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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Odd, how two widely divergent groups, each with their own ideology and agenda engage in combat in the political arena, convinced that they have the upper hand and that time will prove them superior to their opponent. Such is the case with the Globalists of this world and Islam coming from an alien world of their own. Like a little insight into the real situation? The Globalists are going to win and a much decimated Islam is going to be pushed back to their desert. How can I be so certain of this? Read on...

The Globalists, i.e.: A group of billionaires, Communists, Progressives, and Socialists, have a plan to utterly destroy western civilization and reshape it more to their liking. In that new and improved world they will have absolute control, and the masses, after being drastically reduced in number, will have no choice at all but to serve their new overlords without question. 

That is quite an ambitious undertaking for a group of billionaires scattered across multiple countries and not even having a conquering army of their own, but that is where Islam comes in. Bloodlust is second nature to them and many are none too bright after a thousand years of inbreeding, making them ideal candidates for mercenaries in the most ambitious and devious scheme of conquest ever devised.

Muslims are operating at a great disadvantage, the same disadvantage endured by the masses of western civilization. The disadvantage? Neither group understands who the real enemy is. Those in the west who mistakenly believe they know what is happening regard Islam as the greatest danger. Muslims, on the other hand, regard the kuffars of the west as a people who will fall before their wrath with little difficulty. After all, so far it does appear that Islam is managing to successfully infiltrate all of the nations of the west and even collect welfare payments once they arrive. Little do the Muslims know as they are being herded into the west.

What neither group understands is that both are being played by those who can shape public opinion, alter news events allowing people to hear only what they want them to hear, create humanitarian disasters at will, raise or destroy nations with a clever manipulation of the world's various currencies, and silence discord with a few carefully chosen buzz words such as 'Racist', 'Bigot', and 'Islamophobe'.

Somewhere up there, beyond the comprehension of most, there are political entities such as the U.N., and the EU, and here in America we have the farce of two different political parties in our nation's capitol, each following the same agenda.

These are but a few of the facets of the Globalist agenda, each group doing as ordered by the powers that be, moving the world ever closer to an all powerful totalitarian state. Before that stage can be reached all hell must break loose, and today it is beginning as the entire Middle East is subjected to anarchy and chaos. Such a humanitarian crisis is designed and implemented by those who promised hope, change, democracy, social justice, a redistribution of the wealth; and a New World Order. 

Communism always promises so much and those promises always turn into the latest incarnation of genocide.

Those who still persist in their mistaken belief that Obama is a Muslim should look to the Middle East and see what he has brought to the real Muslims. He is not a follower of Allah trying to help his people. He is a communist and sees these misguided warriors of the desert as no more than another tool in the leftist's goal of conquering the west.

Look to Libya, a reasonably stable and prosperous nation until he promised democracy and delivered it in the form of our supporting Al Qaeda's terrorists as they overthrew Qaddafi. He did no more than open the gates of hell for the Libyan people and today they are fleeing his promised Utopia and dying by the thousands in the effort.

Typically, at this point, I would add a group of links validating the point that I have just made, and I have many such links. This, however, is not a typical essay as I have just connected a few more dots and the conclusions drawn from that connection will become the rest of this effort.

Many Muslims are being herded west against their will!

Since Obama first took office he had endeavored to totally change both this nation and the Middle East, and has been remarkably effective in a terrifying sort of way. His infamous Cairo speech led to the fall of Egypt, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, numerous deaths of both Christians and Muslims, an uprising of the Egyptian people, and a new dawn for Egypt as the MB was deposed.

The leader and the people of Libya were not so lucky as his efforts to aid the foreign terrorists invading that nation led to a state of total anarchy and chaos, thus creating a new breeding ground for terrorism. Today there are vast waves of people fleeing that hell hole hoping to escape to the west that they have long hated. Thousands have already drowned in the Mediterranean as they pack themselves onto boats already bearing more human cargo that those boats can keep afloat. The situation is so desperate in Libya that these people readily risk their lives in an effort to escape.

Filled with the confidence born of his last disaster Obama went on to tackle Syria, trying to emulate the nightmare he had imposed on Libya. Fortunately for the Syrians he was not so lucky and never attempted to impose the Soros doctrine of R2P on them as he had done to Qaddafi. Little setbacks must be met with persistence and the U.S. proceeded to arm the Al Qaeda invaders even without providing air cover. Consequently the so called 'civil war' still rages, and the Syrian people are streaming out by the hundred of thousands.

This humanitarian crisis has led the UN, the EU, the refugee industry, and the bleeding heart liberals of the world, to demand that we, the once free people of the west, provide shelter for the displaced and the terrorists alike. To do so is nothing less than suicide on a national scale, and those making those demands know this, as cultural suicide is their goal. Our culture would then be replaced by their utopia.

The administration was warned by competent advisers that if we abandoned Iraq, a new group of terrorists would rise to fill the power vacuum. Obama predictably ignored that good advice and we got ISIS in the bargain, and they got the weapons we had provided to the 'moderate' Islamists. Still we go on raising armies of those moderates, arming them with our high tech weaponry that will fall into the hands of ISIS, and our NATO ally, Turkey, continues to aid ISIS in hopes of destroying Syria, further hastening the westward trek. What a wicked web we weave!

Obama was also warned that if we left Afghanistan, the Taliban would once again gain control. More good advice ignored and another prediction is coming to pass.

Somalia has long been regarded as one of the most horrid places on Earth, and the blood thirsty nature of its inhabitants tops the list for terrorism. For years the more sensible residents of Somalia have been abandoning their homeland and migrating to Yemen. Now that tide is turning and as Obama's allies in Iran continue their attacks on Yemen, people are leaving that nation and going back to Somalia. What a hell on Earth the Globalists, via Obama, is building.

Even the homeland of Obama's supposed father, Kenya, has fallen victim to the terrorism that is spreading far and wide and the latest reports tell us that the U.S. is giving another forty five million dollars to the Kenyan government. That should make a few powerful men in even wealthier in that slave trading nation.

Turkey, a member of NATO, and its leader, one of Obama's best friends, is now selling truckloads of Ammonium Nitrate to ISIS to use in their bomb making facilities, while they continue to buy oil from the 'JayVees'. Meanwhile, catering to the outcry of the American people, we play war games as we send sorties toward the dread enemy while they continue to pummel the people of Iraq and Syria. But...Obama is putting on a good show and making some fine speeches about our progress. Oh those speeches, so full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Now, thanks to the untiring efforts of John Kerry, Iran is on the verge of going nuclear and starting an arms race throughout the Middle East, and triggering nuclear war throughout the world.

All of the above mentioned topics bear the Obama brand and now I shall show you the dots that I have connected, and the long term agenda sought by the Globalists who direct Obama's every move.

Most people are essentially lazy and/or apathetic and unless forced to do otherwise are generally content to let life continue as it is. The Muslim migration to Europe has been a long term enterprise started long before Obama was ever heard of but it was different then, not proceeding nearly as fast as the Globalists would like.

There are basically three types of Islamic immigrants who have been leaving their homelands and venturing west. There are the Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists who want to either convert or kill the kuffars. There are those who quite simply want a better life for themselves and are willing to work to that end. True, they may well hate us, but they want to live a better life that is only available in the west and so they come among us taking jobs from our people. Then there the immigrants who travel east simply searching for a free lunch, i.e.: welfare.

That leaves two types that have chosen to remain in the lands of Islam: Those who are reasonably successful and have had no reason to leave. Then there are the lazy and apathetic. The reason for their inaction is obvious. they were quite content with the status quo. These are the two groups that are now leaving en masse. Along with them, camouflaged in their midst, are the next wave of terrorists, convinced that the time of their glory is now while the kuffars cower before them.

An adage quite popular today is 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'. So many still believe Obama to be incompetent but they are mistaken. He is neither incompetent nor is he insane. True, he is doing the same thing over and over again as he destroys nations, but he is not hoping for different results for destruction is what he seeks, with the long term goal being that the poor unfortunate people of those nations will be forced to leave, migrating west to escape the horrors he has imposed upon their homeland. Once in the west they will be recruited as cannon fodder ... No more. No less. Sacrificial lambs at an alter they cannot hope to understand.

Sadly, these people lack the intelligence to realize that they are being herded west to be used as a tool in implementing the same type of horror that they have endured on their counterparts, the apathetic people of the civilized world. And that is the plan in a nutshell. Muslims are needed in vast numbers to once and for all bring down the nations and the people of the west. Once done, those poor Muslims will be of no further use to the Globalists and their supply of weapons and food will be extinguished leaving them with the choice of die in the west or return to their deserts.

This is the whole reason that Obama has set the Middle East ablaze. Herd them to the west, use them as cannon fodder, and forsake them.

I am convinced that before the end of Obama's term of office we are going to suffer at least one and quite possibly multiple 911 attacks. At the same time Europe will also come under attack and we shall have chaos across the west, compliments of our Progressive leaders who advocate for the Religion of Peace and bring their terrorists among us. But that is to be a temporary state as no political leaders want to deal with Islam on a long term basis.

Muammar Qaddafi once said "We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades."

You know something? He was right. Today's events, left unmanipulated, would indeed lead  to an Islamic Europe in the near future. But that is not what the Globalists want, and that is not what Obama wants. Both are intent on using and then crushing Islam, and driving them out of Europe and eliminating them in America. Believe all you want that Obama is a Muslim, but you are mistaken. He is a hard core Marxist, caring less about the means, embarked only on a quest for the Marxist end. To that end he is fully prepared to sacrifice the lives of a billion Muslims for they are but dirt under his feet.

Forcing Muslims out of the Middle East into the west was the whole purpose of the Arab Spring. Give them hope; introduce chaos; foster despair, terrorize them, and herd them west. The people, the masses, the herd ... So easy to manipulate if you but understand what they want. Offer it. Promise it. Give it to them, and then take it away, replacing it with their worst nightmares. At this point they will do anything their leaders ask. And we, the people of the west, face a similar manipulated future.

I grow weary of the human race, but before I die I would love to play three games of chess with the diabolical genius that has designed the game plan that is now turning an imperfect world into a living hell. None have ever managed to beat me two out of three. This bastard might prove to be the exception, for he is undoubtedly brilliant, albeit lacking any form of morality.

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  1. I firmly believe without a shadow of a doubt that diabolical genius is George Soros. And you WILL outlive him and HE will be dirt under our feet!

    As soon as I have time I want to share a story of witnessing the unfolding of all of your essays before my eyes. I pay attention to details others do not.


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