Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I have not written an essay in nearly two weeks, and that is not due to any lack of subject matter. In fact the truth is that subject matter rushes at me like a tsunami, much faster than I can address the individual issues. The fact of the matter is that I have started perhaps a half dozen essays since my last and every time I start one, more news that is far worse, lands in my mailbox, and it is off to yet another topic that must be addressed. That in turn is followed by yet another nightmare. And so, in this effort I shall endeavor to address them all, and in doing so try to demonstrate that our enemies, the Globalists, are currently directing a full on frontal attack on our rights, our senses and our ability to cope, and there is no doubt that the near future will be much worse.

My dear friend and fellow blogger, Dee Fatouros, recently submitted an essay entitled, Globalist Deception And Evil Intent, and closed her article with a photo of a man in absolute panic and labeled the image 'When the average citizen becomes aware of the abyss:'

I shall simply endeavor to define that abyss, and provide a time frame. It has been about four years since I concluded that the administration was not going to do the things people were so afraid of until late 2015 to early 2016. We are just about there and Dee's average citizen is going to get a rude awakening that will be far worse than his/her worst nightmare.

I see so very many posts on Facebook that shows a photo, perhaps photoshopped, and a little comment across the image, followed by 'Share' or 'Click Like if you agree.' Low information voters singing to the choir, and yet I have no problem with this. At least the person is aware that a danger does exist with this administration. He/she perhaps does not understand the true danger, but is at least one up on the idiotic liberals that have brought us to this stage. They know nothing at all.

You will not see such comments on my Facebook wall. What you will see there is a collection of news related articles all from impeccable sources. Those who visit come not seeking good news but an understanding of the latest hazard posed by this administration, and those hazards are legion. Shall we go there?

Just a passing thought: To those who do visit my wall - I salute your courage! I am what many would call a prophet of Doom and Gloom. So be it, for I pull no punches, and present you with the truth, gloomy though it is. As Thomas Jefferson wrote: There is not a truth existing which I fear... or would wish unknown to the whole world.

Author's note ... The following links were all posted within a twenty four hour period. Some of those links were already a few days old when posted to my FB wall.

The Daily Caller ...  July 11, 2015
Bozell On IRS Scandal: ‘A Tyrannical Administration Using Stalinist Tactics Against Its Political Opponents’

Judicial Watch ...  July 7, 2015
New Documents Reveal DOJ, IRS, and FBI Plan to Seek Criminal Charges of Obama Opponents

The Daily Caller ... July 10, 2015
Walmart Won’t Sell Rebel Mascot Class Ring To Poor Family But Sells 17 CHE GUEVARA POSTERS

Islamist Watch Blog ... July 9, 2015
Are Parts of Michigan Governed by Shari'a Law?

National Review ... July 8, 2015
Massive Government Overreach: Obama’s AFFH Rule Is Out
AFFH is easily one of President Obama’s most radical initiatives, on a par with Obamacare in its transformative potential. In effect, AFFH gives the federal government a lever to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood — imposing a preferred racial and ethnic composition, densifying housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike, and weakening or casting aside the authority of local governments over core responsibilities, from zoning to transportation to education. Not only the policy but the political implications are immense — at the presidential, congressional, state, and local levels.

CNS News ... July 10 ,2015
CBO: Debt Headed to 103% of GDP; Level Seen Only in WWII; 'No Way to Predict Whether or When' Fiscal Crisis Might Occur Here

Trump; love him or hate him, but he is telling truths that no other Republican candidate will.

Breitbart ... July 10, 2015
Did you know that in the state of Texas alone over the last few years, more than 2000 illegal aliens were deported after committing sex crimes?
Did you know that in the state of Texas alone over the last few years, nearly a thousand illegal aliens have been convicted of sex crimes against children?
Of course you didn’t. The media has covered these horrors up for years, and even after Donald Trump dared reveal these horrors, the rape-deniers in the media continue to cover them up.

One more page is being torn from America's history:

Truth Revolt ...  July 10, 2015
South Carolina Confederate Flag Will Come Down Today
South Carolina officials are preparing to take down the Confederate flag, which has flown over the Statehouse for more than 50 years. The state will hold a short ceremony before taking it down at 10am.

The following is nothing less than sheer madness:

Truth Revolt ... July 6, 2015
Norway Bill Could Allow Sex Changes for 7-year-olds

It would seem that the English language must be revised to accommodate our morphing lifestyle. When Obama told us that he was going to transform America he meant it.

Truth Revolt July 10, 2015
Democrats Propose Elimination of ‘Husband’ & ‘Wife’ in Federal Law
According to Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA) words like "husband" and "wife" in federal law no longer have meaning because the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage a constitutional right, and to keep the laws written that way implies discrimination.

Many Americans are fed up with this liberal BS from the far left. So What!!! We are still allowed to complain unless the powers that be implement a gag order as Oregon recently did. Our right to still complain is but a safety valve but those complaints go unheard and unheeded. The Globalist agenda is set. and nothing will change that. Everything planned is to reach a crescendo before November of 2016.

Truth Revolt ... July 10, 2015
Poll: Punish Sanctuary Cities
Steinle was shot and killed last week by confessed killer Francisco Sanchez, a man who had been deported five times and had several felony convictions. Sanchez was able to stay in the United States instead of being deported to Mexico for a sixth time thanks to San Francisco's policy of being a "sanctuary city" and refusing to co-operate with federal officials on deportations.

Personal thoughts: In our land, recognize our law, or leave. That is justice! But justice is not in the works. We cater to their sick religion and are destroying our future in the process.

Truth Revolt ... July 10, 2015
Lawsuits Force Police Policy Change for Removing Hijabs During Booking

Espousing evil and declaring it to be good. When people elevate such evil people into the positions of power they deserve what they get in the end. Justice is never merciful, it is simply just.

Truth Revolt ... July 10, 2015
Pope Denounces Capitalism and Colonialism

Note if you will the image on the jacket of the man with the Pope. That is Che Guevara, communist and mass murderer. Were he still alive today he would fit in well with those who have seized control of nations and churches.

International Business Times ... July 10, 2015
Tunisia: 1,000 arrests and 15,000 prevented from leaving in counter-terrorism operations

International Business Times ... July 10, 2015
Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke gives Nazi salute and shouts facist slogan in EU parliament

Normally I would have written the above off as some crackpot MEP. In the case of the EU and a Nazi salute I could not shrug such an event off as I have done some extensive research in that field. See IN A WORLD GONE MAD PART FIVE THE GLOBALISTS in Suggested Reading below.

The Blaze ... July 9, 2015

New Poll Indicates There is a Clear Frontrunner in GOP Race, but With a Slight Twist
While Trump leads the crowded GOP field, few think he will actually win the nomination.

The twist is that like 2012 the American people expect the GOP and not us to select the candidate, i.e.: Jeb Bush.

The whole world is going mad:

Front Page Mag ... July 10, 2015
New York's Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio is moving to abolish bail entirely for some offenses while its city council is trying to get taxpayers to foot the bill.

Front Page Mag ... July 10, 2015
On Monday, July 6, 2015 ABC News reported, “San Francisco Shooting Suspect Says He Kept Coming Back to the City to Avoid Deportation.”
Traitorous 'sanctuary' cities are only the tip of the iceberg.
The term “sanctuary” conjures up a place of safety and comfort and, indeed, in some dictionaries, those two terms are used to describe sanctuaries. Therefore pairing the two terms, “violent” and “sanctuary” in the same title may seem to constitute a contradiction in terms. As you will soon see, in this era of political corruption and intentional ineptitude, those two terms actually fit perfectly together.

Front Page Mag ... July 10, 2015
Muslim leaders in Minnesota, including Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, argue that the best way to discourage Somali-Americans caught trying to join the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIL or ISIS) from embracing radical Islam is to allow them to remain in their communities while awaiting trial.

Accuracy In Media ... July 8, 2015
The Media vs. Trump’s Patriotic Appeal
Donald Trump may be the most politically incorrect candidate on the Republican side. He openly mocks the news media and addresses the problem of illegal immigration. But even more importantly, he attacks the trade policies that benefit our enemies and adversaries. By doing so, he challenges what radio talk show host Jeffrey T. Kuhner calls the bipartisan “ruling establishment,” whose dominance “is based on the complicity of the mainstream media.”

Accuracy In Media ... July 6, 2015
Pro-Marxist Sells Greece to Moscow
The coverage of the economic disaster in Greece, a strategic NATO country, has mostly ignored the role of Vladimir Putin’s Russia in the growing global turmoil.

Accuracy In Media ... July 10, 2015
Trump Threatens “North American Union” Scheme
As Rush Limbaugh notes, Donald Trump has indeed made illegal immigration into an issue of national debate. The liberal media and now, apparently, the chairman of the Republican Party, have objected to Trump’s comments about criminal aliens. In fact, what Trump has done is jeopardize a plan that goes way beyond mere amnesty for illegals, and which has been on the drawing board for more than a decade. Simply put, the plan is to submerge the sovereignty of the United States of America and politically integrate the U.S., Canada, and Mexico into a trilateral entity called the North American Union.

And the last and possibly most revealing article of the day. One that well indicates how we, the people of the west, have gotten into such an awful predicament. Our leaders are totally corrupt, following the Globalist agenda, destroying our future in the process, and caring not at all what we think, or giving a single thought as to our welfare. We are but the masses and they are the elite, serving the super elite. They have taken it upon themselves to decide who will prosper and who will fail; who will live and who will perish; who will fit into their planned world and who must be eliminated.

Gatestone Institute ... July 10, 2015

What Politicians Say vs. What People Can See
Why won't the public believe them when they explain that the "so-called Islamic State" has nothing to do with Islam?
All this is really a reminder that if we are in a war with ISIS, it is one in which we are performing very badly. Consider something said by Mr. Cameron's American counterpart a week after Cameron's statement. President Barack Obama gave a press conference at the Pentagon in which he, too, discussed the group that must not be named. On this occasion, the President said that the fight against ISIS was "not simply a military effort," and went on to say, "Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas, a more attractive and more compelling vision."

And that is what Obama's and Cameron's Globalist masters want us to believe until they spring the trap, the one that closes us off from our world and locks us within their conception of the Globalist Utopia. Sound reminiscent of 1984?

I began this unusual article based on the premise of the onslaught of madness that assails the people of the west every single day, and I have only brought out the highlights and most assuredly did not manage to reveal all of the insanity we deal with on an everyday basis. The initial plan was to but give you a bird's eye view into twenty four hours of madness. It is a poor plan that cannot be adjusted and so I shall do just that by adding just a few of the next twenty four hours of insanities showing, for the record, that those insanities are unending and quite consistent with the plan...

Refugee Resettlement Watch ... July 10, 2015
Invasion of Europe News: Germany and France agree to take thousands of ‘refugees,’ but still a drop in the bucket

Arutz Sheva ... July 10, 2015
Iran Talks Extend 'Over Weekend' Amid 'Death to Israel' Chants

Truth Revolt ... July 9, 2015

Not Again: Woman Shot In Head Walking in Hollywood

White people, especially women and the elderly, have become choice targets of the racial rage sown by Obama's transformation of America. At least the media was rather polite in saying simply that she was shot point blank in the head with a shotgun. I have witnessed the immediate aftermath of one such event, and there was no head left to speak of. Welcome to the transformed America of 2015...Expect it to grow far worse by the summer of 2016.

But perhaps the most insane bit of politically correct news posted on my wall today was the following...

Breitbart ... July 11, 2015

Yes, just another day in America the Transformed, and I will guarantee you this: Each day will continue to be a little worse than the one before, up until the day that it all goes totally to hell, and then America will be just that; Hell on Earth, as per the Globalist agenda. In the past I have simply referred to this stage as Anarchy and Chaos.

Our political leaders will assure us that things are getting better. Political aspirants will assure us that only they can save America. The gullible among us, too fearful to face the reality that lies before them, will choose to believe one or the other, and they in turn will post the glad tidings of the great American rebirth of liberty for the rest of us to read.

For those of wisdom I offer but one thought...Prepare!

Addendum: I had to return as I have just seen a photograph that tells me why Americans are rushing to the abyss. So many belong there! Many of our people lack a love and an appreciation of this country. They lack any semblance of self respect, and also lack the moral fiber to stand erect before the world.

This is a comment that I just posted on my wall and two of my favorite groups:

"I was born a Yankee, and my ancestors wore a blue uniform during the Civil War, and I am glad that the Union won, keeping this nation intact. I, by nature, am a historian and I both love and respect those who fought on both sides in that great conflict. That being said I am totally disgusted by what I see here. The Stars and Stripes should never touch the ground, nor should the Stars and Bars. Many brave Americans gave their lives keeping those banners aloft as lead filled the air about them, and I feel nothing short of rage and contempt for those who do such dishonor to those fine fighting men, irregardless of whether they wore a blue or a gray uniform. They were American all! Either honor their memory or dishonor those who died to give you what you have today."

The image that led to the above...

And the final comment posted...

"Those poor excuses for Americans are dragging our heritage as though it were trash on the way to a dumpster. Damn them!!!"

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In the military there is a realistic assessment that there are always ten percent that never get the word. In a combat situation, that ten percent generally become casualties. Here in the civilian world the same principle applies but the percentage is far higher as we lack the cohesion and the chain of command that govern those who serve in uniform. Just scanning the information that is posted daily on my FB wall well indicates a serious problem, or perhaps I should say, a collection of serious problems.


No one knows it all, and that includes yours truly. I recently watched a video that, putting it mildly, has added greatly to my knowledge of what is taking place in this world. First off I took that video to be the ravings of another far off base conspiracy theorist. I was mistaken. His credentials and the evidence that he provided are impeccable, verifiable, and utterly true. The problem was that his facts ran contrary to some of my views. Now those views have been adjusted, and are to a large part, the very reason I embarked on this series of essays. The gentleman in question is Rodney Atkinson. Biographical links (1) and (2).


It is a terrible thing when the various leaders of the nations of the world boldly lie to the those whom they are supposed to protect and tell them that everything is right, when they know that everything is wrong. To further complicate the issues it is also a terrible thing when the useful idiots of those nations accept those lies as truth and consequently develop a militant attitude towards any who know the real truth and attempt to reveal those truths to the masses, who quite simply do not want to know. They choose the temporary safety of being secure in the care of their leaders. To them this is a way of life. Sadly, future events will prove that they have chosen a way of death. To each his own.


Before beginning the actual essay I would like to first extend my undying gratitude to the true freedom fighters of America. That list does not include the sensationalists, the satirists that manage to make their efforts look like real news, the hoax generators that keep gullible Americans in a state of confusion, or those who simply want to 'Spice it up a little, to pique the readers interest'. True journalism has no room for spice. One either presents the truth ... or something less.



  1. Overwhelming, awesome, and spot on!
    The average citizens (or helots if you prefer) have slowly, surely, and deceptively been ushered into in a huge dirt pit disguised as Eden. The sides are beginning to weaken and crumble--- unnoticed.
    Ultimately, they will completely collapse and all will be buried in the sludge of their own lack of awareness, laziness, or well engineered distractions.. How many will survive?

  2. How can we prepare against such evil machinations?

    1. Judith, just knowing that it is coming gives you an edge. The idiot liberals who have brought us to this stage are happily humming along in La La land and they, totally unprepared, will suffer the highest casualty rate when the collapse occurs. For those who plan to survive and hopefully begin the rebuilding of this nation there are three B's ... Beans, Bullets, and Band Aids. Stock pile food and water while you still can. Medical supplies are totally essential. And self defense. What is coming is going to be horrendous and there is no such thing as a guarantee when civil war begins. Common sense and the three Bs are best hope of survival.


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