Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, April 27, 2015


I do believe that today most professors teaching journalism would advise their students to write what they want people to believe and deliver the message with such conviction that none would doubt that those words are true. That professor's advice would be somewhat ambiguous but if his students value readers more than they do truth, that is some fine advice. Were I addressing the same group of studentS I would recall a quote from Thomas Jefferson: "There is not a truth existing which I fear ... or would wish unknown to the whole world." There is nothing ambiguous in those words, and I follow that premise every time I sit down to my keyboard. Needless to say, I have paid for that pursuit of the truth, because the fact remains that so many really do not want to know.

During the month of October this site had 129,920 pageviews and I was warning the American public that they were about to receive a hard lesson in reality, that being that the Republican politicians that they were about to elect would betray them. They really did not like such a horrid prediction interfering with their theme of Vote em Out, and many chose to abandon Fix Bayonets in the pursuit of those delivering the good news.

November dropped to 96.409 pageviews, December to 52,364, January to 33,591, February fell to a dismal 20,408, and then tide began to turn. March barely improving reached 20,647, and now nearing the end of April the pageviews of the last twenty eight days has risen back to 33,876.

Why, you might ask, do I bring this up. Actually it is because of people and how their lives are being destroyed by the journalists and that disgusting professor I mentioned in paragraph one. They seek not to deliver the truth, but a means to influence and mislead the masses. The masses, to their own misfortune, seek out those who bring a message of glad tidings. The truth may not always set you free, but believing anything less is guaranteed to lead you into harm's way.

My friends, I am telling you in all sincerity that the lights are going out soon, not only here but all over the entire western culture and the event will be due to a malicious plan on the part of those who would enslave you and your offspring. Those numbers that I showed above reveal a very subtle yet strong message. Most turn from the truth. Then there are my hard core and well informed readers who have the courage to admit the truth. Knowing that truth and dealing with it is going to give them a far greater chance of surviving the collapse than those who went seeking smiley faces.

No politician will tell you that it is all coming down soon but they do give little warnings of why. Ted Cruz is perhaps the most honorable man in Washington D.C. and he tells us:

Breitbart ... April 24, 2015
While 10 Republican senators voted for Lynch’s final confirmation, it was the cloture vote—which had a 60-vote threshold—where Senate GOP leadership could have stopped Lynch if they wanted to. A whopping 66 senators voted for cloture, which means 20 Republicans technically voted for Lynch’s nomination—and by extension, for President Obama’s executive amnesty in doing so.

Andrew McCarthy, affiliate of Frank Gaffney's Center For Security Policy echoes the betrayal by the GOP:

National Review ... April 25, 2015 (Andrew McCarthy)
The Disgraceful Republican Cave-in on Loretta Lynch
Voting to confirm an attorney general who won’t uphold the Constitution isn’t a way to inspire confidence among conservatives.

How about a visit to the UK?

Jihad Watch ... April 26, 2015
UK: Al-Qaeda propagandist’s lush £1 million mansion paid for by taxpayers

The Telegraph UK ... April 25, 2015

Free to walk London’s streets, the extremist preacher and 'mentor' of Jihadi John
The rent on father-of-five al-Sibai’s home in Hammer-smith – owned by a housing association and worth as much as £1 million – is understood to be paid by the taxpayer.

This criminal not only walks the streets a free man but lives a life of luxury provided by the people of the UK. I am convinced that the powers that be will have use for him in the future, to the greater detriment of the English citizens. It will not be until the English have been brought to their knees in submission that this man will find that he no longer serves a purpose. At that point his future will be in doubt.

The Clarion Project ... April 26, 2015
UK Police Officers "Stand Together" With Extremists
Qadeer Baksh, an Islamist activist who calls for the killing of homosexuals with the Bedforrdshire police. (Photo: Bedfordshire Police Twitter feed)
In Bedfordshire, for example, a county north of London, the local police force published a photo of one of its officers "standing together" with Qadeer Baksh, the chairman of Luton Islamic Centre. Baksh has declared that in an "ideal" Islamic state, homosexuality would be punished with death.

The Independent UK ... April 25, 2015
General election 2015: Labour will toughen hate crimes legislation surrounding Islamophobia
Although Islamophobia already falls under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act of 2006, whereby it is punishable by up to seven years imprisonment, Mr Miliband’s proposal would allow authorities to hand down tougher sentences for similar crimes.

The online dictionary defines Phobia...
an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

Therefore I am led to believe that Islamophobia is an irrational fear of Islam while I contend that to not fear Islam is irrational. Now The Independent informs me that a citizen of the UK can already be sentenced to seven years in prison for fearing the Muslim who want to behead him.
Furthermore, a leading left wing contender for Prime Minister wants to make the punishment even more harsh. Perhaps he will choose to give the offending citizen to the crowd above.

Yes, things are getting a bit out of control in the UK. Let us look elsewhere:

Gatestone Institute ... April 9, 2015
Sweden Surrenders to Saudi Arabia
The Swedish Prime Minister added that Sweden has no intention of ever criticizing Islam. As is customary, Expressen refrained from asking the PM if his comments should be taken as an indication that Sweden would stop criticizing such Islamic practices as torturing bloggers, executing infidels and oppressing women.

Sweden is being overran by Muslims, and Malmo Sweden is known as the rape capital of Europe, and the welcome mat is still rolled out for any and all of Allah's followers to immigrate. Why are they treating their own people this way? If you haven't already learned, then you should read much more of my work.

Let us now look to the Netherlands...

Gatestone Institute ... April 26, 2015
The Hague's Mayor: No Problem with Islamic Extremists
By giving the signal that Salafists can patrol the streets with government-sanctioned authority, Mayor van Aartsen is handing a Muslim minority a parallel society, increasingly controlled by Muslims, that actively opposes a Dutch (political) culture.
Officers from The Hague's police department are shown visiting the As Soennah Mosque on December 27, 2014 -- four days before Salafists from the mosque mounted their street patrols. (Image source: The Hague Police)

How familiar are you with the Salafist agenda? This article dates back to 2002 when fifteen school girls were forced back into a burning building because they were not properly dressed:

The Telegraph ... March 15, 2002
15 girls die as zealots 'drive them into blaze'
SAUDI Arabia's religious police are reported to have forced schoolgirls back into a blazing building because they were not wearing Islamic headscarves and black robes.

That is the mentality of the men that the mayor of The Hague is empowering to police his streets. The following is excerpted from an earlier essay entitled 'The Agenda-2015':

The following is a quote from Geert Wilders. What he says here is very important for such events will soon be taking place in the U.S. This is the link from which the quote was taken. That was one helluva speech and should be read by every patriotic American. The link will be repeated below in Suggested Reading. He also tells you in that speech what I have been saying above, that most of the leaders of the west are sacrificing their own people to the Islamist horde. 

Last Summer, my home town, The Hague, witnessed scenes which brought back memories of the darkest period in our history, the Nazi era.
Sympathizers of the Islamic State paraded in our streets. They carried swastikas, they carried the black flags of the Islamic State.
They shouted "Death to the Jews" and "Oh Jews, the army of Mohammed is coming for you".
In the streets of The Hague in broad daylight.
And instead of rounding up these hatemongers, the Dutch authorities did nothing.
When we in Europa warn against Islam, the authorities call it hate speech and bring us to court. But when the grim forces of hatred march down our streets, the police look on and do not interfere. It is a disgrace. It is a scandal. It is intolerable.

I have long written, to the dismay of many, that Islam is not our greatest danger. Our leaders fill that role and they are using Islam to erode our rights, and will one day use them to utter destroy the very concept of rights. Also to the dismay of many I have stated that Obama is not a Muslim but a communist, taking point on leading this nation to it final demise. The people of Islam are no more than an expendable commodity to be sacrificed as the Globalist solidify their control over all of us.

The term 'Conspiracy Theorists' comes with connotations of someone who is out there on the fringe. But, I put this before you: All of the leaders of the west are behaving much the same, denying the danger of Islam and other dangerous immigrants. Were it only Obama or Angela Merkle, or David Cameron then the picture would look far different, but they are all pursuing the same agenda and that is to welcome all those who would destroy their respective nations.

This from Spain:

Gatestone Institute ... April 25, 2015
Spain: Barcelona's Would-Be Beheaders
Prosecutors allege that, among other plots, the group was planning to kidnap a random member of the public, dress their victim in an orange jump suit, and then film him or her being beheaded.

And Italy:

Refugee Resettlement Watch ... April 26, 2015
Invasion of Europe news: Pope’s life in danger as 18 arrested in foiled terror plot; believed to have entered Europe as refugees
So just as the Catholic Church is helping to pour tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into US towns and cities, and as the Pope himself welcomed them to Italy in 2013, here, we have news that (surprise!) some “refugees” want to kill the Pope! From Israel National News.

Yes, the lights are indeed going out and we are being led into a new dark age. I shall close this effort with a hat tip to Dee Fatouros who posted this comment on my recent essay 'Top Down-Bottom Up-Inside Out':

The "authorities have a bold agenda, and they are pursuing it openly and boldly. The manipulated love and peace crowd just doesn't get it, those who do but deny have hidden their heads in the sand. Combined these two groups out number us. Fasten your seat belts. The pedal has been pushed to the metal on The Highway to Hell Express.

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  1. Gotta agree with ya Danny. The pieces are in place to an extent that only a complete demolition will work. Just about every country in the world is in dire straights and on the verge of civil war. Ours may come sooner than later now that Obama has his new AG sock puppet in hand!


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