Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


FDR once told America that "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Brave, foolish, and stupid words from a man who was taking control of a nation deeply immersed in the Great Depression. A man that history shows made every effort to deepen that recession and turn America into a socialist state. World War Two was all that prevented his planned agenda. While we no longer hear those words voiced about our current fears, the concept is alive and well as we are constantly bombarded with the nonsense that Islam is a religion of peace. We are told that Islamic nations are third world countries that can become as prosperous and peaceful as the west as long as we introduce democracy to a people still trapped in the seventh century. Oh yes ... and let us not forget Jobs.

Fox News ... February 17, 2015
State Department spokeswoman floats jobs as answer to ISIS
“But we cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s a lack of opportunity for jobs, whether…”

So you see, we have nothing to fear. We simply need to set up job fairs across the Middle East. After that, peace on Earth, good will toward men. And if you believe that rubbish, you are reading the wrong essay, as this author is not one of the simple minded that Ms. Harf is addressing. I know and understand this administration's agenda and as long as I am able I shall endeavor to reveal it to all who will listen. I would suggest that the rest tune in to Chris Matthews.

Have a look at this beautiful little girl. Does she look like a threat to anyone? After all, she is in kindergarten. Hasn't even learned how to hate yet. Sad though the reality is, she is a threat ... to the insurance companies of Belgium.

You see, she is Jewish and that mere fact makes her a target for Muslims. Consequently the insurance companies have now refused to insure kindergartens with Jewish children in attendance, as they have an increased chance of being harmed or killed by the religion of peace; an unacceptable risk by the people who are professionals in the business of calculating risk.

The Weekly Standard ... April 2, 2015
Jewish Kindergarten in Belgium Can't Get Insurance Because Risk of Attack Too High

Then we have the other side of the story...

Gatestone Institute ... September 18, 2014
Children as Suicide Bombers in Islamic Countries
One Pakistani recruiter of child suicide bombers describes these children as "tools provided by God."

The most unconscionable form of child abuse is perhaps the least addressed by human rights organizations: the recruitment and indoctrination of children by jihadi extremists who transform them into suicide bombers and child soldiers.
These are the same human rights organizations that accuse Israel of war crimes when they must deal with the following:
Hamas's intentional targeting of Israel by missiles this summer from within densely populated neighborhoods of Gaza filled with Palestinian children is the most callous form of child-abuse yet devised.
During the recent hostilities between Hamas and Israel, media focus remained on the number of civilians -- especially children -- killed in Gaza. There was almost no mention, however of the cynical intent by Hamas to draw Israeli fire on its own people.

This essay is not about little Jewish girls in Belgium. It is not about Muslim children being duped into committing suicide before even becoming a teenager. It is about the governments of the west that are knowingly endangering our young while whitewashing what Muslims do to their own. It is about you, and your need to know more. It is about your friends and neighbors who know nothing at all. It is about our leaders, puppets of the Globalists, who calmly dismiss the danger of Islam as a mere phantom, a figment of the imagination of people like myself. It is about tomorrow; a very unpleasant tomorrow, that is inevitable due to the fact that most listen and believe what they are told by the media.

Before the 2014 election I warned that in spite of the Republican Party holding the House and taking the Senate that nothing would change as they would support Obama as he increased the rate of destruction aimed at this nation. Time has proven me to be correct, but nothing that he has done thus far will compare with his submitting to Iran and allowing them to become a nuclear nation there in the cauldron we call the Middle East.

He and John Kerry have guaranteed a nuclear exchange that will herald the advent of World War Three, and I feel that the first nuke will destroy New York City, and our economy.

Our leaders have far more access to the truth than do we. What they do not want us to know about is shielded from us by being classified under the guise of national security. They are just as aware of the dangers of Islam as are we and even more so, and yet immigration and multiculturalism continues unabated. Common sense would indicate that there is a motive behind allowing that danger to grow. My train of thought:

Those leaders know the danger ... They continue adding to that danger ... They deny the danger in the face of hard evidence ... Therefore they have a plan for the Muslims to fill a role on some future date ... That role is to create anarchy and chaos among the passive nations of the west ... That chaos will allow for a massive crackdown from a newly implemented police state ... And that will be the end of the world as we know it.

This is the planned agenda that I have tried in vain to reveal to the nation. The plan is simply far too vast for most to comprehend, and so it is a phantom menace and will remain that way. Even after the collapse is implemented the masses will still be in the dark, and will turn to the government for their protection, giving up their freedoms in the process.

A lady named Dee Fatouros left a very well informed comment that led to me writing my last essay. The following is a brief excerpt from her comment that is quite relevant concerning how easily the masses are to lead.
"The common denominator is the encouragement of Collective Thought, or one can call it the "Hive Mind"-----the Collective I.Q. is extraordinarily easy to manage.

They will never know what hit them. In fact I have serious doubts that historians of the next century will understand the fall of civilization and how well that fall was planned.

The Collective I.Q.: Look at how many people Alex Jones has convinced that 911 was an inside job implemented by Bush and the CIA. Look at how many others are convinced that 911 was a Zionist conspiracy, leading me to wonder how those Zionists managed to talk nineteen Muslims into killing themselves to forward a Jewish conspiracy.

This is why our politicians are so successful in programming the thoughts of the masses. They are so incredibly uninformed, misinformed, and stupid that most of them will swallow any given amount of nonsense put before them. As Mark Twain said ... 'It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.' This is why my words fail to awaken those sheep who are wading in tall grass, totally unaware that the prairie is on fire.

Today, across America, Europe, and Scandinavia, the people are being conditioned to fear not the Muslim hordes but are being told that their greatest danger comes from right wing nationalists, and so many believe this tripe. The image to the left has been seen by most who do research on the internet. How many have been killed by those right wing nationalists since 911? That number is not of people killed by Islamic terrorists. That is the number of attacks. Some of those attacks have killed and maimed hundreds. The greatest problem with those who believe propaganda is that they do not ask questions, at least not the right ones.

I have spent most of my life studying history, philosophy, and varied fields of science. It was not until Obama was elected that I redirected my efforts, out of fear, toward the political arena and human failings. Forever an idealist I have always resented the phrase 'the masses' feeling that it degraded the human spirit which I largely believed to have a spark of nobility. Now, even I have come to use that phrase frequently. The nobility inspired by the philosophers of the Enlightenment and passed on to our Founders has withered and seems largely absent from the masses of today. Largely, but not entirely! Were it not for my precious readers and the idealism that they still possess, I could not write. They give me strength, I give them my best efforts, and together we prepare for tomorrow.

These readers ... you ... know that the menace of Islam is not a phantom, that the danger posed by the Globalists is far more than some half baked conspiracy theory. And, by now, most of you have come to realize that the problem is so vast, so well planned for so long, that there is nothing that we can do to prevent the crash that is scheduled.

The best thing that we can do is to prepare. Learn as much as you can right now while the information is still available on the internet. Inform all who will listen of the danger, but if they will not listen they are not worth your time. Write them off as pre-programmed robots and get on with what must be done. If you have access to any thirty or forty year old history books, treat them as treasure as that is about the closest you are going to come to the written truth and we must educate the young to what once was.

Stockpile beans, bullets, band-aids and water. Survival will require those and a great deal of will power. Only the strong survive. Weaken not!

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  1. Danny, I think this follows what you have been saying for some time. Don't know if you consider Adina Kutnicki a reputable blogger but I do. She talks about DHS/Pentagon's JADE HELM Exercises. . You have been talking about Martial Law and that 2016 elections might not happen. Seems to me handwriting is on the wall. Just lump in Obama's rejection of Israel and suck up to Iran, and that's just for starters.

    1. Stan, this is a matter of strong concern. The DHS has long troubled me and lately the Pentagon seems to have been purged of all who would stand for liberty. The two working on a joint project of this nature brings worry. The exercise, in and of itself, is not the actual trigger, simply a way to practice for when the trigger is pulled.

      It was in 2012 that I first warned that the collapse was not imminent as so many feared, projecting the date to be late 2015 or early 2016, certainly before an election in 2016. I see no reason to change that projection as what you have linked above only confirms my fears. Rest assured that before anything goes wrong, the Globalists will have all of their ducks in a row. Until then it will be politics as usual.

      So many Americans lack my concern that Iran will nuke us and not Israel, but Israel is a hard nation to hit with a missile due to their defensive network. We are the soft target; the Big Satan. Today in David Horowitz's Freedom Center Michael Cutter posted an excellent article that agrees with my views. That essay was entitled 'Connecting the Dots: Iran, Immigration & National Security'
      and this is an excerpt:

      "There is a saying that when confronting several adversaries in a dark alley you should not go after the smallest adversary but the largest. The reasoning is that if you beat up the smallest guy first, you will then have to fight your way up until you wind up fighting the largest adversary last. By then your strength and ability would have been largely depleted.
      On the other hand, if you successfully take on the biggest adversary first, the other guys will run away and you will prevail.'

      I think that he well sums up the situation and the probable outcome.

  2. Those who dwell in the captivity of illusion are completely unaware of their constraints and content as long as they have enough space, food, water, and basic comforts that keep coming. They are easily manipulated and are indeed unwitting allies in their own suppression.
    When things start going to Hell, they will pose the greatest threat to those of us who dwell in the realm of reality. They will betray us to the "Authorities" in a heartbeat if they feel that we are a danger to their own contented existence. Be aware of those who preach peace and love or practice overt Cultural Marxism. Without them, the powers that be would have a tremendously tough row to hoe and might not be able to finish it. Such people are commonly referred to as useful idiots. What they cannot see is that when they are no longer useful, they too will be led to the edge of a ditch and eliminated.
    We must stay in the weeds and keep our own counsel with others who are like minded. For we and we alone carry the history and truth of our past as well as the torch that will light the way from the dystopian misery that we will inevitably encounter. Eventually, when the cycle of history begins to turn and the the time is right, we or our descendants will pass it on.

    1. Dee, you really should consider taking up blogging as you have much to say that so many should hear.

  3. My computer time is limited and I sometimes add my comments to some of my posts. I have considered doing so, but I need to find the keyboard time.....

    1. If you like I can set up a blogging site for you, accessible only to you and I using the same format that I do in my sites. That way you can write as you find the time and I can publish your efforts on Fix Bayonets as a guest blogger as I do for several others. This will allow you to better exposure from day one than striking out on your own seeking readers. You must be on Google to do this and if you are ready I shall build that site for you and send the invite.
      You really do have a talent for seeing the big picture and stating your thoughts in a very professional, almost poetic manner.
      A typical essay would perhaps be three to four times the length of the above comment and I could add the necessary images to enhance your message.

    2. As you say..."We must stay in the weeds and keep our own counsel with others who are like minded. For we and we alone carry the history and truth of our past as well as the torch that will light the way from the dystopian misery that we will inevitably encounter. Eventually, when the cycle of history begins to turn and the the time is right, we or our descendants will pass it on."

      Like minded we are.

  4. Thank You Danny! That sounds like a great idea. I have been primarily a news aggregator on the blog that I contribute to even though I occasionally do comment. I am looking forward to "joining forces" with you, and will make every attempt to contribute an essay at once a week or once every two weeks, which is probably more realistic.
    BTW, i am sharing your essays, and they do get attention.
    Also, I am already on Google.

  5. Excellent! I shall build you a site tonight and it will come with basic instructions. Might I suggest your expanding on the above comment for your first. That was an excellent piece of journalism.

  6. Dee so true your comment "We must stay in the weeds and keep our own counsel with others who are like minded. For we and we alone carry the history and truth of our past as well as the torch that will light the way from the dystopian misery that we will inevitably encounter. Eventually, when the cycle of history begins to turn and the the time is right, we or our descendants will pass it on."

    And great to have you on Fix Bayonets. Some times we need a break from Danny (tongue in cheek)


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