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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Educated Or Indoctrinated?
This is the second in a series regarding the planned destruction of our social institutions. Part One discussed the assault upon the family, Part Two will discuss education and its evolution from teaching to propagandizing.

Education is defined as a formal process in which knowledge, skills, and values are systematically transmitted from one individual or group to another. It appears as though our institution of education has moved from the above definition towards mind control, at least that is the fear of many parents. First a brief review of the American system and then a discussion on what is taking place today.

The goals of the American educational system have evolved over the past 250 years. The following are brief excerpts from The History of Education in America.

Colonial Education:
The primary education of upper class children in colonial days included reading, writing, simple math, poems, and prayers. Paper and textbooks were scarce so boys and girls recited their lessons until they memorized them. The three most commonly used books were the Bible, a primer, and a horn book...
Early National Education:
English Grammar Schools were born as the growth of middle-class businesses in the 1700s led to the demand for a secondary education that would provide practical instruction in many subjects, from navigation and engineering to bookkeeping and foreign languages. Students needed more than elementary instruction; but were not interested in preparing for college. Commercial subjects were emphasized over religious ones. Some other subjects such as music, art and dancing were also taught as means to train students for socializing in polite company.
Later in the 1700s, English Grammar Schools became more flexible in allowing women to attend. They were taught the 3 Rs (Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmetic), as well as dancing, French, and Training on being a Lady...

The Common School Movement:
...not until the 1840s did an organized system exist. Education reformers like Horace Mann and Henry Barnard, working in Massachusetts and Connecticut respectively, helped create statewide common-school systems. These reformers sought to increase opportunities for all children and create common bonds among an increasingly diverse population. They also argued education could preserve social stability and prevent crime and poverty.
Common-school advocates worked to establish a free elementary education accessible to everyone and financed by public funds. As such, they advocated public schools should be accountable to local school boards and state governments. They also helped establish compulsory school attendance laws for elementary-age children. By 1918, such laws existed in all states...
Public education:
Milestones in American public education in the 20th Century 
From 1900 to 1996 the percentage of teenagers who graduated from high school increased from about 6 percent to about 85 percent.
By the middle of the 20th century, most states took a more active regulatory role than in the past. States consolidated school districts into larger units with common procedures. In 1940 there were over 117,000 school districts in the United States, but by 1990 the number had decreased to just over 15,000. The states also became much more responsible for financing education. In 1940 local property taxes financed 68 percent of public school expenses, while the states contributed 30 percent. In 1990 local districts and states each contributed 47 percent to public school revenues. The federal government provided most of the remaining funds.

From the brief excerpts above, one can see that education did evolve and began to include all instead of just the privileged few. The concepts of citizenship and social values were introduced along with reading, writing, and arithmetic.  

In One Of Eleanor Roosevelt's selected writing she touches on this subject quite clearly. Her opening two paragraphs follow. source
What is the purpose of education? This question agitates scholars, teachers, statesmen, every group, in fact, of thoughtful men and women. The conventional answer is the acquisition of knowledge, the reading of books, and the learning of facts. Perhaps because there are so many books and the branches of knowledge in which we can learn facts are so multitudinous today, we begin to hear more frequently that the function of education is to give children a desire to learn and to teach them how to use their minds and where to go to acquire facts when their curiosity is aroused. Even more all-embracing than this is the statement made not long ago, before a group of English headmasters, by the Archbishop of York, that "the true purpose of education is to produce citizens."
If this is the goal—and in a democracy it would seem at least an important part of the ultimate achievement—then we must examine our educational system from a new point of view...

In addition to the basics of the three "R's", and the classics, history and the social sciences became a part of the American curriculum. Many students often groaned when the teacher said, "Take out your history books", and the subject was often viewed as boring. However, a certain knowledge of the evolution of civilizations from ancient to modern did manage to become somewhat ingrained into students which gave them a sense of the influence of the past upon the present. 

American  History and the study of the Constitution were required in elementary, junior high and high school. Passing a test on the Constitution was a graduation requirement for both junior and senior high school, at least it was where this writer was educated. That generation was taught American History, warts and all, and has a much firmer grasp on the American ethos than succeeding generations appear to have. 

What, may we ask is, so important about our national history? Simply that if we don't know who we are and how we got here, we can be easily manipulated into believing almost anything.  And that is the ultimate plan.

Adolf Hitler considered education to be a very important factor in Nazi Germany, source as did the Marxists, and a plethora of totalitarian dictators. Loyalty to the nation state and often the creation of personality cults were essential to such regimes so as to insure fidelity and obedience in future generations. 

The American Educational institution has been gradually turned into a propaganda machine.  The ultimate weapon is the Trojan Horse of Common Core beautifully presented so as to hide the scimitar of destruction under its cloak of poison.

Click here for further details on the following criticisms: 

1. Manner of creation and propagation”
2. Mediocre quality
3. Illegal direction of curriculum and usurpation of state autonomy
4. Vague and unaccountable governance
5. Costs
6. Threats to student and family privacy, elaboration:
The federal Department of Education (the “Department”) is using the Standards and the assessments as vehicles to mandate the construction of massive state student databases. The Department has also gutted federal student-privacy law to allow greater sharing of student data with other government agencies and private entities. Partnering with the Department of Labor, the Department seeks to build a data system that allows tracking of individual students from preschool through the workforce. This vision not only creates substantial risks of privacy breach, but it also encompasses a worldview of the proper role of government that is greatly at odds with American founding principles
Number 6 is flat out data mining on students and their families. Thinking parents ask, is all of this stored information necessary, and what is the real purpose that it will serve. 

The Blaze has been at the forefront in uncovering the disturbing details of the nationalized curriculum standard known as Common Core:
One of the most troubling aspects of this federal program is that government bureaucrats are currently mining sensitive and highly personal information on children through Common Core’s tracking system.The data will then reportedly be sold by the government to outside sources for profit.To discuss Common Core’s practice of data mining, Glenn Beck hosted an array of guests on The Blaze TV Wednesday, including documentarian Andrew Marcus, columnist Kyle Olson, Kris Nielsen, author of “Children of the Core,” Jane Robbins of the American Principles Project among others...
In other words, an aggregation system to mind personal data on children including information about their health, family income, religious affiliation and homework.
Even more off-putting is the revelation that a 44-page Department of Eduction Report released in February indicates that the Common Core data-mining system could one day implement monitoring techniques like “Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging” (scanning one’s brain function), as well as “using cameras to judge facial expressions, an electronic seat that judges [a child's] posture, a pressure-sensitive computer mouse and a biometric wrap on kids’ wrists.”
For much more on  the above and three short videos go to Indoctrination and Data Mining in Common Core: Here’s Why America’s Schools May Be in More Trouble Than You Think.

Many parents have thankfully awakened and are challenging the entire concept. There is a plethora of information on the subject and the following link is but one.
More angry parents are having their kids opt out of Common Core tests: "I think that you’re kind of turning your kids into little soldiers.”

See also- Thousands of students opt out of Common Core tests in protest
Michelle Malkin has called The Story Killers “a stop common core must-read.” source It is a must-read. It’s interesting and important. It’s packed full of understanding about the Common Core English standards, which are ruining the love of learning as they distort what it means to be educated.
The book pits logic and common sense against the theories, deceptions and absurdities of the Common Core. It cuts through the Common Core’s wordiness and plainly states this truth: that Common Core is stunting and killing both the classic literature stories themselves and The Great American Story of liberty and self-government, stories that our children and our country cannot do without.
In his book, 'The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core',  Dr. Terrence Moore tells us that the restoration of legitimate, time-tested classic literature —“the best that has been thought and said and done and discovered“– can solve America’s educational decline. The faulty theories of Common Core can not...
The great stories are not disposable! Who persuaded us that they were? Losing them means losing, piece by piece, what it means –or meant– to be us. No amount of supposed career prep info-texts can pretend to make up for that...
Classic works of literature are being neglected, shortened, misinterpreted and replaced, under Common Core. And the Great American Story– the story of freedom — is being undermined along with the other classics that Common Core neglects. The book explains exactly how this is happening, using the standards themselves as its centerpiece.
We must fight for our stories.  
For much more, and a review of Dr. Moore's book, continue
This writer has heard Dr. Moore speak, read his book, and highly recommends it. Everyone needs to be concerned over what is taking place in the educational system. Even if the reader has adult children no longer in school or none at all, what the system is turning out will affect everyone in the here and now as well as in those in future generations. 

The potential for a dystopian society in which the citizenry is unaware of its past and has no guiding principles other than loyalty to a "benevolent" dictator who has achieved cult status is a terrifying 
likelihood should we continue down the "Highway To Hell".

We cannot allow our our education institutions, to turn our children into tools of totalitarian oppression, which is growing into an ever larger threat to our freedom and humanity.

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