Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Many are the essays that I have written due to the feedback from my readers. The mere fact that they continue to read my thoughts gives me the strength to continue. Their thoughts in reply are often where I find inspiration. One such viewpoint was expressed as a comment in my recent essay 'Echoes Of Benghazi Part Two'

"You have given factual evidence of what was obvious to many of us all along, but with nothing solid to back up our suspicions. My mother used to say, "If something doesn't make sense, you don't have all of the facts."
They can keep all of the facts from us, but we are not stupid, at least some of us aren't, and eventually, the horrific truth will come out."
Hat tip to Dee Fatouros.

Dee, uncovering that horrific truth about the Globalist agenda was probably the most traumatic experience of my life and in past writings I have referred to it as lifting the lid to hell and peering in. I shall die with the scars from that episode, as it forever altered my faith in mankind and shattered my illusions regarding the battle of good and evil. Good does not always prevail, and when it does it is generally after much evil has been visited upon my fellow man, most of whom simply want to live in peace.

Horrific or not, the grasping of that truth gave new meaning to my efforts, for with their agenda laid out before me, I became able to perceive where to continue the search for facts rather than simply stumble around in the fog as do most. The Globalists, or the 'Masters Of The Universe', as they like to call themselves, plan to totally destroy our entire civilization and replace it with their own enlightened agenda. If successful, billions will die as a result of their efforts and a brave new world will emerge where all bow before their all knowing masters. That will be a world in which I do not belong for I bow to none.

Dee, your mother's words "If something doesn't make sense, you don't have all of the facts." are words of wisdom that should be carved in stone, for she is quite correct. Those words are also quite indicative of the problems shared by most of our western culture as most have been totally misled by our leaders, our media, and our clergy.

I do not feel that I suffer from any of those symptoms as I know where to find those facts and none can hide them from me. My greatest failing has been the long held belief in the human race's inherent goodness. It is simply non-existent.

That is why the Founders wrote the Constitution as they did. It's underlying theme was to protect us from each other, and especially from our elected representatives. The total lack of a moral code among those with political aspirations has become apparent to most. That is why laws were written to govern their behavior and lately those laws have been discarded in the pursuit of ever more power.

Without leaders with integrity we are disorganized and confused. Without laws we are defenseless, and without a moral code we are broken. And so we find ourselves on the fast lane to hell with most of us wondering how we got here.

You, my readers, you who have joined me in the quest for knowledge and understanding, you who are frightened and confused, must never falter in the pursuit of the facts, for without them we are most certainly lost. Right now you are looking at the most powerful tool in the history of mankind ... The internet. Anything can be found if you know where to look.

Never accept anything at face value as most of those who publish on the internet are there for their own selfish reasons. Some are simply seeking their own fifteen minutes of fame (Vanity). Others like to post sensationalist headlines to attract you to the advertising on their wall (Profit Motive). Still others have their own mission to lead you astray with lies and hoaxes (Betrayal).

Anytime that I visit a blogger's website, unless it is purely an opinion piece, the first thing that I look for are valid links to support what they are posting. If such links exist I go there as that takes me one step closer to the truth. Everyone, including yours truly, has an agenda, and it is their agenda that determines the worth of a man or woman. If you encounter an agenda is anything less than honorable, it is time to move on.

Seek facts, seek the truth, seek an understanding of what is going on. Accomplish this and things will begin to make sense.

The following is yet another comment from Dee Fatouros, this one in reply to my essay 'Echoes Of Benghazi Part One'.

"Isn't it amazing how many people think that Obama is just incompetent and in way over his head? I love it when TV talking heads ask the question "What is the president thinking? It's beyond me!"
Egad. We are 3/4 the way down the Highway to Hell and most simply do not see it....."

Beware the experts!

I once defined an expert as being someone who knows everything about a given subject, and this claim holds until someone comes along and proves him wrong about everything. The greatest weakness of these so called experts is that they try to make the reality before them fit into their own preconceived notion of how things should be. "What is the president thinking? It's beyond me!validates my viewpoint.

I know how the man in the Oval Office, and the members of Congress should act. When they act not accordingly they are responding to an agenda that endangers the American people, and it is not enough to say that 'It's beyond me.' I must rely on a few of my favorite resources ... truth and facts, and pursue that truth and those facts until I have uncovered what I am not supposed to see. It is then that things begin to make sense and I take to my keyboard to alert others.

There, admittedly, I encounter another stumbling block...

Again quoting Dee, "They can keep all of the facts from us, but we are not stupid, at least some of us aren't, and eventually, the horrific truth will come out."

Some are indeed stupid and I criticize none who lack the intelligence to grasp the reality before us. My problem lies with those who can understand the situation and choose instead a state of denial, preferring to believe that someone else will take care of the problem, that it will simply go away, or that we can vote our way out of danger as Obama imports millions of Democratic voters.

One final quote from Dee: Egad. We are 3/4 the way down the Highway to Hell and most simply do not see it....."

I cannot help but believe her estimate to be fairly accurate. To those who do see it, I address the following:

Our worst nightmares, and far worse than most can imagine, will soon be unleashed on us and the best hope to survive the coming onslaught lies in being prepared. You, those who are prepared today, and those of vision, will be the ones to lead their own communities out of the darkness, once again seeking the light of day and the torch of freedom. I seriously doubt that this rebirth of freedom will occur in the lifetimes of anyone reading this essay as a recovery will be a very long and troubled experience, but we must pave the way.

Throughout this essay I have touched on truth, facts, and morality. These are the qualities you mush pass on to the young. Teach the children well. Let them never forget what once was and what can yet be again. You may be tired, frightened, and confused, but you must not weaken. Gather the young about you and give them a purpose, and a belief that one day they can build a better tomorrow.

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  1. Excellent essay, Danny, and I am glad that some of my words inspired it. It's validating to know that there are like-minded, intelligent people who share one's viewpoint.
    We can only hope that there will be enough of us or of our descendants who "get it" left to carry on in some fashion when the catastrophic, totalitarian, dystopian, society emerges. And it WILL happen. Sadly,I see no way out of it, at least not at this point. There are not enough of us to stop it.i

    1. There is no way out it. The Globalists have connected all of the dots and the noose is tightening, and so few are even aware of the hanging.

  2. I seldom elect to delete a reader's comment. This morning proved to be an exception as a anonymous person posted a comment and my anti-virus system flagged it as being dangerous. Deletion is complete.

  3. That was my comment and there is no way that it could have been flagged as being dangerous. Admit it, it just didn't fit into your particular bias. Thanks for revealing yourself. I will no longer bother to read your blog. I am sure that this response will also be considered dangerous and then deleted. So much for your self portrayal as a warrior for truth.

    1. You underestimate me my friend. In the past I have used long derogatory comments from readers as stand alone essays. Perhaps what occurred is that someone else did not like your views and attached a virus to it, or perhaps they did not like mine and that was the reason. Recall your thoughts? Post them again.

  4. Danny,
    Thanks for writing the articles. The current email scandal is the beginning of the set-up that you have previously discussed in other articles over the last 2 years. Thanks for the heads up, I feel like I'm the only one standing in a room seeing the whole picture.

    1. Actually, I have paid but little attention to the Email situation as it is but one more indicator that EVERYTHING this administration does is anti-American. Obama promised transparency when running for office and still claims to have the most transparent administration in history. They want nothing that they do behind the scenes to become known as their every move is to promote the fall of America.
      One of the first actions of this administration was to investigate the Bush cabinet and lawyers looking for criminal behavior. That witch hunt well indicated the moral views of the new occupant of the Oval Office. Psychologists call such behavior projection, as people tend to project their own frame of mind on others. An honest man expects others to be honest as well. A criminal expects everyone to think as he does, and Obama has quite a gathering of criminals.

  5. I've been arguing with my husband, he is one of those people that can't accept what is happening. so I guess I need to do as my dad always said. Watch your back, if too many things just don't feel right, dig for the truth, if you feelings are right, do whatever you need to do, self preservation. I read obama gave 7 small Alaskan islands to Russia. Middle East one one side, and Russia on the other, can he be impeached by treason? He can't do that can he?

    1. He is certainly guilty of treason but will never be impeached as to do so would require a two thirds majority in both the House and the Senate. As for your question 'He can't do that can he?' Obama is pretty much doing whatever he wants and none stand against him.

  6. Danny, a picture came to mind as I read this essay of one of those old doomsday cartoons from decades ago of a guy carrying a sign declaring that the world was coming to an end. People were walking all around him, most paying no attention. One man looked at him with a rather puzzled look and some displayed looks of irritation. One particular fellow was shaking his head as though thinking, "What an idiot." Only one person in the busy street crowd was actually curious enough to stop and accept a pamphlet from this odd looking and weirdly dressed soothsayer.

    Those of us who believe that a globalist agenda exists and who believe that America has purposely been led down a path of calculated deception, lies and traitorous acts, feel much like that doomsday prophet. No one is listening. The person that accepted the pamphlet represents the small group that is actually curious enough about the message to read the handout. He is the person with the open mind.

    This led me to my younger days and the hoopla over the John Birch Society as they preached that tyranny was on our shores and that Communism was knocking on our doors. You see, we understood Communism, (Socialism, Progressivism or Populist … the latest label). Our parents were the ones who fought them and who laid down their lives to defend that old forgotten principle called FREEDOM. That generation freed the Jews from the concentration camps and when Eisenhower marched into those camps he gave orders for photos to be taken. Why? Because he knew the day would come when the world deny it ever happened. Sound familiar? What foresight. He even ordered the German people from surrounding villages be ushered through the camps to see the victims they had turned their backs on. America has been denying much in years since. The JBS was ridiculed and put down as a bunch of ignorant, hysterical conspiracy theorist and trouble makers. (Hey, that sounds kinda’ familiar.) Well, time has proven them correct in their revelations regarding the tactics the Communist were using.

    Danny your phrase to, “Teach the children well’,” is poignant. This is the area the Communists targeted first. Oh nothing blatant or alarming, just a quiet shifting in our education system … get rid of as much American history as possible and when you have opportunity revise it or find a way to label it as fiction. We are seeing the evidence today and these distortions are now being preached throughout our entire education system. The sanctuary of this socialist indoctrination agenda resides right in the pinnacle of our institutions of higher learning … right in and on our Ivy League Campuses. Guess where those radical hippies like Bill Ayres and his cohorts, (you know, those buddies in the Weather Underground bombings.) wound up later in life. You go it! Right back on those Ivy League campuses … teaching your children and getting retirement pensions on your tax dollar. Ain’t America great!

    continued . . . .

  7. This year I went through the American history text book my granddaughter is using at our local college. I lost count of the times “American Imperialism” was used. The entire book blamed America (especially white people) for the ills that plague this country today. The American white man is responsible for slavery, annihilation of the Indians and all the diseases that have breached our shores. Evidently other races had no evil people or diseases or deviancy of any kind and the white man is responsible for it all. And guess what; your tax dollars paid for that text book and it is evident that NO ONE CARES.

    You ended this essay with, “Let them, (children) never forget what once was and what can yet be again.” The only way to teach our children and let them never forget is a humongous task but I agree. For this to happen we will have to get the government out of education, as most of the parents today don’t have the slightest idea of what they are about to lose. If I were raising (oops, rearing) my children again, they would be home schooled up until a certain age and I would then make every effort to be involved with home school organizations to help toward those goals. Otherwise they will wind up being one of those dumb students on Waters World that knows NOTHING. (In the last WW episode I viewed, a student was asked this question; “Who was the first President?” Simple. Right? Her answer: “Abraham Lincoln.” I rest my case.

    Another quote from you Danny sums it up nicely and honestly, (“Without leaders with integrity we are disorganized and confused. Without laws we are defenseless, and without a moral code we are broken. And so we find ourselves on the fast lane to hell with most of us wondering how we got here” says it all. We have no leaders and those who could possible emerge as such are quickly annihilated and no one comes to his/her rescue.

    I don’t see America rising from this onslaught of immorality, corruption and the dumbing down of our institutions. As I have said many many times before, America will not awaken or take a stand until she sees blood in her streets and many who read your essays are in that category.

    Yes it may seem that I have lost hope but I do know where my peace resides. I realize that I don’t sound very optimistic but as I have said before, “We are spoiled” and we have no comprehension regarding what is ahead for us or where we are going. Get ready, it’s coming and yep, we are “…on the fast lane to hell.

    There is only one way to deal with EVIL. You simply kill it. Oh shame on me! That’s not politically correct is it. We are supposed to reform it.

    I like Dee’s mother saying that, "If something doesn't make sense, you don't have all of the facts." True. Well the facts are beginning to filter in and sadly have shattered not just yours Danny, but everyone’s illusions of “…the battle of good and evil.”

    1. Janette, have you ever heard of the Dorian Invasion? It was not an invasion in the normal sense in that there does not seem to have been a major war involved, simply multiculturalism at its finest. It resulted in a two hundred year dark age between ancient and classical Greece. Nothing was built. Nothing was etched into stone and the dialects changed.

      "Herodotus gives a general account of the events termed "the Dorian Invasion," presenting them as transfers of population. Their original home was in northern central Greece next to Thessaly:"

      You write "I don’t see America rising from this onslaught of immorality, corruption and the dumbing down of our institutions." but do not specify whether the rising you speak of is before or after the crash. Since I first began studying politics I began to realize that we are going to fall into another dark age. If Islam does indeed gain control of the world we will never emerge. If my belief is correct that they are being used by the Globalists, to be discarded once they have served their purpose, then I am inclined to believe that dark age will be two hundred years or less. Look how long the Soviet Union lasted. Communism is a dead end street. It may gain control but will collapse and the world regrouping and rebuilding will begin.

      I can only hope that when this begins that some great thinkers will still have a copy of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, the thoughts of the philosophers of the Enlightenment, especially Spinoza Adam Smith, and Voltaire, and Will and Ariel Durant's 'The Story Of Civilization'.

      With these as a guideline our descendants will be able to perhaps do it right next time.

    2. Any more details you can recall from the history book? I have a rough idea in mind for an essay entitled 'Guilty By Birth'. Guilt is one great form of mind control and so many of today's students have swallowed the concept of White Guilt. Parents use it, children use it on their parents, churches use it, and governments use it, and once established it can break a person's will, making them pliable to will of the guilt control master.

  8. I stated that I do not see America rising from this onslaught of immorality, corruption and the dumbing down of our institutions, and honestly, I don't see her rising at all. If she does though, it will only be after she has seen dark dark days. My hope like yours, is that there will be enough of those who remain to draw forth leaders who understand the principles of freedom and once again make this country great. I pray we have not passed the point of no return. Should such a day arrive and America begin to turn back to the principles she was founded on, it will only come after a dark period such as you described, a period of persecution, tribulation and destruction such as we have never seen.

    I too hope there are those who will preserve our treasured historical documents and writings of all our great thinkers and statesmen. It is imperative that we prepare physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Thanks for sharing the Dorian Invasion. I was not familiar with this.

    PS: I can't remember the name of the history book but will try to find out.

    1. Have you ever read 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand? If not it is a rather short story that will at first confuse you, and then drag you through the gutter and the pits of hell as she shows what a total collective state would be like to live in. Then she gives you hope as a man of the mind finds himself, leaving the gutter and hell behind. It is a very dark far future dystopia that is the ultimate outcome of today's progressive thinking. One helluva story, and it is free online.


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