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Friday, June 12, 2015

No Longer A "Conspiracy Theory"-- The Elitist Agenda Is Out Of The Closet - Submitted By Dee Fatouros

Society is well governed when its people obey the magistrates, and the magistrates obey the law. Solon

The above quote states what America was intended to be. Clearly, that is no longer the case. Not only do we now have a lawless administration, but we are no longer fully governed by our own constitution and laws. For well over the past century, there have been several different ideologies purporting to be the best to institute a global governance. Fascism, Communism, Islamism, Progressivism are the main actors currently on the stage. They appear to be ideologically different, but they are merely tools of the elite, and when the worldwide conquest occurs, they will be pushed aside. The globalists will rid themselves of their useful idiots, and openly go for the kill.

The cited sources below merely scratch the surface. The amount of data on the subject can be overwhelming. This writer has taken the most cogent excerpts from each. Links have been provided should the reader wish to go further. There is also a plethora of other websites available.

Who is truly running the show:

Although the alternative media and news outlets like the Drudge Report exposed the great dangers of the TPP, the corporate media not only glossed over the important news about the trade treaties, but the major media outlets, including the pseudo-conservative television networks and “Manchurian Candidate” conservative talk show hosts pretending to be investigative news journalists wasted America’s time with endless hours on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the child molestation scandal surrounding their son, Josh Duggar, and what it was like as parents when they learned about his actions, or Bruce Jenner’s sex change operation.

The vast majority of the media outlets in the United States are controlled by just six corporations who are controlled by the power elite who also control secret organizations like the Bilderberg Group, whose sinister plans are never exposed by the major media outlets.
Former CBS News president Richard Salant said of the media, “Our job is to give the people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” Sociologist Hadley Cantril, an expert in mind control and propaganda, wrote “Psycho-political operations are propaganda campaigns designed to create perpetual tensions and manipulate different groups of people to accept the particular climate of opinion the Council on Foreign Relations seeks to achieve in the world.”
The Bilderberg Group and the CFR exercise enormous control over Evangelical Christianity, churches, and Christian leaders. Through Rockefeller financed programs the Christian church and its leadership in America has largely been transformed into a secular corporation that no longer preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ but a gospel of consumer-marketing and psychological motivation.

The strategy of using trade treaties to go around constitutions and the laws of individual nation states began to take off with the European Union as a potential global government with 109 nations, in Strasbourg, France. The Louis Weis Building was built to look like a modern Tower of Babel with steel and glass. This headquarters of the EU was completed in 1999 and designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier, who also built the United Nations. Along with Jean Monnet, he dreamed of global government or a scientific Utopia ruled by a Technocratic Elite. From the beginning it was conceived to be a rebirth of the Tower of Babel. 
Go here for much more

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. Cicero

The American collaborators:

In America our mainstream media is 100% mute when it comes to secretive packs like Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Much of why is found on the CFR's list of corporate sponsors;Time-Warner, Bloomberg and Facebook etc. Rupert Murdock's News Corp. was a long time CFR sponsor, why that isn't the case today is mystery because Murdock was a Bilderberg in 1988.
The mainstream media is mute about Ivy League secret societies too. Especially Yale's Skull & Bones, Wolf's Head and Book & Snake. Harvard's Porcellian Club, Princeton's Ivy Club and Cap & Gown and Cornell's Quill & Dagger. Perhaps a regular on PBS, CFR Director Barbara Book & Snake Warner will host a special to tell us why. Since CFR Director Tom Brokaw was NBC's most recognized face for years, he should co-host. Tom has sat on their board since 2005, Margaret since 2012.

Since Time magazine was founded by Skull & Bones members Briton Hadden & Henry Luce, and since Time-Warner is a CFR sponsor, next are seven paragraphs from a June 9, 2011 Time post titled Bilderberg: The Uberpowerful Global Elite Meet Behind Closed Doors in St. Moritz
Continue here

  • Anti-war, social justice organization that condemns American foreign and domestic policies
  • Impugned the Bush administration for having "responded to the violent attack of 9/11 with the notion of perpetual war"Opposes the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba
Co-founded by Medea BenjaminKevin Danaher, and Kirsten Moller, Global Exchange (GE) was incorporated on December 28, 1987 in San Francisco, California. A self-described “membership-based international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world,” GE views the United States and Israel as the two nations most responsible for denying people worldwide an opportunity to enjoy these various forms of justice.

Global Exchange decries the “corporate power and political greed” that, under a “system of elite globalization,” reward a select few with massive “profits” while “working people and the planet are left to pay the price.” To restructure this odious arrangement, GE seeks to “advance social, environmental and economic justice” by: (a) promoting an “alternative,” socialist-style system that “transform[s] the global economy from profit-centered to people-centered, from currency to community”; (b) “valu[ing] the rights of workers and the health of the planet” more than financial prosperity; and (c) “creat[ing] a local, green economy designed to embrace the diversity of our communities.”

Global Exchange is perhaps best known for its Reality Tours program, which annually sponsors over 100 delegations to more than 40 separate foreign destinations where participants can see, firsthand, how they “individually and collectively contribute to global problems” in ways they may have never before considered. These experiences invariably “prompt participants to examine [the flaws of] their own societies,” says GE.....

In an effort to enhance its public image as much as possible, Global Exchange uses the services of the public-relations firm Fenton Communications.

GE has received funding from numerous charitable foundations, among which are the Ben & Jerry's Foundation, the Heinz Family Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, the Threshold Foundation, and Wallace Global Fund.

GE co-founders Media Benjamin and Kevin Danaher continue to sit on the organization's board of directors.

Corrupted Churches:

I call this the ancient and emerging church. Ancient because it's rooted in scripture; emerging because the biblical structure has been largely forsaken. What will this ancient and emerging church look like? Here's just a small peek into a grand shift in the structure of the church:

1. Services will become more like prayer meetings. One of the greatest indictments on the church today is that prayer is not the driving force. Today, people tend to choose churches based on the appeal of the teaching and the worship instead of the fervency of prayer. 

2. Personal need will give way to personal mission. Today, churches are often more like organic, socially driven hospitals. People tend to use the church as a way to meet their personal needs instead of serving it as a minister of God. This is going to change. Of course, there will still be personal ministry and true needs will be addressed.
However, instead of the church functioning as a hospital, it will once again function as a mission-driven military. The mission will take precedence. 

3. Teaching will be minimized while instruction is emphasized. Teaching is mostly for personal edification while instruction is mostly for corporate assignments. Today, most churches focus on teaching principles of scripture, providing truths that will help Believers navigate through their lives and giving nuggets of biblical info. While there will still be important Bible teaching, apostolic instruction will emerge as a necessary new ministry.

There is enough Bible teaching online, on CDs, in books and on video to turn every one of us into personal spiritual giants. We need to take it upon ourselves to grow. What is lacking, however, is apostolic leaders, military commanders who give instruction and assignments to a ready army. Teaching is personal growth-based while instruction is a call to corporate action for the sake of mission fulfillment.

4. We will gather together most days of the week. The 24/7 church will again emerge as the church drives culture instead of reacting to culture. Cares of life will lose their power as we simplify our lives and put corporate prayer and mission ahead of most everything else.
This may be the most challenging change for Christians. Today, Sundays are the days to set aside for corporate worship while we give precedence to our 'normal lives.' In The Coming Church, the very reason we live will be to pray on fire together every day, receive apostolic assignments and then move out into our lives as kingdom ambassadors. It wouldn't be surprising if a tithe of our time is what became the standard. Two to three hours a day, whether it's in the morning, afternoon or evening, or even in the late night hours, will be given by every believer to praying on site together with others, ministering and giving ourselves to intercession-fueled kingdom ministry. Of course, much of what we have been giving ourselves to will have to be eliminated so we have the time necessary to devote.

5. Worship will be supernaturally driven. There is a new sound coming to worship, and it's not simply a new style. There is a supernatural, otherworldly groan of intercessory worship that will explode out of the entire body as a new breed of trembling worship leaders lead the way into the shock and awe of the glory of God. We will no longer simply sit in a pew or stand with a raised hand while a familiar worship song is sung.

The prophetic, groaning sounds of Holy Spirit facilitated worship will make it normal to shake and fall to our faces as we cry Holy! The natural, logical sing-a-longs will be no more. We will have a hard time standing as God's Shekinah and Kabod glory resides in his church. Worship teams will practice less and pray in the Spirit with tears in their eyes more.
For much more detail on the above, go here

One example:


  • Consists of more than 10,000 congregations and 1.76 million members in the United States
  • Views America as a racist society
  • Favors “immigration reform and the full recognition of immigrants’ rights”
  • Condemns “the injustice and oppression perpetrated under the mantle of Zionism by the government of Israel against the Palestinian people”
  • Supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign that seeks to delegitimize Israel

  • PCUSA's most important work today is conducted under the auspices of its Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministries, whose overriding objective is to “transform the world” by “changing the structures” of societal institutions “that perpetuate poverty, oppression and injustice.” Foremost among those structures, says the Church, are the “systemic racism,” “sexism,” and imbalances of “power and privilege” that pervade American culture. One particularly egregious manifestation of such inequities, PCUSA maintains, is the phenomenon of “environmental racism,” whereby “communities of color and communities disproportionately affected by poverty are more likely to have hazardous waste facilities planned and developed near them,” putting them “at greater risk to be negatively impacted by contaminated water, air and food sources.”

    To “confront spiritually the idolatry and ideology of white supremacy and white privilege” that hinder the quest for “social justice” in America's “race-based society which benefits some while oppressing others,” 
    PCUSA administers a host of Racial, Ethnic & Women’s Ministries that aim to promote “racial and gender justice” across the United States. In a related effort, the Church's Cross Cultural Ministries seek to help predominantly white congregations “become more diverse” and “better reflect the communities that surround them.” Moreover, PCUSA has developed separate ministries devoted specifically to people of AfricanAsianHispanicKoreanMiddle Eastern, andNative American heritage.


    Whenever, therefore, people are deceived and form opinions wide of the truth, it is clear that the error has slid into their minds through the medium of certain resemblances to that truth.
    Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will. Oliver Cromwell

    Some Individuals who are not what they seem to be:


    What you will read about these names will be unsettling. These are the only ones discussed in length by this article, but there are links which provide many more names.

    Mark Reed Levin

    Alan Keyes
    William Kristol

    Remember there are over 400 members of the secretive Council for National Policy, and it would be impossible to write about each and every one of them. They are not our friends. They are, in fact, the right arm of the Council on Foreign Relations. There are a few places on the web where membership lists, albeit older lists, are available.
    Public EyeMinisters Best FriendSourceWatch are the most available lists, but are not up-to-date. 
    Entire article here as well as links for the prior 22 articles

    The strategy most often used to distract the electorate: 


    In addition, there are false flags – actual or pretend events which are blamed on someone innocent of a deed – but made to look guilty so a group or government that is actually guilty can achieve some political or military or social objective. We tend to forget that false flag events have for centuries been used by tyrannical governments against their own people so they can keep or gain more power. Some false flags are actual events; some are not and use actors and actresses to make it appear something happened that didn’t.
    Confusing? You’d better believe it is.

    Most of us think we seek truth, but reading 50 disinformation articles a day rather than just 10 does not help you find truth. Few really take the time necessary to investigate what they read. Digging for facts is time consuming and people tend to believe what is convenient if it sounds reasonable. But we are bombarded with so many lies – unemployment data, false cost of living and inflation reports, news from what used to be trusted sources – and today’s society accepts it as the norm. This is how governments around the world win their war against the people they are supposed to serve and protect.

    The United States has had several recent examples of false flags... Ferguson, Missouri, is one....
    New facts have surfaced from the Ferguson debacle – but we’re not hearing about them. Why?...

    Did you know about the list of people who provided services for the Ferguson, Missouri riots (and other sites including Baltimore and New York) who have billed an organization called Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE – a group reportedly supported by George Soros)? 

    Inculcating Groupthink into the masses in order to achieve total obedience is the endgame

    We are to be assimilated, resistance is futile:

    Our entire planet is convulsing from the massive changes coming to our economic, political, and religious systems. Watching our television news and social media, millions of people are simply overwhelmed by events; it is as if our collective unconscious is being infected with dread and despair....

    On a global cultural level the lower classes, middle class, and managerial classes, which includes prime ministers, presidents, senators, CEO’s, scientists, and college professors are clueless about what is really happening because they suffer from a socially engineered myopia and they cannot connect the dots because their brains have been programmed from youth to be left brain dominant. This means that they are good at thinking inside of the box and following orders. But due to social engineering they are unable to access their right brain, which is creative and could ask the big questions and connect the dots. When the neurological pathways are trained from childhood to bypass the right brain, eventually people become hollow shells who are able to conform to the artificial norms of society and are programmed to serve their scientific or technocratic masters.

    An example of how this programming works is the social engineering system called Common Core, which is designed to create people who are capable of group think and connecting with the hive mind and “World Brain,” but not capable of thinking as empowered individuals.

    As Anderson and I began to delve deeper into our research we were able to interview people who are part of this Scientific Elite, such as world class economists, the heads of NSA psy ops programs, military generals, presidents, prime ministers, and high ranking members of the Freemasons and Illuminati because we found as a general principal that these individuals were hiding nothing…everything was “hidden in plain sight” and out in the open for anyone to see. But due to their programming most people cannot see what is actually in front of them.

    This writer, as well as many others, firmly believes that America is the only obstacle standing between the freedom of individual nations to conduct their own affairs and the loss of their sovereignty to a centralized global rule.

    Unfortunately, our numbers are too few to overcome the portentous developments both present and yet to come. Our cultural and governing social institutions have been so weakened by the onslaught of our internal enemies with their false narratives and covert manipulations that the America we once knew is no more. 

    Our nation will fall due to both internal treachery by the governing class as well as by the ignorance and denial of the citizenry. The elitist planned chaos will then come into fruition, and the set-up for the destruction of all nation states and their total subjugation to a totalitarian globalist system will then be achieved. 

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    Suggested Reading...

    Fifth Column: The Muslim Brotherhood

    “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Ayn Rand

    I have often commented that the harbingers of the truth are excoriated, demonized, ridiculed, etc.
    Regarding the pathetic state into which America has sunk, much of the citizenry is seemingly either in a state of denial or so overwhelmed by everyday life that it is impossible to get a grasp on reality.

    The Fifth Column Is A Fact, And Its Goals Are Being Realized

    In the early 50's, Joseph McCarthy's tactics completely undermined his investigation regarding the Communist infiltration of the American government and  culture. To say that he was a flawed messenger is an understatement; however, he was correct.

    Mass initial denial and scorn for the messenger is the default reaction to those who are prescient and have the courage to call attention to reality.

    Hope And Change -The Manipulation Of A Distressed Populace

    Nothing is so unbelievable that oratory cannot make it acceptable. Cicero

    When the current U.S. president came into office, a large majority of the electorate were scratching their heads and asking, "How did this happen?" There are many answers to that question. The manipulation of the economy, changing demographics, voter disillusionment, and outright voter fraud are all legitimate additions to the basket of reasons.

    PLANNED CHAOS: PART VI, America Must Burn For Realization Of The End Game

    Everyday informed readers hear of and read about the denigration of our major social institutions by various groups charging discrimination.

    At times it may appear as though there is complete chaos overtaking every aspect of the American way of life. Make no mistake, the chaos is planned. The previous five essays of this group detailed the assaults upon each of the five major social institutions that govern not only America, but every society.



    1. Dee, I've only scratched the surface. This essay will keep me occupied for a week. I clicked some of the links in the religions section and am dumbfounded. I have recently been much more critical of my church mainly due to my reading of Joel Richardson's When a Jew Rules the World. My church doesn't bring up the problems Islam poses.

      I've heard of Bilderberg but that's about the extent of it. Again thanks for all the thought provoking links. Now I'm off to study.

      Take care

      1. Thank you for your comment Stan. We all need to stick together and share as much information as possible with each other. Nobody can know everything about everything. Danny's essay on information overload more or less hits that nail on the head.
        When I first heard of the Bilderbergers in the early 90's, I dismissed the reporting as lunacy. However, when I started paying closer attention and saw what had been happening in the last two decades, it began to come into focus as to what was really happening.
        I'm afraid that we only see the tip of the iceberg, and that is really scary.
        Take care & I'm glad I could give you some information.


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