Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Looking back seventy years we describe the American people of those days as the 'Greatest Generation'. I shudder at the thought of how the historians seventy years hence will describe us. Perhaps they will use such terms as the 'Craven Generation', the 'Lost Generation', the 'Last Generation', or they may choose to become very descriptive and simply settle for 'The Idiots', for it is with us that liberty will either find a dramatic rebirth or slowly settle into the oozing swamp of apathy and die. Personally I see nothing in our behavior patterns that would seem to indicate a new burst of freedom on the horizon, and so it would appear that we are off to the swamps. What a dismal end for such a magnificent effort! God once blessed America. It would seem that is no longer the case.

Our Founders warned future generations not to abandon the republic they had created and embrace the blatant evils of democracy. They were men of vision, men of wisdom, men of the ages, and they sadly have been followed by those of a lesser mental and moral stature. History shows us that all democracies are doomed to failure in a relatively short time frame and the approaching end for the United States has proven that historical cycles will not be denied. We cannot evade the laws of causality. Jefferson warned, Franklin advised, and Thomas Paine, never timid, forecast the dangers we chose to ignore.

Ignored warnings have the most obnoxious habit of biting the unwary squarely on the hindquarters when least expected. Justice often unleashes irony as its best expression of an altered balance of nature. Eventually, the scales of justice always balance, and at that time it is 'woe to the wicked'.

Several years ago I wrote an essay in which I expressed my belief that none should be allowed the right to vote unless he or she had served in our military and have seen no reason to change my views. Any who will not put his life on the line in defense of our nation should have no choice in the direction it takes. The others, of a less stalwart nature, would still enjoy the freedoms earned by those who chose to serve but would be unable to influence the course of the ship of state. I publish for the record this idea: 

Most Americans are not mentally, and some not morally qualified to vote, and now I shall endeavor to prove that point.

Regarding my readers as some of the most mentally astute in America I shall waste no time explaining the dangers of Obama's deal with a nuclear Iran. Instead I shall show you the idiocy of those who vote and many of the members of this group are Republicans ... the supposed defenders of liberty.

Reuters ... April 8, 2015
A third of Republicans support Iran nuclear deal: Reuters/Ipsos poll
(Reuters) - Thirty-one percent of U.S. Republicans favor a new nuclear deal with Iran, creating a challenge for their party's lawmakers who largely oppose the framework accord sealed between Tehran and world powers, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Wednesday. Another 30 percent of Republicans oppose the pact, while 40 percent are not sure.

Look at those numbers!  Thirty one percent of those who claim to support the Constitution have no problem with Obama allowing a terrorist nation to produce nuclear bombs. Having a high regard for my readers I am certain that they are part of the thirty percent who oppose such a policy. Then we come to the largest group. Keeping in mind that these are Republicans; forty percent are so poorly informed that they do not even have an opinion on the matter.

I must pause and ask you ... Is such a person qualified to vote? Should those who choose to ignore the truth of today be allowed to shape the reality of tomorrow with an uninformed vote? I contend that this has long been the practice of our 'democracy' and tell you, without doubt, that this is why we face today's reality that is so grim and fraught with danger. We are a product of our past and that past is a living record of irresponsible behavior, and today the battle cry of freedom is 'Vote em Out'; none bothering to ask the question, 'Who then shall we vote in?'

Another excerpt, same article:
The poll showed Obama has some selling to do among members of his own party. Though 50 percent of Democrats supported it, 10 percent were opposed and 39 percent were not sure.
Among the mentally challenged Democrats we quite naturally expect more to support Obama as fifty percent rally in his favor. Here also we find roughly the same number as with the Republicans who are unsure, meaning that they probably haven't even heard of the problem.
Among independents - an important constituency group for both parties ahead of the 2016 presidential election - 33 percent voiced support, 21 percent registered opposition, and 45 percent said they were unsure about the deal.
And among the independents, roughly the same support level as voiced by the Republicans but even more who know nothing, still wallowing in their own ignorance, forty five percent unsure.
Americans overall are mixed on the deal. Of those polled, 36 percent were in favor, 18 percent were against, and 46 percent unsure.

World Wars One and Two were two of the most horrid periods in the long and sordid history of the human race, and yet those horrors pale in comparison to what will happen if a terrorist regime gains control of a nuclear arsenal ... and forty six percent of our voters are unsure if that is a problem. Nearly half of our population are too damn stupid to realize that we are on the verge of nuclear war, and it is being ushered in by the advocate of Hope and Change.

While crunching numbers, let us continue ... A bold 18 percent actually had the courage to state the a nuclear Iran is unacceptable. Eighteen percent, less than one in five, and the bulk of that figure are aging senior citizens who recall what America once stood for, but what of our young? What of those who are being taught the ambiguous premise of moral equivalence? What of those young Americans who quite literally do not know the difference between right and wrong? What of those young innocents who want to do right but don't even know what right is. Lost young souls; lost in the nether world of moral equivalence. Wherein lies their way out?

We, America's aging patriots, may well fall before the tyrants of today. If so, we shall die proudly, having done our fair share. But what of the young who know so little? They too will be targeted by the encroaching police state. Are they to die asking "Why?"; not why they are dying but why they had ever lived? Will our young die totally confused, never realizing that the battle between good and evil was fought and lost long before they were ever born?

Another number for you. It is said that only three percent of the colonists were actually involved in the fight against the crown during the revolution.

I ask you this: Out of that scant eighteen percent of aging Americans who still cling to liberty, can you hope to find a mere three percent, still young enough to fight for our freedom in the 21st century, or has it already been lost?

Recently I wrote a brief series of essays referring to many of our people living in a fantasy land. Without a doubt I offended some and quite frankly could really care less. If they took offense then they are guilty, if a reader took no offense they he shares the same opinion as I, and that is the type of people I hope to encourage, for I wrote the truth.

One of my favorite quotes from Thomas Jefferson...

There is not a truth existing which I fear... or would wish unknown to the whole world.

I live and write always leaning on that concept. Let the chips fall where they may, I shall always choose the truth over any form of fantasy, denial, or escape clause.

Where are we headed if not to our own self appointed ruin? How did we get here? Very easily; by doing nothing. Passing the buck has become the American way. Let someone else pay for freedom, just do not interfere with my leisure time is the attitude of most. Do not make me think; that is the job of our leaders. Do not expect me to face an uncertain future as I know what I want and expect the government to provide it, and I do not care who has to pay for it.

How far we have fallen! Our ancestors, in pursuit of freedom, chose to brave the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean in leaky ships and settle a wilderness in the New World. Later, in a gesture that could only be described as All American, their offspring defiantly challenged the most powerful military on Earth to give birth to the ideas of liberty and founded a new nation based on those principles. Later many thousands moving west in covered wagons braved the elements and the snares of venturing into an unknown land. They went west seeking opportunity for themselves and in the process provided the same opportunity for others.

True, many were the graves that adorned the route west but this was part of the cost of building a great nation, and that great nation was built. For so long it has stood as a beacon, providing a light to the rest of the world, largely oppressed and living in poverty. Now that light dims and we have none to blame but ourselves.

A light dimming is one thing, while a light being extinguished is yet another, and this is what I truly fear. Those of you with an understanding of the cycles of history know without a doubt that when/if America falls, so too does all the world, and a new age of darkness will descend on the entire human race. You know full well that this is where our leaders are taking us. Their policies, their stated ideologies, and their misstated interpretation of events taint the news, obscuring for most the goals of those who are dragging us down.

Our news media no longer broadcasts news. Propaganda is more in line with their efforts.

Breitbart ... April 11, 2015
As right-of-center New Media grows stronger (and it is much stronger today than it was even in 2012), because the mainstream media is in reality a propaganda outlet to empower central government and boost those who share that goal, everyday this same mainstream media becomes more desperate and ugly.

'The right-of-center new media'. That is one way of describing the internet, but recently one of my readers recently provided his own description. He referred to it as the 'main stream internet' for much of the blogosphere, in its own way, is just as bad if not worse than the main stream media, and that is the fault of our people who choose not to think. So very many read the latest panic driven hoax and pass it on without pausing to question the validity of someone else's post.

The internet is undoubtedly the most unappreciated and abused source of knowledge in the history of the world. If you want to know something, it can be found with but a few keystrokes, and therein lies the problem with so many of our people ... they do not want to know. Internet games are far more important than seeking the truth. Read the latest hoax, pass it on, and get back to the game, get back to your sitcom, and by all means get back to 'Dancing With The Stars'. What a total waste of technology, the internet, and television, has become in the hands of the unthinking. The Greatest Generation would be ashamed of today's Americans; rightfully so I might add.

Throughout my essays I provide links to reliable sources that are trying to educate Americans. I add my own interpretation of the importance of those links, and continue the endeavor. In the last twenty four hours 1595 people have read my writings. Meanwhile millions are rotting their brain with internet games and mindless incursions on the TV.  Oh they pause occasionally and go to Facebook, doing their patriotic thing with the message 'Wake Up America' and then return to their unthinking past time of games and sitcoms.

Yes, I often write with disdain about the masses, for they deserve no more. I also like to take time and praise those true Americans out there who choose to stay informed, even in the light of such bad tidings, for they are the only hope that this dying nation has. A confession: You are also the only hope that I have for I truly love this country, and my greatest hope is that when it falls, there will people like you to pick up the pieces and say 'This part goes here and this part goes here.' It must be put back together and you are the only ones who can.

You, the people of the mind, are America's last, best, and only hope. Persevere in the face of adversity! Learn all that you can now that we may use that knowledge on a future date. America is still ours ... may it remain so unto death.

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  1. As I approach my 77th year in August, I am trying to re-kindle my Christian faith. I went to church this morning, and listened to the message, and looked and the people. I would estimate the congregation size at 300 – 400. I had a lot of company as I would guess 80% had grey hair (or no hair). Not many young people. I’ve been going to this church for about 6 months and am looking at how they are pursuing winning others to Christianity.

    Recently, I read a book by Walid Shoebat – “Gods War on Terror”, an ex-terrorist and now a Christian and have listened to many of his talks on YouTube. That book and his “talks” (sermons) have done more to lead me to study the Bible than regular attendance in my church.

    Today I looked in earnest at what my church was doing on the subject of terrorism and Islam. Guess what, “nada”. Let’s see they made 55 quilts for the needy, planted some apple trees to feed the hungry. They are bringing in a K-9 Comfort Dog to connect people to Jesus. Then there are a group of ministers available for one-on-ones if you are “feeling down”.

    Now all of this is respectable, and granted, I don’t think it stepped on anyone’s toes. But there was no “fire”. I listen to Walid Shoebat, read your essays and compare. The folks in this church have no comprehension of what is going on, similar to your American Electorate. It would seem the leaders of my church could at least broach the subject of Islam.

    I think of last week when 150 students were massacred by Islamists. The rounded the students up and one by one asked them to recite some verse Mohammad had spouted. If they couldn’t, they were shot in the head or worse.
    Yet not a peep about this. Somehow I don’t think a K-9 Comfort Dog would help those students. (don’t get me wrong, I like dogs.)

    I hope I’m not straying too far off topic. But your description of the American Electorate is everywhere to be seen. I saw them in church this morning. Your statement “'The Idiots', for it is with us that liberty will either find a dramatic rebirth or slowly settle into the oozing swamp of apathy and die” is right on target.

    I totally agree that everyone should have to serve in the military for 2 years. If they don’t, no voting rights. Oops, but then again, the illegal immigrants couldn’t vote.

    I think Israel has 3 years for men and 2 years for women. But that’s another story. Thanks for all you do Danny, keep on keepin’ on.


    1. Stan, regarding apathy I do not feel it possible to stray too far off topic as it has permeated our homes, churches, schools, the entertainment industry, our news media, work place, and day to day conversations.

      You mentioned the apparent lack of interest in terrorism in your church and how there are ministers for a one on one dialogue. Why don't you connect with one of these church leaders and broach the topic of Islam. Find out exactly where your church stands on the topic. Yes, being a student of Ayn Rand I have a selfish motive in suggesting such. Those selfish motives are usually the most honest.(Hope you read her book 'The Virtue of Selfishness). None but her readers would ever grasp that meaning.

      My research extends much wider than most would ever consider possible, and one facet of that research involves the left wing infiltration of our churches. Over a year ago I created an internet library to keep some of my research organized and at the end of this reply I shall add the link. When you get a chance check out the library and scroll down to 'The Religious Left'. It is broken down into three categories...One was links to breaking news at that time, another to George Soros' funding and manipulating our churches, and another of Progressive churches acting on their own without him.

      Today I was thinking back to a line that was popular in the sixties..."God is Dead". Many of those who were young then are now in positions of authority and using that authority to more subtly continue that theme.

      'The Religious Left' comes under two headings. One is CW which is my collected writings on the topic. The other is 'Topical' which links to my sources. Try Topical first.

  2. Thanks Danny and I'll get Ayn's book. I'll also research the Religious Left. And yes, I plan to have my questions ready for the Pastor. I'm sure someone from the church will be contacting me shortly, but if not I'll schedule a time to meet with them. I'll have my guns loaded (metaphorically speaking) with questions for them. I also have my guns loaded in actuality. Take care.


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