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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Think back to the sixties, if you are old enough, and recall the phrase of the day ... "God is dead." While I am uncertain about who first made that comment, it spread like wildfire through our drug addled community of those days. Many of those who adopted that concept are now the leaders of the 21st century and it shows in our rapid moral decline. We see it in the dumbing down of Americans, in the increasing violence on our streets, in the political agenda of our elected leaders, and in a people who care not at all about right and wrong, concentrating totally on their own biased agenda. But nothing I can think of will better epitomize our moral decay than does the following story from Florida of a crowded beach in Florida where the masses gathered around, men, women, and children, and watched as a woman was gang raped; doing nothing to prevent this crime. Land of the Free and the home of the Brave ... Indeed!

The Blaze ... April 11, 2015
‘Disgusting, Sickening’: Sheriff Says Video Shows Spring Break Revelers Watching Apparent Gang Rape Take Place on Crowded Beach; Two Students Charged

Oddly enough, the crime was never reported. The victim had obviously been drugged. Totally incapacitated she was not even aware of the event. Recovering from her apparent bout with a date rape drug, she knew that something had happened but not what.

It was not until the police were recently investigating a shooting that the video of the gang rape was found on a cell phone. Since then the investigations have led to the arrest of Ryan Austin Calhoun, 23, (left) and Delonte’ Martistee, 22, seen below, and unnamed others are being sought by local law enforcement.

Having a fascination with words is part and parcel with being a writer. I have mentioned before that one of my favorite words is 'Irony' as it has the most peculiar way of serving up justice cold when least expected. One of the words that I thoroughly detest is 'Apathy' for it has become the grim reaper of the standards this nation was born to protect.

Assuming those two young men above are indeed guilty of the crime with which they have been accused, I trust that a court of law will deal harshly with them. But what of the apathetic crowd of so many who did nothing to defend a helpless woman who had been drugged. Is apathy not a crime in the face of blatant evil? If so, what form of justice should be meted out to so many who, while not committing the gang rape, chose to simply watch and do nothing.

Think back a few years when the use of the word 'Sheeple' became so prevalent. It was used almost exclusively by our conservative Americans, mistakenly believing that they were awake, in describing the liberals who blindly followed the leftist agenda of Barrack Obama. Who was and was not 'awake' in retrospect, is really a moot point. The liberals did nothing, and the conservatives did nothing but post their complaints on Facebook. Consequently nothing was done and in the time since we have descended much farther down the slippery slope of moral decay. I do not know if you have looked lately but it would seem that there are a great deal of jagged rocks at the bottom of the slope.

Free will! Long touted as one of the blessings of mankind. I was raised to believe in it. It was taught to me in school, and held high as a trait common to all. Rubbish! At the ripe old age of seventy I have come to believe that like sheep, horses, and cattle, the bulk of mankind are herd animals. Lacking free will, unwilling to think, and afraid to act without a leader first pointing the way, our people are fast sinking into a dismal swamp of denial and non-involvement.

Needless to say, there are exceptions, and let us be thankful for those exceptions, for leaders with integrity are hard to find among the herd. They usually reside somewhat alone, eyes and ears alert, watching over the flock. Allow me to tell you of one such leader.

Do you recognize this image? This spot is famous you know...

This is where Flight 93 crashed into the ground in Pennsylvania. On this hallowed land many Americans died in an effort to overcome the terrorists who had highjacked the aircraft they were on.

Thanks to the magic of cell phones those passengers had learned what had already occurred at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and learned that they were on the next missile from hell.

Wikipedia has a very informative article about that flight with the most interesting, at least in my view, part of the article describing the passenger revolt. What they fail to tell you is the tendency of some to assume a leadership role in time of crisis and tendency of the herd to follow in the wake of a true leader.

This event without a doubt occurred on Flight 93. How do I know this? Because I understand leaders and I understand the herd. Had such a leader not emerged the passengers on that flight would have remained in their seats, awaiting their ignominious death as they crashed into an unyielding wall of concrete and rebar.

Such a leader did step forth and his name was Todd Beamer.

"Are you guys ready? Okay. Let's roll!" Todd Beamer's last words heard by operator Lisa Jefferson.

In a time of imminent crisis, should such a leader emerge, he is quickly joined by a few lieutenants who agree with the basic premise put forth by a man capable of making snap decisions in the face of immediate danger. With a leadership core established the herd soon follows without question. This is the prime law of the herd.

One of my favorites quotes is "Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!" Now that attitude, is leadership squared to the umpteenth degree. Such a perspective allows no room for the timid, nor can it set aside time for debate, nor does it allow for a vote on a chosen course of action. In times of crisis the all prevailing weaknesses inherent in democracy become superfluous as a man of might steps forth. Acknowledge and follow his leadership or as the quote says 'get the hell out of the way!"

Such a man was Todd Beamer, and as the masses go, such were they who followed. Mister Beamer inspired them, and all America should be thankful to both him and them. The goal of all on that aircraft was to remain alive to see another rising of the sun. They failed in that pursuit, but in doing so they did manage to avert another major catastrophe, compliments of the followers of Allah.

But is America thankful? Hesitating not I would answer "No!" Contrary to what President Bush promised, America has forgotten. Not only have they forgotten, they have grown ever more apathetic in their perceptions of the reality they choose not to deal with on a daily basis.

For the sake of argument, or perhaps conjecture, let us alter history for the moment in a hypothetical situation. Let us assume that Flight 93 never occurred. Let us now go one step further in our flight of fantasy and assume that Todd Beamer was present on that beach in Florida as that drugged lady was being gang raped. The story would have turned out far differently.

A man such as he would have recognized the danger and chosen to confront it. Immediately a few 'lieutenants' would have fallen into step with the leader and the crowd surrounding them would have heard the battle cry and closed ranks upon the criminals ravaging an incapacitated woman. In no time flat an angry crowd would have become heroes and had a collection of criminals pinned to ground awaiting the police and their handcuffs.

Nice fantasy huh?

But this fantasy did not happen for one simple reason, that being that we lack leaders. There were none like Todd Beamer on that beach in Florida. Our current regime is guaranteeing that such motivated leaders are on the endangered species list. The passivity of sheep is what they seek and an apathetic populace is guaranteeing their success. 

There is an age old debate as to whether leaders are born or made. I contend, without question, that they are born. Some come into this world with those leadership qualities, and most leave this world never once comprehending the mind of a man who can put the situation at hand before his own safety and inspire others to follow him unto the gates of danger. There are the sheep and there are the shepherds. There are the masses and there are the leaders; and never the twain shall meet. As they would say on the streets, "You either got it or you don't." Most don't.

I began writing on the internet a short time after Obama took office and at that time still had a high regard for my fellow Americans and the concept of free will. Now these many thousands of hours of research later my old beliefs are fading, not necessarily due to what people are doing, but largely to what they are not doing.

There is a rule of thumb about the inherent leadership qualities of people. As a rule one out of ten possess the talent required to lead about ten people under normal circumstances, say as a foreman in a factory. One out of a hundred are qualified to lead a hundred, one out of a thousand can lead a thousand, and so forth. Therein lies the problem about what people are not doing.

Those with natural leadership qualities are so overwhelmed by our corrupt system that they have become apathetic and lead not. Those who do choose to grasp the reins of authority generally do so due to the fact that they are of a corrupt nature and feel right at home with our system that is evolving ever downward on the moral scale.

Doubts? Look to Washington D.C. and that quagmire of traitorous behavior. There yet remain a few who take seriously the principle that they were elected to serve, while the vast majority of these elected officials view their lifetime careers as politicians as a way to enhance their own wealth. Americans once had scruples. Today those scruples have fallen by the wayside as some gain power and wealth at the expense of a dying nation.

Proof? Congressman Allen West is a proven leader and is well loved by the patriots of this nation. He, as a defender of the Constitution, had to be sacrificed by the powers that be as he stood staunchly against the ruin of America.

PJ Media ... January 29, 2015
Romney Spokesman Behind Plan to Redistrict Allen West out of Office

Many of conservative leanings still hold a high regard for Mitt Romney. I never have. He is a hard core Progressive and prior to the 2012 election I wrote that he was a shill, chosen by the GOP with but one purpose; that being to guarantee that Obama would be reelected. Nothing has happened to change my views. In fact the landslide victory enjoyed by the GOP and their promptly endorsing the Obama agenda serves only to convince me even more of my original projection.

Yesterday one of my regular readers left a comment on an essay stating her belief that America must crash and burn before it can ever hope to be saved. I must agree with her. As the saying goes "There ain't no free lunches!" Our people have been getting that lunch for so long that the bill is due. Short of crashing and burning there is no hope, as we cannot rebuild on a foundation long since been suffering rot.

The 'Greatest Generation' was the product of the Great Depression, and they helped save the world from oppression. Once again our people must endure a cleansing period of hardship and suffering. Whether or not today's people can survive such an ordeal remains in doubt. If they can survive the coming crash then America's greatest days may yet lie in our future; if not then our philosophy and the American experiment has failed.

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  1. God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?

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