Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


It is a terrible thing when the various leaders of the nations of the world boldly lie to the those whom they are supposed to protect and tell them that everything is right, when they know that everything is wrong. To further complicate the issues it is also a terrible thing when the useful idiots of those nations accept those lies as truth and consequently develop a militant attitude towards any who know the real truth and attempt to reveal those truths to the masses, who quite simply do not want to know. They choose the temporary safety of being secure in the care of their leaders. To them this is a way of life. Sadly, future events will prove that they have chosen a way of death. To each his own.

Breitbart ... June 23, 2015

The Hill ... June 23, 2015
Obama laments 'distorted impression' of Muslims

So too does David Cameron, and I shall soon show you the connection but first I must make a connection with one who has been there and done that and is trying to warn of the danger we face at the hands of our leaders and the weapons of the Muslims who do their bidding.

In the following you will encounter the phrase 'Nothing to do with Islam'. Those few words are custom fitted, one size fits all, for the masses and their current state of denial and their future demise. Those words are so patently false that they are laughable and yet I can find no humor there.

The Harvard Crimson ... April 8, 2015
Islamophobia, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islamophilia
It has been a busy year for Nothing-To-Do-with-Islam. Two Japanese hostages, two British aid workers, two American journalists, and, most recently, 21 Coptic Egyptians, are among many victims who either appeared to have been or were in fact beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Not to worry, though. Contrary to what one might intuit from the self-described Islamic group, the beheadings have nothing to do with Islam, according to Islam experts British Prime Minister David Cameron and United States President Barack Obama.
Western political puppets are, then, clued in to what that standard is, and tacitly comply by lending their authority to the prohibition of any speech not congratulatory of Islam. Meanwhile, they diligently remind their people that the barbarism has nothing to do with Islam.

Notice the above date, nearly three months old and once, and now we have breaking news that once again has Nothing to do with Islam.

The Telegraph ... June 28, 2015
Tunisia attack: Identities of dead revealed as up to 23 Brits killed in worst act of terrorism since 7/7 - latest

Allow me now to show the smiling face of a murderer who was to die while committing those murders and tell you that the terrorists are winning purely because that is part of the goal of our Globalist leaders ... Such as David Cameron, Prime Minister of England, but stick around as the PM hopes to blow a lot of smoke up your keister.

The Telegraph ... June 27, 2015

Tunisia gunman Seifeddine Rezgui: 'mixed a devotion for Isil with passion for Real Madrid football team'

This, by my standards was a sick man, a religious fanatic who died happy as do so very many religious fanatics. He died convinced that he has served his prophet and his god well in murdering so many innocent people. His reward: Seventy two virgins of course. He died believing in the Qur'an, Mohamed, and Allah, and somehow through an Orwellian twist of NewThink, as per David Cameron and other western leaders, his actions had nothing to do with Islam.

At the moment very few of our fellow Americans are even aware of what has transpired on three different continents, via ISIS, thanks to the tolerance advocated by our politically correct national leaders, and the fact that most are once again led into a non thinking stupor due to yet another rigged election. Please! Forget that election that is never going to happen and take a look at 'The Big Picture'. This is your tomorrow. See it today!

New York Times ... June 26, 2015
Terrorist Attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait Kill Dozens
In France, a man stormed an American-owned chemical plant, decapitated one person and apparently tried to blow up the facility. In Tunisia, a gunman drew an assault rifle from a beach umbrella and killed at least 38 people at a seaside resort. And in Kuwait, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque during communal prayers, killing at least 25 Shiite worshipers.

Arutz Sheva ... June 26, 2015
Muslim Terrorist Beheads Man in France Attack
A Muslim terrorist attacked a gas factory in eastern France on Friday, pinning a decapitated head to the gates and wounding at least two others with explosive devices before being arrested.

Daily Mail ... June 28, 2015

Suicide bomb rips through Kuwaiti mosque after Friday prayers killing at least 27 worshippers as ISIS claims responsibility
Bomber kills 27 and injures 227 in attack on Shiite mosque in Kuwait City
Attack carried out when mosque was packed for Ramadan Friday prayers 
Witnesses said bomber walked among worshippers and detonated device

Sky News ... June 27, 2015
David Cameron: 'Terrorists Will Not Succeed'
The Prime Minister said the British public needs to be prepared for the fact that "many of those killed" in the Tunisian shooting were British.
"These savage terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France are a brutal and tragic reminder of the threat faced around the world from these evil terrorists," Mr. Cameron said.

Savage! What an interesting word.

The following is one of the posters displayed on subway systems and paid for by Pamela Geller after a long and costly civil action...

And today, Ms. Geller is not even allowed to enter the United Kingdom due to her politically incorrect views.

I naturally do not know just how up to date you are with current events but everything is growing worse by the day, with no end in sight.

Front Page Mag ... June 24, 2015
Commie Pope

That headline troubles me far more than you can realize. I am not a Catholic and for that matter, not a Christian. What troubles me most is that man is the spiritual guide to so many millions, and that headline is quite accurate. Follow that link and learn if you do not already know that this man is a great danger to the entire world. I recently wrote an essay entitled The Faces Of Evil. He should have been included.

Now add the following possibility/probability due to the fact that an unrelenting stream of Muslims are now leaving Africa, bound for Italy.

Breitbart ... June 27, 2015

Raymond Ibrahim ... June 25, 2015
Where’s the Pope’s Encyclical on Christian Persecution?
All this leads to the following question: Where is Pope Francis’ encyclical concerning the rampant persecution that Christians—including many Catholics—are experiencing around the world in general, the Islamic world in particular?

The Pope, quite obviously is a Globalist serving the Globalist agenda. The welfare of Catholics is the least of his concerns.

France, while feeding the alligator and hoping to be the last eaten has a brilliant peace plan that will make certain that Israel is sacrificed earlier than later. The following is written by a Palestinian, warning of what is to be.

Gatestone Institute ... June 26, 2015
Behind the French "Peace Initiative"
It is a desperate attempt by the French government to buy a few more days of quiet from its Muslim community, especially from the members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist organizations to which it gave birth -- all waiting for the order to run riot through the streets of France.

None are surprised when Hussein Obama ignores his oath of office and breaks the law, but just to keep you up to date...

Front Page Mag ... June 26, 2015
Obama Refuses to Follow Law Cutting Off Aid to PLO

Anyone new to this website needs to understand my views that the Globalists, the elitists of the world, the Transnational Progressives if you will, have a plan to use Islam to break the will of the passive people of the West. After cementing their hold on power, the forces of Islam will be dealt with quite harshly. Until then they must be rewarded with money, weapons, and a complicit front from the leaders of the west.

Now to demonstrate my point let us narrow in on one such leader/traitor ... David Cameron.

Jihad Watch ... October 12, 2014
David Cameron on Eid al-Adha: Islamic State has “nothing to do with the great religion of Islam, a religion of peace”

Anytime anyone tells you that Islam is a religion of peace, know for certain that man is lying to you.

Jihad Watch ... June 26, 2015
UK’s Cameron: Today’s jihad attacks are “not in the name of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.”

The Times Of Israel ...
Cameron: ‘This is not Islam; it’s a perverted ideology and we must fight it’

David Cameron is a liar and a traitor to his own people. He is not a stupid or uneducated man but he is without scruples and has sold out all who have trusted him. He is fully aware of the following:

That horrid count of Islamic atrocities is not the body count, it is of attacks committed, many with dozens or hundred killed and maimed. Tell me again David about moral equivalence. Tell us all about the religion of peace. While you are at it tell us about the Muslims in your streets calling for the death of Englishmen. Then tell us why this pastor is being sacrificed to Allah.

Gatestone Institute ... June 28, 2015
UK: Belfast Pastor Faces Prison for "Grossly Offending" Islam
Observers say that McConnell's prosecution is one of a growing number of examples in which British authorities — who routinely ignore incendiary speech by Muslim extremists — are using hate speech laws to silence Christians.

I did not choose David Cameron as a Globalist to pick on. Current events did that for me. So many of his own people were killed by the forces of Islam and in spite of this horrendous event he still manages to make excuses for Islam. So many are so confused by his press releases and speeches. They are confused only because they do not understand that One: He is a Globalist like most western leaders. Two: The Globalists have a plan that calls for militant Muslims to create such anarchy and chaos in the west that our people will grant those leaders absolute power to rid them of the Islamic threat. Three: Cameron is simply following orders. Four: George Soros is one happy man.

Closing thought: ISIS has called for unrelenting terrorist attacks during Ramadan. Quite naturally that has nothing to do with Islam ... Just ask Obama.

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My friends, something is seriously wrong with this world, or perhaps I should say that something is seriously wrong with those who are directing the fate of this world. I am betting that you recognize three of the four faces in the collage to the left but are drawing a blank on the gentleman in the lower right. You need to learn more about this man as his decisions are going to have a great effect on your life and your future. I would like to introduce you to Antonio Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (UNHCR) He is a man totally dedicated to George Soros' concept of an open society.


As the days of America's future dwindle down to a precious few I take to my keyboard with a self imposed mission, that being to record the fall and a hope to minimize our casualties. I have long since come to terms with the reality that through America's collapse the death toll will be staggering and the misery felt by all so very hard to bear that many will break under the strain. My coming to terms with another reality is far more difficult, that being that so very few are even aware of the danger. They live comfortably in a fantasy world where their entertainment schedule is far more relevant than the madmen of the Middle East building nuclear weapons, with which to attack this nation, with the approval of our elected leader. We live on the edge of oblivion and most are blind to the danger. My God, my God, what has happened to the American people?


All across the nations of the west an unprecedented sort of invasion is occurring. This strange incursion by foreign populations is a never before seen event as people pour out of the Middle East, central Europe, and Africa leaving behind the nations of their birth and moving to the richer nations of Europe. Those rich nations will not long remain rich due to their socialist inspired welfare systems and the massive influx of the poor signing up for benefits. Meanwhile, here in the United States the same groups assail our way of life as well, but not nearly to the extent as are those from south of our national border.


You know, I rather like the title I chose for this essay, but in all fairness the choice of a title is quite flexible. I could also have called it 'The Democrats ... Scourge Of The West' and still had the same impact. After all both share a common goal while the major difference between the two is one of honesty and semantics. Islam, at least a great many of their adherents, openly admit their goal is to take control of this nation and its people, forcing their seventh century beliefs on the unwary. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, also taking advantage of the unwary are quite simply selling us out to the highest bidder.


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  1. FACTS have no emotion. Facts are in black and white....acts = reactions. Facts are facts....
    Okaaaay, we will not insult Islam.
    We will speak of those who: Behead people; rape children, rape women; and expect respect.
    BEFORE anyone receives "sincere respect", they must commit acts of peace,kindness and harmony towards all mankind in word or deed.
    When they commit acts like those, we will show respect. Until then, we SHALL b realisitic


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