Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, April 6, 2015


As the days of America's future dwindle down to a precious few I take to my keyboard with a self imposed mission, that being to record the fall and a hope to minimize our casualties. I have long since come to terms with the reality that through America's collapse the death toll will be staggering and the misery felt by all so very hard to bear that many will break under the strain. My coming to terms with another reality is far more difficult, that being that so very few are even aware of the danger. They live comfortably in a fantasy world where their entertainment schedule is far more relevant than the madmen of the Middle East building nuclear weapons, with which to attack this nation, with the approval of our elected leader. We live on the edge of oblivion and most are blind to the danger. My God, my God, what has happened to the American people?

I began writing on the internet five years ago confident that I could be part of America's rebirth and renewal. No longer believing that, I continue to write as what I have learned must not be abandoned. It must be relayed to those with the intelligence to understand, and the courage to put that knowledge to use in their own survival. I am the first to admit that my writings are dark, depressing, and fatalistic, and yet my specs tell me that nearly a thousand people read that depressing message each and every day.

They read a message that brings no joy; only fear, concern, an an acceptance in the face of a reality that most choose to deny or ignore. My readers are not only some of the best informed people in this nation but some of the boldest, therefore I must regard them to be leaders. Having long said that as a writer I seek not followers but leaders, I must acknowledge a debt of appreciation to those who have made it this far with me ... Cassandras all! We, as a group, have tried to awaken the others. Some we reach, others are beyond our help. The lack of understanding of today's Islamic problem is living proof of that statement.

Surely these 'others' get a strange feeling when walking down the street and see a woman approaching them covered from head to toe in a cloth bag with nothing about her visible but her eyes. Do they ever question why she is so attired? Do they ever ask themselves if that woman chooses to wear such a garment? Does she do so out of choice or out of fear of being hurt or killed if she refuses? Do they ever get an uneasy feeling that she may have a bomb under that cloth garbage bag? Or is that she a he; using a disquise to commit a robbery? Or have they become so complacent about the disintegration of our culture that they no longer question anything?

I fear that last question most of all.

I write about very serious matters but it is time to insert a bit of humor as that humor is dark and accents the alien way of life that now moves among us...
"But officer, I only complimented her on her three beautiful children and that is when the fight started."

Such a sight does not belong on the streets of America, nor does the following:

But such sights are becoming common, encouraged and financed by our traitorous political and church leaders.

The poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty welcomes those of foreign nations to our shores, encouraging them to become Americans and this has been the case for so long. All until the recent onslaught of today's Muslim horde have come among us and adopted our ways. Today the rules are changing. They come not to integrate but demand, not to embrace liberty but to destroy it, not to become Americans but force Americans to become Muslims.

I welcome not their ways, their tactics, nor their demands, but still regard them only as a second rate evil ... right behind the politicrats that lie to us about the true nature of the Muslims as they promote their Islamic agenda. The enemy is always the enemy and he will meet you face to face in battle, but the traitor will stab you in the back when you are not expecting danger. Such is the nature of many of our elected officials.

George Bush stood before America and spoke in glowing terms about the religion of peace. Like all good Progressives, he lied to us all...

Many Muslims, on the other hand, are quite honest about their intent...

The above message, if taken seriously, offers but two options: Stay in the Middle East and enjoy Islam, or conquer us and impose it. They seem to have chosen the latter and our treasonous leaders have left the option open to them.

In October of 2012 I wrote an essay entitle 'If You Do Not Know What Resolution 16/18 Is Then You Are Asleep And In Danger' (Link repeated below in Suggested Reading), and I seriously suggest that you read it. The following is an excerpt from that essay:

The Cairo Declaration On Human Rights In Islam...Now that sounds like a noble endeavor. What American could possibly fault a group whose goal is to protect human rights? I am one American who can, because I understand the trap being set when Islam reverses the meaning of our words. Hillary Clinton understand them as well and knows the trap that they have set for the West, and she endorses their plan and our enslavement.

Read the comments on that link as well. 16/18 is a very dangerous piece of work; totally endorsed by Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama of course.

There is also a video below in SR that I hope you will take time to watch. If you feel you know about the danger of Sharia wait until you listen to the knowledge presented by Ret. Major Stephen Coughlin of the Center For Security Policy. The title of that video is 
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Role in Enforcing Islamic Law and it is one of the most revealing one hour and fourteen minutes you will ever watch.

Today, so very few Americans actually understand the true danger of Islam. Granted many of our better read conservatives are fairly well informed about what is taking place in the Middle East but fail to grasp the growing danger here in our homeland and the reason that it is growing. I tell you this in all sincerity: Any politician who is not warning you to fear Sharia and all who excuse and promote Islam has betrayed you, your offspring, and their future.

Go where I have been. Learn what I know. Understand why I can say with certainty that Obama is not a Muslim but a communist using those Muslims to destroy this nation. Several years ago I believed him to be a closet Muslim as well. No longer! I now know the game plan. They are no more than cannon fodder in the effort to bring this nation to its knees. After they are used to destroy us they too will be brought down by the powers that be. They have a limited short term value to the Globalists. After that ... The rules will change.

In going where I have been I direct your attention to yet another of my essays and the video that inspired it. Also below in SR...
Led By Evil...Destroyed By Apathy
Kamal Saleem Keynote At Values Voter Summit 2012(Video)

Kamal Saleem is one of the finest patriots that we have today and he was raised to be a terrorist in his homeland. So good was he at his job that he was selected to come to America and join in the stealth Jihad. What happened next was that he learned to love this nation and became a devout Christian in the process. His words moved me and led to my writing this rather long excerpt:

To be perfectly honest I almost turned the video off after a minute or two and would have had it not been so highly recommended  by one I admire tremendously. There before me I saw what many refer to as a "Bible Thumper", but I was to soon learn that there is far more to this man than that. The following is the comment about the video that I left for my friend and others to read:

"I regard myself as spiritual but not religious. This man is extremely religious; we differ only on that premise, but if it is religion that has turned him into a great American patriot then I gladly grant him his belief and welcome him to our nation as my equal. He brought me to tears with his words and his salute to our military and again when he warned America that Hillary Clinton is in the process of implementing Resolution 16/18. The tears on this topic were for the stupid people of this nation who have no idea what Resolution 16/18 is.
It strikes me as odd how a man raised to destroy America can come to love this nation, lead in the fight to protect it, be prepared to die for it, and out patriot our "Patriots" who will not even take the time to read about what is happening to this crumbling country. So many feel that they are showing patriotism by posting patriotic pictures with catchy slogans and have no idea at all about the horrid reality we face. This man is truly awake, while half of America is brain dead, and most who claim to be awake are only sleep walking.

My friend, I welcome you to America. Love that flag as I do and I shall proudly stand and die beside you in its defense."

Today I am asking much of my readers. I am asking them to follow numerous links essentially amounting to a small book. I am asking them to watch several hours of video that will shake them to their very core. I am asking you to dig, not as I did to learn of these things, simply that you dig into what I have learned. It need not be an all day project as you may want to rest your mind from some of the things you are about to learn. Spread your learning period over a few days, as time is available but do please learn while you still can.

Many, I know will simply click 'Like' and move on, but I know that there are those out there who truly seek the truth. To them I offer the truth and readily admit that truth is a burden. That will be your cross to bear, for the truth is there and I place it before you, if you dare lift the lid on hell and peer in.

Betrayed by our leaders we stand nearly helpless against the future they have taken from us. They offer excuses for the behavior of Muslims when their behavior cannot be excused. Muslims are an anachronism from an evil past, and they should have remained in the past, primitive, lost, and forgotten. That was not meant to be as the Globalists directing our future chose to resurrect the evil they spread. That evil turned all of Islam into third world nations and now that third world future is planned for the west.

That future, if not prevented, guarantees a certain dark age for a people who cured polio and smallpox, won two world wars, and put men on the Moon. There are no excuses and when you hear one, know that the man or woman voicing that excuse is your enemy, and your destruction is their goal.

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  1. I saw Kamal Saleem on Fox several weeks ago and he interested me. I got his book “The Blood of Lambs”.

    After he became an American citizen he was being pursued after giving a talk about Islam. Reflecting back on his life before rejecting Islam, he mused “Is there another Kamal like me, among the Middle Easteners at the Holiday Inn? A man with a heart like I used to have, who would stop at nothing to fulfill his mission for Allah. A zealot whose very heart was a wick on which the flame of jihad burned.

    He goes on to say "After 9/11 2001, America did not understand what I knew: that the invasion was on. "

    "They (elite intellectuals) closed their eyes, willfully blind, accomplices in the rape of their own nation. I knew because I had helped to cause it. I had planned it. O came here, funded by Islamists in the Arab countries, willing to die for this glorious invasion. To someday see blood running in American streets. "

    Well sad to say, the blood running in American streets is here. Meanwhile Obama is filling out his NCAA Basketball Playoff Brackets and our elected officials show little interest in stopping him.

    1. He is quite a man and quite a writer. I just read a few chapters of his book as a child in Lebanon. They really are conditioned from birth to believe all of that nonsense about Allah and the virgins of paradise. That was the fantasy but his warnings about our elite intellectuals acting as accomplices in the rape of this nation should be read by all. So few even consider the danger as even being real.


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