. This is the door to the world where most live. This is their contact to reality.

The Kardashians were quite naturally featured on multiple covers although for the life of me I cannot grasp why. Some guy named Bruce who wants to be a woman was also there. Other faces, other topics, other magazines, and not one single mention of this nation being in a state of crisis. That is when it struck that many of the people that I had believed were living in a state of denial are not. They are living in a state of blissful ignorance, totally unconcerned that a corrupt regime is in the process of taking their world apart around them. Meanwhile they are absolutely clueless.

Sadly, whether living in a state of craven denial or one of total ignorance the dangers are the same, as will be the fate of all those not in the know, when it all comes crashing down.

When I learn a lesson I usually learn it well. Returning home from the super market I turned on my computer and encountered a remark from one of my oldest internet friends. Unlike most, she has a younger daughter who is well aware of the hazards of American life under Obama (She can thank her mother for that). Her daughter also tries to warn of the perils that litter our path. Needless to say she encounters ridicule, just like us older folks.

Hat Tip to Linda Borst for the following group comment. It further accents the point that I am making above.

'These twenty and thirty somethings have no idea- My daughter's friend said- "They will never control the internet" - and laughed at her. I read in the paper a young man joined the Democratic Party because he was gay. The mantra is always women's rights and gay rights. The Gruber sheeple see nothing else.'

Well, unfortunately Linda's daughter's friend was a gullible fool, as the internet is most assuredly coming under government control.

Hat tip to Rex Foster for the following link...

The Washington Post March 12, 2015
Here are all 400 pages of the FCC’s net neutrality rules

I read that headline and then the article with a single thought in mind. The Forefathers managed to write a Constitution consisting of but four pages that has long since guided the affairs of this nation. Considering the point we have have risen to, it has guided those affair remarkable well. Now today's 'leaders' have managed to assemble four hundred pages of documentation to regulate how we the people are to be allowed to communicate on the internet.

Somehow I cannot help but feel that in going from four pages of Constitution to four hundred pages of internet regulations we have gone downhill. Further adding to the confusion is the fact that the internet is the greatest learning device in the history of mankind, and so few use it as such. Instead of using it for learning it has become the greatest form of distraction the world has ever known, and therefore a hindrance to many.

Think back to the days before the internet created such an impact on humanity. Many were they who did not watch the news or read the newspaper. Their contact with current events was usually provided via a co-worker, a friend, a neighbor. and such. Second hand news from a reasonably well informed friend is infinitely preferable to what is happening today as people repost the latest hoax and yellow journalism coming down the pike. Knowing little if anything while posting 'Wake Up America!'.

My generation and those prior, lacking the luxury of the internet, spent a great deal of time reading. Few read today, other than the drivel, nonsense, and hoaxes they encounter on the web, which they quickly 'share' with others, helping to create this information vacuum into which we are sliding.

By the time that I was twenty five I had consumed vast volumes of the classics, history, philosophy, and science. How many people of twenty five today do you believe have read War and Peace, Gone With The Wind, Les Miserables, or even Huckleberry Finn? How many can tell you when the Civil War was fought? Many of our college students cannot even tell you what nations we fought in WWII, and most surely have not learned of the horrors of the holocaust.

You know, if you search the internet for the word vacuum and its synonyms it returns: 'Emptiness, Void, Nothingness, Vacancy, Absence, and Black Hole.' Is that what our people have become? Is this the end to which the internet has brought them? If so it is not the fault of the internet, but its users. I could well equate it to the choice between good and evil, but let us label the battle as knowledge and distraction. It is not the fault of the tree that bears the fruit but the actions of those who choose to partake.

Never before has knowledge been so very easy to obtain. It lies before us, there for the picking, should one choose to do so, and yet so few do. With but a few well chosen key words and a few key strokes we can find virtually anything. How many choose to search? Most users of the internet simply monitor their home page or group waiting for the next bit of nonsense to surface, and they pass it on.

These are people that I learned long ago that I simply cannot reach. They do not want to read more than two paragraphs, will not follow validating links, and would much prefer seeing a photo with a brief comment than having to read the aforementioned two paragraphs.

Yes, we are indeed slipping into an information vacuum and that fact turns my belief of so many people living in denial upside down. Many do indeed embrace denial, well aware that knowing a little can be dangerous, and they do not want to know more. But those in a state of denial are not nearly as numerous as I had once thought. They are far outnumbered by those who simply know nothing, yet continue the battle cry of 'Wake Up America!"

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  1. Thanks for kudos Danny. But what was unsaid as I wrote the comment was I also felt guilty. I didn't try to change the direction of the conversation. They seemed happy and I didn't want to spoil their evening, at least that was the excuse I made to myself. I'm sorry now I didn't fix my bayonet and charge forward.

    I will encounter both of them on an individual basis in the next several weeks, and the procrastination will stop.

    1. Stan - My daughter and her wonderful husband sound very much like your young friends. They got their educations and now work very hard in their respective fields and are rewarded handsomely for their expertise. They are truly happy and they are very busy living what we had hoped for them - the American dream.

      The American dream as many of my generation taught our children was to obey the Ten Commandments, love thy neighbor, get a good education, find a good job, work hard, be responsible, raise a family, enjoy life and the fruits of your labor. Our mistake? We never told them to be ever mindful of evil.

      I pray your encounters with them is fruitful.

  2. Danny - Thank you for a very good topic that hits home. I am really tired of what the mainstream internet has become. I have always found it a fantastic resource for anything and everything but wading through and/or blocking the time wasting distractions is becoming a nuisance. I shamefully admit that I am not well read of the classics but I devour current and historical information via the internet.

    As for the FCC, any restricting or perversion of this great resource by any "governing body" is simply a crime against humanity.

    I would also like to thank Stan for providing a link on another site to Fix Bayonets. I am going to enjoy reading the other essays.

    1. Jason, between the classics, current, and historical information, the last two are far more important than the classics. Stay the course.
      This is a system that I have developed for finding news from reliable sources. You may find it useful...

  3. More dots are connected for me with this article.

    1. Glenda, the pieces are coming together. If only more would look.


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