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Friday, April 10, 2015


All across the nations of the west an unprecedented sort of invasion is occurring. This strange incursion by foreign populations is a never before seen event as people pour out of the Middle East, central Europe, and Africa leaving behind the nations of their birth and moving to the richer nations of Europe. Those rich nations will not long remain rich due to their socialist inspired welfare systems and the massive influx of the poor signing up for benefits. Meanwhile, here in the United States the same groups assail our way of life as well, but not nearly to the extent as are those from south of our national border.

Being invaded once meant that a nation's military would be dispatched to their border to oppose the interloper. Today we send the welcome wagon and turn our Border Patrol into travel agents, booking planes and buses to install our foreign invaders nation wide while Progressive ministries endeavor to find them homes and sign them up with the welfare state.

As a rule most Americans are in the dark about most everything. One partial exception to that is the problem of illegal immigrants. I noted that this is a partial exception due to the fact that our people do not comprehend the Progressive agenda that chooses to flood this nation with foreign nationals. However, they are well aware that a flood is taking place and the large majority of our people oppose it.

The Daily Caller ... April 6, 2015
Dem Mayors Beg Judge For Amnesty, As Peak Number Of Americans Oppose It
More voters than ever think the United States should be more stringent about deporting illegal immigrants, according to a Rasmussen poll released Monday, in contrast to several liberal mayors who are calling on a federal court to allow President Obama’s executive amnesty to take effect.

Many years ago in Civics class, ninth grade, I recall being taught that public servants were supposed to represent the people. The above link would seem to indicate that the will of the people matters not to those in power today. These are the Progressives, blindly following their own ideology, heedless of the welfare of our people. Indeed, they are heedless of the welfare of this entire nation and any well informed person can readily discern that their intent is to collapse the greatest nation the world has ever known. The voters let their will be known in 2014, and were promptly cast aside in the name of political expediency. Obama continues onward...

Rasmussen Reports ... April 6, 2015
Most Voters Want More Aggressive Deportation Policies
More voters than ever feel the United States is not aggressive enough in deporting those who are here illegally, even as President Obama continues to push his plan to make up to five million illegal immigrants safe from deportation.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when federal employees must file a law suit due to the fact that they are not allowed to perform their jobs due to corruption among their leaders. This was taking place last year...

Numbers USA ... March 21, 2014
Ten officers and agents for United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) including ICE Agents Union President Chris Crane, today filed a lawsuit against Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton challenging the Obama Administration's deferred action Directive and associated Prosecutorial Discretion Memorandum that prevent ICE officers, employees, and agents from fulfilling their sworn oath to uphold the law and defend the US Constitution.

Now we find that thanks to Obama's courts we are losing the battle.

Numbers USA ... April 8, 2015

And the problem continues to grow.

The Daily Caller ... April 7, 2015
The Number Of Illegal Immigrant Minors Caught Crossing The US Border Is Surging Again
The U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended 15,647 unaccompanied children attempting to enter the country illegally between October 2014 and March 2015, according to updated federal data. That’s an increase of 3,138 minors in the month of March, according to federal statistics through the end of February.

That growing problem costs our states a fortune and they are being driven into bankruptcy.

Sacramento Bee ... April 4, 2015
Half a million California immigrants seek licenses, exceeding projections
In preparing to offer the new licenses, the DMV estimated that about 1.4 million immigrants would apply over the course of three years. The new figures show they have handled one third of that expected total in three months, a rate double what the DMV expected, although the official estimate of the total number of eligible applicants remains the same.

Then there is the other side of the problem. Some who cross that border illegally are not coming here for welfare and free medical. They come intending harm to our people. Sadly, whether for free medical or with the intent to do us harm, our Progressive administration has no desire to stop or even slow the invasion.

Breitbart ... April 7, 2015
Breitbart Texas exclusively obtained leaked information on the Iraqi man who was apprehended while illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas on February 12, 2015. The Border Patrol agent responsible for interviewing the subject initially expressed concerns that the Iraqi was sent by Russia, largely due to the Iraqi man’s history as a military trainer, his speaking several languages, including Russian, and his having lived in Crimea, according to one of the leaked documents.

This essay began with mention of the flood/invasion of Europe. Let us now return there, for they suffer the same exact danger that we do ... the Progressive agenda. One of my greatest frustrations as a writer has been my inability to convince America that Obama is a communist, not a Muslim. Since taking office we have all seen photoshopped images of Obama as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, a Mexican bandit, a Muslim, and the list goes on. The image at the left perhaps says it best of all. Pure logic. Make up your mind! He was raised and mentored by communists and admits that he sought out Marxist professors in school, attended a Marxist church (Not mosque) for twenty years, and described Jeremiah Wright as his spiritual mentor.

Today we have the Globalists, somewhere between Progressives and communists, and it is from them that he takes his marching orders. So too do the other western leaders of Europe. One of my favorite points about Obama supposedly being a Muslim is to compare the leaders of Europe who are doing the same exact thing that he is and ask my readers if they are all Muslims.

If you read my last essay, Making Excuses For Islam, you at least have heard of Resolution 16/18, an agenda promoted by the Arab Nations, the UN, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama. Its primary purpose is to make it illegal for anyone to criticize Islam. Today we have this...

Gatestone Institute ... April 9, 2015
Sweden Surrenders to Saudi Arabia
The Swedish Prime Minister added that Sweden has no intention of ever criticizing Islam. As is customary, Expressen refrained from asking the PM if his comments should be taken as an indication that Sweden would stop criticizing such Islamic practices as torturing bloggers, executing infidels and oppressing women.

Sweden is being overran by Muslims, and Malmo Sweden is known as the rape capital of Europe, and the welcome mat is still rolled out for any and all of Allah's followers to immigrate.

Live Leak ... March 1, 2010
Muslim Rape Epidemic Puts Sweden at Top of Euro Rape Statistics

Surely you remember the recent Charlie Hebdo murders in France. The religion of peace is growing and their demands are growing as well.

The Telegraph UK... April 6, 2015
Demand for more mosques in France raises tension
A call by Muslim leaders for the number of mosques in France to be doubled has aggravated community tensions barely three months after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. "We have 2,200 mosques and we need double that within two years," the Rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, told applauding French Muslims at a conference.

All over Europe Mega Mosques are being built. The native population complain and are ignored. Now the Muslims of France want to increase their mosque count from 2,200 to 4,400. Muslims are noted for making demands, but concede Nothing! Saudi Arabia has zero churches in their nation and that is how many they allow. My readers are some of the best informed in this nation and are well aware of the churches being destroyed in other Islamic nations and the Christians being murdered as their churches burn.

Let us make a stop in jolly old London town, the home of cloak and dagger, as nothing better epitomizes cloak and dagger than the following link:

The Investigative Project On Terrorism ... March 16, 2015
British PM Pulls MB Report
British Prime Minister David Cameron pulled a report Monday which was widely expected to recommend against labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Now, in the minds of many Americans, Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood proves that he is a Muslim, and I must ask are all of England's leaders Muslims, or are they simply following orders from the Globalists who direct both them and Hussein Obama?

As mentioned; cloak and dagger ... Sir John Jenkins is England's ambassador to Saudi Arabia and SA knows that the MB is a terrorist organization. Therefore it behooves Sir Jenkins to get along with the Arabian high command. However! England also has close ties to Qatar which funds the MB and numerous other terrorist organizations.

In line with the cloak and dagger scenario allow me to use several excerpts to illustrate:

No concrete policy recommendations are expected; however, it is expected to name a network of linked organizations alleged to be involved in extremist activities. This network reportedly included a complex web of at least 60 organizations, think tanks, TV channels and charities with links to the Muslim Brotherhood. The British government decided in December that it would release only a summary of the full report.

The anticipated recommendations could place Britain at odds with Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE,

British ministers worry that being too tough on the Brotherhood could annoy Qatar, which recently signed an intelligence agreement with the U.K.

Do you recall the many issues here in America that were before Congress during the summer of 2012 and 2014? The vote was delayed on many items until after the election, political leaders of both parties not wanting to unduly upset the masses. The Brits play the same game.

Disputes over the Muslim Brotherhood's terror connections delayed the report's scheduled release, but the Financial Times suggests that the report is unlikely to see the light of day prior to Britain's May 7 elections.

And like all good political maneuvers, there is something in this for everyone.

The Muslim Brotherhood hopes to use the report as political cover in its fight against the Egyptian government's crackdown.
"If the British government claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist organization, the crackdown on MB members in Egypt could be eased," MB lawyer Mohammed al-Damatti told the Cairo Post.

Some would question my obsessive search for the truth of what Obama really is, believing that it makes no difference whether he is a Muslim or a communist, but it does make a difference. He takes his orders from the globalists, the Middle East is in chaos, Muslims are fleeing their homelands taking their perverse way of life with them and forcing it onto the west. They cannot rule the west; they can only destroy it and that is the Globalist agenda that Obama, David Cameron, and the leaders of Sweden follow.

Of the power they are beginning to wield:

The Telegraph UK... April 4, 2015
Muslim group with links to extremists boasts of influencing election
A group suspected of being a front for Islamic extremists claims it can control as many as 30 seats in the general election and boasts of acting a "kingmaker"

So believe what you may about Obama but do believe without a doubt that we, all of the people of the west, are being invaded, sold out by our leaders, to their leaders; the Globalists.

Closing thoughts...

We are all well aware of the danger of this 'deal' with Iran and yet the nations of Europe are chomping at the bit in hopes of resuming trade with that terrorist nation. The masses are uniformed, deluded, or in denial. That cannot be said about the political and economic leaders of the world. They know that they have opened Pandora's box and simply hope to grow richer and more powerful before it all blows up in our faces.

The gods may very well be laughing, but I am not, as I ponder the words of a famous communist...

"When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use."
Joseph Stalin

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