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Thursday, May 28, 2015


The following is a report worthy of Baghdad Bob who continued to provide glowing reports about Iraqi victories as our tanks were rolling through the gates of Baghdad.

Military Times ... May 15, 2015
Islamic State on the defensive in Iraq, Syria
Islamic State forces have been degraded despite two high-profile complex attacks ongoing in Iraq, the chief of staff for the allied mission against the militants said Friday morning.

While the above report was being announced, reality was raising its ugly head as ISIS stormed Ramadi and the Iraqi military, numerically superior but unwilling to engage, was collapsing and retreating before them leaving behind vast stores of weapons and military hardware.

Fox News ... May 18, 2015
ISIS claims to have taken Ramadi, Pentagon admits terror group 'has the advantage'
"Ramadi has fallen," Muhannad Haimour, a spokesman for the provincial governor of Anbar, told AP Sunday. "The city was completely taken. ... The military is fleeing."

Breitbart ... May 17, 2015

With defeat looming, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered security forces not to abandon their posts across Anbar province, apparently fearing the extremists could capture the entire desert region that saw intense fighting after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion to topple dictator Saddam Hussein.
Sunday’s retreat recalled the collapse of Iraqi security forces last summer in the face of the Islamic State group’s blitz into Iraq that saw it capture a third of the country, where it has declared a caliphate, or Islamic State. It also calls into question the Obama administration’s hopes of relying solely on airstrikes to support the Iraqi forces in expelling the extremists.

And now a victory for the heroes of Delta Force, giving Obama bragging rights:

The New York Times ... May 16, 2015
ISIS Official Killed in U.S. Raid in Syria, Pentagon Says
In a statement early Saturday, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said the killing of Abu Sayyaf dealt a “significant blow” to the group. The militant leader was said to be involved in the Islamic State’s military operations and helped direct its “illicit oil, gas and financial operations” that raised the funds necessary for the organization to operate. Officials said the raid was approved by President Obama.

We kill an accountant and ISIS captures a city. Everything is going according to plan ... if you understand the plan, and if you want to understand the plan you must accept the fact that ISIS is supposed to win.

Front Page Mag ... May 18, 2015
The Fall Of Ramadi
Mr. Karhout can be forgiven for thinking that the Coalition might not be entirely serious about stopping the horde’s advance across the entire provincial capital.  For over the last three days, at least according to CENTCOM’s own website, only two airstrikes have been conducted on ISIS “near” Ramadi.  These “struck an ISIL tactical unit and an ISIL fighting position.”  That’s it: two strikes, two bombs, two positions—nothing else.  For all intents and purposes, Ramadi is on its own.

Meanwhile we have politics as usual in Washington; impressing the voters while Obama plays Commander and Chief, but playing games does not win wars. The only thing that does is killing the enemy in vast numbers and crushing his will to continue the fight. We will not do that, citing the prevention of collateral damage as our prime directive, and so are guaranteeing victory to ISIS, just as the Globalists want.

Defense News ... May 21, 2015
US-ISIS Rumors Hard To Counter, General Says
"I can tell you the Quds force commander believes we are re-supplying Daesh — truly believes it," Brig. Gen. Kurt Crytzer, deputy commander for Special Operations Command Central, told reporters. Daesh is another name for the Islamic State group.

Arutz Sheva ... May 25, 2015
Top Iranian General Says US Let ISIS Capture Ramadi
Gen. Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) tasked with Iran's foreign operations, on Monday claimed the US had let Islamic State (ISIS) capture the strategic Iraqi city of Ramadi on purpose last Sunday.

Washington Times ... May 26, 2015
Obama’s Islamic State strategy sparks doubt, resentment among Pentagon officials
On May 18, the day Ramadi fell, Central Command listed three targets as being struck around Ramadi — two tactical units and an Islamic State staging area. Destroyed there were an armored vehicle, an excavator and a resupply vehicle.

Truth Revolt ... May 27, 2015
Pentagon Officials Call Out Obama's 'Pathetic' ISIS Strategy
The Washington Times has uncovered what it calls "deep-seated doubts" among Pentagon brass regarding President Obama's strategy in degrading and defeating ISIS. This revelation undercuts the official White House line that would indicate a unified front between the president and military officials.

In addition to their capture of Ramadi in Iraq, ISIS also took control of Palmyra in Syria and the last Syria Iraq border crossing controlled by Assad. Not bad for a bunch of rag tag members of a JayVee team.

Fox News ... May 27, 2015
Analysis: Growing sense that airstrikes alone will not dislodge the Islamic State group
Seductive though it is to risk-averse governments with war-weary publics, the approach has its limits — and these are on display in Syria and Iraq, where a U.S.-led coalition has carried out over 4,100 airstrikes against Islamic State radicals yet failed to stop the extremists.

Gatestone Institute ... May 28, 2015
Filling the Vacuum in Syria
As the regime of Bashar Assad continues steadily to lose ground in Syria; and as Assad's allies, Iran and Hezbollah, deploy in growing numbers to Syrian battlegrounds to try to stop the Assad regime's collapse, the future of this war-torn, chaotic land looks set to be dominated by radical Sunni and Shi'ite forces.
The threat from ISIS in Syria and Iraq to the West is obvious: Its successful campaigns and expanding transnational territory is set to become an enormous base of jihadist international terrorist activity, a launching pad for overseas attacks, and the basis for a propaganda recruitment campaign.
Yet the threat from the Iranian-led axis, highly active in Syria, is more severe. With Iran, a threshold nuclear regional power, as its sponsor, this axis plans to subvert and topple stable Sunni governments in the Middle East and attack Israel. Iran's axis also has its sights set on eventually sabotaging the international order, to promote Iran's "Islamic revolution."

Now, due to Obama's status as the favorite sock puppet of the Globalists, we find ourselves in just the type of a SNAFU situation they want. Anarchy and chaos at its finest, with the whole Middle East a pressure cooker of hatred and religious oppression.

So many of our people still fall for the nonsense that Obama is a Muslim, but were that so he would be inclined to back the Sunnis as that was his brief contact with Islam in his youth. The fact of the matter is he appears to be supporting both sides in their perpetual efforts to kill each other, thus my beliefs that the whole agenda simply calls for unrelenting anarchy and chaos involving any and all.

We see Obama's efforts to empower Shiite Iran and allow it to become a nuclear threat to the world. We also see him arming Sunni terrorists from the various factions of Al Qaeda in their fight against Shiite Syria. Iraq is both Sunni and Shiite and therefore the target of Sunni ISIS. Loyalties in Iraq are divided as the Sunni largely support ISIS and the Shiite want to fight them, but Iraq's leaders refuse to arm the Shiites. Hussein has also invited Iran to join in the fight against ISIS and so they are in Iraq, both fighting ISIS and spreading terror among the Sunni citizens of that nation.

After Obama choosing to release billions of dollars that Iran is now using to finance Hezbollah in their efforts to keep Assad on the throne of Syria. And if all of the above is not enough to make your head spin, the western nations are now preparing to enact the Soros doctrine of R2P and support the various Sunni factions of Al Qaeda that are attacking Shiite Syria and the Iranian backed Hezbollah of Lebanon.

Gareth Evans
Flashback to Libya ... Due to Qaddafi's air force, the Al Qaeda invaders were finding themselves unable to conquer that nation. Enter John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power. They called upon the western nations to aid Al Qaeda in their efforts to overthrow a reasonably stable dictatorship. Thanks to George Soros' Fabian socialist ally Gareth Evans' 'Responsibility To Protect' doctrine, the air power of the western nations were called into play, thus guaranteeing the fall of Libya and that conquered nation's current status as a breeding ground for terrorism.

Now, two more nations stand to follow Libya on the road to hell, Iraq and Syria. Our premature withdrawal from Iraq paved the way for the rise of ISIS and, as shown above, it would seem that Obama has given his blessings to the spread of that rogue army, both against the forces of Iraq and Syria.

New York Post ... May 21, 2015
ISIS now controls over half of Syrian territory

And recent events highlight their growing strength in Iraq.

Fox News ... May 28, 2015
White House: US won't be 'responsible' for 'security situation' in Iraq
The White House on Thursday, in no uncertain terms, put the onus on the Iraqis to fight and defeat the Islamic State -- even as a new report warned foreign fighters are flocking to the battlefield at a historic and dangerous pace.

Well, there goes another state onto the road to becoming a terrorist breeding ground with the only question being who will first take control; ISIS or Iran? Obama's best friend in a foreign nation is Erdogan of Turkey who buys oil from our enemy ISIS and supplies them with explosives and weaponry and encourages them in their efforts to overthrow Syria and Iraq.

Then we have Syria, also looking worse by the day where Obama is once again planning to implement the terms of R2P.

Defense News ... May 26, 2015
Turkey, US To Give Syrian Rebels Air Support
ANKARA — NATO allies Turkey and the US have agreed in principle to provide air support to Syrian rebels fighting the regime of Syria's President Bashar Assad, Turkey's foreign minister said.

I really resent this absurd notion from political leaders and the media that the jihadists in Syria are Syrian rebels. They are not! They are mercenaries hired by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, two more of our allies, and they come from all over the Middle East. These Al Qaeda mercenaries fought against Qaddafi and were called Libyan rebels. When their planned conquests are complete they will be directed toward Israel. What then will they be called? Jews?

Odd situation there with Washington and Ankara's plan. One might refer to it as anarchy and chaos as Obama wants to use our fighter aircraft to attack Assad in support of the attacking forces of ISIS, our enemies, while his friends in Iran have sent in their allies, Hezbollah of Lebanon to oppose those who would take over Syria. What happens when one of our aircraft kills some of Iran's Hezbollah troops?

If we do indeed follow through with this plan of R2P, Assad will be crushed, Iran may in turn launch a barrage of missiles against Tel Aviv, and Hezbollah will retreat to Lebanon to rebuild their forces and plan an attack against Israel, and in that effort they will fight alongside the Sunni forces of Al Qaeda, their present day enemies.

Arutz Sheva ... May 21, 2015
Hezbollah: We'll Apply Strategies in Syria to Conquer Galilee
Hezbollah officials say battle against Syrian rebels in Qalamoun a dress rehearsal for next war with Israel.

Recall during our war with Iraq when Saddam Hussein said that if attacked he would launch scud missiles at Israel.

Arutz Sheva ... May 21, 2015
Iran: 80,000 Missiles Pointed at Tel Aviv
According to a top Iranian advisor, Tehran has “tens of thousands” of missiles pointed at Israel, and will not hesitate to use them.

Were I to write a book of fiction describing various nations and loyalties as we see taking place in the Middle East, none would believe it as the plot quite literally would make no sense at all. Nor does the convoluted events that are actually taking place before our eyes.

Muslims are coming from all over the world to fight alongside ISIS. They are becoming battle hardened and will present a grave danger when they return to western nations. Both Sunni and Shiites have an abiding hatred for the west and an obligation to follow the dictates of their Qur'an which calls for them to conquer the world in the name of Islam, and yet we are bringing them to our shores by the hundreds of thousands as per the Golden Rule. Islam has no such doctrine. Their goal is to subjugate, kill, and conquer. Anything less and they are denied entry to paradise.

There are multiple sides and agendas in the Middle East and with Obama at the helm we are supporting all of them, thus long ago I began using the phrase Anarchy and Chaos. That is what we see before us and there is no way it can turn out good.

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    1. Glenda, it matters not where you look; we have been sold out. This latest reveal about Canaveral is just another link in the master agenda. The term 'National Security' has reversed its meaning like so many other terms in our Orwellian world of the 21st. century.


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