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Monday, March 2, 2015


Prior to Obama first assuming the office of the Presidency several political pundits and news commentators discussed the possibility of George W. Bush launching an airstrike against Iran's nuclear facilities during this final days in office. After all, any sensible person knew that Iran had to be stopped, and in doing so Bush would have done a great service to all of mankind, especially the United States and Israel. True, those pundits were well aware of the political fallout and the ensuing attacks from our left wing politicians, but with George Bush retiring and Obama assuming the throne that attack would soon have been old news and the world could have breathed much easier. Unfortunately those experts were mistaken; Bush did nothing; and Obama was soon cuddling up with the Ayatollahs, leading us to the nightmare scenario we face today.

I take great pride in being a total skeptic, always doubting the words and promises of politicians and the reporting of their allies in the MSM. That goes double in regards to the media of Islamic nations, and so when a friend in the UK posted a link reporting that Netanyahu was stopped from attacking Iran's nuclear facility due to a threat from Obama to shoot down Israeli aircraft I quite naturally donned my skeptic's hat and went to work.

First off, the report came from one of the most prestigious news outlets in the world, Arutz Sheva of Israel and they did not report it as being factual. They were simply relaying what a publication in Kuwait had published. This is the Arutz Sheva release...

Arutz Sheva ... March 1, 2015
Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike
Kuwaiti paper claims unnamed Israeli minister with good ties with the US administration 'revealed the attack plan to John Kerry.'

And this is the original release from Aljarida in Kuwait...

Aljarida ... February 28, 2015
Obama has threatened to shoot down an Israeli aircraft had planned to strike Iranian nuclear sites (Transated)

While always the skeptic and factoring in the impending speech that Netanyahu is scheduled to deliver to Congress, I considered the timing of the Aljarida release and would have decided that this is but another propaganda ruse were it not for so many contributing factors. I shall get to those in a moment.

First off, if the report is indeed accurate, neither Obama nor Netanyahu would ever acknowledge the truth. Obama would say nothing due to the political backlash that would certainly ensue, and Netanyahu could never admit that he was forced into submission by Hussein Obama. Consequently I shall ignore any official release from Washington or Tel Aviv and concentrate on the relevant, and there is much that is relevant.

Let us start with the most recent evidence:

Times Of Israel ... February 25, 2015
Saudis ‘would let Israeli jets use their air space to attack Iran’

Why would the Saudis feel it necessary to make such a concession when the most direct and appropriate route is over Iraq where the report says that Obama threatened to shoot our aircraft down?

We are all well aware of Obama's anti-Israel pro-Iranian agenda. That is the reason that Netanyahu has been invited to speak before Congress. No one in their right mind would deny Iran's intention of becoming a nuclear nation and using the weapons they produce. Israel has every right to be concerned and even the political pundits of the Democratic party question the wisdom of the Obama agenda. Many nations would love to see Israel disable Iran's nuclear capabilities and yet Obama and the P+5 are engaged in secret negotiations to give Iran everything they want.

Let us look a little closer to the Obama regime, specifically at the Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, and try to gain a little insight into the doctrine that is disrupting not only the Middle East but our entire western civilization.

The Nation ... March 10, 2011
Obama's Women Advisers Pushed War Against Libya

As Al Qaeda was attacking Libya our Joint Chiefs of Staff advised Obama to not get involved as such an action would not be beneficial to the interests the U.S.. They were overruled by non other than Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power. On their call we sent billions of dollars in high tech weaponry to Al Qaeda and invoked the George Soros doctrine of Responsibility to Protect.

As a result of our intervention, Libya fell, Gaddafi was murdered, Terrorism found a new breeding ground, our Ambassador and his associates were killed, and the weapons we tried to buy back fell into the hands of gunrunners and were sold to Hamas in Gaza, to Boko Haram to the south, and to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Again in the planned overthrow of Syria, the three women mentioned above and John McCain called for another round of Soros' R2P but Putin intervened and we settled for arming Al Qaeda in that effort, thus creating ISIS.

Still not enough for a war mongering woman, Samantha Power also advocated that the U.S. launch a land invasion against Israel on behalf of the Palestinians.

You Tube ... March 1, 2011 (Video)
Obama Advisor Samantha Power Calls for Invasion of Israel

Something is very very wrong in the upper echelons of the Democratic Party and it did not begin with Obama.

Arutz Sheva ... September 21, 2009
Zbig Brzezinski: Shoot Down Israeli Planes if They Attack Iran
Former Carter security advisor and Obama backer Zbig Brzezinski has urged Obama to shoot at Israeli planes if they attack Iran.
Some of my readers are younger than I and may not recall Zbig and how he released terrorism on the world. In an effort to bring them up to date I offer a few of my past essays...

Freedom Rings 1776 ... August 2013
The Entire Middle East Is Ablaze
But returning to how we got here: Thanks to Bungler in Chief Jimmy Carter, the Shah of Iran was overthrown and replaced by the crazed Shiite Mullah, and that was but one serious error. Three thousand people who died in the Twin Towers, would if able, point to our part in creating Al Qaeda. Note the two gentlemen in the adjoining image. If you fail to recognize them don't feel bad. Both were much younger then. To the left is Zbigniew Brzezibnski(Zbig), his friend on the right is none other than Osama bin Laden.
At the time this photo was taken Zbig was National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter and to this day he is quite proud of luring Russia into a war in Afghanistan they could not win. He justifies the pride in his accomplishment on the grounds that terrorism is not nearly as dangerous as was the Soviet Union.

Now let us peer deeper into the Globalist agenda and what Israel faces today, for anytime we find evil afoot George Soros is guaranteed to be lurking somewhere in the background...

Freedom Rings ... January 2012
Soros And Egypt
It doesn't seem to matter where I look, be it Obama, the economy, Islam, the UN, one world government, and now the rebellion in Egypt, and our funding Hamas, I keep running into George Soros. Now I find another of his non profits, and somehow he always gets the US government to donate to his non profits, that are designed to destroy us. His latest offering is The International Crisis Group with a host of members that are well worth noting.

George Soros is involved with a long list of groups that would reach across the room but his two primary interests are in the Open Society Institute, knowing that nations cannot survive if they are without borders. His other most prominent group is the International Crisis Group with a sole purpose of creating crisis worldwide ... Recall if you will "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

I wish that there were time to discuss all of the members of that group in the link above. For the moment the most important is once again Zbig, the same man who advised Obama to shoot down Israeli aircraft.

Zbigniew Brzezinski National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter.
After the September 11, 2001 attacks Brzezinski was criticized for his role in the formation of the Afghan mujaheddin network, some of which later formed the Taliban and Al Qaeda. He asserted that blame ought to be laid at the feet of the Soviet Union's invasion which radicalized a relatively stable Muslim society. However Brzezinski is also accused of having "knowingly increased the probability that they (the Soviet Union) would invade" by supporting Afghan rebels before the invasion and drawing the Soviets into an "Afghan trap."

As I mentioned at the beginning of this essay, I am a total skeptic and had I read my friend's link about Obama threatening to fire on Israeli aircraft I would in all likelihood have dismissed it without absolute proof. I have not dismissed it as I understand the Obama/Soros agenda and the people with whom Obama has allied himself. These people seek the destruction of Israel and Iran is a lynchpin in the whole agenda.

I do believe that Obama did indeed make that threat.

For the security of the Middle East and the world, Iran's nuclear capabilities must be destroyed. We have the means with which to eliminate the problem and we will not. Were we to allow Israel to have bunker busting bombs they would have both the means and the will. We will not provide those bombs and so even with their greatest attack Israel can do no more than slow the effort. They cannot totally stop it.

How far we have fallen from our once lofty position of occupying the moral high ground. We have betrayed friends and embraced the terrorists of Islam. Now our once staunch allies are afraid to reveal their plans knowing full well that we will betray them. Nothing better illustrates this than Egypt's recent attack on ISIS in Libya. We were not notified and the response from the Pentagon was pure milquetoast.

Breitbart ... February 19, 2015
“We aren’t taking a position here in the Pentagon on these recent strikes by Egypt…we weren’t notified ahead of time. We didn’t participate or support them in any way, and we’re not taking a position on it,” said the press secretary in responding.

Israel seeks peace while Obama seeks nuclear confrontation. No matter how you slice it, this will not turn out good.

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  1. Good one Danny . . . And the plot thickens.

  2. We should know for sure within a couple of years. Once Iran has gone nuclear, Israel has no reason anymore to keep quiet about Obama's threat to shoot down their jets.

  3. Danny, WOW! In less than 1 month, your prognostication is becoming even more accurate. We hear from aan asylum seeking Iranian journalist that Kerry is really blowing smoke up our arses and they are scrambling to get the framework deal done today. Then the ayatollah is trying to change the part of the deal so that they can keep their Uranium as opposed to exporting all stock and having it released back to them on a need basis only. ( or something close to that effect, but just more stalling as usual). Don;t know if you could have been any closer to the truth. Keep up the great work.


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