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Sunday, May 10, 2015


My friends, something is seriously wrong with this world, or perhaps I should say that something is seriously wrong with those who are directing the fate of this world. I am betting that you recognize three of the four faces in the collage to the left but are drawing a blank on the gentleman in the lower right. You need to learn more about this man as his decisions are going to have a great effect on your life and your future. I would like to introduce you to Antonio Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (UNHCR) He is a man totally dedicated to George Soros' concept of an open society. Society simply cannot exist without national borders. An open society is a doomed society and all those who advocate this are well aware of that fact. The last remnants of freedom exist in those who oppose the coming world order as planned by the Progressives, the UN, the EU, and the far left of both the US and Europe. It is the duty of Mister Guterres to shove that future down your throat, whether you like it or not.

Far too few Americans are even remotely aware of the danger we face on a daily basis, but if they would simply open their eyes it is all there for the viewing. Apathy, ignorance, and cowardice have become all too common among our people. It is for this reason that America is about to go the way of those other great nations of the past.

We defeated Saddam Hussein's entire military in but a matter of days. Now our military is put on alert due to an Islamic warlord on the other side of the world. Yes, something is definitely wrong here. They tell us that it may take three years to disable ISIS. ISIS will not be defeated, but that three year window puts the challenge beyond the 2016 election that will not take place.

Center For Security Policy...May 8, 2015
U.S. Military Bases Raise Security Level as FBI Director Warns of ISIS Threat
FBI Director James Comey warned on Thursday that potentially thousands of people inside the United States are consuming recruitment “poison” and directives to attack the U.S. from Islamic State (ISIS), which he compared to “‘a devil sitting on the shoulder saying, ‘Kill, kill, kill, kill’ all day long.’”

And still our political and religious leaders speak with high praise about the religion of peace, and the members of that bloodthirsty cult are coming to our shores in vast numbers every day. I lack the words to properly express my gratitude to those among us with the courage to tell the truth, and to those Americans who are still willing to listen.

Many, many thanks to the untiring efforts of Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch for providing the following and so much more. I would advise any and all to follow her site. Like me, she works around the clock and provides accurate information on a blogsite that is free from unwanted advertising. This is a woman dedicated to the American Dream, and unlike most, she has the courage to fight for it.

Now we come to Antonio Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees mentioned above. He is none too fond of any nation that cares about what the citizens want.

Refugee Resettlement Watch ... May 9, 2015
UNHCR blasts Hungary for consulting its citizens about illegal migrants entering the country
Remember readers, the United Nations would love to see the borders of the world dissolved!  Or, at least that is what their actions point to.

And that link led me in turn to this ... a treasure trove for those seeking the truth.

Reuters ... May 8, 2015
U.N. agency accuses Hungary government moves "vilifying" refugees
Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who wants legislation to speed up the deportation of illegal migrants, raised eyebrows last month when he announced plans for a nationwide questionnaire in May to see if Hungarians thought immigrants spread terrorism.
Montserrat Feixas Vihe, the regional representative in central Europe for the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR, said Orban's government was targeting the very people who needed help.
"We are deeply concerned by the way the government increasingly vilifies people who have fled from war zones like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and who desperately need safety and protection in Hungary," she said.
Hungary, a landlocked country of 10 million people in central Europe, has experienced a surge of illegal entries from the south, mostly from impoverished Kosovo -- the source of 10,000 asylum applications in January alone.
Most apply for asylum to stave off immediate deportation and secure their release. While their applications are being processed, they often give immigration authorities the slip and push on westwards to wealthier EU states such as Germany.

Now, let us go to the horse's mouth; or perhaps the other end of the horse better describes the output from the United Nations...

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... May 8, 2015
UNHCR calls on Hungary to protect, not persecute, refugees
08 May 2015, BUDAPEST (UNHCR) – The UN Refugee Agency on Friday spoke out against a growing expression of xenophobia in Hungary. It raised concerns over efforts by the Hungarian government to paint refugees as a threat to the country in leading questions being asked during a so-called national consultation.
This year some 13,000 asylum-seekers have arrived in Hungary from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, three countries plagued by war and instability.
"We need to remember that around the world the primary threat is not from refugees, but to them," Ms Feixas Vihé said.

"Around the World" ... Let us go around the world in the pursuit of understanding what is happening to the west. Many Americans are well aware of the danger coming from south of our borders but find it hard to relate to the growing danger of what is happening 'Over There'. Let me be the first to tell you, if you do not already know; what is 'over there' is coming 'over here' if the UN has their way, and so far they seem to be calling the shots.

CNS News ... May 8, 2015
Obama: Illegals ‘Are Americans Just Like Our Kids, Except They Don’t Have the Right Documents’

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... May 8, 2015
Some 25,000 risk sea crossings in Bay of Bengal over first quarter, almost double from year earlier

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... May 6, 2015
Italy reception centres under strain as thousands rescued at sea

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... March 26, 2015
Asylum applications in industrialized world soar to almost 900,000 in 2014

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... December 10, 2014
UNHCR urges focus on saving lives as 2014 boat people numbers near 350,000

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... December 5, 2014
More people risk Indian Ocean voyages despite abuse, deterrence
In total some 120,000 people are believed to have embarked on these voyages in the Bay of Bengal since the start of 2012. With payments ranging from US$1,600 to US$2,400 demanded for each passenger, smugglers plying this route are believed to have generated nearly US$250 million in revenue in the last three years. While the majority of people paid smugglers for the journey, there were isolated accounts of people who said they were forced onto boats, sometimes at gunpoint, in Myanmar and Bangladesh(Remember this fact later in this essay).

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... November 14, 2014
Number of Eritreans seeking asylum in Europe soars over figures for last year

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... August 22, 2014
More than 20,000 people risk all on Indian Ocean to reach safety: UNHCR report

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... June 10, 2014

As thousands continue to flee Myanmar, UNHCR concerned about growing reports of abuse

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency ... March 21, 2014
UNHCR report shows leap in asylum applications for industrialized countries

The EU is but the younger sibling of the UN, and both are following the same Progressive, borderless world of George Soros' Open Society Institute.

The Daily Mail UK ... May 5, 2015

May defies EU demand to open Britain's doors to Mediterranean migrants: Home Secretary says decision to allow people in should be taken on voluntary basis
‘Those coming across the Med – they are coming from countries such as Senegal, Eritrea, Sudan.
‘Many will have paid organised crime groups to get them through. It is a different sort of issue from Syrian refugees.
‘If we are really going to stop the people putting their lives in danger by crossing the Med, we need to stop them starting their journey in the first place.’

And she is correct. Some of our sensationalist news sources are stressing the fact that many of these 'refugees' are coming from Libya, but these people are definitely not Libyans:

The UN, the EU, and our national leaders are engaging in deception in their glowing speeches and news releases. Our treasonous politicians, spiritual leaders, and the propaganda machine we call the media, so calmly pass on these deceptions and they are believed by the vast majority of our people. The day is coming when it is all going to collapse like a house of cards and our citizens will be taken totally by surprise. In their fear and ignorance they will make the sad mistake of turning to the government that has carefully engineered the end of the American Dream.

Now, I did not post that last group of links without good reason. Shall we begin to connect the dots?

In my recent essay Humanitarian Crisis-Made To Order I told you that these people are being herded toward the industrialized nations of the west, some against their will, and even the UNHCR acknowledged this reality. Forced onto a boat at gunpoint! Would you regard that as an escaping refugee or someone being herded as I have written?

On with the dots...

George Soros' International Crisis Group claims to be trying to reduce crisis around the world. Rather than reducing crisis I contend that group was designed to implement crisis and they are doing a remarkable job of it. Want to know more about the ICG? I have researched them well ... A motley crew to say the least.


This is a link to ICG home page. Go there and click 'Regions' and view a long list of the nations in which the ICG has established offices and it is from those nations that refugees, both willing and unwilling, are coming.

There is no doubt that Muslims have made a total mess of the Middle East and Africa, largely with weapons supplied by the U.S.. I would be far more inclined to have a little faith in the effort of our politicians and churches if those who are involved in the refugee programs were concentrating on getting the Christians out of the danger zone before they are beheaded, but the refugee figures indicate that about ninety three percent of those heading west are Muslims. The same people who daily chant 'Death to America', and are already responsible for a large percentage of crime in the various cultures of the west.

It is helpful in understanding any far reaching problem if you can grasp the philosophy that has created it. All religions oppose knowledge. While that statement need not apply to all of the adherents of any given faith, it most definitely does apply to the highest leadership.

Galileo laid the foundation for modern physics and astronomy and was convicted of being a heretic and spent his final days under house arrest. He was lucky to be living in a Christian culture as Islam would have removed his head for the same offense. And that leads us to philosophy and why we, a culture that went through the reformation and embraced science, are an industrial culture while those of Islam are regarded to be an undeveloped third world power.

Nothing is perfect, and that statement is demonstrated by the joining of the technology of science and the Christian doctrine of trying to help your fellow man. Science developed the means of preserving life and eliminating many of our diseases, and the well intentioned Christians spread this success around the world ... Leading to an over populated planet.

That over populated planet is largely peopled by those whose primitive religion has never gone through a period of reformation. Consequently we, the residents of an industrial nation, have long shouldered the burden of much of the world who are unable to even feed themselves. Now, thanks to Progressive agitators these primitive tribesmen are intent on conquest, biting the hand that feeds you so to speak. That endeavor bespeaks a form of suicide for the human race as year after year they keep migrating to the west, bringing destruction with them in their travels.

I will be the first to admit that much of the world is in dire straits, but the civilized nations cannot possibly take in the whole world. Their world is sinking due to them never having left behind their primitive religion and as they sink many clamor for lifeboat America. Too many people in a boat and it becomes not a lifeboat but a death trap. The same can be said about too many in a nation, especially one that is having multiculturalism forced upon them. 

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