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Saturday, June 27, 2015


So many times I have seen comments on Facebook referring to the latest dictates from Washington and the person posting the link will make an absurd comment to the effect of "They can't do that! It is unconstitutional!" Well I am here to tell you that they can do it, they are doing it, and the term 'unconstitutional' should be stricken from our language as the very concept is now passe. That word was applicable to our distant past when America was the land of the free, but our people have allowed it to evolve into a land of apathy and those freedoms have, one at a time, slipped away. Now Progressive leaders pay absolutely no attention to such an 'outdated' view of what is right and wrong in America, and we, the apathetic, are beginning to pay for the error of our ways.

I am a Deist, not a Christian, and for those unacquainted with the term I do not believe in prophecy or that prayers are answered by the Creator. To some it may seem odd that I, with my beliefs, should step forward to champion the views of Christians, or perhaps there is none better than a non-Christian to do so. After all, Thomas Jefferson was also a Deist and none more than he spoke so fervently in defense of the freedom of religion.

You see that cross in the image above? That broken piece of I beams was found in the rubble of the World Trade Center and it has come to symbolize not only the horror that took place on that day but strengthened the very belief of many Christians in their creator. Whether that cross was indeed created by divine intervention or simply torn into that shape by the laws of physics is totally irrelevant. What matters is that many of our people, mourning the death of those innocents, found hope in the discovery of a crucifix marking the death site of so very many, and as such that cross has justifiably become sacred.

That cross is also being attacked mercilessly by the militant atheists, liberals, Progressives, and communists of this nation, and their assault does not stop with it, but continue to the very core beliefs of what once made America so unique. I mentioned, atheists, liberals, Progressives, and communists, and their trail of destruction starts on our street corners and in our school rooms and lead right up to the White House and the Supreme Court, and it is there that we find America dying.

This troubles me immensely...

Breitbart ... June 26, 2015

In a crushing defeat for traditionalists, the U.S. Supreme Court has mandated same-sex marriage as a constitutional right from sea to shining sea.

Many years ago a gay 'gentleman' accused me of being homophobic. I simply answered that I was not, that I have no problem at all with what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms, my only concern being that they do not try to force their views on me or any of our children younger than the age of consent.

Those views still hold true. I could care less what Obama did in the bathhouses of Chicago and how many people he did it with. I also still maintain my outlook that the LGBT crowd should not try to force their way of life on me or any of our minors. They, however, do not share my live and let live views and have embarked on a course of forcing their lifestyles on the rest of us.

Today they did a great victory dance, as indicated by the rainbow flag above, and now to add insult to injury Obama tweets an image of the Rainbow House...

Fortunately there are still a few honest and honorable Americans left in Washington, but admittedly their numbers are dwindling.

Truth Revolt ... June 26, 2015
Scalia's Dissent: This Court Is A 'Threat To American Democracy'

"Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court."

Two days of their enlightened guidance has brought this nation and all that we hold sacred to its knees. ObamaCare is now guaranteed to be the law of the land until the nation collapses, and there is nothing that you can do to prevent your children from being educated by the terms of the LGBT community.

Years ago many establishments had a sign visible to all that read 'We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.' Try refusing today as that is one of the many rights stripped away by the ObamaNation.

Truth Revolt ... June 26, 2015
Christian-Owned Business Closing Shop After Refusing Same-Sex Wedding

Another Christian-owned business has fallen prey to the government tyranny. Richard Odgaard and his wife Betty — both Mennonites — must now close their Iowan gift shop and bistro after being charged for discrimination for refusing to host a same-sex wedding at their venue, having to pay a hefty settlement as a result.

"We can't pretend it's going to get better."

Well, at least they are being realistic. This couple is wise enough to realize that no rigged election is going to turn this nation around nor is some political aspirant going to step forth making things right for his followers.

And what of our churches?

Lately I have written several critical articles about those in the upper echelons of our religious establishment and their complicity in the importation of so many Muslims to our shores. These people are the power hungry and the greedy, but I have nothing short of the highest regard for the sincere dedicated pastor in his little neighborhood church. What of him and his beliefs, and his future when two men go to him wanting him to marry them, and he refuses on moral grounds?

And so what is next? Polygamy? The legalizing of incest and pedophilia? What will happen when a man in a long robe seeks the blessings of the pastor as he promises to always love, honor, and cherish his goat? Once that red line of immorality is crossed there is no turning back, and it is anything goes, and it will be every man or goat for himself in the brave new world of the Obamanation.

I look across the pages of history and realize that one of the greatest accomplishments in the vast story of the human race was The Enlightenment. It was there that the separation of church and state occurred and it was then that man began a very rapid upward climb in the ways of civilization.

The Muslims, the Hindus, the Buddhists, and other sects never had an enlightenment and it shows. That is why the Judeo-Christian west has led the way and why all of the world manages to hate us and want to immigrate to our shores at the same time.

Look across the cemeteries of Europe, of Northern Africa, of the islands of the Pacific, and the jungles of southern Asia and behold the multitude of crosses and Stars of David marking the final resting place of those who at one time or the other, have saved the world, and made it a better place for the living.

The ideals and the freedom put forth in the American Constitution is what turned it into the greatest nation this world has ever known. One such freedom was the freedom of religion, and now it has been cancelled, tossed into the dust bin by the elitists who now have control of this dying country, a mournful people, and a Constitution that is being systematically shredded.

Such elitists manage to easily ignore the evil wrought by Islam and call upon us to be tolerant and accept the false premise of moral equivalence. The useful idiots among us do, leaving the rest of us to deal with the nightmare scenario they created voting for Hope and Change and swallowing every lie put forth by the Progressive media.

Today, world wide, Christianity is under severe attack but I feel that the death blow, not only for this nation but Christianity as well, was struck today by the United States Supreme Court. Let there be no doubt that this epidemic of immorality is world wide, as the UK pulls down the Union Jack and are replacing it for a week with the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement.

Breitbart UK ... June 22, 2015


Jihad Watch ... June 19, 2015
Northern Ireland: Pastor who said “Islam is satanic” faces six months in jail
“He said the decision to prosecute him, and not extremist Muslim preachers in Britain, showed that Christians were being ‘persecuted’ by the authorities.” Could it really be possible that Britain’s hate speech laws are being selectively applied, and hateful speech by Muslim clerics ignored? Let’s see:

In that essay Robert Spencer then proceeds to list a very long group of links about Islamic Imams and the terror they spread without legal reproach. The UK and Europe have long been ahead of us in the moral equivalence department. This latest Supreme Court pivot to the left will put us on a more level footing with the apologists and the anti-Christians of Europe.

Yes, not only we, but all of Europe and most assuredly the third world nations face a very bleak future. The following quote is one hundred and fifty years old and bears repeating in these, our times of trouble:

“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”
Daniel Webster

Europe has gone to hell and we are in hot pursuit. There is a lady named Dee Fatouros who is a frequent contributor to this blogsite. Recently she wrote an essay entitled America On Life Support Courtesy Of A Corrupted System. I would like to close this essay with a message to my friend.

Dee, in regard to your mention of life support; today they pulled the plug.

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We really owe a great deal to philosophers. While they cannot always cure our problems at least many are able to define them with but a few words. One such man was Joseph de Maistre who told us, quite correctly, that "Every nation gets the government it deserves." Now you may take great umbrage at that thought believing the you do not deserve what is happening to this once great nation, but Maistre did not say that you did. He spoke not of individuals but of nations getting their just rewards, and therein lies the difference.


I have long been a staunch admirer of Ronald Reagan. That is not to say that I have agreed with him on every point that he ever made. The following Reagan quote is one such example.

I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph, and there is purpose and worth to each and every life.” 
― Ronald Reagan

Oddly enough there was a time when I believed wholeheartedly in this statement, but reality has the damndest way of waking one up to the truth, and I cannot help but believe that were Reagan alive today he would rescind those words as there are times when idealism is crushed beneath the heavy boot of oppression.

America On Life Support Courtesy Of A Corrupted System Part I - Submitted by Dee Fatouros

Benedict Arnold.
Many have awakened to the duplicity of our so called "leaders". With the exception of a few, they do not have the best interests of America in mind. As indicated in recent and not so recent news reports, legislators are frequently bought off, serve their financiers, and live large at tax payer expense. For a depressing and astoundingly long list, both past and present, go here .

As for our corrupt presidents, go here. The reader may disagree with some of the list, or feel that it could use some additions.


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  1. Danny, sadly, I feel the same way. Part II is under construction and is no more uplifting than was Part I.
    I truly fear for America and all of her citizenry. The majority do not see what has happened. They either do not care, are in collusion as useful idiots, or have no energy to raise the rug and expose the rot beneath.
    The time will come...


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