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Sunday, April 26, 2015


There are times that I cannot help but admire the brazen audacity demonstrated by the communists and Progressive as they boldly tell America exactly what they are going to do. Hitler did that in writing 'Mein Kampf'. He laid out his plans in advance and there were only a few with the wisdom to take him at his word. Today we see the people of Iran chanting 'Death to America' and we cater to their every whim. Van Jones and his video about 'Top down, bottom up, inside out' detailed the Globalist plan for the insurrection coming soon to a neighborhood near you, and yet few feel threatened. This, by the way, is the link to that Van Jones video.

Why do they not feel threatened? Because programming the thoughts of the bulk of the American people has turned into a science over the last forty plus years.

Have you ever heard the term 'Agenda Setting Theory'? It is a long established belief that the MSM can influence the thinking of the masses by what they choose to cover and how much time is devoted to that coverage. Consider Global Warming, a total scam, and yet it has received so much air time that most have swallowed it hook, line, and sinker; unable to escape their programming. Victims of mind control, unable to think, to comprehend, to apply reason, or to escape the herd mentality.

This from Wikipedia...
Since the 1968 study, published in a 1972 edition of Public Opinion Quarterly, more than 400 studies have been published on the agenda-setting function of the mass media, and the theory continues to be regarded as relevant.

While I have often written of the coming Anarchy and Chaos, Glenn Beck limited himself to the term chaos, describing pressure applied to the middle class by the federal government(Top Down) and from the communists and militants in our streets(Bottom Up) turning the middle class inside out. What he could not predict at the time was the massive onslaught of immigrants from the Middle East and Latin America that Obama has initiated. Now we have millions coming to this nation to totally bankrupt an already shaky economic situation and serve as foot soldiers in the Bottom Up part of the Globalist agenda to finally bury this nation. And so few have any idea what is even taking place.

Recently Jonathan Gruber created a great deal of animosity among many when he stated that American voters are stupid. Well, when it comes to moral issues he and I are a world apart. When it comes to the stupidity of voters, I could not agree more. The near future holds the end of everything we have come to expect as citizens of this nation, and yet most of our people are totally clueless as they look forward to the next election as their only hope for survival. They looked forward to the last three with the same attitude and didn't learn a damn thing when those they voted for betrayed them.

A few years ago the word 'sheeple' came into popular usage and many of those using the term had no idea that they were describing themselves, for the bulk of the human race are drawn together by a herd instinct; sheep if you will, nothing more, nothing less. But that herd instinct is all powerful, leading most to follow a leader. Whether for good or bad, they follow. Some blindly follow Obama, while many, believing they are awake, follow the perpetrator of the latest internet hoax or satire.

Now the future looks bleak as every passing day brings yet more evidence that our days as once free Americans are numbered. Our homeland is being systematically invaded by those from foreign nations and the whole effort is promoted and funded by our elected officials of both parties who have long since sold out to the Globalist puppet masters.

Resettling immigrants is BIG business and very profitable, and you are footing the bill via our benevolent leaders in Washington. This is a list of 38 pages of groups involved in the infiltration of our country by foreign born people who hate us. Click to view. Please do click this. You need not read it in detail as that would be quite fruitless. Simply glimpse the enormity of the problem as these groups are listed by states, and how very widespread that problem is. A minute or two should be more than enough, but you will learn a LOT in that short time. If you do choose to click that link, note if you will, how many of these groups that are selling us out are our churches.

PJ Media ... April 23, 2015
Homeland Security Working Overtime to Add ‘New Americans’ by 2016 Election
Sources at the Department of Homeland Security report to PJ Media that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is reallocating significant resources to sending letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize prior to the 2016 election.

The Constitution and our laws mean nothing at all to Hussein Obama. His marching orders come direct from George Soros and his associates in the Progressive agenda. Many tell us that he is violating American laws. Actually, disregarding those laws would perhaps better describe his actions, as in his opinion laws do not apply to him. They are better left ignored rather than going through the effort to change them as have the other occupants of the Oval Office.

Furthermore he knows that he can disregard our laws with impunity as anytime he is challenged and an issue comes to a vote, enough Republican officials will side with Obama allowing him to continue with his momentum. Now the latest assault on America is pushing illegal aliens into the fast lane to citizenship. The following link tells of those laws that are being ignored out of political expediency.

Naturalization Waiting Periods
When Can a Person Apply for Naturalization?
lawful permanent resident (LPR) may apply for naturalization 5 years after they have received their green card.  This is the normal, standard waiting period for all LPR’s seeking to be naturalized. 
How Long Does the Naturalization Process Take After the Application is Submitted?
Generally speaking however, an applicant for naturalization must wait another 12-15 months from the date that the application is submitted until the date of the first interview. 
Thus, an applicant for naturalization can expect anywhere from 1-2 years for the entire process once their application has been submitted.  Factoring in the 5 year wait period, this makes for a total of about 7 years from the time that the person has received their green card.

And that assault has only begun. Last year I warned all that Obama's transformation of America would be pedal to the metal beginning immediately after the 2014 election cycle. It would seem that I was correct in my views. Immediately following the election the White House announced a new wave of immigrants would be arriving and that we have no choice but to welcome them.

The White House ... November 21, 2014
Presidential Memorandum -- Creating Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrating Immigrants and Refugees
"Therefore, I am establishing a White House Task Force on New Americans, an interagency effort to identify and support State and local efforts at integration that are working and to consider how to expand and replicate successful models."

Americans are already being displaced by earlier waves of immigrants and Obama's amnesty program, and more are on the way.

Breitbart ... April 24, 2015
Immigration Services says it will begin accepting applications from these visa holders on May 26.
“USCIS estimates the number of individuals eligible to apply for employment authorization under this rule could be as high as 179,600 in the first year and 55,000 annually in subsequent years,” USCIS explained in its February announcement.

Obama has many irons in the fire and there is yet another source of immigrants coming to America through a method most have never heard of...

Accuracy In Media ... April 22, 2015
Obama and the Media Still Hiding Immigration Agenda
Once again, the Obama administration is deceiving the courts, and the American people, about its plans for amnesty for millions of current and future illegal aliens. And to make things worse, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty, for which President Obama is seeking fast-track authority, would, according to Dick Morris, writing in The Hill, “override national immigration restrictions in the name of facilitating the free flow of labor.” And in this instance, whether wittingly or otherwise, Republicans are lining up to support the President in the name of free trade.

Somewhere, as I write, there is probably a plane load of immigrants landing on American soil. Expect many such landings in the future as Obama will not refrain from such importation until this nation has been brought down to a state of rubble.

National Resettlement Watch ... April 25, 2015
Obama planting migrant seedlings; accelerating seedlings to citizenship status; and refugee food stamp gobblers
Changing America by changing the people! Obama with his architects for a new America Cecilia Munoz (left) and Valerie Jarrett (right)
These people will be sent all over this nation by the groups listed in the 38 pages of agencies listed in the earlier link above. Again referring to the MSM's Agenda Setting Theory, you will programmed to accept them.

World Net Daily ... April 26, 2015
How to know when migrant gravy train arrives in your town
It’s all part of a strategy, reported on last week by WND, to “water the soil” and “plant seedlings” into host communities, also called “receiving communities.”
WND also reported last week how the federal government withholds key information from the public in host communities until right before or after refugees arrive, and how one congressman, Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., is demanding answers to 17 questions about the program.

Many question, some protest, and a few demand, but none can change the agenda, for it is all powerful with a criminal in control of the nation, supported by both Democratic and Republican traitors. That support is further enhanced by a media that is advised by experts on mind control.

Now I shall begin a summary that may turn out to be rather lengthy but it must be addressed. Regular readers dating back some years have seen me write that most people are wrong most of the time. They have seen me buck the tide of public opinion and populist thought. They have also seen me racking up a very sound track record of being right when everyone else was wrong. Once again, I must venture down that path...

For years many have stated that Obama wants to increase the illegal Hispanics in America to increase the Democratic vote. I have never seen reason to disagree with that until now, as undoubtedly many of them voted for him in 2012. The election of 2016 will prove to be a different matter altogether, and now we see the push to turn them into American citizens in spite of long standing laws against a fast lane agenda.

From what you read above it is quite obvious that Obama wants these Latinos voting Democrat in 2016 and I have often written of my doubts that such an election will ever take place. I have also written that everyone should look far past what is obvious and seek out the hidden truth. Our collapse is scheduled to occur before then, and Hussein will 'delay' the election indefinitely. At least that is my firm belief. Why then the push to turn these illegal immigrants into citizens in such a hurry?

Let us go back to Van Jones' Top Down Bottom Up.

In 2008 when some of Obama's past associations were beginning to surface and many were discussing his socialist background it appeared that he would lose the election. Soros and associates managed to stage a small economic collapse and blamed it on the Republican policies. They wield such power that they can trigger a small or a total collapse anytime they so choose and I do believe that they will implement a total collapse before the 2016 Presidential election, plunging this nation into Anarchy and Chaos, and civil war.

The more foot soldiers that can be brought from Arab and Hispanic nations before that collapse the stronger will be the Bottom Up attack on the middle class. Part of the Top Down attack will be blaming the middle class and the Tea Parties for the Soros implemented collapse.

This is why these immigrants are being stroked by the masters. They are being led to believe that Obama is fighting for them. Nonsense! He is expecting them to fight and die for him and the agenda he is pushing. Once accomplished they will find out the hard way that their services are no longer are no longer required, and they will be dealt with accordingly. By then of course, if the Progressives are indeed the winners, much of white America will be vassals or serfs of the new Globalist empire.

The Progressive assault quickens and I have much to say on these topics, but this essay is growing rather long and I do not want to wear out my welcome. See more in the next installment.

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  1. The "authorities have a bold agenda, and they are pursuing it openly and boldly. The manipulated love and peace crowd just doesn't get it, those who do but deny have hidden their heads in the sand. Combined these two groups out number us. Fasten your seat belts. The pedal has been pushed to the metal on The Highway to Hell Express.


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