Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


As a conservative political writer, and a non-Christian, I frequently find myself in an awkward situation; that being how do I reveal an ugly truth to my many Christian readers who need to know that truth but would rather not hear it because it detracts from the concepts that they cherish? I have no doubt that I have lost readers due to such efforts. That loss is both their's and mine, but to one such as I who lives to find the truth that loss is an acceptable part of the pursuit, and now, I go there again. Tiptoeing through eggshells is not one of my talents and so eggshells may break but the truth must be revealed.

Today, I read an excellent article written and researched by Cliff Kincaid and published by Accuracy in Media. Those words and facts troubled me immensely and set me upon a great deal of soul searching and a deeper understanding of what makes humanity tick. I concluded that what makes a great deal of humanity 'tick' is the quest for wealth, influence, and power, and I began to apply that belief to some of our finer goals. Shortly I shall get to that outstanding essay from Mr. Kincaid but first, go with me, if you will, on my personal quest for enlightenment...

I have concluded that no matter how noble the concept, how lofty the ideals, how forged in truth a plan may be, in time it is going to become corrupt. That downward spiral seems to be part and parcel of everything decent ever put forth by the human race, and that knowledge saddens me.

Look no farther back than the birth of this great nation. Look to the Founding Fathers, who gambled their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, in an effort to create a nation where men can be free. That whole gamble was based on a belief in concepts put forth by the philosophers of the Enlightenment who conceived of a humanity consisting of free men unfettered by the chains of royalty or the religious dogma of churches. Those great thinkers of Europe inspired our Founders, who in turn freed us to be our very best, and thus America was born.

While still imperfect, for the first time in six thousand years of history a man could stand erect and proclaim to the universe "I matter!"

Now, less than three hundred years later I can still say that I matter but must acknowledge that I matter not to the powers that be. They have opened the floodgates allowing the most vile forms of humanity to stake their claim to my birthright. You know this to be true and later the topic shall be addressed again. For the moment, a bit more on how good morphs into bad and descends into ugly.

Look anywhere you so choose and find that I am right about this descent of all that is good into the very pits of hell.

Let us tale a look at education ... The whole concept of educating the masses was born of the desire to lift them out of ignorance and into a better way of life, and it worked. Now what has education become? Indoctrination, propaganda, and brain washing. Strip the young of their ability to discern the truth, the ability to create a better world for themselves and others, and the chance to read history and therefore be more equipped to deal with the future. All Gone!!! We are sending our young and their future to hell in the proverbial hand basket in the acceptance of political correctness.

Let us try something as noble yet mundane as the Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. I need not go into the history of the concepts. You all know what the scouts were all about, and today that purity has been stripped away, once again by political correctness. Now if a boy chooses to be a girl or a girl chooses to be a boy we must, in the effort to offend none, acknowledge their right to deny reality. We must bow at the alter of their illusory pursuits and dissect all that the scouting movement once meant, but by all means we must not call upon facts, reality, or common sense. Bow to the perverse and raise it above us like a sacred golden calf. The truth is malleable, reality can be dictated by those who direct our thoughts, and the future is owned by  those who have claimed its stewardship.

I care not where you look. Try law enforcement, once the domain of those who chose to fight evil. Now it has become the whipping post of those evil who have garnered the power to direct the public discourse.

Try the military. These are the people who have long protected our shores and fought tyranny worldwide. Now they have become the testing grounds of a metrosexual agenda, and our aging generals, ever mindful of their retirement package, are trading away the nation's long term future for their immediate short term security.

Try venture capitalists. These are the people who fostered the industrial revolution and lifted much of the world out of poverty. They crossed continents with railroad tracks and concrete highways bringing necessities and comfort to those even in remote locations. Today these Capitalists that I once admired are standing in line to sign contracts with Iran to make a few billion more dollars before an Iranian nuke blows us all to hell.

You and I could look about us and name so many more such sources of erosion in our nation's infrastructure, but I can think of no greater degradation than what has occurred to our churches, for it is there that most find a basis for the morality by which they live. Erosion extracts its toll not only on great mountains, and the infrastructure of great nations, but also the very soul of a man reeling with confusion due to events about him. Confused, frightened, demoralized people have long turned to their religious leaders for guidance, and there found strength.

Gone is that comfort, and the demoralized know not where to turn as like all others, organized religion has managed to descend into the swamps. They have long since abandoned the moral high ground and find their new calling in betraying those of faith, and leading those still foolish enough to follow them to an ignominious fate.

We are all aware of the fact there is much evil in the world around us. Understanding its source is the first step in opposing it.

These so called Sanctuary Cities are providing safe haven for foreign criminal elements that come to America, assaulting, burglarizing, beating, raping and murdering our people. Religious zealots, and their communist counterparts, tell us that we must suffer and sacrifice per their interpretation of the Bible. I do not plan to suffer or sacrifice to please anyone's agenda. That agenda is evil and I totally denounce their insanities and what they call religion.

In the above I have done my part and shall now leave you to the inspired tutelage of Cliff Kincaid.

Author's Note. Never have I copied an article in its entirety, choosing to observe the common courtesy of using clips and leading you to the original site via a posted link. This article is so important that I have forsaken the common practice hoping that you will read this in its entirety and be courteous enough to click the link to AIM at the end of this essay.

Accuracy in Media ... July 24, 2015
The Religious Origins of the Sanctuary Movement

Thanks to Donald Trump, the major media are being forced to cover the illegal immigration movement, such as the proliferation of “sanctuary cities” across the U.S. that attract criminal aliens, give them legal protection, and let them back out on the streets to commit more crimes. But the really taboo topic is how these sanctuary cities grew out of a movement started by the Catholic Church and other churches.

Now I am most certainly not a fan of Donald Trump but am well pleased that he has made the scene as he has the courage to address what the other 'Republicans' will not ... The fact that we are being invaded by Latino communists from south of our borders. Most follow a leader of some sort. I do not. I follow what I perceive to be the truth, and at the moment the truth is that these wannabe Presidents lack the courage to address this Latino issue. He who lacks courage does not belong in that Oval Office anymore than does Obama.

I have used the following image before and will no doubt use it again. Regular readers have seen it. Those who have not need to, as this image says so very much about those Hispanics and what they are bringing to this nation.

Over 200 cities, counties and states provide safe-haven to illegal aliens as sanctuary cities, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reports. What has not yet been reported is that the Catholic Church, which gave President Obama his start in “community organizing” in Chicago, has been promoting the sanctuary movement for more than two decades.
What’s more, in April, a delegation of U.S. Catholic bishops staged a church service along the U.S.-Mexico border and distributed Communion through the border fence. At the same time, Pope Francis said a “racist and xenophobic” attitude was keeping immigrants out of the United States.
No wonder the pope’s approval ratings have been falling in the United States.  Overall, Gallup reports that it’s now at 59 percent, down from 76 percent in early 2014. Among conservatives, it’s fallen from 72 percent approval to 45 percent (a drop of 27 points).

What troubles me in Mr. Kincaid's above paragraph is how 45 percent of the American public can still support a communist Pope; leading me to believe that a certain mindless percentage of them would follow the Pope no matter how evil he is, and how the rest are totally clueless, not even aware that the Vatican has been infiltrated by the communist party.

“Few people are aware that this extreme left branch of the Catholic Church played a large part in birthing the sanctuary movement,” says James Simpson, author of the new book, The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.
Simpson says Catholic Charities, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and its grant-making arm, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, are prominent elements of the open borders movement.

How did we get to this point? What criminals have brought us down?

The sanctuary movement has its roots in the attempted communist takeover of Latin America.
With the support of elements of the Roman Catholic Church, the Communist Sandinistas had taken power in Nicaragua in 1979. At the time, communist terrorists known as the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) were threatening a violent takeover of neighboring El Salvador. President Ronald Reagan’s policies of overt and covert aid for the Nicaraguan freedom fighters, known as the Contras, forced the defeat of the Sandinistas, leaving the FMLN in disarray. In 1983, Reagan ordered the liberation of Grenada, an island in the Caribbean, from communist thugs.
Groups like the Marxist-oriented Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) were promoting the sanctuary movement for the purpose of facilitating the entry into the U.S. of illegal aliens who were supposedly being repressed by pro-American governments and movements in the region. The U.S. Catholic Bishops openly supported the sanctuary movement, even issuing a statement in 1985 denouncing the criminal indictments of those caught smuggling illegal aliens and violating the law.  Section 274 of the Immigration and Nationality Act prohibits the transportation or harboring of illegal aliens.
Two Roman Catholic priests and three nuns were among those under indictment in one case on 71 counts of conspiracy to smuggle illegal aliens into the United States. One of the Catholic priests indicted in the scheme was Father Ramon Dagoberto Quinones, a Mexican citizen. He was among those convicted of conspiracy in the case.

Through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, an arm of the Bishops, the church has funded Casa de Maryland, an illegal alien support group which was behind the May 1, 2010, “May Day” rally in Washington, D.C. in favor of “immigrant rights.” Photographs taken by this writer showed Mexican immigrants wearing Che Guevara T-shirts, and Spanish-language communist books and literature being provided to rally participants.

Che Guevara, communist and mass murderer; excellent symbol for illegal aliens and the communist wing of the Catholic Church.

An academic paper, “The Acme of the Catholic Left: Catholic Activists in the US Sanctuary Movement, 1982-1992,” states that lay Catholics and Catholic religious figures were “active participants” in the network protecting illegals. The paper said, “Near the peak of national participation in August 1988, of an estimated 464 sanctuaries around the country, 78 were Catholic communities—the largest number provided by any single denomination.”

A “New Sanctuary Movement” emerged in 2007, with goals similar to the old group. In May, the far-left Nation magazine ran a glowing profile of this new movement, saying it was “revived” by many of the same “communities of faith” and churches behind it in the 1980s.
One group that worked to find churches that would provide sanctuary to immigrants in fear of deportation is called Interfaith Worker Justice, led by Kim Bobo, who was quoted by PBS in 2007 as saying, “We believe what we are doing is really calling forth a higher law, which is really God’s law, of caring for the immigrant.”
But conservative Catholic Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute says Interfaith Worker Justice is run by “committed Marxist socialists,” and that Bobo is “highly active and involved with the Democratic Socialists of America,” a group which backed Obama’s political career.

The closing paragraph of Mr. Kincaid's outstanding effort leads to a bit of irony as people claiming membership in an interfaith group helped to elect and continue to support Hussein Obama as he daily attacks those of faith. Contradictions do not exist. These 'Catholics' the interfaith people are not people of faith. They are communists and hide behind religious doctrine. Follow your church leaders at your own peril.

I have come to believe that the effort to Wake Up America is due to be left behind. Those who are not already with us are either the enemy or they are in denial and therefore superfluous. This nation was born to be not only Good, but outstanding. Over time we have allowed it to become permeated by the Bad, and if we cannot put an end to this encroaching evil, one day it will be an accepted fact that the United States of America is Ugly.

Our political leaders have sold us out, our military has abandoned us, and our religious leaders have loosed the serpent upon what was once a near Eden. Find comfort in your own beliefs, courage in those about you, and a belief in the future from the pages of our past.

We must prepare as the future is already upon us.

Your thoughts on Cliff Kincaid's article may not equal mine, but if you feel that you have benefited from his efforts please click the following, letting him know that yet one more American is indeed awake.

Accuracy in Media ... July 24, 2015
The Religious Origins of the Sanctuary Movement

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All across the nations of the west an unprecedented sort of invasion is occurring. This strange incursion by foreign populations is a never before seen event as people pour out of the Middle East, central Europe, and Africa leaving behind the nations of their birth and moving to the richer nations of Europe. Those rich nations will not long remain rich due to their socialist inspired welfare systems and the massive influx of the poor signing up for benefits. Meanwhile, here in the United States the same groups assail our way of life as well, but not nearly to the extent as are those from south of our national border.


Hat Tip to T.H. who inspired the following essay:

We have all heard of the Black Robe Regiment, a group of religious leaders during the Revolution that donned military uniforms and led many of their followers into battle against the most powerful military on Earth. Needless to say, many of them died in the pursuit of the liberty that was won and passed down through many generations to us. Where are such men now? Where are the men of faith who once stood boldly against oppression? Many of our religious leaders seem far more intent on gaining wealth than leading and caring for those who follow them. If you find that your pastor, priest, rabbi, or church values their thirty pieces of silver more than those who look to them for spiritual guidance then perhaps you should make other arrangements, for today's situation grows grim as we find ourselves on the highway to hell, and many such people of a corrupted faith are leading the charge.


"There is not a truth existing which I fear... or would wish unknown to the whole world."
Thomas Jefferson

Shortly after Barrack Obama was elected I began writing on the internet, convinced that I would be part of the extended voice that would awaken America and reestablish our cultural heritage. I have come far, learned much, and realized just how foolish I was. Today, fully aware that none can accomplish what I set out to do, I am doing no more than recording the fall of the greatest nation ever to grace the planet Earth, and revealing the path of a foolish people who have lost their way. I can do no more, nor less.


Sociological Definition Of Religion:

A unified system of beliefs and practices pertaining to the supernatural and to norms about the right way to live that is shared by a group of believers. Sociologists treat religion as a social rather than supernatural phenomenon.

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.   Karl Marx



  1. Yes, it does seem that political and moral concepts get distorted and corrupted over time, and I don't know to stop it. Bizzarely, the opposite is happening in science, where ideas become more clear and precise over time.

    1. Alan, while it is true that science is becoming more clear and precise, the integrity of many scientists is also on a downward spiral...I give you global warming as an example.
      Physicists have discovered the scientific principle of 'Out of chaos comes order' while just the opposite seems to apply to society.

  2. Have these "leaders" thought about the consequences of their actions, what sort of America they are creating? How much damage they are doing? It should be impossible to be Communist and Catholic at the same time, or for co-operation between these conflicting faiths to be possible. That they can find common ground is evidence of their muddled thinking, or rather lack of thought. They are lashing out blindly and have misunderstood what the principles that they suppose guide them are. Ask them why they are doing what they do. It is easy to answer for the Communists, they want to turn North America into a multi-ethnic communist state. We all know what the communist states that have existed or exist look like and why they fail. The priests are working out from a belief that they are performing their moral duty to treat all as equal and to refuse help to no one. The people they are helping however in no way live up to these ideals of love for your fellow man. Did they ever stop to think that they are helping no one. That moving poor uneducated people from a poor nation to a rich nation in no way helps them, and all that they achieve is to damage the rich nation. The better approach is to persuade the rich nation to help the poor within the poor nation so that it may prosper. Just the vast amount of money that is going to have to be used on crime prevention as a result of reckless immigration could have gone a long way to putting Mexico on its feet. And don't forget the hundreds of thousands of Muslims flowing into America, they are here because they fully intend to destroy America from within. The Mexicans will divide America because they have a culture that is not compatible with the "American way of life". And of course they are all going to have to stop having so many children.


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